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I don't get why Kaz jumped for joy and stuff. Desmond Wolfe is a title-less nobody, and Kaz is a multiple-time X Division Champion.

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TNA News/Notes: Future of Six-Sided Ring, Knockouts Tag Titles, Scott Hall/Kazarian & More

- Stone Cold was asked in a recent interview if he would ever consider changing TNA's six sided ring to the more conventional four sided one and he said that although it was a topic of serious discussion when he first arrived, it was decided that the six sided ring would stay.

- Another question asked was concerning the future of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Although Stone Cold would not comment directly on the future of the titles, he did say that TNA is working on some very exciting things for the Knockouts division that will be announced sometime within the next month or two.

- On his Youtube show "Last Call with Scott Hall", Scott Hall mentioned how he had watched bits of Impact last week, saying that he was impressed with a lot of what's going on there most notably he was impressed by Kazarian's win over Desmond Wolfe. This is odd because Scott has usually shied away from talking about TNA since he last worked for them.

- As of last week's Impact, this is the current card for Against All Odds...

A.J. Styles [C] vs. Jeff Hardy - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
The British Invasion [C] vs. The Motor City Machine Guns - TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Bobby Lashley vs. D'Angelo Dinero - Submission Match
Beer Money w/ Ric Flair vs. LAX​
Preview for February 4th Impact

- After saving Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles from a beat down by Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash, this week Matt Morgan plans to call out Kevin Nash and make him an offer that Morgan says will finally put an end to their little feud. What is Matt Morgan's offer and how will Kevin Nash respond?

- Assisting Matt Morgan in making the save was Samoa Joe. Joe, who in recent weeks has re-ignited his feud with Kurt Angle, also plans to confront his foe on this week's Impact. What will be Joe's plan in confronting the Olympic Gold Medalist be and how will Kurt Angle respond to a very angry Samoan Submission Machine?

- After being virtually shut out of the company he founded, Jeff Jarrett has finally had enough. This week on Impact, he plans to confront Stone Cold in the middle of the ring to demand answers.

- Christopher Daniels' campaign to change Jay Lethal continued last week when The Fallen Angel plastered pictures of Jay Lethal's singles career successes as well pictures of Lethal Consequences with Consequences Creed cut out, all over his locker room wall. Can Jay Lethal put all that aside and work together with Creed as the two team up to take on The British Invasion or will Christopher Daniels' distractions be too much?

- After arguing over whether or not LAX cost Beer Money the #1 contendership to the TNA World Tag Team Titles, Stone Cold booked the two teams in a tag team match at Against All Odds. Before they meet up at the pay per view, each member of LAX and Beer Money will face off one on one in singles matches as James Storm squares off against Homicide and Robert Roode takes on Hernandez.

- After losing to Kazarian in his first match back on Impact in several months, how will this effect Desmond Wolfe's quest to become the TNA Global Champion?

- Also on Impact, match #1 in the 2nd round of the TNA Knockouts Championship Tournament as Hamada takes on Sarita.

- All this and more, live Thursday February 4th, only on Spike!​

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February 4th 2010
TNA Impact
Orlando, Florida

Impact opens up this week with the traditional recap video package of last week. This video package focuses primarily on the main event match between Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash and Jeff Hardy, A.J. Styles. The video focused on how well Hardy and Styles worked together during the match despite facing each other upcoming at Against All Odds as well as how Angle and Nash didn’t seem to work all that well together. The video finishes up with the run in by Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan and the shot of the four men standing together in the ring as Angle and Nash backed away. Once that is finished, the opening Impact video package starts to play, and when that’s finished, the camera cuts to the Impact Zone so the show can begin.

Impact starts off with the music of Jeff Jarrett blaring throughout the Impact Zone and the King of the Mountain sitting on a chair in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Jeff Jarrett: Steve I told you that I was going to come out to the middle of the ring this week and demand answers from you. So, I’m waiting.

A few seconds go by and no sign of Stone Cold.

Jeff Jarrett: I can wait all day but I know you have a show to put on so you’re going to have to come out here sooner or later.

A few more seconds go by and still no sign of Stone Cold. However just as Jeff is about to speak again, Stone Cold’s music begins to hit. Stone Cold then makes his way out of the entrance tunnel and down the ramp towards the ring.

Jeff Jarrett: Steve thanks for coming out here tonight.

Stone Cold: Well Jeff, I didn’t really have much of a choice now did I? Seeing as you kind of came out here and sat in the middle of the ring like a little child. So I suppose you want some questions answered?

Jeff Jarrett: Yes I do. I want to know why you’ve shut me out of my company.

Stone Cold: The thing is, it’s not your company anymore, it’s mine. I make all the decisions around here, not you. I know that may be hard for you to deal with but that’s the bottom line.

Jeff Jarrett: This will always be my company. Not you, or Dixie, or Kurt Angle or whoever, will take that away from me. I founded this company; there would not be a TNA for you to snatch right up from under me if it wasn’t for all the hard work I put in.

Stone Cold: You’re right Jeff, you’re absolutely right. There would not be a TNA if it wasn’t for you. That’s why I’ve come out here with a proposition for you. I am in charge of TNA now but if you would like, I am in need of an assistant of sorts. I can’t be here on Impact all the time so I need someone who can oversee things for me, someone I can trust and I know how much you care about TNA so I think that person should be you. What do you say?

Jeff Jarrett: An assistant, hmm. Well I guess having some power is better than having no power at all, I accept.

Stone Cold: Keep in mind again that I have final say so you better not be looking to screw me over because if you do, I’ll fire you, understood?

Jeff Jarrett: Understood.

Stone Cold: Good. Now that this little deal is over, let’s get the show on the road!

Match #1: Hamada vs. Sarita – Knockouts Championship Tournament 2nd Round Match

Right after Stone Cold finishes speaking, Sarita’s music begins to play and the Knockout makes her way out of the entrance tunnel and down to the ring. It is now time for the very first match of this edition of Impact, the first match in the second round of the TNA Knockouts Championship Tournament between Sarita and Hamada. Before Hamada’s music plays, Impact must cut to a commercial.


Coming back from commercial, both Knockouts are in the ring and ready to go. The match starts off pretty evenly with each Knockout taking a slow paced approach. Gradually Sarita starts increasing the pace, knowing if the pace of the match stayed the way it was, she would lose. To Sarita’s dismay, as she increases the pace of the match, Hamada stays right with her. Nothing Sarita tries seems to work. Sarita tries a couple times to attack Hamada from the top rope but again, every time she does Hamada has an answer for her. Being the smart wrestler that she is, Hamada lies in waiting knowing that eventually Sarita would start getting riskier with her move set and when she made a mistake, Hamada would be there to capitalize. And she was right. After about a minute and a half of back and forth action, Sarita goes for the top rope again. This time while getting in position she slipped a little giving Hamada her opening. Seeing this, Hamada sprung into action, grabbing Sarita from the top rope and belly to back suplexing her off, following it up with an impressive moonsault and the winning 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Hamada

Hamada will now go on to Against All Odds to face the winner of next week’s Alissa Flash vs. Taylor Wilde match for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Once Hamada starts making her way out of the ring, the camera cuts to the back.

The camera then cuts to the interview area where Don West is with “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

Don West: Hello everyone, as you can see I am with “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan who says he has an offer for Kevin Nash.

Matt Morgan: I actually was hoping to talk to Kevin face to face but surprise surprise, I can’t find him anywhere so I suppose this way will have to do. Kevin, I know you want to get rid of me so you can have your spot back that you’ve spent so many years stabbing people in the back for so at Against All Odds I am going to give you that opportunity. I am proposing that me and you go one on one once again but this time it will be different. No rules, no disqualifications, no count outs just you and me beating the hell out of each other until one of us can’t stand anymore. That’s right, I am challenging you to a Last Man Standing match and if I lose, I will come out to the middle of this ring and in front of everyone, I will declare that you are the best big man ever in the history of this business. I will not try arguing with you anymore, I will forever stay out of your way, if you can beat me that is. Now if I beat you, I want you gone. Done, retired, gone from TNA for good, no more Big Sexy. Again, if you win I will give you the respect that you want but if I win, I want you gone. So what do you say big man?

Right as Matt finishes that sentence, Kevin Nash comes barging in.

Kevin Nash: What do I say? I say you’re on!

Matt Morgan: You have no idea what you’re walking into old man.

The two big men stand almost nose to nose as they stare each other down. Eventually after a few seconds of tension, Matt Morgan just shrugs and walks away. Kevin Nash starts to walk away but is stopped by Don West, who wants to ask him a question.

Don West: So umm Kevin, you seem pretty confident about this match.

Kevin Nash: He may think he’s smarter than me but like he always says, I’m the master of politics, I don’t agree to something unless I have a plan and let me tell you, this plan won’t work out so well for Matt come Against All Odds.

Nash then walks off camera as it cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact cuts right to a shot of Desmond Wolfe making his way through the hallways of the Impact Zone, obviously heading towards Stone Cold’s office.

Desmond Wolfe: Stone Cold I’d like to talk to…

To Desmond’s surprise, instead of finding Stone Cold in Stone Cold’s office, he finds his new assistant Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: Stone Cold isn’t here right now, what can I do for you?

Desmond Wolfe:I want my title shot against Eric Young and I want it now. I’m not going to risk punks like Kazarian ruining my shot anymore so I’m demanding that you give it to me now!

Jeff Jarrett: You’ve got balls kid, I’ll give you that. There are not many people I know that would barge right into the boss’ office and demand a title shot like this, it sure takes some guts. So you know what I’m going to do, as my first official act as Executive Assistant, I am giving you your Global Championship title shot.

Desmond Wolfe: Thank you so much Jeff!

Jeff Jarrett: But wait just a minute. Although I applaud your boldness, I cannot condone it. I am not giving you the shot right now, it’s going to have to wait until Against All Odds and I’m going to make a little tweak to it.

Desmond Wolfe: And what will that be?

Jeff Jarrett: I am going to add one more person to the match, making it a Triple Threat match!

Desmond Wolfe: Who’s the other person?

Jeff Jarrett: Turn around.

Turning around Desmond comes to face to face with the man who will also be challenging Eric Young for the TNA Global Championship, the man who beat him last week, Kazarian! Kazarian just laughs as the camera cuts to the ring area.

Match #2: Homicide vs. James Storm w/ Ric Flair

Cutting away from Stone Cold’s office, the Impact cameras go back to the ring area where it is time for the second match of the night, the first of two singles matches featuring members of Beer Money and LAX. This match happens to feature Beer Money’s James Storm against LAX’s Homicide. Homicide is the first participant out to the ring, followed shortly after by James Storm who rides down to the ring on his Beer Cruiser. Following right behind James Storm is Ric Flair.

Both men come firing on all cylinders right out of the gate but pretty quickly James Storm gains the upper hand. Being the bigger and stronger of the two James uses that to his advantage, forcing Homicide into a corner and just unloading on him. After getting sick of beating on Homicide inside the ring, James decides to toss him out of the ring and use that to continue dominating. Storm takes Homicide and begins working him up and down the guard rail before finishing it off with an irish whip of Homicide into the guard rail. With Homicide down, James comes running at him but lucky for Homicide, he’s able to duck out of the way just in time resulting in Storm being the one hunched over on the guard rail. Now in control of the match for the first time, Homicide decides it’s best to get Storm back in the ring. Now back in the ring, Homicide delivers a couple of strikes to James Storm’s midsection which doubles him over. Now with a very small window of opportunity open, Homicide uses the most of it by wearing down Storm with a series of punches, kicks, elbows, basically anything he can think of. Surprisingly Homicide’s window of opportunity was longer than he thought, lasting about thirty seconds or so before James Storm started battling back. Now with Storm back in the match, the two start battling pretty hard. Pulling a page out of Ric Flair’s playbook, while the referee has his back turned Homicide hits a low blow on Storm. With Storm temporarily down, Homicide rolls out of the ring. Digging under the ring, he pulls out a steel chair and tosses it into the ring. Ignoring the referee, Homicide grabs the chair, raises it over his head and slams James Storm in the back causing the DQ.

Winner by DQ: James Storm

Following the end of the match, Homicide continues to beat on Storm with the steel chair. He is stopped when Robert Roode comes running from the back and tackles Homicide. Roode starts beating on Homicide but doesn’t get very far as he is interrupted by Hernandez who also ran from the back to save his partner. Hernandez pulls Roode off Homicide and those two starts going at it. Having recuperated enough from the chair shots by Homicide, James Storm pops up and starts attacking Homicide. Now it is an all out brawl. The four men continue going at it until TNA security breaks them up. Storm and Homicide separate pretty easily but it takes all members of TNA security to break Roode and Hernandez up. Roode only backs off when Ric Flair reminds of him of their match later tonight. Once the fight slowly starts to break apart, the cameras cut to the back.

Briefly before Impact cuts to commercial, the cameras catch Samoa Joe backstage. By the looks of it Joe is very angry, screaming “Angle!” as he tosses random items down the hallway.


Coming back from commercial, we see the same shot we saw when Impact last left, that is an angry Samoa Joe tearing through the backstage area looking for Kurt Angle. Joe’s rampage is only stopped when Stone Cold comes walking up.

Stone Cold: Whoa calm down man. What seems to be the problem?

Samoa Joe: I want Kurt Angle…NOW!

Stone Cold: I’m sorry Joe but I have no idea where Kurt is tonight.

Samoa Joe: Find him!

Stone Cold: I’ve been trying to get a hold of him all night and I’ve got nothing. But here’s what I can do. We’ve got a pay per view coming up, how about I give you Kurt then?

Samoa Joe: I want him now!

Stone Cold: I’m sorry, that’s the best I can do. You either take the match at Against All Odds or you don’t, it’s your choice.

Samoa Joe: Fine I’ll take the match. But you better make damn sure that Angle is there and ready to go.

Stone Cold: I give you my word, he will be.

Joe then starts walking away but Stone Cold stops him.

Stone Cold: Since you seem to have a lot of pent up anger, how about I give you someone else to beat on tonight? I’m in need of a main event and I think you’d be perfect.

Joe doesn’t say anything; he just smiles and nods his head.

Stone Cold: Alright let’s go talk about it in my office.

The two then walk away off camera as it cuts to the ring area.

Cutting to the ring area, the music of the Beautiful People begins to play. Out of the entrance tunnel steps the two original members of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Shockingly missing is the third member, Madison Rayne. After their trademark tease entrance, the two begin making their way down the ramp towards the ring. They then both grab microphones and enter the ring.

Velvet Sky: It’s no secret that TNA has the best women’s division in all of professional wrestling and it’s also no secret that the Beautiful People are the crown jewels. However lately, we haven’t been receiving “crown jewel” treatment.

Angelina Love: Making us compete for a title that everyone knows should have just been handed to us once it was vacated is just plain wrong. I mean come on, look at us!

Velvet Sky: That’s why myself and Angelina have come out here today. We are not going to take these injustices anymore. We deserve to be at the top of the Knockouts division but since it looks like the Knockouts Championship is out of our reach for a little while, we decided we’d aim just a little bit lower. That’s right; we are issuing a challenge to the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Taylor Wilde and Sarita. We want our rightfully shot at those titles and we are done taking no for an answer so you better ready!

The Beautiful People sure didn’t waste time in saying what they wanted, that being a shot at the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship. The Beautiful People spend a little more time in the ring teasing the fans before starting to head to the back. Shortly after the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #3: The British Invasion vs. Lethal Consequences

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the third match of the night, a tag team bout featuring the TNA World Tag Team Champions The British Invasion and the team of Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, Lethal Consequences. Lethal Consequences has recently been involved in a little bit of controversy, with Christopher Daniels trying to break the team up. However as they approach the ring, they show no signs of breaking up any time soon. Following them a few seconds after are the champions, Magnus and Williams.

Doug Williams starts off the match in the ring for his team and Jay Lethal starts off the match in the ring for his team. Right away both men lock up in the middle of the ring. Doug Williams is the one to gain the early advantage, twisting Lethal’s arm around, trying for an early submission. After a few seconds of having his arm and shoulder twisted, Jay is able to counter out. After a brief scuffle, the two are back to a vertical base. Instead of attacking each other right away, Williams and Lethal just kind of circle each other, trying to find the right spot and time to strike again. They get closer but do not attack. There is a brief nervous stare down which is broken up when Williams slaps Lethal in the face. This sends Lethal into a mini rage, attacking Williams with a series of bunches to his midsection. Lethal keeps the rage going for a few seconds before Williams counters out. Williams then goes to tag in Brutus Magnus but before Magnus can get at Jay, he quickly runs over and tags in Consequences Creed. Consequences seems to have Magnus’ number right out of the gate, he dominates him like it was nothing. This doesn’t last forever though because soon Brutus Magnus begins building up a head of steam. Strike after strike allows Magnus to battle back. Once back in the match Magnus does not let up, he just unloads on Creed until he slumps down on the ring apron. With Creed down, Magnus tags back in Doug Williams who resumes the furious offense. Creed is very weak at this point but holds his own quite well. However, that doesn’t last long. The veteran Doug Williams keeps a very steady pace, knowing that it was only a matter of time before Creed would have nothing left in the tank and he was right. Eventually Creed just could not fight anymore. He tries desperately to tag in Jay Lethal but he’s too far away. With Creed wore out, all that’s left to do is put him away and that’s exactly what Doug Williams does. After hitting a beautiful Rolling Chaos, he pins Creed’s shoulders to the mat and gets the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: The British Invasion

Following the match, the referee hands the British Invasion their belts and after celebrating with the crowd for a few seconds, Magnus and Williams exit the ring and head to the back. As Creed struggles to get up, Jay Lethal turns to the crowd and sees Christopher Daniels sitting in the first few rows just shaking his head. Jay just ignores him and goes to attend to his partner as the camera cuts to the back.

Cutting to the back, we see Jeff Jarrett frantically heading towards Stone Cold’s office.

Jeff Jarrett: Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing? You put me in a match against Samoa Joe? What happened to being your assistant?

Stone Cold: Yes you still are my assistant but you are also still a wrestler and I needed a main event for tonight. You should be happy that I considered you.

Jeff Jarrett: Happy? I’m supposed to go up against a very angry Samoa Joe and that’s supposed to make me happy? Are you crazy?

Stone Cold: Maybe I am but remember I am still your boss and you can either wrestle Samoa Joe tonight or you can start finding another job, it’s your choice.

Jeff doesn’t say anything back, he just hangs his head.

Stone Cold: Well you better hurry; you’ve got a match to prepare for.

Jeff then walks slowly out of Stone Cold’s office as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Hernandez vs. Robert Roode w/ Ric Flair

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the fourth match of the night; between LAX’s big man Hernandez and Beer Money’s Robert Roode. Hernandez is the first out to the ring, followed by Robert Roode and Ric Flair. As soon as Flair takes his place at ringside, the referee orders him to the back, hoping to avoid an incident like the one at the end of the Homicide/James Storm match earlier. Flair throws his usual fit when he’s ordered to do something but after a few seconds he eventually calms down and starts heading towards the back.

The match starts off pretty evenly, both men match up pretty well when it comes to size and strength. Hernandez will gain a little momentum, Robert Roode will counter and gain momentum of his own, Hernandez will then counter and the cycle continues again. This goes on for a very long time with no man really getting much of an advantage. All that ends when Hernandez decides to take the low road. With the referee’s back turned, Hernandez rakes Roode’s eyes, temporarily blinding him. With a window now open to strike, Hernandez begins to turn up the offense in hopes of putting away Roode before he gets back to full strength. The increase in offense by Hernandez did little however to deter Roode. Once Roode gets his vision back, he starts firing back as well and the match resumes its back and forth pace. The two wrestlers actually go back and forth for such a long time that it appears they are starting to tire each other out. Ever so slowly their offensive moves get weaker and weaker. Now it just appears that whoever can last the longest will be the winner. Well it looks like the person that will last the longest is Robert Roode. Out of almost nowhere, with a huge burst of energy, Robert Roode hits his Double R spine buster on Hernandez! Mustering up the energy to then crawl over and pin Hernandez, Roode gets the 1, 2, 3 and the win!

Winner: Robert Roode

Following the end of the match, the crowd gives Robert Roode quite a good reaction for surviving a pretty grueling match. Once Roode starts staggering out of the ring, the camera cuts to the ring announcer’s desk.

Cutting to the announcer’s desk, Mike Tenay and Taz give a quick rundown of all the matches already planned for the upcoming Against All Odds pay per view. First they start with the Beer Money/LAX match, saying it definitely should be a hell of a fight since it appears both tag teams hate each other. Following that is the tag team championship match between the champions the British Invasion and the challengers the Motor City Machine Guns. They mention how these two teams have already met before and that this may be the Guns last shot at the titles. Next they move to the three matches that were made tonight, the Global Championship triple threat match between champion Eric Young, Kazarian, and Desmond Wolfe, the Last Man Standing match between Kevin Nash and Matt Morgan, and the match between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. The Last Man Standing match is the most intriguing to them, due to the stipulations involved. Next they move on to the submission match between Bobby Lashley and D’Angelo Dinero. They cut to a shot of the Pope watching a UFC fight, obviously trying to learn some new moves in time for his match. Last but not least is the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match featuring the champion A.J. Styles and challenger Jeff Hardy. Before going to commercial, they show us a video of Styles talking about his upcoming match, saying pretty much exactly what Jeff has been saying, that he’s excited to face him and that it should be a very good match. Once the Styles video finishes up, Impact goes to commercial.


Match #5: Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe

Coming back from commercial, it is main event time! Tonight’s main event was put together at kind of the last minute by Stone Cold but it still should be an interesting one. Jeff Jarrett is not too happy about having to face Samoa Joe and Joe is not happy about not being able to confront Kurt Angle tonight. Jeff Jarrett is the first to come out to the ring, guitar in hand and all. Joe soon follows. Joe doesn’t waste any sort of time, he almost sprints down to the ring.

Running into the ring, Joe immediately tackles Jeff Jarrett, pummeling him with his fists. The two men roll around for a few seconds before Jeff is able to get out and back to his feet. Realizing that he better do his best to stay away from Joe if he wants to win, Jeff does just that and starts avoiding Joe at all costs. Joe does manage to get a hold of Jeff for a couple brief seconds a few times but every time he does, Jeff squirms away. Realizing that he’ll probably tire himself out before the match is over chasing Jeff all around the ring, Joe switches up his approach. Instead of going with a full bore approach, he pulls back considerably and decides to wait for Jeff to come to him. After quite a long time of very slow action, Jeff slowly starts to gain confidence that he might actually be able to beat Joe. Jeff starts increasing his offense and to his amazement, it’s actually working. But unfortunately for him, what he doesn’t know is that Joe is just lying in waiting. Joe lets Jeff beat on him for a while which increases Jeff’s confidence even more. Jeff gets so confident in fact that he gets Joe in position for The Stroke but just as he is about to hit it, Joe springs his trap, countering Jeff’s move into a Rear Naked Choke submission! Jeff tries desperately to reach for the rope but it is to no avail, he is forced to tap out!

Winner via Submission: Samoa Joe

Following the end of the match Joe wastes little time in putting Kurt Angle on notice. He looks right into the camera and says the words “Kurt, you’re next!” Impact fades to black with a shot of Joe still in the ring, posing for fans.


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Breaking News: Awesome Kong Released, & More

- TNA has recently come to terms on the release of Awesome Kong. We wish her all the best in her future.

- It turns out that the reason Awesome Kong was taken off television recently was due to some rather heated contract negotiations between her and management. Her contract had expired and it's being said that the two sides were "very far" away from a deal but there was still hope left that a deal would get done. However, obviously a deal was not reached and the two sides parted ways.

- As of last week's Impact, this is the current card for Against All Odds...

A.J. Styles [C] vs. Jeff Hardy - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
The British Invasion [C] vs. The Motor City Machine Guns - TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Bobby Lashley vs. D'Angelo Dinero - Submission Match
Beer Money w/ Ric Flair vs. LAX
Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe
Kevin Nash vs. Matt Morgan - Last Man Standing
Eric Young [C] vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Kazarian - Global Championship Triple Threat Match
Hamada vs. Alissa Flash/Taylor Wilde - For the Vacant TNA Knockouts Championship​
Preview for February 11th Impact

- For this week's main event, a massive six man tag team match. On one side, the team of Bobby Lashley, Matt Morgan, and Samoa Joe. On the other side, the team of "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero, Kevin Nash, and Kurt Angle. How will these six combustible egos co-exist just three days before their individual matches at Against All Odds?

- Since being added to the Global Championship match at Against All Odds, Kazarian has wanted to prove that he belongs in that match and that he'll be the one leaving Against All Odds as TNA Global Champion. In order to prove he's worthy, Kazarian issued a challenge to anyone man enough to step up and face him. Well that challenge was answered by none other than Hernandez of LAX. Will Kazarian prove he's worthy and how will this match affect LAX's upcoming match against Beer Money at Against All Odds?

- Wanting to prove to Jay Lethal that his tag team partner Consequences Creed is indeed holding him down, Christopher Daniels challenged Creed to a match this week, to show Jay Lethal that he is nothing "but garbage." Can Consequences prove to the X Division Champion that he is not holding Jay Lethal back or will "The Fallen Angel" continue to prove his point?

- Before the Motor City Machine Guns can go on to Against All Odds and face the British Invasion for the second time, they must first get through a "mystery tag team." Who is this team and how can the Guns possibly prepare?

- Last week on Impact, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky came out to the ring and demanded that they be given their rightful shot at the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Will they get their shot or will their demands go unanswered?

- Also on Impact, the Knockouts who will go on to face Hamada for the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship will be decided as Alissa Flash takes on Taylor Wilde.

- All this and more, live Thursday February 11th, only on Spike!​

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February 11th 2010
TNA Impact
Orlando, Florida

Impact opens up with the traditional video package, this time focusing primarily on what all went on concerning Jeff Jarrett last week, starting off with his confrontation in the ring with Stone Cold at the beginning of the show where he was named Stone Cold’s assistant all the way to the end of the show where he lost a match to Samoa Joe. The video seems to ask the question, even though Jeff Jarrett has this new power, is he any better off than he was before? Once that is finished, the opening Impact video package starts to play, and when that’s finished, the camera cuts to the Impact Zone so the show can begin.

Instead of opening the show with some sort of action in the ring area, Impact opens up with a shot of the backstage area where Jeff Jarrett is apparently busy with some sort of paper work when he is interrupted by Stone Cold.

Stone Cold: Ahh Jeff good, I’m glad I caught you. Listen, I need a favor.

Jeff, fearing the worst, slowly raises his head up from his paper work to acknowledge Stone Cold.

Stone Cold: I need you to run Impact tonight.

Expecting more bad news but actually getting good news, Jeff is shocked to hear what Stone Cold has to say. He’s so shocked that he can’t even respond.

Stone Cold: I need to go out of town for a couple days on business and I need someone to run Impact for me, just for this week though. What do you say?

Jeff Jarrett: Hell yeah I’ll do it.

Stone Cold: Thank you so much Jeff, I owe you one brother.

Stone Cold then walks off camera in a hurry, leaving Jeff alone to run Impact by himself. Jeff can only smile to himself as the Impact cameras cut to the ring area.

Cutting to the ring area, specifically the announcer’s desk, both Mike Tenay and Taz comment on the shocking news that Jeff Jarrett is now in control of Impact for tonight. They then go over the scheduled matches for tonight including the huge six man tag team main event as well as the Machine Guns against a mystery tag team. They also quickly go over the main matches on the upcoming Against All Odds pay per view card. Once that is all finished, Mike Tenay interrupts and says that there appears to be some action going on in the back.

Cutting back to the backstage area, Impact cameras catch the TNA X Division Champion Christopher Daniels beating up Consequences Creed. The cameras catch the Fallen Angel calling Creed a piece of crap among many other colorful words. Daniels slowly begins moving Creed towards the ring area as the camera cuts to a commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Christopher Daniels has taken the fight between himself and Consequences Creed out to the ring area. The Fallen Angel slams Creed into the guard rails as well as bouncing Creed’s head off the announcer’s desk several times. Eventually he makes his way towards the ring and tosses Creed inside. He grabs a referee and demands that the referee start the match. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell because the match between Creed and Daniels was scheduled for tonight.

Match #1: Christopher Daniels vs. Consequences Creed

Rather than just pin Creed right away, Daniels decides to punish him a little more. Violently stomping and kicking, all Creed can do at this point is curl up into a ball and try to protect himself. After a few seconds of kicking and punching, Daniels hits his finisher, the BME, on Creed but rather than pin him again when he had the obvious chance, Daniels decides to hit the BME on Creed again. At this point Creed is all the way out, he is barely moving. Feeling he’s made enough of a point, Daniels gives up beating on Creed and finally pins him for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

The crowd boos the Fallen Angel for what he just did to Consequences Creed but he doesn’t care. Right when the match ends, he calls for a microphone.

Christopher Daniels: Do you see now Jay Lethal? Do you see now what a pathetic loser your tag team partner is? What exactly more do you want me to do to convince you? Rest assured Jay Lethal, I am not giving up this fight and that, is the Gospel.

The crowd starts to cheer Christopher Daniels a little more now as he makes his way out of the ring and towards the back. The camera then cuts to the back.

Cutting to the back, the Impact cameras cut specifically to the parking lot area where a car has just pulled up. Out of the car steps Samoa Joe who grabs a suitcase out of the backseat when out of nowhere, two men jump him. Initially it is unclear who the two men are but as the camera regains its focus, it’s clear that the two men are Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash. The two continue beating down on Samoa Joe until he is virtually motionless. Once they feel that they’ve done enough damage, the two men finally walk away, leaving Joe alone on the ground as the cameras cut to commercial.


Match #2: Alissa Flash vs. Taylor Wilde – Knockouts Championship 2nd Round Tournament Match

Coming back from commercial, Mike Tenay and Taz are still commenting on the attack on Samoa Joe by Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle. They wonder about Joe’s condition as well as what will happen to tonight’s main event as well as Angle’s upcoming match against Joe at Against All Odds. The soon quickly switch gears away from Samoa Joe and towards the action that’s about to take place in the ring between Alissa Flash and Taylor Wilde to determine who will go on to Against All Odds to face Hamada for a shot at the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship. One half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Taylor Wilde is the first Knockout out to the ring, followed soon after by the always intimidating Alissa Flash.

The two Knockouts lock up right away in the middle of the ring with Alissa Flash gaining the early advantage. Alissa doesn’t keep the advantage for long as Taylor is able to use a series of very quick dodges and ducks to get out of the grip of Alissa Flash and back on the offensive. Taylor uses this quick paced offense to always stay one step ahead of her opponent, constantly out of her reach. Instead of getting angry at her inability to catch Taylor Wilde, Alissa Flash employs the strategy that Hamada used last week in her match against Sarita where she waits for Taylor Wilde to make a mistake and when she does, she’ll strike. However it doesn’t appear that Alissa Flash will need this strategy as she is able to catch and slow Taylor Wilde down, at least enough to where she is able to start wearing Taylor down. Knowing she’s been caught, Taylor switches her energy from trying to run away from Alissa Flash to trying to just survive. This defensive strategy is able to fend off Alissa Flash for a little while but it doesn’t last forever. Eventually the stronger Flash wins out when a few seconds later she hits her finisher and pins Taylor for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Alissa Flash

The final match on the Against All Odds card is now set. Alissa Flash will go on to the pay per view to challenge Hamada for the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship. Alissa remains in the ring following the match for a few seconds before starting to head to the back. Once she does, the camera then cuts to the back.

Cutting to the back, we see Angelina Love and Velvet Sky of the Beautiful People walking towards the office area. They are mumbling something to each other but the cameras are unable to pick up what they are saying. Eventually they make their way into Stone Cold’s office but instead of finding Stone Cold, they find Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: What can I do for you ladies?

Velvet Sky: We want our damn Knockouts Tag Title shot!

Angelina Love: Whoa calm down Velvet…Jeff, we’ve come here to ask for our rightful shot at those titles. You know we are the best Knockouts in this company and we deserve to be the ones with gold around our waists.

Jeff takes some time to think before responding.

Jeff Jarrett: I agree when you say you’re the best Knockouts in this company however my hands are tied as far as the Knockouts Tag Titles are concerned. In fairness I can’t make Taylor Wilde compete twice tonight and we already have a full card for the pay per view this Sunday so you’re going to have to wait.

Velvet Sky: Wait?!? No we want the shot now!

At this point Angelina has to hold Velvet back.

Jeff Jarrett: One more outburst like that and you won’t be getting a shot at all. Now if you would have let me finish, I was going to say that although I can’t give you the shot tonight or Sunday, I can give it to you next week on Impact.

Velvet finally calms down.

Jeff Jarrett: Ok now if you’ll excuse me, I have other business to attend to.

Jeff then walks out of the room as the camera cuts away.

Before Impact cuts to commercial, we see a shot of Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash walking together down the hallway towards the ring area still dressed in street clothes. Hopefully they’ll explain why they attacked Samoa Joe earlier. After a few seconds the camera finally cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact cuts to the ring area where the music of Kurt Angle is being played. Out of the entrance tunnel steps Angle and Nash, to quite the chorus of boos. Despite the reaction from the crowd, Angle and Nash make their way down to the ring. Once they get there, they both call for microphones.

Kurt Angle: Aww it looks like poor fat Samoa Joe won’t be able to compete tonight or this Sunday for that matter, what a tragedy.

Both Angle and Nash start laughing as the crowd continues booing them.

Kurt Angle: You fat S.O.B., hopefully that teaches you a lesson to never call out the Olympic Gold Medalist again and that goes for any of you punks in the back including Matt Morgan! This is our company, and don’t you forget it!

Just as Angle finishes that sentence, he is interrupted by the music of Jeff Jarrett. Jeff, with a microphone in hand, quickly makes his way out of the entrance tunnel and down the ramp towards the ring.

Jeff Jarrett: You may think you’ve pulled a fast one but think again, this kind of sneak attack crap will not be accepted on my watch.

Kevin Nash: What happened Jeff? Why all of a sudden are you standing up for Stone Cold when just a week ago he was treating you like crap? What changed? Do you think that just because he gave you some big fancy new title that’s he’s going to treat you any different? Forget him; come to our side Jeff, the winning side.

Jeff pauses a moment to think before responding.

Jeff Jarrett: First of all, I’ll never join you. Second, that fancy new title that you just talked about gives me the power to book and adjust matches. Just because Samoa Joe is out of action doesn’t mean you’re getting off easy tonight, oh no. Instead of tonight’s main event being you two and Pope against Matt Morgan, Joe, and Bobby Lashley, it is now going to be your team against Morgan, Lashley, and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles!

The crowd erupts for this news while Nash and Angle remain stone faced.

Jeff Jarrett: And there’s no way you’re going to weasel your way out of your match this Sunday Kurt. If Joe isn’t able to compete, I’ll take his place.

Right when Jeff finishes that sentence, his music begins to play and he starts walking out of the ring, leaving Angle and Nash to ponder their next move. As the two are discussing this new news amongst themselves, the Impact cameras cut to the back.

The cameras cut to the backstage interview area where Don West is with Kazarian.

Don West: So Kaz, I just wanted to ask you for your thinking behind issuing an open challenge tonight?

Kazarian: It’s simple Don, when I beat Desmond Wolfe and was added to the Global Championship title match at Against All Odds, nobody took me seriously. Everybody was like “oh Kaz he doesn’t deserve that. What has he done lately to deserve a title shot?” So I issued this open challenge to prove that I am indeed worthy of the shot and that I will be the one walking away the new Global Champion.

Don West: But the man who answered your challenge is big Hernandez of LAX. Doesn’t that worry you any?

Kazarian: Sure every time you go up against someone the size and ability of Hernandez it’s a challenge but this is a challenge I am not afraid of and one that I will come out on top of.

Kazarian then walks off camera as Impact cuts to commercial.


Match #3: Hernandez w/ Homicide vs. Kazarian

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the third match of night, this one featuring Hernandez of LAX against Kazarian. Hernandez, accompanied by his tag team partner Homicide, is the first out to the ring. Hernandez has a particular swagger about him tonight, obviously feeling very confident that he’ll be able to beat Kazarian. Kazarian, the man who asked for this matchup, is obviously the next participant out to the ring. He doesn’t show any fear as he climbs into the ring and faces off against Hernandez.

Nearly as soon as the match started it got ugly. After a few seconds of locking up in the middle of the ring, both Hernandez and Kazarian spill out of the ring onto the floor below. Kazarian is at a strong disadvantage because not only does he have to try and fight away Hernandez but he has to keep his eye on Homicide who constantly acts like he’s about to attack but he backs up before he does anything. After a long time of being on the ring floor, it looks like the referee is just letting these two fight it out. Kazarian hits a couple of moves and then Hernandez will use his power plus the distraction of Homicide to steal the momentum back. They keep going back and forth like this until Hernandez appears to grow tired of it and he tosses Kazarian back in the ring. Back in the ring it is all Hernandez. Hernandez just tosses the slightly smaller Kazarian around the ring like a rag doll. When it looks like Kazarian has nothing left, Hernandez gets him up in position for the border toss. However it appears that Kazarian does have something left after all. Wiggling and elbowing, he manages to get out of the Border Toss position and back on the offensive. He appears very tired but that doesn’t stop him, he has something to prove tonight. Kazarian starts building up some serious momentum of his own however before he can put the match away; the referee gets knocked down and out of the ring. With the referee down, Homicide tosses what appears to be brass knuckles in to Hernandez who puts them on and nails Kazarian right across the temple, knocking him out cold. With Kazarian out cold, Homicide revives the referee and tosses him back into the ring. Seeing Hernandez covering the motionless body of Kazarian he starts the count, 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Hernandez

Hernandez rolls out of the ring and he and Homicide celebrate their “victory” together. They are too busy taunting the crowd to noticed Ric Flair and Beer Money come running up behind them. Those five men start brawling. Just as that fight breaks out, Kazarian starts getting to his feet. Realizing what has just happened, he starts going after Hernandez but before he can get to him, Desmond Wolfe shocks him by close lining him from behind, sending him over the top rope. The fight is not over. As Desmond Wolfe is busy taunting Kazarian, he doesn’t noticed Eric Young sneak up behind him. Kazarian tells Desmond to turn around and when he does, Eric nails him in the head with the Global Championship. The camera cuts away with a shot of Eric Young standing over Desmond Wolfe, Global Championship in hand.

The camera cuts to the announcer’s desk where Mike Tenay and Taz further hype tonight’s main event which is now A.J. Styles, Bobby Lashley, and Matt Morgan against the Pope, Kurt Angle, and Kevin Nash. Soon after they switch gears and start hyping the TNA World Tag Team Championship match between the champions the British Invasion and the challengers the Motor City Machine Guns. A video highlighting the history of this feud as well as the history of both teams begins to play. Once the video finishes, the camera cuts to a shot of the Guns preparing for their upcoming match against a mystery tag team. The Guns continue preparing as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #4: The Motor City Machine Guns vs. ???

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the fourth match of the night, a tag team match featuring Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns against a mystery tag team. Both Mike Tenay and Taz openly wonder how this mystery team will affect the Guns title shot in three days however the Guns don’t seem as worried about it as they make their way down the ramp and await their opponents. They don’t have to wait long as pretty soon after they arrive in the ring, Kiyoshi’s theme music begins to play and out of the entrance tunnel steps Kiyoshi and a new superstar named Okada. Jeremy Borash introduces this new team as “Team Japan” and the two make their way down the ring to meet their opponents.

Kiyoshi starts off the match in the ring for his team and Chris Sabin starts off the match in the ring for his team. The two men start off the match by locking up in the middle but that doesn’t last long. Soon they start quickly going back and forth, using all sorts of arm drags and flips and turns. Eventually Kiyoshi slows the match down but that doesn’t last long as pretty soon after that they’re back to fast pace. This time however they are using the whole ring, bouncing off the ropes, going back and forth. A strong shoulder block by Chris Sabin puts a stop to it, enough for him to be able to tag in Alex Shelley. Shelley comes in with a fury of knife edged chops. Shelley’s attack doesn’t last long however, as Kiyoshi is able to sneakily tag in Okada. Okada enters the ring and with Shelley’s back turned; Team Japan hits an impressive double team move that appears to stun Shelley. With him down, Okada tries pinning him but gets only two. After the failed pin attempt, Okada quickly tags back in Kiyoshi and the two once again hit an impressive double team move on Shelley. Team Japan takes a moment to showboat which ends up costing them. When they try to hit another double team move, Shelley is ready for them, tossing Kiyoshi over the top rope leaving Okada alone in the ring. With Kiyoshi temporarily out of commission, Chris Sabin enters the ring and the Guns have a few moves of their own to hit on him. With the crowd firmly behind them and riding a huge wave of momentum, the Guns start building towards a big finish. The success that Team Japan had earlier in the match appears to be somewhat gone as they aren’t able to work together as easily as before. This allows the Guns to continue building that momentum. Eventually the momentum hits a high point and the Guns sense it’s time to put Team Japan away. After one failed try, the second time’s a charm. The Guns are able to hit their double team finisher and Chris Sabin pins Okada for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns

The crowd erupts as the Guns celebrate their victory. Although Team Japan lost the match, they certainly left a mark on the Guns, they have a bright future ahead. Cutting away from the ring area, the Impact cameras then go backstage.

Now backstage, the Impact cameras focus in on the locker room of Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle who both appear a little nervous about their upcoming match.

Kevin Nash: This isn’t what we planned man!

Kurt Angle: I know it isn’t, I know it isn’t. Jeff Jarrett’s obviously a new huge roadblock we’re going to have to deal with but he’s nothing we can’t handle. We just have to make sure and stick to the plan, got it?

Kevin Nash: Got it.

Right as Nash finishes speaking, the Pope barges in.

D’Angelo Dinero: What’s up guys? Ready for our match?

Kurt Angle: Listen man, as long as you stay out of our way and don’t do anything that will cost us the match, we’re not going to have a problem.

D’Angelo Dinero: Hey you got my word daddy, all I care about is beating up Bobby Lashley, I ain’t gonna stick my nose in ya’lls business.

Kurt Angle: Sounds good.

As the three men are about to leave the locker room area, Jeff Jarrett comes in, dressed in a referee’s shirt.

Jeff Jarrett: Just thought I’d come and let you guys know, to make sure there’s no funny business tonight, I’m naming myself special guest referee. Let’s have a good match now!

Jeff Jarrett then walks out of their locker room, leaving Angle and Nash with a pissed off look on their face as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #5: A.J. Styles, Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley, & Matt Morgan vs. D’Angelo Dinero, Kevin Nash, & Kurt Angle

Coming back from commercial it is now time for tonight’s main event, a big six man tag team match featuring men that are involved in four different individual matches at Against All Odds. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is the first man out to the ring, followed by Bobby Lashley and his wife Kristal. The TNA World Champion A.J. Styles is next and after him, the “bad guy” team starts coming down, Pope first, Nash second, and Angle last. The last man to come to the ring is the guest referee for this match, Jeff Jarrett.

The Pope starts off the match in the ring for his team and Matt Morgan starts off the match in the ring for his team. Pope tries to take on the much bigger Matt Morgan full force but that doesn’t get him far as “The Blueprint” just shoves him off. Morgan than proceeds to dominate Pope, constantly taunting him by pretending to tag in Bobby Lashley but pulling back at the last minute. After a while of taunting Pope, Morgan does eventually tag in Lashley who enters the ring with a full head of steam and just runs over Pope. At this point after being dominated by Matt Morgan and now an angry Bobby Lashley, Pope can’t take much more, he needs to tag in someone soon. Knowing Bobby’s shoulder is still slightly injured, Pope takes advantage of that and cheap shots Bobby enough to bring him down to one knee. Before Bobby can get back up, Pope hurries over to his corner and tags in Kevin Nash. Nash enters the match and smartly targets Bobby’s shoulder. Nash knows he needs to keep Lashley down because he’ll lose if he lets Bobby start wrestling him. Nash moves Lashley to his corner and starts to wear him down with his traditional elbow strikes and knees to the gut. Nash keeps this up for quite a while but Lashley is too strong and too good of an athlete to keep him down forever. Slowly the younger Lashley begins to fight back against the older Nash. Although he’s starting to battle back, Lashley makes the mistake of letting Nash get close to his corner. After a few seconds more of skirmishing, Nash hits an elbow to the side of Lashley’s head which allows him enough time to tag in Kurt Angle. Motivated and ready to go, Angle comes in with a head of steam and begins unloading on Lashley. Lashley, who is still a little weak from fighting off Kevin Nash, tries fighting back but Angle’s offense is a little too much. Angle gets Lashley to the point where it looks like he’s about to put him away. Right as Angle tries applying the ankle lock, Lashley gets a second wind and is able to counter out and tag back in Matt Morgan. Morgan comes in full bore as well. Angle is not much of a challenge at this point for Morgan. Matt spends nearly the next minute or so of the match just toying with Angle. Just when it looks like it’s time for his finisher, Matt gets an idea. Knowing A.J. Styles is fresh and ready, he tags him in instead. This wasn’t the best idea. Styles is about the same size as Angle which makes it a fair fight again. The two go back and forth until it looks like Angle may have the upper hand. Just as he starts building up some momentum, he calls for the ankle lock. He gets the move locked in. Just as Styles is about to tap, he magically counters out of the move and into a Styles Clash! Not wanting to waste any time, he hits the move and pins Angle’s shoulders to the mat for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: A.J. Styles, Bobby Lashley, & Matt Morgan

Following the match, as Styles is getting his hand raised by Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash comes from behind and nails Styles. Nash and Jarrett then come face to face and they start fighting. Pretty soon Pope, Bobby Lashley, Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle join the fight and it’s an all out brawl. Just as the brawl starts to get out of hand, the music of Jeff Hardy begins to play and he comes running out of the entrance tunnel with a steel pipe in hand. Nash, Angle, and Pope quickly exit the ring, leaving Hardy in the ring with Lashley, Morgan, and Styles. Just as A.J. is about to shake Hardy’s hand, out of nowhere Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Styles, laying him out. Lashley and Morgan can’t believe it and neither can the fans. Impact fades to black with a shot of Hardy standing over the TNA World Champion.


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So far I have read up until Genesis, when I get time I'll go for the rest but for now I'll just rate what I've read.

Firstly, I dont like Stone Cold in TNA. He just is such a WWE legend, and authority figure isnt his best suit. You worked well with him though giving him fueds with Angle and Jarrett, where I see them exploading soon. Hardy returning was pretty good, although I hated him beating AJ. It seems to be focused a little too much on an old WWE guy. I'd like to see with Stone Cold, a WWE legend, just joining the company, that the focus would be a little more aimed at the TNA originals. The early espisodes never had enough in the matches just Genesis was more than enough. I like the Homicide/Hernandez fight, although I loved LAX, I really like both, and Homicide beating Hernandez was unexpected so I liked it. I like the Ric Flair being a manager over Beer Money angle too. Brittish Invasion Vs Beer Money seems to be coming, but Beer Money, under Flair, feel like heels, so it'll be interesting how you work the rivalry out together. I was surprised at Amazing Red tagging with the Brittish Invasion, seemed out of character, and I never liked him being easily beaten by Daniels, but I am a huge fan after all, and loved his short reign as X Division champion IRL. I wanted Morgan to beat Nash, to give the TNA guys a boost, but it seems that the rivalry is far from over, so we'll see how it plays out. Good build up to it though. Angle seems to be on a bad losing streak, so we'll see what he does to get out of it.

Overall, its good and Im wanting to read more. The results arent always how I want them to be, but Im still left enjoying the read, so good work.

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Ok, so in the later episodes you deveolpoed some things better. The Matt Morgan Vs Kevin Nash rivalry has some good work, and has a reason behind it in the first place. The pope Vs Bobby Lashley was a great idea, going over the IRL Steiner storyline with the slightly more suited Pope. The Angle/Joe storyline seems just thrown in, but I think you have ran your course of fresh Angle angles since he lost the right to go for the title, although I see a faction soming soon. The Japan team is pretty decent, hopfully they can go somewhere. AJ and Hardy seems to be heading somewhere, but we'll see next episode. Overall good work, and keep it up.

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Breaking News: World X Cup Returning, TNA on Mondays?, & More

- Sources inside of TNA are confirming that the company plans on bringing back the World X Cup tournament starting at next month's Destination X pay per view. Details are not yet released on the format and the competitors in the tournament but a formal announcement is expected soon.

- Expect Team Japan to be one of the teams competing. Kiyoshi and Okada recently debuted on Impact under the name Team Japan which means they will be in the tournament, along with two other yet to be named Japanese wrestlers.

- Speaking of Okada, he recently became the newest superstar to the TNA roster when he officially signed a contract prior to his tag team match on Impact. Okada had wrestled several dark matches for TNA prior to signing.

- One of the long standing goals amongst people in the back in TNA was to hopefully one day move Impact from Thursday nights to Monday nights, thus starting a new "war." There was strong hope that when TNA signed Stone Cold that they finally had enough momentum to move the show to Mondays but Stone Cold refused, saying it would be a mistake, that TNA would be better off carving its own niche on Thursdays than competing with a very strong WWE RAW program. Well it looks like the move to Monday forces are starting to eat away at Stone Cold. A permanent move to Mondays is still out of the question but TNA management is reportedly looking at holding a one off special on a Monday just to test the waters. What this special would exactly be is still up in the air but it is looking like it may very well happen.

- Stone Cold is reportedly beginning to shoot a new movie so it's expected that his presence on television for the time being will be limited. This was the reason why Jeff Jarrett was made Stone Cold's "assistant", so there would be an authority figure on Impact while Stone Cold is away.​
Preview for Against All Odds

- In what promises to be one of the most exciting, high flying pay per view main events in TNA history, TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles defends his title against "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy. Up until recently, these two men have gotten along and respected each other but Jeff Hardy's actions at the end of last week's Impact where he hit the Twist of Fate on A.J. Styles has thrown that all into doubt. What was Hardy's reasoning behind that move and how will it affect this match?

- What was originally scheduled to be Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe has all been changed due to the actions of Angle and Nash which left Joe unconscious and unsure if he will be able to compete. Angle thought he had dodged a huge bullet when he attacked Joe but not so fast. Jeff Jarrett stepped up and offered to take Joe's spot in the match should Joe not be able to compete. Will Joe be able to compete or will Jeff Jarrett have to be the one to teach Angle a lesson?

- Feeling he was superior to Eric Young, and feeling that he should be the Global Champion, Desmond Wolfe demanded a Global title shot. Desmond should have been careful what he wished for. Instead of getting Eric Young one on one, Desmond must face both Eric Young and Kazarian in a triple threat match. Will Desmond prove he's superior or will one of the others come out as champion?

- Wanting to rid himself of Kevin Nash for good, Matt Morgan issued a challenge to "Big Sexy" for Against All Odds. Matt Morgan proposed a Last Man Standing match where if Kevin Nash were to win, Matt would acknowledge that Nash is the superior athlete and the best big man in the history of the business but if Matt won, Kevin Nash must leave TNA for good. One would think that the younger Matt Morgan would have the advantage but Nash says he has a plan for Morgan, one that won't work out so well for him. This match will sure be one to watch as it could go many different ways.

- Declaring himself a submission expect, D'Angelo Dinero issued a challenge to any one in the back, saying he could make them tap out. The challenge was answered by Rhino who the Pope did make submit even though he had a little help. Following the match, Bobby Lashley entered the ring and challenged Pope to a submission match at Against All Odds which Pope accepted. Is Bobby Lashley's shoulder healed enough to compete in this match and even if it's not, does Pope have enough submission ability to beat a former college wrestling champion?

- In what is probably their last shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship, the Motor City Machine Guns face off once again against the champions the British Invasion. Can the Guns finally capture the gold or will the Brits once again walk away champs?

- Having had enough of their arguing over who really cost Beer Money the #1 contendership to the TNA World Tag Team Championship, Stone Cold then booked Beer Money against LAX in a match at Against All Odds hoping they will settle their differences in the ring. Will their differences be settled or will things get out of hand once again?

- In what promises to be once of the best women's wrestling matches in recent history, Alissa Flash and Hamada go face to face for the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship. Which of these two amazing wrestlers will walk out champion?

- All this and more, live on pay per view Sunday February 14th!​

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February 14th 2010
Against All Odds
Orlando, Florida

Tonight’s Against All Odds pay per view opens up with the traditional video recap package. The video starts off focusing on the Matt Morgan and Kevin Nash Last Man Standing match and how exactly it got to this point. Once it’s done with that the video moves on to the Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe match. The video plays up the uncertainty of whether or not Samoa Joe will be able to make it tonight due to the attack on him by Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle. It also mentions how if Joe doesn’t make it tonight, that Jeff Jarrett has promised to take his place. The video then moves on to the triple threat Global Championship match between champion Eric Young and challengers Desmond Wolfe and Kazarian, wondering how the addition of Kazarian will affect Desmond Wolfe’s Global Championship aspirations. The video then finishes off with a long look at tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship match between champion A.J. Styles and challenger Jeff Hardy. The video highlights how the two had gotten along so well up until the last edition of Impact when Jeff Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on A.J. Once the video is finished, the cameras cut right to the ring area. The pyro goes off and the show begins.

The cameras then cut to the announcer’s desk where Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s pay per view broadcast. They give a quick rundown of tonight’s card, making sure to highlight the matches that the opening video package did not. Once they are finished the cameras then cut to the ring where Jeremy Borash begins introducing the first match.

Match #1: Beer Money w/ Ric Flair vs. LAX

It is time for the first match of tonight’s pay per view, a tag team grudge match between the team of Beer Money and the team of LAX. While Beer Money are making their way down to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair, Mike Tenay and Taz give the quick tale of the tape for this match highlighting how the match got booked when Beer Money came out to the ring to argue that LAX had cost them the #1 contendership to the TNA World Tag Team titles. As soon as Mike Tenay and Taz finish their rundown, LAX’s music begins to play and they make their down the ring so the match can begin.

Robert Roode and Homicide begin the match in the ring. At the beginning of the match, Robert Roode buys himself a little time to formulate a strategy by constantly entering and exiting the ring. Eventually Homicide gets sick of this and goes to chase him but Roode is ready for him, nailing him with a knee to the gut. Roode then tosses Homicide into the ring and before he does anything else he tags in James Storm. Storm enters the match and starts unloading a rather wild offense on Homicide. After being yelled instructions from the outside by Ric Flair, Storm straightens out his attack a little by keeping Homicide down on the mat. After a while though you can tell that Storm is getting tired of this slow attack and he starts getting wild again. This was a mistake. Storm’s wild offense allows Homicide to get his first offense of the entire match in. Homicide uses his speed advantage to wear down Storm a little before he goes over and tags in Hernandez. The bigger Hernandez uses his size to really press down on Storm’s shoulders, trying to eliminate a lot of his offense. Hernandez keeps Storm grounded for a considerable amount of time but pretty soon he too starts to get bored of this slow attack and starts picking up the pace a little. With the pace of the match a little faster now, it has now become a level playing field with both men trading strikes back and forth. Back and forth they go until James Storm makes a surprise move and breaks away from Hernandez so he can tag in Robert Roode. Roode enters the match all fired up, unloading lefts and rights on Hernandez which actually manage to knock the big man down. While Hernandez is down Roode does not let up, he continues stomping all over Hernandez’s body. Roode tries a couple pins but gets nothing. Both James Storm and Ric Flair shout words of encouragement towards Roode as he continues to try putting away Hernandez. Roode keeps up his rather impress attack on the big man but it just doesn’t seem like it’s having as much of an effect on him as he’d like. Hernandez goes into what looks like a defensive mode, waiting for the right time to strike back at Roode. The defensive mode works as Hernandez is able to find the perfect time to explode. With Roode down, Hernandez decides it’s best to tag in the fresher man Homicide. Homicide, thinking he has to impress Hernandez, comes in firing on all cylinders, wearing Roode down further. Although this action is initially successful, it doesn’t last long. Roode works his way back to his feet and he once again takes control of the match. Homicide, still trying to impress Hernandez, ignores Hernandez’s pleas to tag him in; instead he continues trying to fight. Homicide’s actions, although brave, end up costing him. Roode backs Homicide into the corner and with the referee’s back temporarily turned, James Storm nails Homicide in the back of the head with a beer bottle. Robert Roode then picks up the unconscious Homicide, slams him back down, and covers him for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Beer Money

Ric Flair enters the ring to celebrate with both Storm and Roode as Homicide starts to come to. As Homicide turns to try and locate his partner, he notices that Hernandez has already left the ring area, obviously in protest over Homicide’s actions that cost them the match. The camera continues focusing on Homicide and the celebrating Beer Money as it cuts to the back.

Backstage, the cameras focus in on the locker room of “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy who is busy preparing for his upcoming World Title match against A.J. Styles. Jeff is still preparing when A.J. Styles comes in.

A.J. Styles: Hey man, what the hell? What was that Twist of Fate about man? I thought we were friends?

Jeff doesn’t respond right away. He takes time to finish what he was doing before he responds.

Jeff Hardy: We’re still friends and I still think you’re one of the best wrestlers in the world but that doesn’t change the fact that I will do anything to become TNA World Champion. Once that bell rings, all this friendship talk gets thrown out the window and I will hold nothing back. I just hope you can keep up.

A.J. is left speechless as Jeff stands up and walks out of the locker room as the camera cuts back to the ring area.

Match #2: Alissa Flash vs. Hamada – Match for the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship

Cutting back to the ring area, Mike Tenay and Taz have to quickly switch gears from Styles/Hardy to the next match of Against All Odds, the match to determine a new Knockouts Champion. Mike Tenay and Taz give everyone a quick refresher on how we got to this point. Awesome Kong injured Tara who was then forced to relinquish her Knockouts Championship and a tournament began to find the new Knockouts Champion. Alissa Flash and Hamada defeated six other Knockouts to get to this point and the winner of tonight’s match becomes the champion. Hamada is the first out to the ring, followed soon thereafter by the very serious looking Alissa Flash.

The match, as expected, starts off very evenly. Both Knockouts’ styles are similar, their size is somewhat similar, there just isn’t a whole lot of difference between these two Knockouts. Hamada appears to gain the upper hand after awhile but the moment she starts pulling away, Alissa Flash pulls her right back and the match goes back and forth again. Hamada starts pulling ahead a little again and just like last time, Alissa Flash pulls her right back. Hamada, being the sound wrestler that she is, does not allow this to affect her in any way, she just continues on her attack, knowing that it will eventually pay off. Slowly it does. Alissa Flash spends so much of her energy trying to keep pace with Hamada that she doesn’t have much left for any sort of attack. Or so it would seem. Just as Hamada starts to switch gears and pick up the pace a little, Alissa Flash surprises her and explodes with a burst of energy that quickly overwhelms her. This was unexpected and it takes awhile for Hamada to adjust but eventually she does and the match returns to an even pace. Now knowing that Alissa can strike at any moment, it becomes urgent that Hamada put the match away before Alissa strikes again. Although she tries several times, Hamada is unable to finish Alissa off. As she tries once again, Alissa quickly strikes, nailing Hamada with a vicious super kick! Alissa quickly seizes the moment and covers Hamada for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Alissa Flash

Following the match, as the referee hands her the Knockouts belt, the serious look on Alissa Flash’s face turns to somewhat joy as she continually stares at the belt. Meanwhile, Hamada has gotten to her feet and walks over to congratulate the new champion. Hamada extends her hand towards Alissa but she simply blows it off, walking out of the ring, leaving Hamada staring as she walks towards the back.

Cutting away from the ring area, the cameras then cut to the back, specifically the backstage interview area where Don West is with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

Don West: Pope, tonight you go one on one with Bobby Lashley in a submission match. You are not one that has had a history of being a submission expert where as Bobby Lashley has. How have you prepared yourself in order to more even those odds?

Pope: Well daddy, Pope knows that he is a better submission specialist than “he who shall not be named.” But Pope also knows that he doesn’t know everything there is to know about submission wrestling. So what Pope’s been doin’ to prepare for this match is I’ve been studyin’ up, watching tape of my boys over in the Ultimate Fighting, picking up a few ideas and moves from them so Pope can make “he who shall not be named” cry like a little girl as I take his woman and show her the time of her life.

Don West: So you’re feeling very good about your chances tonight?

Pope: Yes Pope is. Tonight is the night Pope finally gets his girl.

Pope then walks away from Don West as the camera cuts back to the ring area.

Match #3: Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley vs. D’Angelo Dinero – Submission Match

Coming back to the ring area, it is now time for the first match of the night, this one arguably the most personal of the night pitting Bobby Lashley against “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in a submission match. The Pope is the first man out to the ring. Soon after Bobby joins him. Bobby, followed closely by his wife Kristal, still has his shoulder taped up from Pope’s attack on him back at Genesis. Once Bobby enters the ring he immediately stares down Pope whose confidence level appears to drop right on the spot.

Despite an obvious drop in confidence, Pope charges at Bobby once the match officially begins. This catches Lashley off guard, taking him off his feet. Pope keeps the pressure on Bobby but makes a mistake when he takes his eye off of him when Pope spies Kristal. Pope walks over to her and starts to taunt her. That doesn’t last very long as from behind Bobby nails him in the back of the head. From this point on it is all Bobby Lashley. Bobby probably could have very well put away Pope right then and there but remembering what Pope has done to his wife, Bobby decides to have a little fun instead. Bobby starts tossing Pope around the ring like he’s nothing. Eventually he gets sick of dominating Pope in the ring so he moves outside of the ring. Tossing Pope again and again against the steel steps, Bobby is obviously trying to injure Pope’s shoulder in sort of the same way as Pope did to him. Bobby then takes Pope’s arm and begins slamming it against the ring post, again trying to injure his shoulder. Knowing he has to make Pope submit inside the ring, Bobby then tosses Pope back inside. Bobby begins applying various submission holds but after every one, right before Pope is about to tap out, Bobby will release the hold, let Pope recover some and apply another hold. Looking over to his wife, it appears that Kristal tells him it’s enough, it’s time to put Pope away for good and he does. Bobby then applies a very nasty arm bar which Pope taps out to immediately.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Kristal Lashley, extremely excited over her husband’s victory, climbs into the ring to celebrate with her husband. During the Lashley’s celebration, they don’t notice Pope, who has rolled out of the ring. Outside of the ring, Pope quietly grabs a steel chair from under the ring and sneaks back into the ring. While the Lashleys’ backs are turned, Pope picks up the chair and hits Bobby over the back of the head with it which immediately knocks him out. With Bobby on the ground, Pope continues hitting him with the steel chair to the point where Bobby is now bleeding a great deal. Kristal Lashley starts begging for Pope to stop. When Pope sees her reaction, he pauses for a moment and just stares at her. Pope appears amazed at Kristal’s reaction. Pope starts walking away but just as he gets to the ropes he stops. With steel chair still in hand, Pope turns around and does the unthinkable; he hits Kristal Lashley over the head with it. With both Lashley’s now down, Pope finally drops the steel chair and leaves the ring to a chorus of very strong boos from the audience. The camera’s then cut to the announce desk.

Both Mike Tenay and Taz comment on what a horrible thing Pope just did when he hit Kristal Lashley with a steel chair. They both hope he gets fired. Once they are finished discussing the Pope, they move on to discussing the next match of the night, the triple threat match for the Global Championship between champion Eric Young, and challengers Desmond Wolfe and Kazarian. They then give the tale of the tape, highlighting Desmond’s determination to become Global Champion and how it might be derailed a little bit by the addition of Kazarian to this match. They finish by mentioning that strangely enough Eric Young is actually the forgotten one in this whole feud but that may actually come to help him. The camera then cuts away as JB introduces the competitors.

Match #4: Desmond Wolfe vs. Eric Young [C] vs. Kazarian – Triple Threat Match for the TNA Global Championship

Out first to the ring is Kazarian. Following him closely thereafter is Desmond Wolfe who receives a strong mix of cheers and boos as he makes his way down the ring and last but not least, the champion Eric Young makes his way down and the match can begin.

The match starts off with all three men in opposite corners of the ring, each trying to formulate a plan before attacking. The first man to attack is Desmond Wolfe who goes after Kazarian. Eric Young does not join in on the fight, smartly deciding to stay out of it. Eric Young remains in the corner, watching the action until he sees Kazarian go over the top rope and down to the floor. Sneaking up behind Desmond, he attempts a school boy roll up but only gets two. Desmond gets right up and begins attacking Eric Young, who he’s now apparently very mad at. Desmond tries a pin attempt of his own but it’s broken up by Kazarian who managed to crawl back into the ring just in time. Kazarian is now the one in the driver’s seat. Kazarian irish whips Desmond into the corner. Kazarian attempts a running splash on Desmond but Desmond is able to get out of the way just in time. Desmond resumes attacking Kazarian but this offense is short lived, broken up by Eric Young. Now teaming together, Kazarian and Eric Young begin attacking Desmond. Realizing they both have a common grudge against Desmond, Eric and Kazarian continue working together until they have Desmond virtually motionless, lying on the ring apron near the ropes. However, you don’t win triple threat matches by teaming together, only one person can win. Realizing this, the Eric Young/Kazarian alliance quickly ends as the two turn against each other. The two men actually go back and forth for quite a while, with Desmond Wolfe remaining motionless on the side of the ring. Just when it looks like Eric Young may be pulling away, Desmond Wolfe springs up and drop kicks him over the top rope. With the champion temporarily out of the ring, Desmond sees a perfect opportunity to seize the moment. Knowing he must strike quick, Desmond unleashes a furious offense on Kazarian which quickly overwhelms him. Desmond gets Kazarian right where he wants him, in position for his finisher, and he hits it. However, Desmond takes too much time celebrating when he should have pinned Kazarian right away. By the time he does, Eric Young has gotten back into the ring and was able to break up the attempt. It is now Eric Young against Desmond Wolfe. Desmond, who is exhausted from his attack on Kazarian earlier, is no match for the champion. Eric Young actually ends up hitting his finisher and attempts to pin him but once again the pin attempt is broken up just in time, this time by Kazarian. At this point in the match all the men are very tired and are not able to put up much of a fight. It looks like whoever is able to get the next pin attempt will end up winning. And that person looks to be Eric Young. He gets Kazarian down and covers him but miraculously Kazarian kicks out. Frustrated and tired, Eric begins arguing with the referee. Big mistake! Eric takes his eye off his opponents which allows Desmond Wolfe to sneak up, hit his finisher on Eric, and cover him for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner and New TNA Global Champion: Desmond Wolfe

Despite being very tired from the match, Desmond Wolfe begins jumping for joy when the referee hands him the Global Championship belt. His destiny is now fulfilled, he is Global Champion. Desmond holds the title up high, taunting everyone from the crowd to Eric Young and Kazarian. Desmond soon gets tired of gloating, and he starts heading to the back. Soon after, the cameras cut there.

The cameras then cut to the backstage interview area where Don West is with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash.

Don West: So Kevin, we are just moments away from your Last Man Standing match against Matt Morgan, how are you feeling?

Kevin Nash: I’m feeling good, I’m feeling good.

Don West: Even despite the fact that if you lose, you must leave TNA for good.

Kevin Nash: Trust me Don, I’m not going anywhere.

Don West: Ok…So you eluded earlier that you had “a plan” for this match? Care to elaborate?

Kevin Nash: You’re going to find out when everyone else finds out.

Don, sensing that he probably isn’t going to get any more information out of Kevin Nash, ends the interview there. The cameras then cut back to the ring area.

Match #5: Kevin Nash vs. Matt Morgan – Last Man Standing

Before the match begins, a quick video package airs which gives a rundown of how these two men got to this point, going all the way back to January 7th. Once the video ends, the cameras cut back to the ring area where Matt Morgan’s music is already beginning to play. “The Blueprint” then begins making his way down to the ring area. There is a few seconds of waiting before Matt’s opponent Kevin Nash’s music begins to play and he starts making his way down to the ring.

Right when Kevin Nash enters the ring, Matt Morgan begins attacking him. The two remain in the ring for about thirty seconds or so before the action spills out onto the floor. Matt Morgan, still in control, begins taking Kevin Nash up and down the guard rail, bouncing his head off of it as he goes. This dazes Kevin Nash but it does not get him down. Matt then quickly switches gears away from the guard rail to under the ring where he pulls out a series of kendo sticks. Using them until they break, Matt begins hitting Nash over the back with them. One after another and still Nash does not go down. It is only after the very last kendo stick breaks does Nash collapse to the floor. The referee begins his count but he only gets to four before Nash staggers to his feet. Matt Morgan then pulls out a steel chair and goes to attack Nash with it but before he can, Nash low blows Morgan and takes the chair from him. Nash then takes the chair and begins attacking Morgan with it. When he gets tired of the steel chair, Nash simply tosses it aside and begins dragging Matt Morgan back up the entrance ramp. With Morgan dazed, Nash attempts to power bomb him off the stage onto a production table below but Morgan is able to fight his way out. Morgan gets back to a vertical base and the two men start going back and forth. Eventually Morgan manages to gain the upper hand. Morgan ponders power bombing Nash off the stage as well but he instead opts for a choke slam right on the entrance ramp! The choke slam by Morgan took a lot out of both competitors but obviously it took the most out of Nash who the referee is now beginning to count. The referee gets all the way to eight this time before Nash is able to get back up. With Nash back up, Morgan starts dragging him back down the entrance ramp and tosses him back into the ring. Knowing he’ll need weapons to guarantee that he can put away Nash, Morgan starts tossing anything he can find under the ring in the ring. Chairs, trash cans, you name it. Climbing back in the ring, Morgan picks up a trash can and goes to hit Nash over the head with it but before he can Nash grabs a steel chair and jams it right into the gut of Morgan which doubles him over. Back on the offensive, Nash begins hitting Morgan in the back with the steel chair which brings the big man down to one knee. With his opponent down on one knee, Nash sees a perfect opportunity and nails Morgan right in the head which busts him wide open. Morgan is now motionless and the referee begins his count. Just barely able to stand, Morgan fights his way to a vertical base just as the referee reaches an eight count. Nash, growing a little frustrated, resumes his attack on Morgan. Just as Nash gets going, Morgan gets a second wind and starts fighting back. Knowing all it will take is one more blow to put Nash away for good, Morgan fights back with everything he has. With a strong punch, Matt knocks Nash down which gives him an opportunity to go get more weapons. This time Matt only needs one, a table. He slides it in the ring and sets it up. He then gets Nash into the position for a power bomb. Just barely able to muster up the strength, Morgan lifts Nash up and slams him through the table. This is it, now all Morgan has to do is wait for the referee to reach a ten count.

Time goes by slowly as the referee counts 1, 2, 3, 4….The referee reaches nine and right when he’s about to say ten, suddenly the lights go out all throughout the Impact Zone. Nobody knows what’s going on until the sound of sirens are heard and the lights come back on revealing none other than “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner standing in the middle of the ring, dressed in a suit, with a steel pipe in hand and Matt Morgan laying motionless beside him. Kevin Nash then staggers to his feet and demands the referee start the count. The referee starts the count, reaches a ten count, and calls for the bell.

Winner: Kevin Nash

An exhausted Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner hug each other in the ring as the referee and TNA medical staff check on the condition of Matt Morgan who is just starting to move. Nash and Steiner both then quickly leave the ring before Matt gets back to full strength. The cameras then cut to the back.

Don West is in the interview area with “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett.

Don West: So Jeff, no word yet on the condition of Samoa Joe?

Jeff Jarrett: No word at all Don, we’ve been trying to reach him all day but gotten no response so it looks like I’ll be taking his place in his match against Kurt Angle tonight.

Don West: Do you feel that you’re ready enough to face someone with the ability of a Kurt Angle on such short notice?

Jeff Jarrett: I told Kurt Angle that I was not going to let him get away with attacking Samoa Joe, that I would make him pay well damn it, tonight I’m going to make him pay!

Just as Jeff Jarrett finishes that sentence, Stone Cold comes in.

Stone Cold: Whoa Jeff, I’m lovin’ this new take charge spirit of yours.

Jeff doesn’t know how to respond, he just kind of nods his head.

Stone Cold: I was watching you last week when you were running Impact and I’ve got to say I was damn impressed. So impressed that I thought maybe you should be the one to run Impact, for good.

Jeff Jarrett: For good? Are you serious?

Stone Cold: Yes I’m serious. I’ve got a few big projects coming up that are going to require a lot of my time so I’m going to be missing a lot of Impacts. I know you’ll be perfect for the job based on how you handled the Angle/Samoa Joe situation.

Jeff pauses for a moment before he responds.

Jeff Jarrett: I won’t let you down.

The two men then shake hands. Stone Cold then walks off, leaving Jeff Jarrett smiling from ear to ear as the camera cuts to a video package.

Match #6: The British Invasion [C] vs. The Motor City Machine Guns – TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

Before this next match can begin, a video package is shown which highlights the career of the Motor City Machine Guns. It emphasizes how despite the fact of being one of TNA’s best tag teams, they have yet to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship and tonight may very well be their last chance. Once the video finishes up, the camera cuts back to the ring area where JB is ready to announce both teams. First out to the ring are the challengers the Guns. Sabin and Shelley get a very good reaction from the crowd. Next are the champions, the British Invasion.

Chris Sabin begins the match in the ring for his team and Brutus Magnus begins the match in the ring for his team. The two men immediately lock up in the middle of the ring with Sabin getting the early upper hand due to him twisting and pulling on the left arm of Magnus. Magnus tries getting out but every time he attempts it, Sabin keeps holding on. Eventually though the stronger Magnus is able to power out of the hold. Magnus then starts returning the favor on Sabin, twisting his arm very violently while forcing him into his corner. Magnus tags in Doug Williams who enters the match and proceeds to continue working on Sabin’s arm/shoulder. This is problematic for Sabin because unlike Magnus who had a chance of getting away from, Williams is clearly the submission expert in the match and it won’t be as easy to get away from him. Williams smartly keeps the high flying Sabin grounded. He keeps him down for quite some time, despite Sabin’s constant struggling to get out. However, Williams doesn’t apply his submission moves tight enough which allows Sabin, after a long time of struggling, to eventually get back to his feet. After briefly fighting off Williams, Sabin quickly tags in Alex Shelley. Shelley, not wanting to get caught in a submission hold by Williams like Sabin just did, keeps his distance from Williams by quickly striking with his feet and then retreating. Williams, who is not quite as fast as Shelley, has trouble keeping up. It is almost comical watching Shelley strike Williams with his feet and then run away while Williams tries catching him. It is not Williams who ends up stopping Shelley but Brutus Magnus instead who is able to grab one of Shelley’s ankles as he goes by which finally allows Williams to catch him. Williams then drags Shelley to the middle of the ring and begins applying the same type of submission holds he applied to Sabin earlier, except this time he applies them a little stronger. Shelley struggles but it doesn’t seem to do any good. The crowd, who are clearly behind the Guns, begin cheering for Shelley which gives him a little extra motivation, just enough to slowly fight back to his feet. Now back to a vertical base, Shelley can start firing back at Williams. The two men in the ring now go back and forth. It doesn’t appear any one of them will gain the upper hand until it starts to look like Alex Shelley is the one pulling away. Shelley, with the crowd still behind him, starts building up some serious momentum. Knowing he’d fare better against Williams with Chris Sabin in the ring helping him, Shelley tags in his partner. The Guns now begin double teaming Williams who is no match for their quick strike offense.

The Guns get to the point where it looks like they might win this thing when all of a sudden a large commotion is heard coming from the crowd. The camera catches two men walking through the crowd, looking for a place to sit. A close up view of these two men reveals that they are Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries! The Guns, like everyone else, is shocked to see Lynn and Aries in the crowd. The small moment of turning to look at the crowd ends up costing the Guns however. Just as they turn around to resume attacking Doug Williams, he is ready for them and begins knocking both of them down. He takes Shelley and tosses him out of the ring and turns his attention to Chris Sabin who is actually the legal man in the match now. Williams then tags in Brutus Magnus who after a few short moves gets Sabin in position for his finisher and hits it. Quickly covering Sabin before Shelley notices, the referee counts 1, 2, and 3, just as Shelley makes it back to the ring.

Winners and Still TNA World Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion

Instead of the Guns angrily staring down the British Invasion for just defeating them, Sabin and Shelley cannot take their eyes off of Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries who are still in the audience. The cameras then cut to the announcer’s desk.

Both Mike Tenay and Taz comment on what a shock it is to see Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries back in TNA, what could possibly be their reasoning for returning? Switching away from that, Tenay and Taz begin prepping the next matchup, what was originally supposed to be Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe but now has been changed to Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett due to Samoa Joe being out of commission. They wonder how this switch will affect both men but they both agree that they’re happy to see Jeff Jarrett step up and not let Kurt Angle get away with attacking Samoa Joe. The cameras then show a split shot of both men walking down the hallway towards the ring area as it cuts away to JB who is about to make the announcements.

Match #7: Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

The first man out to the ring is “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett who has just been granted control of Impact for at least the next few months. Jarrett does not appear to be worried at all about this match, he comes out to the ring area very focused and determined. A few seconds after Jarrett arrives, Kurt Angle’s music begins to play. The crowd immediately starts to boo the Olympic Gold Medalist as he makes his way to the ring. Angle, much like Jarrett, does not seem worried at all about this match, he just appears to be the normal Kurt Angle. Angle climbs into the ring, he and Jarrett face off, and the referee calls for the bell to begin the match.

Right as the bell sounds Angle rushes Jarrett and forces him into a corner where he then begins stomping on Jarrett until the referee forces him to stop. Now that he’s back to his feet Jarrett begins firing back at Angle. Jarrett starts building a little momentum until it is all stopped by an Angle suplex. Jarrett fights his way back to his feet. Angle then tries to hit another suplex on Jarrett but elbows to head stop him before he can hit it. Jarrett then once again hits a few minor offensive moves on Angle but they don’t do much good and don’t last very long. Angle is now back on the attack. Angle drags Jarrett back to the middle of the ring and begins applying submission holds. He attempts an ankle lock but Jarrett is able to reverse it and get back to his feet once again. The two men then go back and forth until once again Angle is back in control. Angle knows now that he needs to wear Jeff down a little bit more before he can think about more submission moves. Angle then switches gears from a submission based attack to a more high impact one. This works for a while until once again Jeff Jarrett manages to fight back and go back on the offensive. But just like before, Jarrett has not been able to make his momentum last, Angle always finds a way to stop him. Angle, growing a little frustrated, returns to his high impact offensive attack by tossing Jeff from corner to corner, wearing him down at each one. When he feels that Jeff has been weakened enough he switches to submissions but once again Jeff manages to get out. This kind of seems to be the theme of this match, Angle beats on Jarrett; Jarrett then manages to fight back and build up momentum which is then quickly squashed by Angle. However this time it’s different. Jarrett’s momentum starts lasting a little bit longer and a little bit longer to the point where it looks like Jarrett might even win this thing. Feeling confident, Jeff becomes bolder and bolder with his moves. However, it’s hard consistently hitting high risk moves on someone like Kurt Angle. Eventually you’re going to miss one and Jarrett does, big time. Angle knows it’s put up or shut up time and he starts going full speed ahead on Jarrett. This kind of attack quickly overwhelms Jarrett to the point where he is no longer able to fight back. There was a brief moment where it looks like Jarrett might survive but it was not to be. After an Angle Slam, Kurt climbs to the top rope and hits an impressive moonsault followed by a pin attempt for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Kurt Angle

You would expect Angle to appear happier after having just beaten Jeff Jarrett but he’s not. He just has the same look on his face that he had at the beginning of the match, one of just blank determination. Angle starts leaving the ring and heading to the back as the camera cuts to a video package.

This video package highlights the upcoming main event of tonight’s event, the match for the World Heavyweight Championship between A.J. Styles and Jeff Hardy. As expected, the video spends most of its time focusing on how well Hardy and Styles had been getting along since Hardy returned to TNA on January 7th. But it quickly switches gear from friendship and happiness to questions and mystery. Is the Twist of Fate that Hardy hit on Styles a sign of a darker side to Hardy emerging or is it more just strictly business? We’ll learn all that soon, the match is about to begin.

Match #8: A.J. Styles [C] vs. Jeff Hardy – TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Cutting away from the video package, it is now time for the main event of Against All Odds 2010, a dream match for some featuring the champion A.J. Styles and the challenger Jeff Hardy. Hardy, being the challenger, is the first man out to the ring, receiving quite the ovation from the crowd, especially the ladies. A.J. Styles follows quickly after, to an almost equal reaction from the crowd. Styles climbs into the ring, hands the belt to the referee, JB does the official instructions, and once he’s done, the match begins.

At the beginning of the match both men appear a little unsure of what to do. They will lock up in the middle of the ring for a few seconds, back off, and then lock up again. Hardy then tries bouncing off the ropes but Styles dodges out of the way just in time. Styles then tries a move of his own but that goes nowhere as well. It’s almost like both men are afraid of each other. This “unsure” phase goes on for quite some time. Only when it appears that the crowd may start turning on both men is when the pace picks up drastically. Styles is the first to strike, taking Jeff a little by surprise. Styles proceeds to force Hardy into a corner where he attempts to wear him down. Although he hits all of his moves, none of them seem to do much good, because Hardy is able to pop right up. With Styles still on the attack, he begins irish whipping Hardy, trying to make Hardy run a little which hopefully will tire him out. This doesn’t work either. Following one particular irish whip, Hardy knocks Styles down and proceeds to take control of the match. Hardy doesn’t seem like he has much of a plan, he starts winging it which to his surprise actually works. However wrestling without some sort of plan never works out and this case is no different. Styles takes control of the match and resumes his attempting to wear Hardy down plan. He has a little bit more success this time around but it’s still not as effective as he’d like. To Styles’ credit he does not let Hardy get away this time; he at least keeps Hardy in his grasp. Eventually Hardy does wiggle his way out and the match returns to a back and forth contest. Both men seem to have gotten past the early part of his match and are now going full bore. They also seem to have each other scouted very well. Styles will hit a few moves for a while and then Hardy will counter out and he’ll hit a few moves and back and forth it goes. This keeps the crowd on serious edge since they both seem to like each man equally. The back and forth goes on for several more minutes until it appears that each man is starting to get tired but neither one is ready to give up. Slowly but surely Styles starts pulling away. Almost out of nowhere Styles gets Hardy in position for the Styles clash and actually hits it! Feeling confident Styles pins Hardy. The referee counts 1, 2, and just as his hand is coming down for the 3, Hardy kicks out. The crowd explodes as Hardy starts firing back on Styles. Out of nowhere, just as Styles backs off a little, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate! Knowing this is his time to strike, Hardy climbs to the top rope and with a Swanton Bomb, nails Styles. The crowd starts chanting Hardy! Hardy! as Jeff covers A.J. The referee then starts counting 1, 2, and 3, new champion!

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

Confetti starts dropping from the Impact Zone ceiling as the referee hands Jeff the TNA World Title. Jeff stares at the title for the longest time before he holds it high above his head, celebrating with the crowd. Against All Odds fades to black with a shot of Hardy standing on the top rope with the championship firmly in his grasp.

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TNA News/Notes: Venue confirmed for next on the road Impact, TNA/ROH partnership?, More Scott Hall/Kazarian

- The April 15th edition of Impact which was confirmed a couple weeks ago to be a three hour long special, is now apparently going to be held on the road as well. Tickets went on sale yesterday for what is being called "Countdown to Lockdown" which will be held in the Independence Events Center in Independence, Missouri.

- Sources indicate that TNA and Ring of Honor have "partnered up" for a special project that TNA is planning. The exact nature of this partnership is unknown at this time but current Ring of Honor wrestlers Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries showing up at Against All Odds could indicate that the partnership is some sort of talent swap. More on this as it develops.

- Scott Hall once again mentioned Kazarian on his YouTube show "Last Call with Scott Hall," offering to "teach him a few things" following his loss at Against All Odds. Kazarian has yet to respond.​
Preview for February 18th Impact

- Following an Against All Odds pay per view which saw three new champions crowned, this week's edition of Impact promises to be as explosive as ever as we start down the road to Destination X.

- Arguably the most shocking news to come out of Against All Odds was the news that Stone Cold would be taking some time off, leaving all control of Impact to Jeff Jarrett. Now with this new power, Jeff says he has two huge announcements that he plans to make at the beginning of this week's Impact.

- The other equally shocking bit of news to come out of Against All Odds was the crowning of a World Heavyweight Champion. Jeff Hardy defeated A.J. Styles to become the TNA World Champion for the first time. Where does this already rocky friendship go from here?

- What is the condition of Samoa Joe? Joe failed to arrive at Against All Odds, resulting in Jeff Jarrett taking his place against Kurt Angle. Will Joe be at Impact this week or will Kurt Angle get by another week without having to face him?

- Not only did TNA crown three new champions at Against All Odds, TNA also saw the return of three superstars. Current Ring of Honor wrestlers and former TNA X Division stars Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries interrupted the World Tag Team Championship match, obviously coming to confront the Motor City Machine Guns. What is Lynn's and Aries' reasoning behind this and why the Guns?

- The other return to happen at Against All Odds was the return of "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner who helped Kevin Nash defeat Matt Morgan in their Last Man Standing match. As a result of their stipulations, Matt Morgan must proclaim Kevin Nash the greatest big man in the history of wrestling. Will Matt live up to his end of the deal?

- Tensions between LAX members Hernandez and Homicide once again flared up following their loss to Beer Money. Will they be able to put these tensions aside when they face TNA's newest tag team, Team Japan?

- Also on this week's edition of Impact...The Knockouts will be in action in two different championship matches. After becoming TNA Knockouts Champion, Alissa Flash has promised to be a fighting champion. This week she challenges her Against All Odds opponent Hamada to a rematch for the title. Also, the Beautiful People get their "much deserved" Knockouts Tag Title match against Taylor Wilde and Sarita.

- All this and more, live Thursday February 18th, only on Spike!​

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February 18th 2010
TNA Impact
Orlando, Florida

Impact opens up this week with a video recap package of the two biggest events to happen last Sunday at Against All Odds, Jeff Hardy becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion and Jeff Jarrett taking over full control of Impact for the time being. First the video focuses on the Hardy victory and how it may signal a new beginning for Hardy. The video finishes up by obviously covering the Jarrett situation, playing up the fact that Jarrett now has full control. Eventually the video wraps up, and the opening Impact video package begins to play. Once that’s done the camera cuts to the ring area and the show begins.

On the heels of a very eventual Against All Odds pay per view, we begin tonight down the road to Destination X. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone watching at home to tonight’s Impact broadcast. They give the rundown of the matches scheduled for tonight, including both Knockouts championships being defended as well as TNA’s newest tag team, Team Japan, in action against LAX. Once they finish with the rundown, the camera cuts away from them as Jeff Jarrett’s music begins to play.

The new man in charge, Jeff Jarrett, begins making his way down to the ring. Jarrett says he has two huge announcements to make and he’s going to make them right now.

Jeff Jarrett: Now that I have the power back, I promised you all I would reveal two huge announcements right at the beginning of Impact and rest assured I am going to do that right now!

The crowd, unsure of what Jarrett’s going to say, just simply claps while awaiting Jarrett’s announcements.

Jeff Jarrett: First one…This is something that’s been a couple months in the making but after all that time I am finally able to announce to you that of TNA’s most fun and innovative concepts is returning, yes, the World X Cup!

The crowd actually starts to cheer now.

Jeff Jarrett: Starting at Destination X, you will see one of the most exciting tournaments in all of wrestling history featuring not only X Division stars from right here in TNA but also X Division starts from all around the world. We’ve got some amazing talent already lined up for you. I can’t tell you who they are right now but I can promise you that this year’s World X Cup will be the best, and the biggest, World X Cup tournament ever!

The crowd continues to cheer.

Jeff Jarrett: Now for my second announcement. Everyone remembers how awesome the 90s was to be a wrestling fan. Two different wrestling companies competing against other on Monday nights in what became known as “The Monday Night Wars.” We have not seen anything like that in nearly ten years and many people were starting to wonder if we’d ever see wrestling like that again. TNA has always been a company that’s known for its innovations such as the X Division and the World X Cup and tonight TNA is going to innovate again. For the very first time ever, TNA will be giving you a pay per view event for free, live on Spike TV!

Yes that’s right, Destination X will not be seen on some pay per view channel, this year it’s going to be seen right here on Spike! When will this all happen you ask? Well, this goes back to what I was talking about earlier. For one night only, not only will you be seeing Destination X for free on Spike, but you’re going to be seeing it on a Monday night. That’s right, on Monday March 22nd, the Monday Night Wars are back on!

Jeff Jarrett’s music begins to play as he starts making his way out of the ring and back towards the back. The crowd is still cheering him, still happy about the announcement of the return of the Monday Night Wars, for one night only that is. Jarrett just starts ducking through the ropes when he is stopped in his tracks by the music of Samoa Joe! Joe is finally back and he does not look happy.

Jeff Jarrett: So umm Joe, nice to see you’re back and healthy. What can I do for you?

Samoa Joe: You know what I want. I want my damn match with Kurt Angle and I want it tonight.

Jeff Jarrett: You’re right, you’re absolutely right and you’re going to get your match with Angle.

Samoa Joe: I want you to assure me that he is going to show up and that I actually end up wrestling him and not someone else. No more of this B.S.

Jeff Jarrett: Here’s what I can do. Kurt, I know you’re watching this so pay attention. You are going to wrestle Samoa Joe tonight, in the main event. If for some reason the match doesn’t go ahead as planned with both yourself and Joe in the ring when the bell rings, I will fire you, you got that?

Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett then shake hands as Jarrett’s music starts to play. Tonight’s main event has been booked, Samoa Joe will finally get his shot at Kurt Angle and if he doesn’t, Kurt Angle will be fired.

Before Impact cuts to commercial, the cameras catch LAX members Hernandez and Homicide in the back, working towards the ring area. Both Mike Tenay and Taz wonder how this latest spat between these two at Against All Odds will affect their upcoming match against Team Japan. Cameras cut to commercial as LAX rounds the hallway corner.


Match #1: LAX vs. Team Japan

Coming back from commercial it is now time for the very first match of the night featuring two of TNA’s tag teams, LAX and Team Japan. Team Japan, made up of Kiyoshi and Okada, are the first team to come out to the ring. They are followed shortly thereafter by the somewhat dysfunctional team of Hernandez and Homicide. The two LAX members don’t show any signs of trouble as they make their way down to the ring.

Kiyoshi and Homicide start the match off in the ring for their teams. During about the first half of this match LAX is dominate, showing no signs of strife. They are executing tags without incident, isolating Kiyoshi in their corner, basic smart tag team wrestling. It is only when Kiyoshi is able to tag in Okada is when things start going a little bad for LAX. There is nothing Okada does that is so much more dominate than Homicide, who is once again the legal man, he is just able to get under Homicide’s skin which usually doesn’t lead to good things. With Homicide now all riled up, things start to unravel. Homicide ignores Hernandez’ pleas for him to tag him in, just like Against All Odds but unlike Against All Odds, Hernandez does not sit by and let it happen. Once Homicide comes close enough, Hernandez reaches out and tags himself in. Homicide immediately becomes irritated and starts arguing with both the referee and Hernandez. Eventually though he calms down and leaves the ring. Hernandez is now the legal man. Despite a significant size difference, Hernandez is unable to “dominate” Kiyoshi and Okada. His mind is clearly not in the right place and it costs him in this match. Kiyoshi and Okada are now the ones working very well together. They keep the big man off balance by constant quick tags and quick strikes. Hernandez tries fighting back but he is just not mentally prepared for this match at all. The match drags on a little longer but in the end it is Okada who hits his finisher, pinning Hernandez for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Team Japan

Following the end of the match, Team Japan gets their hands raised by the referee in victory, their first together as a team in TNA. They then quickly exit the ring, leaving Hernandez and Homicide alone. Homicide enters the ring and gets right into Hernandez’ face, obviously angry about him being the one pinned. Hernandez initially brushes it off and turns to walk away but Homicide stops him and turns him around. Hernandez didn’t like that at all and immediately shoves Homicide. Homicide, a little shocked at his partner shoving him, does not respond back right way, instead he simply stares at Hernandez. After a couple seconds of uneasy silence, Homicide lunges at Hernandez and the two start fighting. They are not fighting for very long before TNA security attempt to break them up. It takes a few more TNA security members to fully break the two men apart however. One set of TNA security guards takes Hernandez to the back and the other set takes Homicide. The cameras cut away as Hernandez and Homicide are still trying to get at each other.

Cutting to the back, the Impact cameras catch the new TNA Global Champion Desmond Wolfe walking through the hallway towards the dressing rooms. He stops when he sees Kazarian come running up.

Kazarian: Desmond, Desmond, Desmond wait up…

Desmond Wolfe: Yes?

Kazarian: Look man, I know we don’t get along too well but hear me out. I know I am better than my performance indicated at Against All Odds, I know if I’m given another shot, I can do better.

Desmond Wolfe: Ok, so you want a title shot against me is that it?

Kazarian: Yes that is what I want.

Desmond Wolfe: Forget it.

Desmond starts walking away but he’s stopped by Kazarian.

Kazarian: Please Desmond I’ll do anything; I know I can do better.

Desmond Wolfe: You’ve got guts kid, you really do. I admire that quality. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to have to make a few calls but I’ve got a friend and if you can beat him, in the match type that HE chooses, I will give you a shot at this title at Destination X.

Kazarian: Ok sounds good, thank you! Umm, when will this match take place?

Desmond Wolfe: Tonight, it’s only fair.

Kazarian takes a few moments to think about it before he responds.

Kazarian: That’ll be fine with me. I promise I won’t disappoint.

Desmond Wolfe: Ok.

Kazarian then goes running off camera, leaving Desmond to just smile and shake his head as the cameras cut to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact cuts right to the ring area where the music of Kevin Nash is heard. Both Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner step out of the entrance tunnel, dressed in suits, to very loud boos from the crowd. As the two are making their way to the ring, Mike Tenay and Taz comment on a video replay of what all went down in the Kevin Nash vs. Matt Morgan match last Sunday at Against All Odds. They especially highlight the return of Scott Steiner who actually was the one who won the match for Kevin Nash when he knocked out Matt Morgan. Eventually the video recap ends and the cameras cut back to the ring area where Nash and Steiner are in the ring with microphones in hand.

Kevin Nash: Matt Morgan you better get out here now, I believe you have something to say to me.

Almost instantly after Nash calls him out, Matt Morgan’s music begins to play and “The Blueprint” makes his way out of the entrance tunnel and down the ramp. However, Matt is not coming to the ring empty handed; he’s coming to the ring with a steel pipe in hand! Nash and Steiner don’t run away at the sight of the pipe but they do back off a little bit when Morgan enters the ring.

Matt Morgan: You’re right Kevin, I lost the match at Against All Odds and per the stipulations, I was to come out here in this ring and proclaim you the greatest big man in the history of pro wrestling and that’s what I’m going to do so here it is…I, Matt Morgan, 100% acknowledge that you, Kevin Nash, are the best big man there ever was, the best big man there is, and the best there ever will be. Are you happy now?

Kevin Nash: Yeah, yeah, we’re cool.

Nash, acting very jittery, slowly starts backing away from Matt Morgan.

Matt Morgan: What? You’re scared of this? This little piece of steel pipe that I found sitting in the back? I thought you’d be pretty comfortable around one, seeing is how you seem to use it quite a bit to hit me in the back of the head. You’re not so tough when I’m right in front of you are you?

Nash doesn’t respond.

Matt Morgan: Well maybe I should give you a little taste of your own medicine.

Matt then starts attacking Scott Steiner with the steel pipe as Kevin Nash quickly exits the ring. Matt continues beating on Steiner with the pipe as Nash looks on. The two continue their stare down as the camera cuts to the back.

Cutting to the backstage interview area, Don West is with Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries.

Don West: Gentlemen let me be one of the first to welcome you back to TNA.

Aries/Lynn: Well thank you.

Don West: Now on to the question that everyone’s been asking, why are you here?

Austin Aries: I’ll tell you. We’re here to represent the last true “professional wrestling” company out there, Ring of Honor, in TNA’s World X Cup. We’re here to not only represent ROH but we’re here to humiliate TNA, especially the Motor City Machine Guns.

Jerry Lynn: We have nothing personal against the Guns, in fact I’d go so far as to say that they’re friends of ours. We are just sick and tired of this horrible excuse for a “wrestling” company that you call TNA; I am ashamed that I ever wrestled here.

Austin Aries: And when we win the World X Cup, we’re going to take the cup where it belongs, amongst the real wrestlers.

Both Aries and Lynn walk off camera as Impact cuts to commercial.


Match #2: Alissa Flash [C] vs. Hamada – TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the second match of the night and the first of two Knockouts matches. This one is for the TNA Knockouts Championship. New champion Alissa Flash defends her title against the woman she beat to become the Knockouts Champion, Hamada. As Hamada is making her way to the ring, Mike Tenay and Taz comment on a video recap of Hamada and Alissa Flash’s match last Sunday at Against All Odds, saying how they were impressed with both ladies but especially Alissa since she was the one that ended up with the victory. Mike and Taz also say though how they think it’s foolish of Alissa to be defending her championship just days after winning but hey she asked for it so it’s her problem now. Soon after the video is finished, the new champion makes her way down to the ring and the match can begin.

Right off the bat it doesn’t look like Hamada has much chance in this match. Alissa Flash is clearly out to prove something and quickly defeating Hamada is apparently how she plans on doing it. Alissa keeps Hamada close to the ring posts and the ropes so as to make sure that she’s always on the defensive. Being put on the defensive against a very determined Alissa Flash quickly wears Hamada out. Realizing she’s fighting a losing battle, it appears Hamada just simply gives up. After a few more seconds, Alissa Flash locks in an arm bar submission hold which soon thereafter, Hamada taps out to.

Winner and Still TNA Knockouts Champion: Alissa Flash

Another impressive victory by the Knockouts Champion Alissa Flash. Both Mike Tenay and Taz comment on how, by the looks of her last two victories, that it may be a long time before she loses the title.

Cutting to the back, we see Jeff Jarrett in the back going over what looks like paperwork with an assistant when he sees “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero walking by.

Jeff Jarrett: Whoa Pope, what do you think you’re doing?

D’Angelo Dinero: Umm, going to work.

Jeff Jarrett: I don’t think so! After what you did to the Lashleys last Sunday, you’re lucky I don’t fire you!

Pope gets a stunned look on his face. He doesn’t say anything back.

Jeff Jarrett: Now I wanted to fire you but Stone Cold and the rest of the higher ups wouldn’t allow it but they did authorize an indefinite suspension so Pope, until further notice, you’re suspended. Now take him out of here.

Jarrett signals over to TNA security to escort the Pope off the premises. Pope initially resists but eventually he starts going peacefully. Once Pope is out of sight of the TNA cameras, they cut away.

Before cutting to commercial, the Impact cameras cut to a shot of Kazarian’s locker room. Kazarian is busy preparing for a match that was set up by Desmond Wolfe where he is to face an unknown opponent in an unknown type of match and if he is victorious, he will go on to face Desmond at Destination X for the TNA Global Championship. Once Kazarian finishes getting ready, he stands up and walks out the door as the cameras cut to commercial.


Match #3: Kazarian vs. ???

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the third match of the night, a match with unknown stipulations featuring Kazarian and an unknown wrestler who gets to pick the stipulation. Kazarian is obviously the first out to the ring. Coming out to the ring he sees a big chain linked wall erected on one side of the ring with all sorts of weapons hanging on and around it. This is usually a signature match of only one wrestler and the identity of that wrestler is confirmed when JB introduces…RAVEN! This match will be an anything-goes, Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. Raven slowly makes his way down to the ring. When he finally makes it, he is met right away by Kazarian.

Right as Raven enters the ring Kazarian hits him over the head with a trash can lid. He continues hitting him with the lid and is only stopped when Raven low blows him. Raven, who is still dazed from the repeated trash can shots, is unable to fight back which allows Kazarian to regain the momentum. Kazarian then tosses Raven outside the ring and proceeds to use the various weapons that are scattered around to keep attacking Raven. With Raven once again out of it, Kazarian starts looking under the ring where he finds a table which he then tosses in the ring. He then follows it up by tossing Raven back into the ring. Kazarian lines up a trash can where he attempts to DDT Raven onto but Raven is able to hit his first offensive move of the match when he hits the drop toe hold on Kazarian right into the trash can! With Kazarian out now, Raven starts pulling even more weapons off from around the ring including kendo sticks, and barbed wire baseball bats. Raven ends up breaking probably three different kendo sticks over Kazarian’s back. Lucky for Kazarian though, Raven doesn’t use the barbed wire baseball bats. Raven then takes Kazarian and just starts tossing him against the section of steel cage that has been set up on one side of the ring. At this point in the match, both men are bloodied and very tired. Raven has the experience in these types of matches on his side but Kazarian obviously has the most to lose if he does lose this match. Raven continues his assault on Kazarian, once again hitting him with everything he can think of but Kazarian just won’t stay down. Kazarian realizes that he’s not going to beat Raven by beating him up with weapons because he’s too used to it so he tries something new. He starts using his wrestling moves, and it works. After about a minute of that, Kazarian goes for what looks like a routine irish whip but instead of coming back towards him, Raven goes crashing right through the section of steel cage, knocking it off the ring posts it was attached to. Both Raven and the section of cage go crashing to the ground. Seeing an opportunity, Kazarian climbs to the top rope and with an impressive front flip, dives right onto Raven and section of cage! Slowly mustering up the energy, Kazarian then covers Raven for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Kazarian

Kazarian is so exhausted after the match that he can’t even stand up but he is able to hold his hand up when the referee holds it up in victory. The referee and another referee from the back then help Kazarian to his feet and towards the back while another two members of the TNA medical staff attend to Raven. As both men are being helped to the back, the cameras cut away.

Cutting to the backstage interview area, we see SoCal Val is with Jay Lethal.

SoCal Val: So Jay, I understand you have some words for Christopher Daniels?

Jay Lethal: Chris, I’ve had enough of this. What you did last week to Consequences Creed was just unacceptable. I’m done playing games; I’m done trying to avoid you. Next week on Impact, I am going to go out in the middle of the ring, I’m going to call you out, and I’m going to put an end to this. And if you don’t come out to the ring, I’ll come back there and drag you out!

A short, sweet, and to the point announcement by Jay Lethal, calling out Christopher Daniels over his attack last week on Jay’s tag team partner Consequences Creed. Jay then walks off camera as Impact cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, the Impact cameras cut right to the backstage area where there appears to be some sort of commotion going on with the Beautiful People. Velvet Sky is frankly trying to locate Angelina Love who is nowhere to be found, even though their Knockouts Tag Team Championship match is next. Eventually Jeff Jarrett shows up on the scene to see what all the fuss is about.

Jeff Jarrett: What the heck’s going on here?

Velvet Sky: I can’t frickin’ find Angelina anywhere!

Jeff Jarrett: Ok, ok. Have you tried calling her cell phone?

Velvet Sky: Umm, yeah! That’s kind of like the first thing I tried. I’ve tried calling her like hundreds of times since then and she’s still not answering and our title match is up next!

Jeff Jarrett: Ok let’s think, there’s got to be a solution to this.

Just then, Madison Rayne comes walking by and Velvet Sky yells at her, telling her to come over.

Velvet Sky: Madison! Madison can take her place can’t she?

Jeff Jarrett: Well, if Angelina is nowhere to be found, I don’t see why not.

Velvet Sky: Yay!

Velvet then starts jumping up and down at the news that her Knockouts Tag Team Championship match is still on. Madison Rayne just kind of stands there, looking at Velvet with a weird look on her face as Jeff Jarrett steps away and the camera cuts back to the ring area.

The cameras then transition to the announcer’s desk where Mike Tenay and Taz begin commenting on the World Heavyweight Championship match from last Sunday which saw the crowning of a new champion, Jeff Hardy. They then transition to a video that they say Jeff has produced himself.

The video is basically another recap of the life and career of Jeff Hardy, except it’s told from Jeff’s perspective. He says for a large part of his career he’s been a tag team star and had great success with that but until recently in his career when he’s started to have greater and greater success as a singles competitor has he been noticing a change within himself. Now that he’s won the TNA World Title, that change has taken over him. He promises that from now on, we’re going to see a new and improved Jeff Hardy. On that note, the video concludes and Impact cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Sarita [C] & Taylor Wilde [C] vs. Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky – TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match

Coming back from commercial it is now time for the fourth match of the night and the second match to feature the Knockouts. This match, which was originally scheduled to be Angelina Love and Velvet Sky against the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Sarita and Taylor Wilde was just changed at the last minute when Angelina Love was nowhere to be found so Madison Rayne was forced to step in for her. First team out to the ring is obviously the challengers, doing their traditional tease entrance. They are followed closely thereafter by the champions Taylor Wilde and Sarita.

Taylor Wilde starts the match in the ring for her team and Velvet Sky starts the match in the ring for hers. Right away the champions get the slight edge. Both Taylor Wilde and Sarita are just much quicker and frankly are much better wrestlers than Madison or Velvet. Plus Madison and Velvet have the disadvantage of not being prepared enough since Angelina Love was supposed to be the one wrestling, not Madison. Taylor and Sarita are working very well tonight as a team, showing off why they are the Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Realizing that Madison is probably the weakest of their opponents, they single her out by isolating her in their corner, away from Velvet Sky. The situation soon becomes desperate for the Beautiful People, their hopes of winning the titles are quickly vanishing away if they don’t think of something fast. It has been clear for a long time that Madison and Velvet are not going to win this match cleaning, by out-wrestling Sarita and Taylor. If they’re going to win, they’re going to have to cheat. With Madison still in the ring, Velvet Sky distracts the referee which allows Madison to poke Taylor Wilde in the eyes and knock Sarita off the ring with an elbow to the side of the head. Acting quickly, Madison rolls up the blinded Taylor Wilde just as the referee turns around. The referee counts 1, 2, 3 just as Sarita is about to make the save.

Winners and New TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky

As the referee hands Madison and Velvet their belts, Velvet breaks down in tears of joy, she is finally a champion in TNA. Madison is happy as well but not nearly as happy as Velvet. Eventually Madison leads a very emotional Velvet towards the back as the camera cuts away.

Cutting to the back we see “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair leading Beer Money towards a limo. Ric says he is throwing a party “Nature Boy style” in honor of their victory last Sunday at Against All Odds and in honor of becoming the #1 Contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championship. As they approach the limo, they see several beautiful ladies standing there waiting for them with champaign and beer in hand. They all start piling into the limo as the camera cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, before Impact cuts to the ring area for tonight’s main event, the cameras cut to a shot of Kurt Angle finally arriving at the Impact Zone for his scheduled match against Samoa Joe. From the look on Kurt’s face he doesn’t look at all concerned but that could all change when he gets into the ring with Samoa Joe.

Match #5: Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Cutting away from commercial, it is now time for tonight’s main event, a match that we were supposed to get at Against All Odds but it was changed when Kurt and Kevin Nash attacked Joe in the parking lot. There is no more running for Angle, he must face a very angry Samoan Submission Machine or else be fired. Joe is the first man out to the ring obviously still very determined and focused. After a few seconds of waiting, Kurt Angle’s music finally begins to play and the “Olympic Gold Medalist” makes his way down to the ring. Surprisingly he does not look scared of Joe. Angle enters the ring, the referee calls for the bell and the match can finally begin.

As expected, the crowd is very pro-Joe, chanting “Joe is gonna kill you” over and over again. Kurt simply ignores it and puts his focus squarely on Joe. At the beginning of the match, Joe is the one who has the upper hand. He is able to quickly overwhelm Kurt, forcing him into a corner where he is able to wear him down further. This very quick, high impact offense that Joe is using does not last forever. Soon it appears that Joe is tiring a little and he starts to slip up. That is all the opening Kurt Angle needs. Knowing Joe is tired already, Kurt looks to tire him out some more by making him run, using irish whips and other related moves to toss Joe around the ring. This tactic works pretty well, allowing Kurt to stay on the offensive relatively easily for quite a long time. Joe may be a little tired but do not confuse that for him being out of it, oh no quite the opposite. With a surge of energy and the crowd still very much on his side, Joe erupts and starts firing back once again at Kurt. Joe once again quickly overwhelms Kurt but this time his offensive lasts longer because his adrenaline is pumping very rapidly. Joe thinks he has Kurt beat and he goes to put him in the Muscle Buster but Kurt is able to counter out. For the next couple minutes or so of this match, Kurt is forced to spend his energy trying to counter out of Joe’s attack. He is successful in every try but unfortunately for him, every try comes at a cost. The energy Kurt is spending soon starts to run out. It is only a matter of time before Joe is able to put Kurt away for good. After another minute or so of this back and forth type action, Joe feels he has Kurt right where he wants him and gets him in position for the Muscle Buster. He goes to hit it but he’s stopped dead in his tracks when he sees Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner running towards the ring. Joe is forced to drop Angle and start fighting off Steiner and Nash, which results in the match ending in a disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Samoa Joe

Nash and Steiner continue their beat down of Joe. Pretty soon Kurt Angle joins then and it becomes a three on one situation. Things are once again looking pretty bad for Joe. Luckily for Joe, this time someone comes to his rescue. Matt Morgan, still holding the steel pipe from earlier, comes rushing to the ring. Angle, Nash, and Steiner quickly bail. Morgan begins to check on Joe as the three start backing away. Impact fades to black with a shot of Matt Morgan and a disoriented Samoa Joe looking on as Angle, Nash, and Steiner slither away.


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Lots of TNA News/Notes: Destination X, World X Cup, Superstar Released, & More

- There were primarily two reasons why TNA decided to go ahead and "experiment" with moving Destination X to a Monday and having it on free T.V. First reason was to satisfy the "move to Monday nights" forces backstage in TNA, which are rumored to be primarily lead by Jeff Jarrett, by at least testing the waters this once to see how well TNA could do against WWE RAW. Second reason was to see how well having three hour specials on Spike in place of a couple of pay per views would do. Stone Cold has apparently been planning a major revamping of TNA's pay per view lineup and it looks like eliminating a couple events is part of that. As of right now it doesn't look like the Destination X event is in trouble but that could all change once the final revamping plan is revealed. Spike and TNA officials don't have too high of expectations ratings wise for Destination X but they hope it can at least maintain close to normal Impact ratings. TNA is also reportedly looking at corporate sponsors to sponsor the event seeing is how they stand to lose a little money in not having it a pay per view event.

- Last week on Impact, Jeff Jarrett announced the return of the World X Cup tournament. Following his announcement, tnawrestling.com released the full details on this year's event. Unlike previous years, this year's tournament will feature five teams made up of four X Division wrestlers unlike the previous years where there was only four. The teams will be: Team TNA, Team Ring of Honor, Team Japan, Team Mexico, & Team Canada/U.K. Team TNA will receive an opening round bye, seeing is how it's their "home turf." The opening round will feature four tag team matches. The first two matches will be worth one point to the winners and the last two will be worth two points to the winners. The team to score the least amount of points will be eliminated. The tournament will then proceed to be a normal four team tournament with the format being exactly the same as the 2008 edition.

- As of right now, these are the only confirmed participants in this year's World X Cup...

Team TNA: Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin
Team ROH: Austin Aries, Jerry Lynn
Team Japan: Kiyoshi, Okada

The rest of the participants are expected to be announced within the coming week.

- TNA has come to terms on the release of Rhino. We wish him all the best in his future.

- The release of Rhino was purely a money issue. Management felt he was getting paid too much for how they planned on using him so they decided to let him go.

- It looks like you can add Mick Foley to the list of superstars whose TNA status' are unknown. All indications are that Mick Foley is still under contract but he has not been used on TV in quite some time. Abyss and Sting are said to be in similar circumstances.

- As of last week's Impact, this is the current card for Destination X...

Beer Money w/ Ric Flair vs. The British Invasion [C] - TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Desmond Wolfe [C] vs. Kazarian - TNA Global Championship Match
Team Japan vs. Team Mexico - World X Cup Opening Round Match
Team ROH vs. Team Canada/U.K. - World X Cup Opening Round Match​
Preview for February 25th Impact

- Last week on Impact Samoa Joe finally got his one on one shot against Kurt Angle. But before he could put Kurt away, he was attacked by Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner which caused the match to end in disqualification. Now this week on Impact, Joe looks to get a little revenge on one of the men that attacked him when he takes on Kevin Nash in the main event.

- In another revenge match, Matt Morgan takes on the man who knocked him out at Against All Odds, Scott Steiner.

- Finally having enough of Christopher Daniels' campaign to "change" him, Jay Lethal plans to call out Christopher Daniels this week on Impact, saying he promises to put an end to this. How does Jay plan to do that and what will "The Fallen Angel's" response be?

- What happened to Angelina Love? Despite being scheduled in a Knockouts Tag Team Championship match with Velvet Sky, Angelina was nowhere to be found which meant Madison Rayne had to take her place. Will Angelina be on Impact this week and will we find out why she disappeared?

- The tension between LAX members Hernandez and Homicide finally exploded last week when Hernandez was pinned in their match against Team Japan and the two had to be separated by TNA security. Where do these two go from here now that it looks like their friendship is over?

- Also on Impact...Knockouts Champion Alissa Flash continues her promise of being a fighting champion as she defends the title against a former champion, ODB...After being called out by the leaders of Team Ring of Honor, the Motor City Machine Guns look to get a little revenge as they take on the final two members of Team Ring of Honor in a tag team match.

- All this and more, live Thursday February 25th, only on Spike!​
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