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Hate it. Looks n00bish.

Discuss anything TNA here: Impact, upcoming PPV's, the X-Division or anything else related to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling!

PPV's looks n00bish. I personally think more should be capitalized.

Discuss Anything TNA Here: Impact, Upcoming PPVs, the X-Division or Anything Else Related to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling!

Amish, you made that forum, right?

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More words capitalized? No. It's a description, not a title.

However, I have, several times, removed the apostrophe on "PPV's," yet someone keeps adding it back. At least for the WWE PPV forum. It's very annoying and I never checked to see who did it, although I'm certain it was Amish.

Otherwise, the description is okay. Nothing groundbreaking, although neither is TNA.


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wow that was pointless, the description is fine

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Ya swear it must be Amish adding the apostrophe. I don't edit the forum descriptions or titles unless it's an obvious spelling error that should be fixed. I've probably done something like that maybe twice.

Good suggestion Lacrimosa! +Rep 4 ya!! :):)
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