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bad english spanish first language excuse grammar I have good stories

Im bored at home after surgery gonna take a shot at this tna starting after bfg

a week before bfg tna announces next weeks impact will be live from philly!

Before bfg tragically tna's writing staff dies in a plane crash.Dixie not even knowing the end of her own ppv calls one man for help.

bfg results
aries retains x division title
anderson beats bully ray vs gunner vs storm number 1 contender no dq winner storme
i want it so velvet sky wins ko title
tag team title match table match
inc inc vs bi vs ma vs pope and bubba ray
winner inc inc
kaz beats jarret after chavo gurero interferes
tv title full metal mayhem ladder match
hardy vs aj styles vs daniels vs rvd vs jerry lynn vs eric young
winner styles
snap or tap
crimson beats joe
roode beats angle in a cage match
team hogan vs team sting

Before the match hogan says he will retire no matter what win or lose he has a special announcment
team hogan hogan abyss steiner vs sting matt morgan and the returning rhino!

Winner team hogan with help of immortal.After the match while immortal celebrates hogan grabs the microphone. He has a heartfelt moment about his career and how dixie gave him one last chance.Shockingly Hogan says he sold his share of the company back to dixie carter. (huge pop)Dixie comes out and anounces the new gm of the company who will run the day to day operations Paul Heyman (huge huge pop).

Heyman announces there is big changes coming stay tuned for impact. Immortal goes to attack hogan but abyss and gunner clear the ring. The event fades with hogan on abyss and gunners shoulders as his hulkamania music plays.

Tna Extreme

same roster minus hulk flair

new additions rhino,tommy dreamer,chavo,homicide

owner dixie carter
gm paul heyman

-six sided ring
-wrestlers allowed to use weopons around ring only in full metal mayhem or monsters bash they can bring there own weopons
no countouts
-if there is a interference during the match the ref restores order and restarts match. If he cant restore order match is a no contest
-if a championship match goes to no contest the match is rescheduled for a cage match
-tag matches you must tag in partner unless match is tornado tag

world title no longer hw title any weight can win most prestigous title-champion roode

x division-second most prestigous champ austin aries

tv title-champ must defend title every week champ aj styles

tag team titles-inc inc

superfight championship-superfight matches our matches that can only be won by submission or ur opponent staying on the mat for 10 seconds-vacant

knockout title-velvet sky

Tna impact is changed too TNA Extreme the extreme element might draw an audience

No more impact zone TNA southern homebase nashville northern home base philly.

new pay per view names besides slammiver, bfg, lockdown, and hardcore justice but TNA actually promotes and builds up matches for them.
Big time matches have video packages featuring the fighters and tale of the tape

dixie mafia
leaders sting and heyman(sting gets rid of joker gimmick says he did it to phyce hogan.
aj styles tv champ
roode world champ
matt morgan
devon and pope
rhino heymans bodyguard
tommy dreamer heymans assitant

bischoff stays to fight for power back
immortal warriors IW
LEADER bischoff and angle
bubba ray
steiner bischoffs body guard
christopher daniels
jerry lynne
somoa joe
austin aries

beer money inc
leader storm
chris sabin

mexican american connection
jarrett ma

homicide and chavo

anderson lone wolf jeff hardy lone wolf
tag teams
daniels lynn

dreamer rhino team extreme
inc inc champs
mexican america
lax 2.0 chavo homicide
robbie e and terry
pope devon

first episode coming soon like it or not

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The night starts off with a moment of silence for russo and the other writers.
-After a commercial break a video package shows the events that happened at bfg.-

fire works go off as you hear mike tenays voice welcome to the new TNA Arena camera shows a wide shot of the packed arena.

taz and Tenay-anounce as advertised tna extreme is now 3 hours then they go over the events that took place but they r interupted by new music out walks paul heyman.

Heyman gets the fans chanting TNA TNA TNA.
Heyman introduces himself briefly and says if you don't know the rest google me bitch. Heyman goes over the changes in Tna including the rules,6 sided ring,and guarantees he will MAKE TNA THE GREATEST WRESTLING ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD.

-HEYMAN- I want to apologize to everyone in the locker room for the crap the old regime put you threw. I wish Hogan and Flair luck they r both legends and we might not be here if it wasn't for guys like that. As for Bischoff I did not fire him because I want that asshole to work for me. Immortal is no more no more poltics gentlemen this is TNA EXTREME HUGE POP FROM THE FANS. (heyman holds two belts in his hand) I know you are wondering why I have these belts. But first I would like to give congrats too r new tv champ aj styles one of tna's greatest wrestlers ever. As promised the tv champ will defend his belt every week and tonight Aj will defend his belt against the greatest Tv champ ever rvd huge pop from fans. Now on to these belts this belt (heyman shows the fans the new belt) This belt is the superfight belt the most extreme belt in the company the only way to win a superfight match is too make your oppponent verbally quit or tap out. And tonight we will have 3 matches from the 16 man single elimination tournament for the new superfight title.(huge pop) Now the other belt on my shoulder is the hw title which as you can see has been renamed the world title because there is no weight limit to this belt. Everybody saw the end of bfg (at the end of the angle roode cage match both men fell off the top of the cage roode hit first and celebrated his win then bischoff came out and said he reviewed the tape angle won)
-heyman- last night the fans saw a battle but the end of the match even pissed me off. Kurt angle used poltics to get this title back. So ton....

angles music hits

angle rants how he never liked heyman and how he was disgusted by heymans last promotion he says heyman will run this company to the ground.

-angle- heyman that is my belt If i have to I will take it from you(side note angle has a strange IW SHIRT ON) Heyman says your right I hate you kurt but if you lay a hand on me I'll send you packing. Angle inches closer screaming fire me then.

-heyman- dont get your panties in a bunch kurt because tonight it's you vs roode for the new world title heyman says get ready kurt it's gonna be a wild ride. heyman leaves angle looks shocked.

first match x division number 1 contender match
kendrick vs kid kash vs sorenson vs hardy vs kaz
high flying action all over the place kendrick and hardy shine.sorenson is working on kash on the outside when kaz flys of the turnbuckle and nails sorenson with a chair. Hardy comes right after nailing kaz with a chair.kendrick gets up in the ring flipping over the ropes knocking hardy and kash down.sorenson and kash eventually brawl into the crowd. Hardy sets up a table in the ring laying kendrick on it. Kaz nails hardy in the stomache then suplexes hardy onto kandrick on the table and pins them both.
winner number 1 contender kaz

superfight tournament round 1
somoa joe vs pope
Joe comes out with the same IW shirt angle had on. After a back and forth match joe catches pope in a choke making him tap. joe doesn't let go he put pope till sleep. Crimson and morgan come out and chase joe away.

heyman runs into bully ray he goes for a handshake bully gives him a one hand shove. Bully has a IW shirt on too heyman ask him what his problem is and whats up with these shirts. bully says heyman is gonna bury this company like he did his last company. Bully says heyman never respected him as a singles competitor and he thinks heyman is a bum and still owes him a check. Heyman calls bully a bischoff groupie and a sellout. Heyman says he's got a chance to prove himself. Because up next he will fight devon. Heyman says this will be part the superfight tournament and bully can prove himself by winning the superfight tournament. Then heyman adds by the way I think MR. ANDERSON is looking for you.

superfight tournament rd 1
bully ray vs devon
The crowd eats this up chanting we want tables the whole time. Surprisingly the match stays in the ring with both wrestlers using power moves. Bully ray attempted the first submission with a fujita armbar. Devon powers out hits a ddt then goes for a crappy looking leg lock. It's obvious neither guy knows submissions well. Bully get to the rope when devon releases the hold bully roles out the ring. Devon chases and bully sends him into the steps. Bully grabs the microphone from chrisse hemme and starts to beat devon with it.devon blocks the last shot and tosses bully into the turnbuckle. Devon hits a cross face but bully powers out. After more back and forth action bully clotheslines devon he gets fed up jumps out the ring and nails one of devons sons with his chain. devon punches bully and tries to check on his son. Bully nails devon with the chain throws him in the ring. Bully raps the chain around devons neck amd throws him over the rope semi hanging choking devon causing devon to tap. Paul Heyman walks out and says bully did not move on in the tourny because he used a object he brought with him to the ring. A furious bully goes after devons other son but pope arrives with a chair and bully runs away like the girl he is.

jeff jarrett and karren jarret come out with mexican america. Jeff rants about how he is the king of mexico. Then chavo guerro comes out and challenges jarret to a match. Jarret says he is too good to wrestle chavo. Chavo interupts and says Heyman already set it up we will have 3 matches if you win 2 even 3 of the matches I will join you and call you king of mexico if you lose you will go back to mexico and defend that belt. Chavo then says next week you and one of those to sell outs will face me and my surprise partner. Chavo also says message from Heyman Karen is no longer in charge of the knockouts and tonight she will wrestle the new champ velvet sky.

superfight rd 1 match 3
crimson vs rhino This is a slug fest. The match ends with crimson locking on a ankle lock and making rhino tap.
winner crimson

ko title velvet sky beats up karen jarret for a little bit and gets the pin

tv title match
aj styles vs rvd
both men get a huge pop rvd gets a bigger pop from the philly crowd. This match is the match of the night both men go all out. RVD trips aj onto a chair.RVD sets up the chair to hit a ddt after whipping aj against the ropes aj does a flip over rvd grabs the chair and without turning around falls back and hits rvd with the chair. Rvd gets back control goes to toss aj out of the ring aj grabs the rope springs himself back up landing on rvd. After a good 10 minutes of back and forth action rvd gets knees to the stomache while trying to hit his finisher. Then aj styles hits rvds finisher on rvd and gets the pin. James storm kaz and roode come out to congradulate aj.

-Storm- gets on the mic and says Aj you have your belt, kaz you will have the x division belt, and my old partner will have the world title. We got rid of that trader christopher daniels it looks like fortune is stronger then ever. But me I'm not happy till I get that world title. I am the number 1 contender and until I get that belt I can't be a member of this group. I don't want to fight you bobby but I will I'm not gonna lie if I can face kurt angle instead of you I will be a happy man because I wont have to beat my best friends ass. storm says good luck then walks off.

Backstage paul heyman runs up to a crowd of security tna officials mr.anderson and sting r bloody and beaten up with IW spraypainted on them.

main event
Heyman joins the broadcast booth which is now ringside
standing by him r his personal assistant tommy dreamer and his body guard rhino.
Angle comes out first smiling at heyman. roode comes out sprinting and the men start brawling. Angle hits 4 angle slams straight then get a angle lock. Roode grabs the ropes angle in a rage delivers stomps and punches too roode screaming your not on my level. Angle hits a hard power bomb on roode. Then goes to the turnbuckle to do his backwards flip but roode moves out of the way. Roode clothelines angle out of the ring. roode delivers 4 knees too angles stomache then hits his head against the apron then throws him into the barricade. The battle continues with roode getting the upper hand most of the match. Angle goes to power bomb roode on the anouncers table but roode reverses tossing angle onto it. Roode jumps on the apron and does a flying elbow crashing angle threw the anouncers table. Roode brings angle in the ring and hits him with 4 chair shots and gets a near fall. Angle recovers and spears roode the gets a count of two. Angle hits a angle slam then a suplex and gets another two count. Angle gets frustrated yelling at the ref then yelling at heyman while he does this roode rolls him up but gets a two count. Roode locks in a angle lock and angle can't get to the ropes. Angle throws up a hand sign and all of a sudden somoa joe,austin aries, c daniels,jerry lynn scott steiner,and bully ray rush out with there IW shirts. They take out Roode. They take out heyman the anouncing team rhino and dreamer. Aj styles and kaz run out but they get beaten up too. crimson and matt morgan come out and start taking over but they eventually get beaten up to. Out walks bischoff laughing. tHE IW members hold heyman while bischoff slaps him and kicks him angle holds up the belt as the IW celebrates and TNA Extreme goes off the air.

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thats looking awesome at first i didnt know what you were doing with that horrible text but it fixed itself later, maybe you were rushing, maybe try in your heading pre-match witch match of the night it is but hey im still not one to change what you do great first show

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i like your show man.. I won't give a full review.. But i will keep checking it out.. I will say this though.. You need to work on your text format.. If you can do that, then it will make the show alot better... Presentation goes a long way

anyway I kinda like the IW/nWo deal you have going on and can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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-The show starts with a recap video of the first show

The show starts with a beaten up Paul Heyman in the ring.

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen I am here personally to apologize about last weeks main event. Last weeks show was proof that tna has turned the corner. Until the main event were Mr bischoff and his goons ruined a great match and cheated the fans. I am here to bring TNA to the top. I could fire all those goons from last week but that would mean I am scared that would mean I backed down and I will never back down. I am here to bring TNA to the top if I have to take a beaten every week to do it I will. (fans chant pauly pauly)
So other then bringing you at home the best show I can my new goal is too destroy IW in the ring.

I have a little surprise for IW but I will save that for later. Last week IW put sting and MR. anderson in the hospital. I would also like to be the first too anounce that bobby roode suffered a neck injury last week his carreer could be over. Kurt Angle can't beat bobby so he had too take him out somehow. Kurt angle is not r world champion he's not even a number one contender. Because kurt under my regime you will have to earn your shot. At r first pay per view Tna revolution James storm will wrestle for the title (huge pop) in a triple threat match vs a surprise opponent and.... the winner of tonights main event a 4 corners elimination match between kurt angle, matt morgan, no one wants to give this guy a chance but I will Jeff hardy (huge pop), and the monster abyss

that little punk austin aries will face the pope for the x division title

are Tv title champ aj styles will give punkass eric young his rematch

bully gay will face devon in the superfight tournament in a rematch from last week/gunner asked to face former immortal member scott steiner in another superfight tournament match

sit back ladies and gentlemen and get ready for tna extremeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

match 1
non title match inc inc vs jerry lynne and christopher daniels
good opening match too show off the tag team champs. Lynne and daniels make a good high flying team. Highlight of the match is when inc inc hits jerry lynne with a double chair shot. Then both clotheline daniels out the ring both members of inc inc hit the two turnbuckles and land a double flying elbow on daniels. Doule superkick on lynne in the ring and cover for the win.
-backstage- devon is being interviewed when members of IW attack him.

Match 2
superfight title tournament
gunner vs steiner
gunner comes out bloody with IW spray painted on his chest. He gets on the mic and says IW is out of control and he was just attacked. He says he will stop at nothing to destroy them steiner bring your punk ass out. Steiner comes out and gunner runs up the ramp and they start brawling. Gunner takes a chair from a fan and smashes steiner with it three times then power bombs steiner on the ramp. Gunner throws steiner down the ramp then throws steiner into the barricade he clotheslines steiner into the crowd. The wrestlers brawl into the crowd. Gunner continues choppin at steiner towards a concession stand. Steiner suplexes gunner threw a table set up. Steiner brings gunner back to the ring hits a pile driver then a power bomb. Steiner grabs a chair and screams IW. gunner delivers a big boot then ties steiner up in the rope delivering chair shot after chair shot until steiner verbally quits. Gunner gets on the mic and says bully is next.
backstage steiner is screaming at bischoff bischoff says he's testing all the member of IW steiner couldn't beat a already beaten up gunner. -bischoff- for now on your my body guard your too old too wrestle steiner we don't need another hogan were warriors.

Jeff jarrett comes out with MA
jarrett- after seeing my wife get beaten up last week I'm ready for anyone me and hernandez chavo get your lil ass out here

chavo comes out with his guess partner homicide
chavo and homicide vs jarrett and hernandez

Jarrett sends hernandez in first homicide and hernadez wrestle a good ten minutes straight while the crowd chants LAX LAX
jarrett avoids chavo most of the match till a beaten up homicide crawls over and makes the tag. Chavo drop kicks hernandez. jarrett jumps off the apron and chavo springs off the ropes and does a flip onto jarrett. Chavo ddts jarrett 4 times straight then hits a huricarana causing jarrett to land on the ring steps. hernandez powerbombs homicide onto chavo. Jarrett throws chavo in the ring then walks off on MA. Homicide hits anarquia with a chair. Chavo suplexes hernandez off the top turbuckle for the pin.
chavo 1 jarrett 0 in the best of 3

superfight title rd 1
devon vs bully
devon limps down the ramp and bully attacks him from behind.After working on devons leg throughout the match bully hits a leg lock for the win.

tv title match
aj daniels vs eric young
both guys deliver daniels wins after flipping a young pile driver attempt and holding his legs for a role up.

x division title
aries vs pope
match of the night this match is all high flying. The match ends with aries wipping pope against the rope pope jumps over aries aries catches him in mid air and does a reverse power bomb into a chair set up in the sitting position.

main event
angle vs abyss vs hardy vs matt morgan Paul heyman is at the anouncing table with no security.

All three men go after angle to start the match. They set up angle in the corner abyss charges but angle counters by picking up abyss and tossing him out the ring. hARDY FOLLOWS by a flying knee in angle. Morgan and hardy work on angle in the corner of the ring. Morgan holds angle while abyss goes under the ring and gets a ladder.Morgan holds angles arms and abyss charges with the ladder. morgan pushes angle towards the ladder but angle drop kicks abyss causing the ladder to smash into his face. Angle hits morgan with a suplex. then hits a angle bomb on hardy. Abyss gets up angry taking out angle with the ladder then beating down morgan with it. Hardy nails abyss with a chair. Angle slips out of the ring but hardy sets up the chair propelling on it towards angle angle catches him and tosses him onto the anouncers table. Abyss throws the chair at morgans face. Angle angle bombs hardy threw the anouncers table. Abyss stacks three tables outside the ring while angle puts morgan in the angle lock. ABYSS comes back in the ring and choke slams angle but gets a two count. Abyss gets angle on the apron in a power bomb position but morgan spears abysses back sending them all threw the table. Hardy makes his way over picking up the steel steps and tossing them on abysses back. Angle german suplexes hardy on the stairs roles him into the ring for the pin. Eliminating hardy. Abyss is the next eliminated after a carbon blue print. Morgan gets the best of angle but IW comes out. Morgan knocks somoa joe off the apron but angle hits a suplex rollup for the win. IW stomps on morgan edging towards heyman who jumped over the barricade. Heyman has a microphone he says congradulation kurt and IW. But this week you don't end the night on top. Let me introduce you too dixie carters friends the dixie mafia..... see list above for names the dixie mafia runs out and a all out brawl starts angle and bischoff try to run off with the title but james storm runs out with a kenpo stick and takes them both out. The night ends with james storm holding the title chugging a huge beer with his foot on angles chest. And the dixie mafia hoisting up heyman.

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During the new Tna after the bell show live on twitter,facebook, and tna.com

The show is hosted by joey styles

Paul Heyman was the first guest he announced matches for next weeks tna extreme live from manhattan

Bobby Roode will have a special anouncment about his career.

James storm, kaz, a returning Mr. anderson, and crimson vs kurt angle, somoa joe, austin aries, and bully ray

tv title match aj styles vs rhino

bring your own weopons match for the number 1 contender for the tv title at tna revolution
Abyss vs jeff hardy vs matt morgan vs hernandez vs homicide

a big anouncment by paul heymnan regarding the ppv

c daniels jerry lynn vs rvd partner of choice vs british invasion for a place in the tag team mayhem match at tna revolution

more super fight title tournament matches and three new tna signings!

updated tna revolution card
main event james storm vs kurt angle vs mystery opponent
x division title match kaz vs austin aries
lucha libre last man standing match chavo vs jarrett
inc inc vs tba vs tba vs tba
tv title ladder match aj styles vs winner of number 1 contender match
super fight title final four two singles matches
and a special surprise by paul heyman to decide the number 1 contender for the world title

(srry bout the rushed matches in episode two i was in a rush promise more details next episode)

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Tna radio show

Tna twitter and face book announce new signings

chuck taylor
johnny gargano
richie steamboat

Tna's new tag team division
dark city fight club
The briscoes
worlds greatest tag team
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