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The Backstory

With the recent restructuring and financial woes going on in TNA, Bob Carter was worried about the future of the company in which he had invested so much money. The people his daughter Dixie had brought into the company weren't putting more people in seats, they weren't upping the ratings, they weren't advancing the product, but most of all, they weren't making Bob Carter any money.

Unbeknownst to anyone in Nashville, Bob Carter held a meeting to discuss the state of TNA. Talk of selling the company to Viacom was brought up along with if they should pull the plug on the entire thing. An upstart worker from the finance department had asked his superior, Chief Financial Officer Robert K. Simmons, if he would be able to sit in on the meeting with him, his name was Jason Donovan. He took the opportunity to propose to Bob Carter a series of changes that could put TNA back on track and in a better position to grow than they have been in the past four years. Those in the meeting like what he is saying, so Bob Carter takes the young man aside and speaks with him further about the issue.

Jason was an avid wrestling fan, coupled with his great intellect, having gotten his doctorate degree at the age of 20 and spending the next five years traveling the globe, and whenever possible, viewing the wrestling that presented itself there, before finally returning to the states and taking up a job offer from Panda Energy that had been on the table since he was 18. He was an upfront man who rarely held his tongue when he had something to say. His years of traveling abroad put him in many situations where his life was threatened and danger seemed to be around every corner, at times having only his wits against the barrel of a gun. These life events molded him and made him what he is today. On the day of the meeting, he had been with the company all of a year.

The two men planned and plotted for much of the month of September, with TNA’s biggest pay-per-view of the year drawing close, they needed things to happen fast. A number of people were contacted and immediately brought in to negotiate contracts, with many of them leaving the meetings with newly signed TNA contracts, thanks in great part to the negotiating skills of Donovan. One of the major issues that came up with Donovan’s plan was something that Bob Carter had his hesitations about.

Jason Donovan: To make this all work…I’m going to need to take over the company. You’re going to have to make me President.

Bob Carter: I thought as much. The amount of things you want done would call for nothing less than that.

Jason Donovan: So I guess I've got the position?

Bob Carter: Dixie’s not going to be happy, but yes, you've got the position. There’s no other way around it.

Jason Donovan: Thank you sir. Remember though, she can’t let anyone else know about this. She has to continue as if she is running things until I arrive.

Bob Carter: I know...What I want you to remember is that if this plan of yours doesn't work, my daughter is going to be the only one out of the job.

Jason Donovan:…Yes sir.

Dixie Carter was notified and told to continue as if it was business as usual. All of the newly signed wrestlers were forced to remain silent until the new President was announced, though with the contracts of Mickie James and Mr. Anderson coming near, and AJ Style's contract on extension, Donovan wanted to wrap those loose ends before they untangled his plans. Within the week, Donovan had secured contracts of the three wrestlers and bound them to silence along with the rest. Everything was turning out perfectly. With the day on his debut drawing near, all Jason Donovan had to do now was wait.

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Live @ Nashville Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, TN
October 3, 2013

Show opens with the usual flare. The camera zooms across the arena taking in the thousands of fans in attendance for the show. As the camera closes in it shows fans screaming and jumping up and down in the crowd, eager to be seen on television. After a twice over of the crowd, the camera finally sets on the announce table, where Mike Tenay and Taz sit geared and ready for the night’s broadcast.

Mike Tenay: Welcome to TNA on the Road to Bound for Glory! Tonight, from Nashville, Tennessee, we have a night of surprises in store for you.

Taz: Surprises? I haven’t heard anything about surprises.

Mike Tenay: I’ve been in the back and I’ve seen the talent milling around back there. Something big is happening tonight and it’s happening, up next.

Taz: Wait, you have any idea what’s about to go down?

Mike Tenay: Not the slightest Taz.

The crowd begins to cheer as an unfamiliar theme begins to play. After a few moments of anticipation, Jason Donovan steps out from the back and begins to walk down to the ring amid the random cheers and confusion from the announcers.

Taz: Mike, you got any idea who this kid is?

Mike Tenay: Your guess is as good as mine.

Donovan steps into the ring and waits until everyone has quieted down. He puts the mic to his lips.

Jason Donovan: It’s safe to say that none of you people in this arena know who I am. None of the people watching at home, nor the people who frequent the online dirtsheets know who I am. Let me be the first to say, I’m Jason Donovan…and you’re looking at the new President of TNA.

The fans in the arena are in shock. A roar of mixed reactions carry through the audience while the announcers are baffled.

Mike Tenay: What? Did you hear that Taz? A new President?!

Taz: I hear it but I can’t believe it!

Jason Donovan: That’s right. Dixie Carter’s father, Bob Carter, the owner of Panda Energy, has come to the decision that TNA needs a new direction, and his daughter just can’t bring it. Not to say Dixie is out of a job, she is going to be taking up office space working with her father’s company, while the overall running of the TNA have been passed on to me.

He begins to slowly pace around the ring, a serious expression on his face as the camera keeps him in it’s sights.

Jason Donovan: This company has seen regime change after regime change, transition after transition, and you fans have been given promises that the company just didn’t make good on. This has nothing to do with the wrestlers in the back; they have been busting their ass every night to make this company great. It’s just that company management has been full of people out for themselves, and not the product. People like Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff who claimed that the company would be taken to the next level, but all I see when I stand in this ring is a poor man’s WWE.

At this, many of the fans in the arena gave out a round of Boos to the new President. Donovan raises his hand to quell the crowd.

Jason Donovan: This isn’t meant to disrespect, but when I first turned to iMPACT after they changed the arena, I thought I was watching Smackdown. I won’t make promises, I will only tell you what is going to happen. TNA is going to grow and the product will get better. If we are to see any progress in this company, we have to make ourselves different from everybody else. We have to be a true alternative to what is being put out by our competitors and give people a reason to tune in every week. Things are gonna change in this company…starting tonight.

He starts to exit the ring when Hulk Hogan’s music blasts over the PA system. Donovan stays in the ring as Hogan comes out from the back, microphone in hand. He stands on the entrance ramp and points to Donovan in the ring.

Hulk Hogan: Now hold on brother, hold on just a minute! I’m not just going to sit back and watch as you lie to these fans. You’re not—

Before Hulk can finish, he is cut off.

Jason Donovan: What am I lying about Hulk? You’re the one lying, you’re the one deceiving these fans. All you’ve done for TNA is push failed idea after failed idea and continue to collect a hefty paycheck. You don’t care about this company, you only care about yourself.

Hulk Hogan: That’s a damn lie!

Jason Donovan: No it’s the truth, and you know damn well it’s the truth. I’ve watched wrestling all my life and followed it religiously. When TNA came along after the fall of WCW and ECW, I saw a company that could bring a change to mainstream wrestling. The company has had some issues along the way but it always got better. Then you and your cronies came in and all that progress came to a halt. It’s been almost four years now and the company is no better than it was before you came along. But all that’s over now. TNA is going in a new direction, and if I have my way Hulk, you’re going to be left on the side of the road.

The two glare at each other as Donovan stands in the ring and Hogan shakes his head, fuming on the entrance ramp.


Backstage Aces and 8s are conversing over beer in their clubhouse. Garrett Bischoff is leaning against a crate sipping bear when he puts the bottle down.

Garrett Bischoff: Soo uh, new President?

Knux chuckles and nudges Garrett.

Knux: Crazy stuff right?

Wes Brisco: Yeah man, this guy just came out of nowhere and has Hogan’s number.

Garrett Bischoff: If he’s got it out for Hogan like that, what d’ya think he’s got in store for us?

Bully Ray looks to Garrett and gets in his face, pointing at his own chest.

Bully Ray: The only President you need to worry about is me. This Donovan guy is not a factor with what is going on with this club.

Knux: You sure about that Prez? Donovan was talking about all these changes, maybe he wants Aces and 8s out of the picture. You thought about that?

Garrett Bischoff: He’s got a point.

Wes Brisco: Yeah.

Bully Ray: Everybody just chill, alright. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’ll see what this Jason Donovan guy is all about soon enough.


Chavo and Hernandez are already in the ring as the show returns from commercial when Kenny King’s music begins to play. King comes out and stands on the entrance ramp, mic in hand.

Kenny King: Bound for Glory is coming up, and guess what – I want to be on that card. Everybody knows it’s not a show without the Pretty Boy Pitbull himself, Kenny Kingpin. Ever since I’ve come into this company, people have been wondering when are they going to happen, when are they going to show up and take the tag team belts, when are they going to make their impact. Well I’m here to tell you, we’re here, and we’re starting our impact with you two, then we’re going after the gold.

Chavo shakes his head as he grabs a mic.

Chavo Guerrero: Hold up, what’s this we? Only person I see is you. Do you even have a tag team partner?

At that, Rhett Titus comes from the back and stands beside Kenny King.

Rhett Titus: Does this answer your question?

The two men rush into the ring and begin to brawl with Chavo and Hernandez as the bell sounds and a referee gets into the ring to start the match.


Kenny King and Rhett Titus vs. Chavo and Hernandez

The referee is able to separate the teams and get them into their respective corners. Chavo and Kenny King start off the match as the two men circle one another. They lockup in the middle of the ring, but only for a second as Chavo wrenches the arm of King and transitions into a Side Headlock. He tightens his arms around King’s head, but King moves his leg behind Chavo and brings his arm up and into Guerrero’s face, pulling back and causing him to loosen the hold. Kenny maneuvers out of the hold, and with Chavo bent slightly backward, lands a Forearm Strike to Chavo’s chest, sending him to the mat. Kenny runs to his side of the ring and Rhett slaps his back as he comes off the ropes. King lands a Flip Senton on Chavo, hops to his feet and runs to the other side of the ring, proceeding to Dropkick Hernandez, sending him to the floor from the apron. Meanwhile, Rhett springs onto the ropes and leaps forward with a Springboard Elbow Drop onto Chavo, he then goes for the pin. 1…2—Chavo kicks out.

Kenny waits for Hernandez to get to his feet and as he does, King leaps from the apron at Hernandez, but the big man catches King as he comes. Kenny is shaking his head and mouthing ‘No’, but Hernandez runs forward and slams him backfirst into the ring post. He follows up by running along the outside and jumping into the air, coming down with a Powerslam onto the floor. King holds his back as Hernandez leaves him on the floor. Titus has Chavo in the corner and is pummeling him from the second rope with strikes to the head. He is at 8 when Chavo shimmies out and through the legs of Titus to run to the other side of the ring and make the tag to Hernandez. Titus turns around and runs after Chavo, but Hernandez flies into the ring with a Flying Shoulder Block that takes Rhett off his feet and to the mat. SuperMex runs to the ropes as Titus gets to his feet. Rhett turns around and is sent flying as SuperMex rams into him with another Shoulder Block, sending him full across the ring, and to his luck, into his partner. King tags out Rhett and comes off the top rope with a Dropkick that takes Hernandez off his feet. SuperMex is on a knee as King runs forward and brings up his leg for a Big Boot. Hernandez avoids the leg as he rises and slams chest first into King, wrapping his arms around him in the process. He sends King up and over with a Belly to Belly Suplex, laying on King for the pin. 1…2…Rhett Titus dives onto Hernandez from behind to break up the count. Chavo comes from his side of the ring to help, but the referee keeps him back.

Rhett takes the opportunity to send punches into the back of Hernandez but they don’t seem to faze the big man. Hernandez pushes Rhett away with such force that he goes into the corner. SuperMex picks up King from the mat and whips him into his partner, following closely behind with a Corner Splash onto both men. Rhett rolls out of the ring from the move and Kenny slumps onto the chest of Hernandez, who takes King and puts him into the Powerbomb position, placing King’s head between his legs. He plays to the crowd who begin to cheer, while Rhett is climbing back onto the apron. Hernandez lifts Kenny up into the crucifix position to hit the Border Toss, but Titus rushes into the ring and charges at Hernandez. The referee gets in Rhett’s way, and Hernandez drops Kenny, taking a step to Titus who is trying to get past the referee. Chavo rushes over and slams into Titus, sending him from the ring and following behind with a Springboard Crossbody onto Rhett Titus on the outside. King, behind SuperMex, sends kick backwards that catches Hernandez in the groin, unseen by the preoccupied referee. Kenny King leaps into the air and takes Hernandez to the mat with a Jumping Neckbreaker from behind. He covers him for the pin while Rhett grabs Chavo’s leg, stopping him from entering the ring. Kenny gets the 1-2-3.

Christy Hemme: And your winners, the team of Kenny King and Rhett Titus!

Hernandez holds his crotch in the ring as Chavo rolls in to check on him. King and Titus pat each other on the back as they walk backwards to the back, their hands raised in victory as the crowd gives a mixed reaction.


Hulk Hogan is backstage in an empty hallway with Eric Bischoff. Hogan is none too pleased.

Hulk Hogan: Did you know anything about this Donovan situation?

Eric Bischoff: Hulk you know if I knew about this I would have told you. I heard something about a new top executive in Panda Energy, but I didn’t know anything about it being this.

Hulk Hogan: This guy’s a boatload of trouble, something’s got to be done.

Eric Bischoff: What about Dixie? You believe his story?

Hulk Hogan: Nobody shoots off like that unless they have no fear of repercussions, you beat your ass I believe it.

Eric Bischoff: She can’t have lost all her power in the company. I’ve worked with a lot of executive people, trust me. Dixie was just in the office yesterday; there’s no way she isn’t still in control somehow.

Hulk Hogan: You’re right. We’ve got to talk to Dixie, get her here next week to sort this all out.


ANX make it to the back and head to the locker room after their match to find Austin Aries waiting for them. He is dressed in casual attire and a smirk on his face.

Austin Aries: Have to hand it to you, good match out there guys.

King and Titus glance at each other.

Kenny King: What do you want Aries?

Aries gets to his steps closer to the duo, hands in his pocket.

Austin Aries: It’s been a while since the three of us have been together like this. Remember those days?

Rhett Titus: What are you getting at?

Austin Aries: You know what I’m getting at. Kenny, I know we had our little issue last week but today is a different day. How about we heat the rails on the track?

Aries extends his hand as a show of good faith. Rhett and King glance at each other before grins come across their faces. Kenny goes forward slaps Aries’ hand.

Kenny King: Ain’t no ride like the All Night Express!

Rhett Titus: A-N-X, baby!



Chris Sabin w/Velvet Sky vs. Sonjay Dutt

At the sound of the bell, Sonjay goes to swing at Sabin, who ducks the strike and sweeps Dutt’s legs from under him. Dutt falls on his back and Sabin, on his feet, flips forward with a Leg Drop but catches only canvas as Dutt moves out of the way. Sonjay is on his feet and swings a kick at Sabin who is in a sitting position on the mat. Sabin hurriedly lies flat on the mat, avoiding the kick and gets to his feet as Dutt rights himself from the missed kick. Sabin goes low and kicks the leg of Sonjay, sending him to a knee. With that, he rushes to the ropes, rebounds, and comes back with a Step-Up Enzuigiri, using Sonjay’s knee as a step and sending a kick to the side of his head. Sabin goes for the cover following the move. One…Two…Dutt gets his arm up before the last count.

Sabin pulls Sonjay to his feet and puts Dutt’s arm around his neck, and proceeds to slam Sonjay into the corner. He backs away and begins to stomp Dutt into the corner, sending him onto his backside and continues to stomp him in the corner until the referee pulls him away. He backs off, allowing Dutt to get to his feet, but rushes forward again with a Side Kick that catches Dutt in the gut, doubling him over. Sabin runs in place for a moment before running to the opposite ropes and coming off to charge back at Dutt, but Sonjay spins around and catches Sabin with a Jumping Buzzsaw Kick to the face. Sabin falls to the mat and flails a bit overdramatically as Dutt goes for the pin. One…Two…Sabin kicks out!

Sonjay pulls Sabin to his feet and sends a hard Chop to his chest. Sabin backs away, holding his chest but goes back and slaps Dutt’s chest with a Chop of his own. The two men trade chops back and forth until Sabin spins around and hits a Spinning Forearm to the face of Sonjay, sending him stumbling to the mat. Sabin goes over to grab Dutt, but Sonjay rolls out of the way and behind Sabin. Before Sabin can turn around, Dutt sends a Dropkick to the rear of Sabin, knocking him through the ropes and to the outside. Velvet Sky comes over to check on Sabin, while Sonjay slides out of the ring. He goes over to Sabin and Velvet, at which time Sabin runs behind Velvet and uses her for a shield. Velvet screams and tries to get away from Dutt, who is annoyed and tries to move past her, but Sabin pushes Velvet onto Sonjay and rushes back into the ring. Sonjay gets Velvet off of him and turns back to the ring only to receive boots to the face as Sabin has run off the opposite ropes and with momentum, catches Dutt with a Baseball Slide that sends him to the railing. Sabin beats his chest like King Kong and gloats to the crowd before lifting Dutt off of the floor and rolling him into the ring. Sabin crouches and waits until Dutt is to his feet and spins, hitting another swift Side Kick to Dutt’s gut, following up with another Enzigiri that dazes Dutt, but Sabin catches him and puts Dutt on his shoulders. He wraps the legs of Dutt and hits the Cradle Shock for the victory.

Christy Hemme: You’re winner, Chrriss Saabin!

Sabin raises his hand as he hops out of the ring. Velvet comes over and pushes him, but he only shrugs and laughs as she seems to be berating him about his actions with her during the match.


Jason Donovan is walking backstage in the hallway when Bully Ray comes around the corner.

Bully Ray: Hey you! We need to talk.

Jason Donovan: Sure, what about?

Bully Ray: With all this talk of changes, let’s make a few things clear right now.

Donovan holds up his hand to stop Bully from continuing, a grin on his face.

Jason Donovan: I know where you’re going with this, and you don’t have anything to worry about, I’m not going to mess with you or your boys. I’m not too concerned with your business, you can do whatever you want as long as you and your little club don’t negatively affect the company.

The outrage showed in Bully Ray’s face.

Bully Ray: My little club?

Bully Ray grabs Donovan and pins him against the wall.

Bully Ray: You think this is some kind of joke? Huh? Lemme ask you something Donovan…Do you know who I am?

The grin gone from his face now, Donovan glares back at Bully with a serious expression.

Jason Donovan: You’ve lost yourself Bully. I’m not that woman Dixie Carter, and I’m not that disillusioned old man Hogan. I don’t have time for bullshit. I’ll give you to the count of three to release me and take a step back, or you’ll be leaving Nashville without a job.

Bully’s grip on Donovan’s suit tightens.

Jason Donovan: Two.

Bully releases Donovan and backs off. Donovan glares at Bully Ray as he straightens his jacket.

Jason Donovan: Remember who you work for.


Mickie James is in the ring and smiling to the camera. The Knockout’s title is draped over her shoulder as she holds the mic.

Mickie James: Now, if I’m correct, I’ve beaten every female in that locker room, and now I’ve got no one else to face. Buuut, I guess since I need a match tonight, I may as well call out someone from the back. Girls, if you’re watching, draw straws, rock paper scissors—anything, it doesn’t matter which one of you comes out, I’m just going to beat you like I always do.

She looks to the ramp and the music of Awesome Kong hits and the crowd goes wild. Mickie looks shocked as Kong comes out to the ring but Mickie holds her ground, though looking nervous.

Mike Tenay: Oh my god it’s Awesome Kong! She’s back! She’s back in TNA! Awesome Kong is back!

Taz: What the hell is she doin here?!

Kong stands before Mickie, looking down at James in intimidating fashion, but Mickie smiles.

Mickie James: You’re a big one. But you know what they say. The bigger you are, the harder you—fall!

She hits Kong with the mic to the face to start the match.


Awesome Kong vs. Mickie James

The mic attack didn’t seem to hurt Kong, but it did seem to make her angry. Kong grabs Mickie by the neck but James kicks Kong in the gut and rolls out of the ring, but Kong follows. James runs around the ring and grabs a chair. As Kong comes forward she smashes Kong with the chair but the big woman stays on her feet and the referee calls for the bell. James begins to run but Kong grabs her by the hair and pulls her between her legs. Kong takes Mickie up and hits the Awesome Bomb on the floor, laying Mickie out.

Christy Hemme: Winner by disqualification, Awesome Kooong!


The camera sees AJ Styles walking backstage. The cameraman begins to ask AJ questions.

Cameraman: AJ! AJ, what do you think about this major shakeup in management with Dixie Carter being replaced by Jason Donovan?

AJ Styles: What do I think? Heck, I welcome it. This, this is what I was talking about. This is what TNA needs. I’ve been holding it in for a while about Donovan, but you don’t know how happy I am he’s finally here?

Cameraman: Are you telling me you knew about Jason Donovan before tonight?

AJ Styles: Listen, the only thing I’ve got to say is expect to see me sign a contract next week on the show. In fact, expect me to sign two.


EGO comes out to the ring. Roode makes a slow entrance while Kazarian and Daniels play off the crowd and proceed to the ring amid their usual antics. In the ring, the three men wait until the audience has quieted before speaking.

Daniels: My partner Francisco and I have been hearing a lot of words on the street. Words other than, Bad Influence will once again be your Word Tag Team Champions of the World. I don’t know what is going through the minds of you other teams out there, but the only people worthy enough to challenge, win, and hold the tag belts are none other than the duo of the Sexually Delicious Frankie K and myself, the Debonair of Dirty, Christopher Daniels.

Kazarian: What he said.

Kaz wraps his arm around Daniels as Bobby Roode steps towards the camera and begins to speak.

Bobby Roode: Magnus, this is for you. You cost me my shot at Bound for Glory. You made me miss the opportunity to win my World Championship back. If you think—

Before he could finish, Magnus’s theme music begins to play and out comes Magnus onto the entrance stage.

Magnus: Now let me get this straight. I cost you your shot at Bound for Glory? Now if I remember correctly, I beat you fair and square. The only person you have to blame for your failure is yourself.

Roode is shown yelling inaudibly at Magnus, while Kaz and Daniels comically try to quell his anger.

Bobby Roode: You know what, forget what happened at No Surrender. I want me and you at Bound for Glory.

Magnus: That’s quiet the offer, and I accept.

Bobby Roode: Good, now how about you come to the ring and we can shake on it, like men.

Magnus wags his finger.

Magnus: You must think a fool of me. I know that if I get in that ring alone that you and those two muppets beside you are going to be on me the moment my foot hits the canvas.

Kaz and Daniels look at each other and begin to show in animated expressions that they mean no harm. Roode continues to stare at Magnus.

Bobby Roode: What, you too scared to come to the ring?

Magnus: I’m coming to the ring, but not alone.

At this, the Main Event Mafia theme begins to play and Samoa Joe and Sting come out from the back to stand beside Magnus.

Magnus: And if we’re all going to be in the ring, how about we make a match of it?


Main Event Mafia vs. EGO

Magnus and Roode start the match. Magnus goes to lock up with Roode, but Bobby moves out of the way and tags in Daniels, who runs forward and avoids a punch from Magnus, following up with a swift Armdrag. He keeps a hold of the air and wrenches it backwards for an Armbar submission hold, wearing for the arm of Magnus. Samoa Joe and Sting hold out their hands for Magnus to try to reach, but Daniels continues to wrench on the arm and now starts to send elbow shots into the shoulder for added effect. On the apron, Sting beats his hand against the corner pad to rally the crowd behind Magnus, who is now struggling to his feet. The crowd is clapping as Magnus maneuvers out of the move and pulls Daniels over with a quick Snapmare. He runs to the ropes and charges back at Daniels with a Big Boot to the face of his sitting opponent, laying Daniels out on the mat. He goes for the pin, but Kazarian is in the ring before the one count is started.

The referee ushers Kazarian out of the ring as Magnus brings Daniels to his feet. In swift fashion, Daniels hits an STO, sending Magnus to the mat, and follows up by wrapping his legs and arms around the neck of Magnus, locking in the Koji Clutch submission. Magnus is struggling against the hold to no avail as the referee asks if he wants to quit. “No!”. Magnus is struggling against the hold and loosing, but Roode is on the apron beckoning Daniels to tag him in. Daniels finally releases the hold and picks Magnus up. He whips Magnus to his team’s corner and tags in Roode, who begins to rain punches on Magnus in the corner while his tag team partners hold him down. The referee comes over and tells Kazarian and Daniels to back off, and Roode takes Magnus by the arm, takes a few steps back and looks to be going for a Short Arm Clothesline out of the corner. He pulls Magnus forward and swings, but Magnus ducks and rolls forward, and runs to the other end of the ring, making the hot tag to Samoa Joe.

Joe gets into the ring as Roode charges towards at him. Roode leaps forward, but Joe catches him in the air and hits the STJoe, slamming him hard into the mat. He follows up with a Jumping Knee Drop and from there, runs to the ropes and comes down with a Running Back Senton onto Roode, who rolls out of the way at the last second causing Joe to hit canvas. Roode rushes over and tags in Kazarian, who goes to Joe and begins to stomp him, trying to keep Joe on the mat. Samoa Joe pushes Kazarian away and runs after him with a Lariat that sends him off his feet. Joe picks Kazarian up and sends him to the corner. He runs right behind and hits him with a Corner Forearm Smash that has Kaz on shaky legs. He turns around with his back to Kazarian and spins around as he leaps into the air, catching Kazarian in the side of the head with the Enzuigiri. Not finished, Joe lifts Kazarian up and puts him on the top turnbuckle, getting ready for the Muscle Buster. Daniels runs along the apron to Joe and distracts him. Kazarian takes the opportunity to kick Joe in the face, sending him a few steps back. He comes off the top rope with a Spinning Neckbreaker on Joe and follows by running to the ropes and coming off with a Springboard Legdrop onto the neck of Samoe Joe. He goes for the pin. One…Two...Sting is in to break the count.

Sting goes back to the other side of the ring as Kazarian lifts Joe off the mat. Joe gets to his feet and jumps into the air, sending both feet hard into the chest of Kaz, sending him well across the ring and to his team’s corner. Samoa Joe rolls back to his end of the ring and tags in Magnus, while Roode taps Kazarian on the shoulder and tags himself in. Magnus runs to the ropes and Roode runs to the opposite ropes. The two men charge at each other and go for Clotheslines, but they each miss. They come off the ropes again and Roode leaps into the air as he draws near and catches Magnus with a forceful clothesline that sends him to the mat. Daniels and Kazarian rush over and attack Sting and Samoa Joe on their side of the ring. Sting falls to the floor after a Forearm from Daniels, but Joe grabs Kazarian and pulls him over the ropes and sends him to the floor, following with a Diving Elbow from the apron. Daniels springboards out of the ring onto Sting and Joe before they can look back. In the ring, Roode crouches and waits for Magnus to get to his feet. Magnus turns around and Roode takes him up for the Spinebuster, but Magnus reverses and hits a DDT, planting Roode onto the mat. He rolls him over for the cover. One…Two…Three!

Christy Hemme: Your winners, the Main Event Maaffiiaa!

On the outside, Kaz and Daniels turn around in surprise at what they just heard, halting their stomping of Joe and Daniels on the outside. The referee raises Magnus’s hand after the victory. Roode gets to his feet, pushes the referee out of the way and whips Magnus around. Magnus goes to swing at Roode, but Roode ducks and hits the Double R Spinebuster. Roode grabs a mic and stands over the fallen Magnus. He bends over and points his finger in the man’s face.

Bobby Roode: This! This will be the picture at Bound for Glory, so you better get used to it.

He drops the mic and puts his foot on Magnus’s chest. Roode looks to the camera and raises his arms high as the show begins to fade out.

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Dexter Morgan is your president?

Why not right?

I'm interested haha.

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Just a few thoughtS...

Based on the title, I thought this was going to be a Jerry jarrett returns to tna thread, I was wrong :)

Apparently the. President of your company is a lumber jack, a fucking lumber jack!

I like your roster. Additions such as kong, jack Evans, cheerleader Melissa, Shelley, ect.

Not too sure about Matt Bentley tho. Wasn't exactly in full time ring shape last time I saw him.

And be careful with teddy hart he's fucking crazy.

Like your additions to ovw, Ohio valley hasn't been the deep in a LONG TIME, ps get ruckus and Sabian on impact stat.

As for the show not crazy about putting this "Jason" person on tv... Have we learned nothing from Dixie.

Could have lived with out the wwe references in the opening segment but that's just me.

I'll tell you what this Donavan guy has in store for you Garrett, a mother fucking pink slip!

I love Kenny king and reuniting him with Rhett works for me... Just as long as it leads to gold around their waist and hopefully a series of matches with bad influence and a reunited mcmg :) Chavo and Hernandez losing doesn't bother me as at this point Chavo is a waste of money. Good solid talent but after. His wwe run I find it hard to take him seriously as a threat to anyone. And Hernandez who I like and could be a legit bad ass is just too dangerous in the ring for me to want to see him in anything other than a tag team... How he hasn't crippled anyone yet with his reckless border Toss is beyond me.

Great bischoff is back on tv and we get possibly a Dixie carter appearance, let me contain my dread. I hope this is all leading to Dixie, hogan, and both bischoff's getting off tv and out of my fucking life.

Not too sure about roh references when a portion of your audience may not have watched it but hey it gets Aries on my tv and more tv time for Kenny king. I'm in.

Sabin and dutt, nice win for Sabin. The action sounded good... X division baby.

Not too sure about... I'm seem to be saying that a lot, no offense but making your top heel look like kind of a bitch to this new authority figure I don't think is a good idea but the verbiage. Hogan being a disillusioned old man sounds about right.

Great too see kong but I have an issue with jobbing out Mickie James so quickly to kong. This could be a top women's feud that could actually make money and draw fans. I'd have held. Off and built to a real match. Would have been better to put Brooke or velvet in this spot with kong.

I'm almost expecting a swerve and aj to get screwed with by Jason but we'll see. Two contracts? Should be interesting.

The set up for the main event worked for, bad influence were their usual awesome, obnoxious selves, roode's intensity was great. Roode and Magnus at bfg is good and looked to be the direction tna was going before the last minute sting and Magnus, roode and angle matches.

Good solid main event with Magnus getting the best of roode and the aftermath adds fire to the bfg match. That being said, I don't feel as if roode's last promo worked.i feel maybe he didn't need to say anything. Roode just drops Magnus after the bell and stands over him.

To me this didn't feel like a main event angle to end the show, you should have had something with styles or bully leading to bfg and this show felt a little short. Almost like only an hour show.

Overall I. Like this and see potential in it an don't want you to think of me as some dick just ripping apart your shit.
but i have to be honest not only on the things I liked but on the things that could be better,it doesn't help you if I just glow over this when things could be better.

I'd give this show a 6 out of 10 but again this thing has potential and I could see it getting real good, good luck.

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Apparently the. President of your company is a lumber jack, a fucking lumber jack!
I don't get it..

I like your roster. Additions such as kong, jack Evans, cheerleader Melissa, Shelley, ect.

Not too sure about Matt Bentley tho. Wasn't exactly in full time ring shape last time I saw him.

And be careful with teddy hart he's fucking crazy.
I tried to get a mix of people who used to be there and are young so as not to bring in just random people all of a sudden. Matt Bentley is there b/c I am going to play more on his relationship to Michaels. Just to see what happens. Teddy Hart is there because I really wish he would get signed by someone and I am very knowledgeable of his attitude so I am going to play on that, but he is going to be part of a bigger storyline that will take place after BFG. Think Mexican Wrestling Cartels haha.

Like your additions to ovw, Ohio valley hasn't been the deep in a LONG TIME, ps get ruckus and Sabian on impact stat.
I "released" a lot of the local OVW talent since I knew I'd never use them on TV. The posts following this will explain more.

As for the show not crazy about putting this "Jason" person on tv... Have we learned nothing from Dixie.
Key difference. Donovan is not Dixie and he needs to be on TV for the time being. Don't worry, it's only so people get accustomed to him and until the story fleshes out more.

Could have lived with out the wwe references in the opening segment but that's just me.
He was meant to be speaking from the IWC point of view there, echoing what has been said by internet wrestling fans.

I love Kenny king and reuniting him with Rhett works for me... Just as long as it leads to gold around their waist and hopefully a series of matches with bad influence and a reunited mcmg :) Chavo and Hernandez losing doesn't bother me as at this point Chavo is a waste of money. Good solid talent but after. His wwe run I find it hard to take him seriously as a threat to anyone. And Hernandez who I like and could be a legit bad ass is just too dangerous in the ring for me to want to see him in anything other than a tag team... How he hasn't crippled anyone yet with his reckless border Toss is beyond me.
Yes, I will have to feature them heavily on TV to make an inevitable match at BGF mean something and for them so seem like competitors for the belts. Chavo does seem unnecessary and Hernandez actually has stated he enjoys teaming with Homicide more than being a singles guy so I'd be okay with bringing LAX back.

Great bischoff is back on tv and we get possibly a Dixie carter appearance, let me contain my dread. I hope this is all leading to Dixie, hogan, and both Bischoff's getting off tv and out of my fucking life.
It actually is leading to that, but to do it without having Bischoff on TV just didn't seem right. In all logical sense, if your job was threatened, you'd be there to fight for it. So I finally decided I needed to have him in there for when the moment ultimately happens.

Not too sure about roh references when a portion of your audience may not have watched it but hey it gets Aries on my tv and more tv time for Kenny king. I'm in.
As long as the fans who haven't seen ROH get that by his words, they have been together before, it doesn't matter to me.

Not too sure about... I'm seem to be saying that a lot, no offense but making your top heel look like kind of a bitch to this new authority figure I don't think is a good idea but the verbiage. Hogan being a disillusioned old man sounds about right.
I'm thinking longterm. Honestly, I'm cutting a lot of guys from the company once things get rolling and featuring other people. Bully Ray is not someone I want to be holding the TNA title at this point in his career and Donovan is someone I want to seem like a badass and someone who won't back down from even the biggest guy. Just imagine if Dexter Morgan was a wrestler and he held that dark undertone about him. So in short, I'm trying to phase Bully Ray out.

Great too see kong but I have an issue with jobbing out Mickie James so quickly to kong. This could be a top women's feud that could actually make money and draw fans. I'd have held. Off and built to a real match. Would have been better to put Brooke or velvet in this spot with kong.
I've gotten a completely different opinion of that segment on a different forum. Meant to make Kong look like a threat but also the match was short enough that it didn't spoil a potential future match between the two.

I'm almost expecting a swerve and aj to get screwed with by Jason but we'll see. Two contracts? Should be interesting.
I'm bringing back Vince Russo. That is all.

Good solid main event with Magnus getting the best of roode and the aftermath adds fire to the bfg match. That being said, I don't feel as if roode's last promo worked.i feel maybe he didn't need to say anything. Roode just drops Magnus after the bell and stands over him.

To me this didn't feel like a main event angle to end the show, you should have had something with styles or bully leading to bfg and this show felt a little short. Almost like only an hour show.
He already said his piece earlier. I think it worked well with a closing segment of Roode standing tall. About the shortness. I'm just trying to stay on point with storylines, not add fluff that could best be served for a later point or not at all.

I'd give this show a 6 out of 10 but again this thing has potential and I could see it getting real good, good luck.
Fair enough. I too thought that it wasn't too great a show but it's all about set up for me, not doing too much at once as I could have went all out with this show but I'm looking for a steady pace.

I've already done by second show but going into the third, I will take your comments into consideration and work it accordingly. Thank you.

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--The abrupt change from Little Rock, AR for the first IMPACT Wrestling show of October has many fans in the area disheartened, but word is that not only did TNA refund their tickets, but gave them addition payment regarded for "inconvenience". The company has been heavily considering moving the show to a single location and this may very well be their goal as for the last month and a half, they have been promoting every IMPACT as a live show and in locations that were originally meant to be featured later in the year.

As of last night, a number of people in the New York area have reported a major influx in TNA promotion. One can only assume that the company may be eyeing the Hammerstein Ballroom as their new locale.

--A number of new talent are expected to make their debuts after Bound for Glory. The company is said to be undergoing a major overhaul as shown on IMPACT with the introduction of the new President, Jason Donovan. With Awesome Kong already having returned to the company, other names expected to be returning or making their debut are "Portugal's Perfect Princess" Shanna, Joey Ryan, and Ivelisse Velez.

--Hulk Hogan's contract seems to have been extended as his original contract had him finishing up with the company at the beginning of October. No word yet on if a new deal has been inked, but it does seem an extension has been added to the contract, perhaps to finish out the current storyline Hulk Hogan is running with Jason Donovan.

--Word making the rounds is that you can expect a major overhaul in the way TNA works with OVW, their developmental territory. Jason Donovan is said to be very displeased with the current TNA/OVW partnership and feels that neither company is taking full advantage of what lies before them. Sources state that Donovan may borrow from the WWE playbook and take full control of the company, bringing in more of TNA's people and possibly firing wrestlers in OVW that TNA has no chance of hiring. OVW owner, Danny Davis may or may not be up for the idea, but Donovan and TNA can always attempt to buy out the founder if he is open to the idea.

If TNA were to alter the way they handled their developmental, one can only believe that we will be seeing a lot of wrestlers who the company wants to feel out before bringing onto TV, being featured in OVW.

--Jeff Jarrett seems to be taking a much greater role in the day to day management of TNA, leading many to believe he has returned to the company in an executive position at the behest of President Donovan. Without proper confirmation from sources, it can be speculated that he has returned to his previous role as Vice President.

This has been the Rumor Mill, keep in mind that all rumors are mere speculation and guesswork, nothing has been confirmed. Tune in next week as we bring you more of the rumblings in TNA!

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OVW TV #738
October 9, 2013
Davis Arena, Louisville, KY

--Jason Donovan came out and stated that TNA has bought out OVW from Danny Davis and it is now under their full control. As it may happen, a number of talent contracted to OVW have been released, but a lot of talent has also been brought into the company. He just hoped they would enjoy the show.

“The Forever Hooligans” Rockey Romero & Alex Koslov def. “Double Platinum” Ryan Howe & Rockstar Spud

--OVW Champion, Jamin Olivencia cut a promo challenging TNA superstar, Kurt Angle to a match.

--Jimmy Jacobs is backstage and brooding in a corner. He cuts a promo on the masses shrouded in darkness and their need for Salvation at his hands. “Quoth my father’s son, Evermore”.

Lie’D Tapa def. Jessie Belle

--Drake Younger came out and said he wanted to challenge the best OVW had to offer. Out came Dylan Bostic.

Drake Younger def. Dylan Bostic
In a quick match, Younger hit the Drake’s Landing for the victory.

OVW Television Title Match
Shiloh Jonze© def. Elijah Burke

Following some failed interference from Joe Coleman, Burke looked to have the victory until Crimson made his return and distracted Burke, allowing Johnze hit his finisher and get the victory. The Marauders stood over the defeated Burke.

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Live @ Cox Business Center Arena
Tulsa, Oklahoma
October 10, 2013

Show opens with Hulk Hogan backstage pacing as he holds a phone to his ear.

Hogan: You’re on your way? Good. What? No listen, I don’t have time right now, just hurry and get here.

Scene goes to the ring where Bobby Roode’s music begins to play as he comes walking down the entrance ramp. He gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Roode: Last week, the Main Event Mafia gained a fluke victory over myself and the other members of EGO. Let me repeat that—it was a fluke. Magnus, I came out here alone, so how about you come out too and I can show you just how lucky you were.

Magnus’ music hits and he comes out. Just as he does, Daniels and Kazarian run in from each side and attack him on the entrance ramp.

Roode: Hold him! Hold him!

Bobby Roode rushes out of the ring and joins the other two in pummeling Magnus, stomping him on the entrance ramp as the fans boo throughout the arena. Their boos turn to cheers as the other members of the Main Event Mafia run out from the back to help. Joe clotheslines both Kazarian and Daniels off the ramp and Sting begins to brawl with Roode. The three members of the Mafia are on Roode now but Daniels and Kazarian pull Roode down from the ramp by his legs and the trio rush to the back.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Mickie James for an interview.

Borash: I’m here with the lovely Mickie James and—

James grabs the mic and steps in front of JB.

Mickie: Sorry JB, but is important. Kong, I know you’re watching, and I want you to know that what happened last week, that won’t be happening again. I wasn’t ready for you, you came out of nowhere—something that’s kinda a feat for someone as big as you. But really, I know it’s going to happen, so let’s go on and get it out of the way. Mickie James versus Awesome Kong at Bound for Glory.

She passes the mic to JB and starts to walk away but turns around and tilts her head.

Mickie: Oh and your match tonight? I’ll be having a front row seat.


Awesome Kong vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Tessmacher comes down to the ring first to a mixed reaction. Some of the fans boo her due to her affiliation with Aces and 8s, others remain behind her, for obvious reasons. Kong makes her entrance to a roaring crowd as TNA fans cheer the behemoth of a woman. Mickie James comes out last without her theme music as the bell for the match sounds. She takes a seat at ringside for the match. In the ring, Tessmacher seems hesitant to grapple with Awesome Kong, but Mickie is cheering her on, coaxing her to go forward. Brooke goes to meet Kong in the center of the ring and Kong charges at her and simply smashes into Tessmacher with her large chest, sending Brooke to the floor. Kong grabs Tessmacher by the hair and sets her up for the Awesome Bomb, lifting Brook off her feet. .Mickie slides into the ring and runs towards Kong, but Kong sees this and from the Powerbomb position, throws Brooke Tessmacher at Mickie James and sends James out of the ring in the process. Kong grabs Tessmacher again and hits the Implant Buster for the victory.

Christy Hemme: And your winner, Awesome Kooong!

Just as Hemme announces the victor, Mickie comes off the top rope with a chair and crashes into Awesome Kong from behind. Before Kong can get back to her feet, Mickie smashes the chair into her back again and keeps her down this time. She calls for her belt and poses with the title in the middle of the ring as the show goes to commercial.


Back from commercial, the TNA Tag Team Champions, GunStorm are in the ring.

Storm: Now I’m not one to worry bout she said, he said stuff, but what I’m hearing is that there’s a new team that wants these here belts around our waists. Now boys, last week you went up against former tag team champs Hernandez and Chavo, so how bout you come on out here and see what the real tag team champions are all about.

Instead of the All Night Express, the music of Bad Influence plays over the PA system. The crowd boos as Kazarian and Daniels appear on the entrance stage and begin walking down the ramp. Daniels gets on the mic as they come.

Daniels: Now hold your horses there cowpoke. You’re worried about a new tag team, when you should be worried about the old tag team and the soon to be new World Tag Team Champions of the World, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

Bad Influence make it to the ring and stand in front of GunStorm. Gunner takes a mic and gets in the faces of Bad Influence.

Gunner: if I’m not mistaken, you two have been running around here for months talking about retaking the tag titles. Yet ever since we grabbed these belts, you two haven’t done a damn thing to get ‘em off us.

Kazarian: Bound for Glory is coming up, and what better place to reclaim our tag team belts than on the biggest show of the year?

Gunner: Well what if I don’t want to wait until Bound for Glory to knock that silly smirk off your face?

Kazarian: I’ve got an answer for that.

Kazarian drops the mic and throws a punch at Gunner, but the Modern Day Viking catches the shot and sends a punch right back. Daniels goes to strike Gunner, but James Storm comes forward and sends Daniels over the ropes and follows him to the outside.


Kazarian w/Christopher Daniels vs. Gunnerw/James Storm

The Modern Day Viking controls the early goings of the match, using his brutish power to overcome Kazarian. He whips Kaz to the ropes and meets him with a hard Forearm that dazes Kaz, who slumps off the ropes into a Snap Suplex and a cover attempt by Gunner. 1…2—Kaz kicks out and rolls out of the ring. Daniels is cheering Kazarian on at ringside, while Storm is on the other side in support of Gunner. Daniels grabs at the leg of Gunner, diverting his attention long enough for Kazarian to slide back into the ring and smash into Gunner from the side and put him in the corner. Kazarian then begins to control the match following the stomping of Gunner into the corner and whipping him to the other ropes, and a Corner Dropkick. The match goes back in Gunner’s favor with a Fireman’s Carry Takedown and an Armbar submission attempt that Kazarian is quick to get out of. When Kazarian comes off the ropes with a dive, Gunner catches him and hits the Fireman’s Carry Facebuster for the victory.

Christy Hemme: Your winner, Gunner!

Just then, The All Night Express, Kenny King and Rhett Titus, run down to the ring and attack Daniels. They rush over and take on Storm, but Gunner rolls out of the ring and aids his partner. The two teams brawl on the outside, meanwhile, Daniels climbs the corner turnbuckle and dives down onto the lot of them. All three teams are now down as the show goes to commercial.


Backstage Bully Ray is pacing around while Knux and Garrett Bischoff look on.

Knux: Prez, you gonna tell us something or what?

Bully Ray: That fuck Donovan didn’t let me in today?

Garrett: What?

Bully Ray: I said that fucking bitch Donovan didn’t open his damn door and let me in his office today!

Knux: Whoa, calm down Prez.

Bully Ray: Don’t you tell me to calm down! That guys up to something and I know it. He’s a lying bastard, I know he’s got something brewing, I know it.

Bully Ray begins to pace again, leaving Garrett and Knux to glance at each other in confusion.


The Main Event Mafia is in their locker room when a knock is heard at the door. Jason Donovan comes into the room.

Donovan: How’s it going guys? I know your adrenaline is probably still pumping from earlier tonight. Samoa Joe, I want to say you’re someone who I’ve always been impressed with. You’re a big guy and your ability in that ring is just something to behold. That’s why tonight, your match against Eric Young is going to be for the TV title.

Samoa Joe: Hey thanks Donovan, but isn’t Abyss already holding that belt?

Jason Donovan shrugs.

Donovan: We’ll be addressing that later tonight, don’t worry about it.



Petey Williams vs. Manik©

The two men square off in a back and forth match that saw Manik whipped to the rope by Williams who goes for a Lariat but was avoided by Manik. The champion Manik Dropkicked Williams into the corner and followed with a lot of offense favoring Manik, but Petey was able to reverses the Suicide Solution, jumping out of the hold and grabbing Manik and putting him in position so that Petey could hit his patented Canadian Destroyer. He goes to hit the move but Manik rolls out of the move and trips up Williams, sending him to the ground. Manik goes up top, but Sabin runs out from the back and leaps onto the apron. Manik only sees him at the last second and Sabin knocks Manik off of the top rope and into the guardrail on the outside. The referee calls for the bell as Sabin starts to pummel Manik on the outside until the referee pulls him away.

Result: Winner via DQ Interference, Petey Williams.


Jeremy Borash is in the ring now.

Borash: By decree of the President of TNA, Jason Donovan, the TNA Television title will hereby be stripped from Abyss due to not having defended the belt within the thirty day period. This next match will be for the now vacant Television Championship.

TNA Television Championship

Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young

A match that started with the usual shenanigans from Eric Young turned into a pure match as Joe was out for gold from the start. Young channeled his serious self and began to whip out Deep Armdrags and quick maneuvers against the bigger man. The EY dominance did not last long as Joe caught Young out of the corner and slammed him hard into the mat. He followed it up with a Muscle Buster for the victory.

Christy Hemme: Your NEW, TNA Television Champion…Samoooaaa Jooeee!

Joe poses with the title to the camera as the fans cheer in Tulsa.


Scene shows AJ Styles walking backstage in preparation to come to the ring later tonight.


Jason Donovan is standing in his office pacing aimlessly when the door bursts open and Hulk Hogan barges in with Eric Bischoff on his heels. Hogan points an accusing finger at Donovan.

Hogan: You are so out of line!

Donovan: Now hold on Hulk. Hold on. You’re in my office, show me some respect here. I called you to talk in my office and not out there for a reason.

Hogan: You were out of line last week Donovan, and I’m here to put you right. Dixie, come on in here.

Dixie Carter steps into the room, a bit more timid than she had ever been seen on TV as before. Donovan glances at Dixie, a smirk on his face.

Donovan: I knew you were going to do this Hulk. That’s why I had Dixie go along with your little charade.

Hogan’s mouth is agape as he looks from Dixie to Donovan and back again.

Hogan: What’re talkin’ about Donovan?

Jason comes forward and steps towards Hogan, that smirk ever present.

Donovan: Poor Hulk. You thought you had a friend in Dixie but as Dixie’s father and myself have already laid out to her, she has no power in this company aside from having the title of Executive VP…of Talent Morale. It’s a nice little job I thought up since people seem to like her, but she’s just so darn terrible at doing business. It’s a man’s world, you know that Hulk, so as a man I’ll say this. I’m not going to fire you after all. No, I will give you the chance to try and take back the reigns…If you can beat me in a match at Bound for Glory.

Bischoff: Oh don’t be absurd! Like he’s—

Hogan: I accept.

Bischoff: Hulk hold on a minute.

Hogan: I’m going to teach this kid a lesson but if I end up going down, I’m going down fighting.

Jason gives a fake smile.

Donovan: That’s the spirit Hulk. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some important business to deal with in the ring.


Jason Donovan comes down to the ring.

Donovan: Show’s almost over, so I thought to save the best moment for last. AJ Styles, come on down.

AJ’s music hits and out he comes. He joins Donovan in the ring and the two men exchange greetings.

AJ Styles: Last week, I said I would be signing not one, but two contracts. People had questions about that. Wondering if I’d resigned after all or not. Well let me tell you all something. I’ve been sure as hell resigned since the moment Jason Donovan told me over a month ago that he was taking over the company. But tonight, tonight we make it official. Right here on IMPACT Wrestling, I’ll sign my contract for all to see, and end those questions.

Donovan calls over Jeremy Borash, who comes in the ring with a pair of clipboards and a pen, handing one of the clipboards to Styles and the other to Donovan. The camera closes in as AJ signs the contract for all to see. Once that is done, Donovan holds up the clipboard he has in his hands.

Donovan: Now on to the second contract. As AJ has just informed you, he has been in on my silent takeover for well over a month now and we’ve come to an agreement that works in both of hour favors. Which is why I call this contract, the Mutual Benefits Package. In it, it states that for one year, AJ Styles has my assurance that I will back him in any of his endeavors, and he will do likewise for me.

Styles takes the mic and looks to the camera.

AJ Styles: I said it long ago and I’ll say it again. It’s about the money. It’s always been about the money. And right now, Jason Donovan has all the money.

With that, he signs the contract and hands it to Styles. AJ looks to Donovan, a superior smirk on the President’s face as Styles signs the contract. The two men then shake on it in the center of the ring as the camera fades out.

Mike Tenay: My god Taz, I think AJ Styles just sold himself to our President.

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OVW TV #739
October 16, 2013
Davis Arena, Louisville, KY

--Al Snow started off the show and said that with TNA taking over complete control of OVW, a number of changes are going to be implemented. Roster spots on IMPACT Wrestling are limited and will only be given to the best and brightest stars, which is why to evaluate each and every one of them, TNA has set up a board consisting of the following people. Doug Williams and Tommy Dreamer came out and along with Al Snow, the three of them declared that they would be OVW Board of Directors going forward.

AR Fox def. Jigsaw
In a double OVW debut, AR Fox and Jigsaw tore the house down in the opening bout, but Fox came out on the winning end following Fox leaping at Jigsaw who was on the top rope and hitting the Lo Mein Pain. He then came off the ropes with a 450 Splash for the victory.

--Backstage, Crimson and the other members of the now reformed Coalition, Joe Coleman and Shiloh Jonze, have some choice words for the OVW roster. Crimson says that Jamin Olevencia shouldn't be worried about Kurt Angle. Kurt wasting his time to face Jamin is a dream that he isn't deserving of, so let's stick with reality. Crimson says reality is, he's back in OVW and he has unfinished business to attend to. He's coming for the OVW Heavyweight title.

OVW Southern Tag Team Championship Match
"BLKOUT" Sabian & Ruckus def. Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez (c)

--Rob Terry asked Doug when he was going to tell him he was back in OVW. Doug said he's disappointed that his fellow countryman with a size like his has not dominated this company by now. Terry said that it's never too late for that to happen.

OVW Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender's Match
Jay Bradley draws. Drake Younger

Following a missed Boomstick by Bradley, Younger got Bradley in the Drake's Landing (Vertabreaker) and looked to hit it until Crimson ran up out of nowhere and hit a Big Boot to lay out Younger, while Shiloh Jonze and Joe Coleman pummeled Jay Bradley.

--Crimson closed the show by saying that nobody is getting a shot at that World title but him.

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IMPACT Wrestling
Live @ Maverik Center
October 17, 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah

Starting off the show is a montage of the scenes from last week’s show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Scenes show Samoa Joe winning the Television Championship and posing with the title, followed by Donovan’s challenge to Hulk Hogan and the look on Hogan’s face that followed. The conflict between the Main Event Mafia and EGO was also highlighted with their brawl, but moreso with the conflict between Roode and Magnus as shown with Bobby Roode and Magnus glaring at each other from the ring and ramp respectively. The montage closes out with the image of AJ Styles signing the contract and his shaking hands with Jason Donovan as the words of Mike Tenay echo of AJ having sold himself sold himself to the President.

As the cameras scan over the roaring crowd in the Maverick Center, the music of Aces and 8s plays over the PA system and the camera quickly cuts to the entrance ramp as Bully Ray comes down to the ring alone with the look of an evident chip on his shoulder. He trudges down to the ring and gets in and throws the title over his shoulder and he glares into the camera.


The crowd boos as Bully has the mic.

Bully Ray: Donovan! Yo Donovan! Get your ass out here right now! I’ve been disrespected one too many times by you, you son of a bitch, now come down to the ring right now and if you want, bring your new little butt buddy AJ Styles with you too!

The music of AJ Styles’s “Evil Ways” hits as AJ Styles comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Not for lack of love for AJ, but his recent actions and persona have left many fans confused as to what his motives are or where exactly his mind is right now. AJ, hood over his head and mic in hand stands on the entrance stage and looks out to the ring at Bully Ray.

AJ Styles: Ya know Bully, I thought you’d forgotten all about me for a minute.

Bully Ray: You better stay out there—you better! You know better than to get in the ring with me because I’m itching to give you a taste of what’s to come at BFG and put you in your damn place…below my feet.

AJ Styles: That’s funny, because if I remember right, not two weeks back, Jason Donovan put you in your place pretty quick.

This got a mix of laughter and cheers from the crowd as they thought back on Bully Ray trying to hem up Donovan in the hallway in a failed attempt. Bully has not forgotten either, obviously fuming at the thought of it. He rights himself and points back at AJ.

Bully Ray: That doesn’t concern you!

AJ Styles: You’re right Bully, you’re right. What concerns me is that World title on your shoulder, and come Bound for Glory, I’m gonna get it, and once again become the face of this company.

AJ smirks and walks to the back, leaving Bully Ray fuming in the ring. Those parting words set up a series of chants for the number one contender while the announcers talked up AJ’s personality change and how Bully Ray is having to deal with both Styles and Donovan heading into Bound for Glory as well as keeping together Aces and 8s so he may be stretching himself thin with the lot on his plate.


Coming back from commercial the camera catches Samoa Joe walking backstage with a towel upon his head while the Television title is draped upon his shoulder. Austin Aries comes up from up ahead and smiles at Joe and looks at the title.

Austin Aries: That’s a nice little belt you’ve got there.

Samoa Joe: Mm’hm, what of it?

Austin Aries: Oh nothing…it’s just that…it’d be a shame of someone…took it.

Samoa Joe takes the hint and steps towards Aries, a sneer on his face against the cocky grin on the face of Aries.

Samoa Joe: I’d like to see you try.

Austin Aries: You will, and I’ll win.

Samoa Joe shakes his head and brushes past Aries, who still is carrying that cocky grin on his face as he watches Samoe Joe go.



Chris Sabin w/Velvet Sky vs. Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud comes out to a complimentary reaction as the fans haven’t seen him in so long that they’ve forgotten who is he is why they should care. Spud came out in shades and a black jacket and didn’t really play to the crowd much of any as he did his last time in a TNA ring. Once the music of Chris Sabin hit, a mixed reaction came from the fans as many still enjoyed Sabin no matter what his disposition was, though many went with the flow and disliked the former World Champion. Sabin, with Velvet draped on his arm, comes to the ring and the match begins.

Sabin comes out of the corner and walks up to Spud, extending his hand, which Rockstar Spud goes to shake. Just as they are about to shake, Sabin pulls his hand back and slaps Spud, but his face too feels a stinging sensation as Spud had the same idea. Both men smirk at each other and begin to grapple, with Sabin, being the bigger man of the two—something that can rarely be said—getting the better of the grapple and sending Forearms to the face of the young star. Sabin continues to control the match, hitting Spud with first a kick to the gut that doubles him over and continuing into a Suplex that Spud is able to kick out of. Sabin throws him into the corner and runs at him, leaping into the air and going for the Hesitation Dropkick, but Spud moves out of the way and Sabin crashes into the corner. Spud wastes no time, and hits a Springboard Moonsault and tucking the legs of Sabin for the quick cover. ONE! TWO! THREE! Rockstar Spud gets the upset!

Christy Hemme: And your winner, Roooockstaarr Spuudd!

Sabin is bewildered as he looks around with an expression of complete disbelief. Rockstar Spud gets up and the referee raises his hand to the cheering fans. Sabin is kicking his feet like an angry child as Velvet comes over to comfort him in his loss. Sabin pushes past Velvet and goes over to Spud. He pushes the referee out of the way and smashes into Spud from behind. Spud falls to the mat and Sabin goes to work punching and kicking at the man who just got the upset over him. The music of Manik hit’s the arena and out comes the X Division Champion. Sabin looks up and runs out of the ring as Manik comes in. He rushes around the ring and beckons for Velvet to follow him as they make a hasty exit, leaving Manik to help Rockstar Spud to his feet.


Walking through the halls of the backstage area, Aces and 8s trek to their clubhouse when a call comes at them in the form of a loud “psst” from around the corner. The group members look to each other before Bully looks around the corner to see Hogan and Bischoff looking comically suspicious as they look around trying to make sure no one else is around. Bully glances at the other members of Aces and 8s, a look of skepticism on his face, but he goes forward anyways.

Bully Ray: Hogan? What do you want?

Hulk Hogan: Bully, I’ve been seeing you’ve been having problems with our new President as of late. If you’ve been paying attention I have to. That’s why I—well we, Bischoff of I—think it’s in our best interest to team up against a mutual enemy in Donovan.

Bully laughs along with the other members of Aces and 8s at this obviously absurd request from Hogan.

Bully Ray: I’m sorry, can you say that again Hulk? Did I hear you right? The guy who’s been trying to take me and my group down for over a year now wants our help?

Hulk Hogan: Look keep it down alright. I know full well how this all looks, but due to the circumstances the two of us can only benefit from each other.

Bully Ray: How do you figure Hogan?

Hulk Hogan: They didn’t make me General Manager of this show for nothing brother.

Bully looks to his other Aces and 8s members before turning back to Hogan and Bischoff.

Bully Ray: This is something that the club will have to think on.

That seems to be the general feeling of much of the club as the Knux and Wes shake their heads in agreement. The Aces and 8s start to leave, but Bischoff walks up behind them and takes Garrett by the shoulder. Garrett turns around to face his father.

Bischoff: Look son, I’m asking you to put aside the differences you and I have had in the past and remember that I’m your father…and I’m asking for your help.

His son seemed to stare at his father for some time before finally speaking.

Garrett: Like Bully said, the club will come to a decision.

With that, he walks away to catch up with the other members of the group.


Joseph Park is standing over Eric Young who is drinking a bottle of water. Park has a frustrated look on his face.

Joseph Park: Ya know EY, it really sucks that you lost last week in that title match.

EY stands up and wags a finger at Park.

Eric Young: You’re telling me. It’s not every day you get thrown in a title match. Would’ve been nice to be champ again.

Joseph Park: It’s not right that Abyss—ya know, Abyss, my brother—was stripped of his belt. It’s not his fault they couldn’t find anyone to face him.

EY shrugs.

Eric Young: Well, what can ya do.

Joseph Park: I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

He turns to the camera, a determined look on his face.

Joseph Park: Abyss, if you’re watching out there, wherever you are, you need to come back and claim what is rightfully yours.


Jessie Godderz and Robbie E are conversing backstage. They seem to be deep in thought and throwing ideas off of one another.

Robbie E: So what’s the deal with us not having a match on the show bro?

Jessie: I dunno bro. What, do we just go out there and jump in that tag team feud going on with those three teams or something?

Robbie E: Uh, you know what bro, we’ll let them have their moment. We’ll let them have their moment while they make themselves seem important, because when we feel like it, we’ll just jump right in there and take those tag team belts. Right bro?

Jessie: Right on.

Robbie E: …But I still want a match bro.

Jessie: Yeah, me too.

The camera swivels around to see off on the other end of the hall, Chavo and Hernandez are looking down at the BroMans. Chavo brings his hands to his mouth and calls out to them.

Chavo: Yo! You guys and us next week, let’s have a match.”

Robbie and Jessie look at each other in confusion before Robbie calls.

Robbie E: Uh, yeah sure bro!

With that, Chavo and Hernandez walk away and Robbie turns back to Jessie.

Robbie E: I guess we got a match bro.



Daniels vs. James Storm

In a follow up of the encounter between their counterparts last week, Christopher Daniels and James Storm take to the ring to face off while their partners Kazarian and Gunner, watch from the sidelines. Daniels and Storm exchange offence regularly throughout the match, Daniels catching Storm early on with an STO and a BME attempt, but Storm is able to roll out of the way and Daniels lands on his feet from the move, but Storm is right there for a Superkick—Kazarian pulls Daniels out of the ring for the save! With the match well underway, the All Night Express come out on commentary and Kenny King makes a point to state that now that they are together in TNA, the other team’s chances of attaining tag team gold has gone down by one hundred percent and the champs’ days are numbered. Rhett Titus takes a couple of shots at Daniels and Kazarian about their possible sexuality, while Kenny suspects Storm and Gunner live in the same trailer park. In the match, James Storm looks to have the victory as he hits a Running Neckbreaker on Daniels and is goes to the corner to wait for the Superkick as Daniels rises, but Kazarian grabs the leg of Storm and halts his run. Storm stumbles and Gunner rushes over to beat down Kazarian on the outside for the interference. Meanwhile, the stumbling Storm is caught in the Angel’s Wings from Daniels and is pinned.

Christy Hemme: Your winner, Christopher Daniels!

Before the words are even out of her mouth, ANX come off of commentary and attack Daniels in the ring while his back is turned trying to get out and help Kazarian against Gunner. They beat down Daniels as well as Storm in the ring until Gunner comes in and brawls with the two of them. Kazarian recovers and joins the fray and all teams are brawling now. The crowd is loving the huge brawl as all three teams are exchanging blows in and around the ring. Their cheers are only intensified as Austin Aries runs out from the back with a chair to aid his All Night Express teammates. He catches Gunner in the back of the head and swings it around to take out Daniels while Kazarian is held by King and Titus, allowing Aries to smash the chair full over his skull. They finish their mayhem by slamming the chair into the back of Storm, who was crawling on the ring floor trying to get back to his feet. The other teams out cold, the Al Night Express stand tall over their victims and pose for the camera as they stand in the ring.



Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

Back from commercial, Aries is already in the ring, but his partners have made their exit for the next matchup. Jeff Hardy comes out to the roar of the fans and plays to the crowd, letting them grab his hands as he made his way around the ring, making sure to allow everyone to get a hold of him as he comes around. Aries seems to not have the patience, instead climbing the rope and leaping down onto Hardy on the outside to start the match. In a lengthy matchup, the two men go back and forth until hardy is able to catch Aries with a Mule Kick, sending him to the mat and allowing Hardy to run up to the top rope. Jeff is atop the rope to deliver the Swanton when Rhett Titus and Kenny King rush out to the ring. Seeing them coming, Hardy instead dives down onto the men and begins a brawl. The referee calls off the match as ANX pummel Hardy on the outside.

Christy Hemme: The referee has called an end to this match. There is no victor.


Sounds of laughing and conversation come from the female locker room as the women are about to get into the shower. Velvet Sky, Socal Val, and Brooke Tessmacher are standing around in their bath towels when Awesome Kong comes into the room with a towel wrapped around her as well. The girls give nervous glances at each other and scurry out of the locker room. Kong pays no mind and continues on into the shower. The camera moves up to only her upper body, just above her breasts as she begins to shower. From another angle, the camera shows Mickie James creeping into the shower from behind with a chair in hand. She yells and proceeds to smash the chair into Kong’s back, knocking her into the wall. James continues to pummel her in the shower, with the camera switching between the raising of the chair and the look of fierceness of Mickie’s face, never showing Kong actually being struck by the weapon in the nude. Satisfied with her work, Mickie throws the chair on Kong and steps back. The water was still running from the shower and Mickie was now drenched from head to toe, her makeup a mess as a gleeful smile crossed her face. She leaves the shower and the camera closes in on an unconscious Kong slumped in the corner with the chair covering her nude body.


The Main Event Mafia is assembled, with Joe and Magnus sitting in chairs looking up at Sting, watching and listening as he speaks about his feelings regarding the group.

Sting: Joe, Samoa Joe, I can’t say enough how much your title win last week meant to this group. You brought gold to the Mafia. I remember, and you do too, that once upon a time, the Main Event Mafia held all the gold in TNA.

The Brit rises from the chair and puts a hand on Sting’s shoulder.

Magnus: I remember as well…I remember it a lot. Those were different times, and you were different people. I too have changed since back then. Now if you excuse me, I’m going out to that ring and saying what needs to be said.

The music of Magnus hits the arena as the man dubbed the as the future of TNA comes out to the cheers of the crowd. The announcers talk about how Magnus is coming out alone and that he’s likely got some choice words for the It Factor. With a mic in hand, Magnus waits for the crowd to die down before he speaks.

Magnus: I came out here tonight alone. Not as a member of the Mafia, but simply as Magnus. Right now I don’t want to see EGO, I want to see Bobby Roode. I know you’re watching Roode, so come out here and face me man to man.

The music of the It Factor of Professional Wrestling hits and out comes Bobby Roode in regular clothing. There is a tense moment as Roode stands on the entrance ramp, but finally decides to step into the ring. The two men glare at each other until one decides to speak.

Magnus: Roode, I called you out here because before this goes any further, I have only one question to ask. What is your problem with me? I’ve got no personal beef with you.

Bobby Roode: What’s my problem? My problem is that you cost me the World title, and if you don’t think that is persona, then maybe that’s why you’ve never been World Champion.

Magnus: You’re right. I’ve never been World Champion, but I still know where to draw the line between misplaced vendettas and business. What happened between you and I was just business. What we’re doing in the ring right now, it’s just business. At the end of the day, if you want to get a piece of me, I’m going to meet the challenge, and I will prevail, because I’m looking to bethe top man in this company, no matter the cost.

The two rivals close in on each other and stare daggers into the other’s eyes. The crowd is on fire as the two men look to be about to square off in the ring, but the scenes fades out as the show fades out.


The members of Aces & 8 have taken to their club house, sitting around in a dark part of the arena and have come into a debate over Hogan’s proposal.

Knux: Hogan’s got some nerv, seeing how he’s been on our asses for the longest.

Wes Brisco: Hell yeah. Hogan must be losing his mind.

Bully Ray: Alright. So what are we going to do about it? You boys got a final decision or what?

Knux: My decision, is that Hogan can go fuck himself.

Wes Brisco: We don’t need two old guys to beat Donovan.

The President looks over to the person who hadn’t spoken yet.

Bully Ray: Garrett, you been awfully quiet over there. What’s your take on this?

Garrett seems to be in serious deliberation, his mind showing obvious doubt as to what to say.

Bully Ray: Come on Bisch, what’s your answer?

Garrett puts his hands in his pocket and looks up as Bully calls his name again. Garrett glares back at Bully with an expression that turns from uncertainty to intensity. He seems to have his answer.


Donovan is in his office on the phone when a knock comes on the door.

Donovan: It’s open.

AJ Styles walks into the ring and Donovan looks over to see who entered. He tells the person he was on the phone with that he'd call them back and gets to his feet with a smile on his face as AJ steps forward. They shake hands.

Donovan: I saw your back and forth with Bully earlier, I liked it.

AJ gives a tilt of his head in return, and Donovan continues.

Donovan: I know why you’re here.

Donovan goes down and grabs a briefcase from under his desk and sets it down in front of AJ. He opens it and presents it to Styles.

Donovan: It’s still all about the money right AJ?

AJ smiles as he pulls out a stack of cash and thumbed through it.

AJ Styles: You’re damn right.

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--The numbers for the IMPACT Wrestling broadcasts since the arrival of Jason Donovan have risen exponentially from what they had been in the weeks prior. The October 3rd and 10th editions of IMPACT Wrestling scored 1.52 and 1.63 respectively. The numbers for the October 17th edition of IMPACT is said to be around 1.65, up slightly from the week prior. These numbers are in part due to TNA spending more money on advertising than ever before, as well as a major overhaul of the Advertising Department, bringing in former employees of companies such as Apple, Sony, and other industry giants as a way to bring a fresh perspective to the wrestling company's department.The fruits of the advertising team's labors on the actual show, as TNA President Jason Donovan's risky venture to reschedule all of the shows for the next two months for October instead, turned out to prove worthwhile. As stated above, the company has been spending a lot of money on advertising and with each show, they advertise in a way that as one fan who from Salt Lake City, Utah stated, "As if they are the greatest thing in the world and you should be there". The attendance for all three shows since Donovan's arrival have yielded crowds between 4,000 and 7,000. One TNA employee has stated that Donovan based his advertising idea on the belief that with the fans getting slight refunds due to the "inconvenience", word would spread and the thought going around would be that the people are being paid to come to a show, which wouldn't be true, but Donovan knew that things could very easily change from person to person. As awareness of the show grew, those who would usually attend a WWE show, learned of TNA and the results were the numbers stated above.

--Whispers of Jeff Jarrett returning to the company are springing up as he has reemerged in AAA and has been vying for the AAA World Heavyweight title as he's started a vicious feud with the reigning champion, El Texano. If he becomes the number one contender before their upcoming pay-per-view Héroes Inmortales, he will face off against El Texano and could very well be a two time AAA World Heavyweight Champion.

--TNA is said to be looking into strengthening their connections with other promotions from around the world as well as in the United States. Obvious choice would be AAA, but they are also looking to reach out to NJPW, with their eyes set on wrestlers such as Prince Devitt and the members of his Bullet Club.

--With OVW under TNA's control, the idea is to develop TNA's stars of the future, but Donovan has stated that he would like for it to also work as an independent company still, burrowing slightly from the WWE model of NXT by moving around, but not just within their state, but across the country. With that plan in mind, OVW may very well be uprooted from Kentucky and moved to a more desirable position on the East Coast, where TNA plans to be moving themselves very soon, with the location being "Set in stone" as the Hammerstein Ballroom as the new home of TNA's flagship show. Again, the move of OVW to the East Coast is only speculation, but it is a possibility TNA is said to be looking into to get fans of the area familiar with these future TNA stars.
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