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So basicaly our story takes us to the night after Bobby Roodes historic title win:

We open the show to Roode coming out to the ring with the tna championship.He grabs the mic and theres complete silence in the impact zone as he begans to talk.Roode says he have proved that he is the best in the world at what he does and that he feels like he's on clowd nine right now.

He says that he's been waiting patiently to the day since as long as he can remember.Before he's able to finish Six pacs music hits and out come six pac.Six pack stands on the stage and says that roode reminds him of a certain someone in another place.He then says that roode needs someone to watch his back since he knows there are plenty of guys ready to take him out.

Roode stumbles on his own words and says he will give him the anwser later tonight.

Match 1
Rvd defeats Jerry lynn @ 7:00 via pin fall
match 2
MexiAmerica defeats Crimson and Gunner @ 2:00 via DQ
Here comes Hogan to the ring who gives an epic promo that last 6 mins.Afterwards he thanks the fan and says goodbye he begans to leave as the crowd cheers.
match 3
James Storm defeats daniels in an epic battle @ 12:00 via pin fall
Match 4
Tara defeats Sarita @4:00 via pin fan
Roode comes out and says he agrees to let six pac manage him.The crowd boos and Roode exits.
Match 5
Samoa Joes defeats Kaz @6:00 via DQ after Gunner runs in and attacks joe.Kendrick comes out and helps Kaz to his feet and out come Roode and six pac.
The crowd is confused as Six pac does the one handed crotch chop.

To be Continued
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