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Bound For Recovery​
Bound for Glory was a bit of a flop. Not as bad as it could have been, but the fact is that it summed up the whole of the last year of TNA. Bewildering booking decisions, so-so wrestling and a crowd that clearly were not into the product.
Enter me. The truth is that the backroom staff all new that Bound for Glory would be the exact way that it turned out. It was no shock to anyone because they all know that TNA needs, and has needed for a long time now, a new direction. And one person to guide TNA away from whatever the hell it is now and into a brighter future. Hence me, the new head booker.

Booker's Notes
The new era of TNA starts now! A schedule change has been quickly put into place. The first show of every taping will be live. Plus - the big news - it's back to a twelve PPV season! This can work - I sware it. No more main eventer versus main eventer on the TV midcard and this can work.
As well as a schedule change, I've also got straight into the contract problems too. AJ Styles legitemately intended to leave before I came. So when I got here I did all I could to try and get him to stay. New talent was on my mind too. I got some-one on a short-term contract who I think will really resonate with this Utah crowd. That's one of the three things that I want to focus on to sort out this product: excite the crowd( which hopefully this guy can get help with), have compelling PPV cards and rejuvinate the X division! Real improvement will take a bit of time but we'll sure as hell get there in the end.​

TV Taping 1 - 24/10/2013 - Salt Lake City, Utah
TNA iMPACT LIVE - 24/10/2013

The commentators welcome the fans to TNA Live! They recap Bound for Glory, focussing on the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles who may or may not be here tonight. The announce table is now just a table (breakable) with a black cloth over it and some papers etc.
Dixie Carter enters and some unnamed staff follow her. They set up a coffin and a picture of AJ Styles in the ring.
Dixie Carter: Welcome ladies and gentlemen... to the funeral of AJ Styles. Last night AJ Styles' wrestling career died. I have arranged a small ceremony here to mourn this loss, just as AJ Styles is sitting at home mourning the loss of his contract. That's right: none of you will ever see your beloved champion...or former champion since he doesn't have a contract I guess, again. So we must move on. And the first order of business is to crown our new champion. The roster is still packed with talent, fortunately. My nephew for example showed everyone up last night with a dominating win. Bully Ray also deserves to be mentioned given that he was beaten unfairly by AJ Styles, who should have been disqualified for his use of a hammer.
Mike Tenay stands up.
Mike Tenay: In a non-disqualification match?
Dixie Carter: Excuse me?
Mike Tenay: I'm just wondering whether you can be disqualified for using a hammer in a non-disqualification match. Or if you're just out here spouting utter crap again.
Dixie Carter: Hold your tongue Tenay. Remember who signs you're pay checks.
Mike Tenay steps into the ring.
Mike Tenay: How about you hold your tongue Dixie and let someone wrestle for once. It is Total Nonstop Action after all, not total nonstop Dixie.
Dixie Carter: Security! Get this ex-employee out of my ring!
Ethan Carter III runs down and enters the ring. He stares at Tenay and then shouts at him to leave. Tenay is starting to back away when...
Jeff Jarret enters!
Everyone is shocked. Jarret walks out to the top of the ramp, guitar in hand, then throws his jacket to the fans. He runs down into the ring. Dixie screams and runs out of the ring. Tenay leaves keeping his eye on Jeff Jarret.
Jarret swings his guitar at ECIII who dodges and returns with three right hands. Jarret drops his guitar, dodges the fourth punch and fires back with a cluster of rights himself. He then bashes ECIII's head off of the coffin repeatedly before he stumbles away. Jarret picks up the big AJ Styles canvas and smacks it over ECIII's head, creating and ECIII sized hole. ECIII scrambles out of the picture as Jarret raises his guitar to the crowd. ECIII stumbles towards Jeff Jarret who smashes the guitar over Ethan's head. Jarret stares at Dixie Carter who is scared.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Kurt Angle. They both stand in awe of what just happened, staring at a TV screen. Jeremy regains composure suddenly.
JB: So, Kut, em..., after last night's defeat.
Kurt Angle: Come on Jeremy, we know what everyone's thinking. What the hell just happened, I mean...
JB: Is Jarret back? Do we want him to be back?
Kurt Angle: You know what, if things can go back to how they were before Dixie Carter, then I'm game Jeff Jarret being back. I think it's real. No...I think it's damn real. And d'you know what else is real Jeremy, my hatred for Bobby Roode. Bobby, I despise you and after I beat your friend Kazarian tonight, you better not run, you better face me like a man. Oh you're dead, you're damn dead.
Commercial Break
Abyss enters with Eric Young not far behind, carrying the TV Championship.
Eric Young: Welcome TNA fans, to the latest stage in Abyss and my careers. Abyss as the monster he always was and I as his manager, who will guide this monster to become the most dominant champion in TNA's history. To prove his dominance, my client will defend this title every single week. Anyway, I'm no Dixie Carter so let's get on with the action.
Young moves to the outside of the ring.
Knux comes enters with Garret Bischoff and Wes Brisco behind him.
Abyss vs Knux - TV Championship
The two stare down before Knux runs at Abyss, right into a big boot which floors him. Abyss grabs Knux bythe throat, pulls him to his feet and thrusts him into the corner. He hits a running splash. Knux falls to the floor. Abyss stomps him repeatedly until Garret and Wes pull him out of the ring under the ropes. Eric Young charges and running drop kicks Wes into his team-mates, felling them all. He gets Knux up and rolls him back into the ring. Abyss lifts him up and gives him Shock Treatment. Knux rithes in pain on the floor. Abyss grabs his throat and starts to lift him to his feet when Knux hits a quick hard low blow. Abyss bends over in pain and Knux rolls away and slowly gets up holding his back. Once he is up he runs at Abyss but is caught and taken round into a powerful Black Hole Slam. 1..2..3, Abyss wins via pinfall to retain the TV Championship. Garret and Wes sneak into the ring to retrieve Knux Abyss sees them and charges at them to scare them away and they scurry away in fear.

Bromans are in a corridor with their new titles in hand.
Robbie E: Hey Jessie, measure for me, what's bigger this belt or my biceps.
Camera-man: BroMans, could I have a statement about being new tag team champions.
Jessie Godderz: What, like a hashtag?
Camera-man: Umm...just a statement about your victory last night.
Robbie E: I got a hashtag for you Jessie. Hashtag BroMans equal champions.
Jessie Godderz: How about hashtag BroStardom?
Robbie E: Hashtag GoldMans!
Jessie Godderz: Hashtag...
Camera-man: ...and what about the rumour that the only reason you won on Sunday was that you had Mr Olympia backing you?
Bromans stop dead. They look shocked.

Manik vs Zema Ion
Manik looks pumped and ready for action. As Zema Ion gets closer to the ring, Manik bounces off of the opposite ropes and then runs into a suicide dive onto Zema. The bell rings and the match starts on the outside. Manik gets Zema up and punches him three times in the head. Manik drags him to the ringpost but before he can get him there Zema hits a chop to Manik's chest, followed by another. Zema then pushes Manik up against the ringpost and hits a high kick to Manik's head, smacking it against the steel of the post. Manik falls to the floor.
Commercial Break
A fast-paced back and forth match continues. Eventually, Manik gets a series of attacks and lines Zema up for the finish. Zema stumbles towards himbefore hitting a sudden super kick. Zema scales the top turnbuckle and goes for a 630 Senton but Manik dodges and Zema lands hard on his back. Manik hits a Double Chicken Wing Drop and goes for the pin: ..1..2..3, Manik wins the match by pinfall.
Chris Sabin enters to the ramp.
Chris Sabin: Manik. Congratulations. I knew that you would take losing the X Division Champioship, which could not look more beautiful sitting on my shoulder, and you did. You just scraped a win over some model who was on TNA a year ago I think. Really: congratulations. I just wanted to say that it's no shame to be second best. Or, I guess fifth best since it was a five-way match.
Sabin leaves, laughing.
The commentators remark on how happy Sabin looks after what was seen on iMPACT365.

iMPACT365 ;
Velvet Sky broadcasts from her house.
Velvet Sky: First of all, I want to say what a great event Bound For Glory was. Getting to really interact with the fans is always great. The whole event was great. Apart from the Ultimate X match. That's right, the victor of this match defied the meaning of the X Division by using a ladder to win. That "winner", was my boyfriend Chris Sabin. But that's the thing. My purpose for doing this broadcast was to publicly announce that Chris Sabin is actually my ex-boyfriend. Sorry Chris, but you aren't who you used to be. You're sly and you're rude and, well, let's just say that there were a lot of areas that I wasn't satisfied in. It's time for Velvet Sky to focus on Velvet Sky. And that means I'm gunning for the Knockout's championship.

Dixie Carter paces back and forth in her office. ECIII sits on a chair with a bag of ice on his head.
Dixie Carter: This was meant to be the night where we all forgot about that menace, AJ Styles and now we've got an even bigger problem on our hands. Why does everything happen to me.
ECIII: I don't get it. Why don't you just fire him. We are Carters and we don't get pushed around. I mean, did you see how I decimated Norv Fernum at Bound For Glory?
Dixie Carter: You're right Ethan. We are the Carters and the world needs us. But nobody needs Jeff Jarret.
Commercial Break
Bully Ray w/Brooke Tessmacher vs Rob Terry
Ray pretends to go in for a test of strength and then knees Terry on the stomach, bending him over. Ray beats him around the ring until he hits the Piledriver for the win via pinfall.
Bully Ray: Do you know who I am? I am the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I am the former leader of the Aces and Eights. That's right I dropped thos punks. I am the former boyfriend of Brooke Tessmacher. That's right Brooke. Leave now!. I only went out with you because your name was Brooke. And maybe because of your ass.
Brooke is upset. She walks away.
Bully Ray: I am the former top dog in this company and what proves that is that whoever booked this match had the audacity to put me against this piece of...But I digress. You see, I may be the former top dog. But mark my words. I am also the next.

Magnus saunters into the parking lot. A road agent runs up to him.
Road Agent: Thank god you're here, Magnus. Listen, you're on next in a match with...Rockstar Spud.
Magnus: Rockstar Spud? I'm booked to face Rockstar Spud. Did you watch as I cemented my place in history last Sunday by defeating Sting. Not only that, I made him tap out! If you think I'm going to face Rockstar Spud, you've got another thing coming.
Magnus walks out of the arena.
Road Agent: Magnus? Magnus!?!

Rockstar Spud is in the ring.
Rockstar Spud: Hello Utah. Now I'm not from these parts, but if i was to hazard a guess then I would have to say that you love to see a fight just us much as us back England. Yes, our homelands are almost the same, if you forget about England's superior cuisine, culture, people and well just about everything. Well anyway, it seems that I am done here tonight with a victory via my opponent not showing up. Quaking in his boots at home, hoping I won't come and find him I guess. Regardless, I think I'm done for the night.
Samoa Joe enters and Spud looks terrified.
Samoa Joe: Rockstar Spud. Joe's gonna' kill ya!
Samoa Joe vs Rockstar Spud
The bell rings as Joe knocks Spud down with a right hand. Joe continues to knock Spud around the ring until he sets him up for the Muscle Buster. Spud fights out, kicks Joe on the face and flying crossbody blocks Joe. Spud bounces off of the ropes and hits another crossbody. He goes for the pin: ..1..2, Joe kicks out, throwing Spud away. Spud kicks a kneeling Joe on the head repeatedly before getting him in a front face lock. Joe reverses into a back body drop then locks in the Coquina Clutch for the submission victory.
Commercial Break
Sting is in a corridor on the phone.
Sting: So you just went home? Magnus you can't just do that. Yeah Rockstar Spud is an idiot but...Magnus? Magnus?
Sting throws his phone at the wall in a rage. Kenny King walks past and s......s.
Sting: Hey King, you got a problem?
Kenny King: No man, but I think your phone might.
Sting storms up to him.
Sting: Meet me in the ring later. Maybe you can prove to someone that you should have had any part atall at Bound For Glory. Huh?
Sting storms off.

BroMans vs Storm and Gunner - TNA Tag Championships
The bell rings.
Robbie E: Wait, wait, wait. The BroMans have something to say before this all bros down. Now earlier some 50 pound never-had-a-girlfriend camera-man said something that really resonated with me and my bro Jessie. He suggested that we needed Phil Heath to win. No, no, he really said that. Listen nerd, Phil Heath needed us just to get onto pay-per-view. BroMans made history by winning the tag titles all by themselves. However, we agree that it wouldn't hurt for us to have a little back-up from time to time. So without further ado, meet our newest bro: Gunner!
Storm looks confused then turns around to look at Gunner only to be suddenly leveled with a clothesline. BroMans look on and laugh. Gunner stomps Storm a few times before lifting him up by the hair. He hits a scoop powerslam. He sits on Storm's chest and lays in some punches to the face. He gets off and lets BroMans hit the Bro-Down. Pin: ..1..2.., Storm just kicks out. Jessie mouths "that was a bad idea". Gunner goes to the top rope on RObbie E's command. BroMans stomp Storm and then hold him out for Gunner to hit the Diving Headbutt. Jessie makes the pin: ..1..2..3, BroMans get the pinfall victory.

Jeremy Borash is going over his script when Jeff Jarret walks up to him. Borash is shocked.
Jeremy Borash: Jeff? I mean Mr Jarret.
Jeff Jarret: Jeff is just fine. I was just hoping you could help me deliver a message to the fans here.
Jeremy Borash: Of course
He straightens up his suit and getts into broadcasting mood.
Jeremy Borash: Now I'm here with Jeff Jarret and I think you all know the question that I am going to.
Jeff Jarret: Why am I back? I'm back because over the past few months, hell over the past few years I have had to watch Dixie Carter change my wrestling company into her chat show. Into a place that hardly knows what real wrestling is anymore, because the fact is that Dixie Carter is not a wreatler or a wrestling fan, just a...
Dixie Carrter walks into shot with ECIII behind.
Dixie Carter: Just a what Jeff?
Jeff Jarret: Just a random bitch who's daddy has a lot of money.
Dixie Carter: You have no class Jeff. But I do have a plan to deal with you. So maybe you should just leave now and collect your check in the mail like you've been doing for the last year.
Jeff Jarret: You've got a plan? No I've got a plan. I'm running this place now and if you want to dispute that then you can do it in a captain's six man tag match at Turning Point. Me and two of my guys versus whatever three sorry sons of bitches you can find. Whoever wins gets control of the company. One of my guys happens to be in the main event, so if you'll excuse me.
Jarret walks off. Dixie looks speechless.
Commercial Break
Sting vs Kenny King
Sting looks angry as the match starts. King plays to this by repeatedly breaking the fight up by getting to the ropes etc. Eventually Sting pulls King away from the ropes and lays punches into him. He misses one and King levels him with a drop-kick. The match continues with Sting setting the pace with only short but immpressive flurrys from King. Towards the end, King is in the corner taking shot after shot from Sting who stand on the middle rope. Sting gets off and irish whips King into the opposite corner. He runs and goes for a Stinger Splash but King dives out of the way. He picks Sting up for a Royal Flush but sting drops down into a inverted DDT position. Suddenly Magnus comes down the ramp, distracting Sting. Sting drops King and goes to talk to Magnus who gets up on the apron. After exchanging words, Magnus spits in Sting's face. Sting stumbles back and King hits a Royal Flush. Pin on Sting: ..1..2..3, King wins via pinfall. The commentators go insane at the upset. Magnus laughs and walks back up the ramp.
Commercial Break
E.G.O walk through the corridor.
Christopher Daniels: Hey, who do you think you are Alex Shelley, get that thing out of our faces. You know we have urgent business with the owner, manager, runner and queen of the company Dixie Carter, right.
Kazarian: And then, this particular extra-ordinary gentleman will be facing Kurt Angle in our main event.
Bobby Roode: That's right. E.G.O is gonna land two wins over the olymic gold has-been in one week.
Mr Anderson vs Hernandez w/ Chavo Guerrero
Before the bell rings, Chavo slides in behind Anderson and drop kicks him on the back, sending him into a Hernandez belly to belly suplex. The bell rings and Hernandez is on top. He continues to stay on top and mix ground and pound with high impact moves, yet Anderson comes back at points. Towards the end, Hernandez goes for a slingshot shoulder block but Anderson rolls under it and onto the apron as Hernandez crashes to the mat. Anderson quickly hits a Kenton Bomb and goes for the pin:..1..2.., Hernandez kicks out. Anderson looks shocked and tired. He gets up to line up for the finish. He pulls a dizzy Hernandez into position for a Mike Check, when suddenly Chavo hits a springboard flying forearm to the back of Anderson, breaking the hold. The ref calls for a dq victory to Mr Anderson. Chavo lays punches into the head of a grounded Anderson. He then gets him up and pushes him into a Boder Toss from Hernandez. Chavo goes up top for a Frogsplash when suddenly...
The Sandman enters!
Sandman walks down the ramp, kendo stick in hand. Chavo and Hernandez look stunned. Sandman starts to run and slides into the ring. He nails Hernandez with the stick on the stomach doubling him over. Chavo jumps off of the top rope only to be nailed right on the forehead. Sandman moves back to Hernandez to hit him repeatedly with the stick before he bails out of the ring. Chavo rolls out too, bust open.
Commercial Break
Kurt Angle vs Kazarian W/ Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels
E.G.O stand outside the ring and Angle shouts at Roode from inside the ring. Kazarian sneaks round to the opposite side and enters the ring behind Angle. He tries to rush him from behind but Angle turns around in time to catch him and hits a big belly to belly suplex sending Kazarian tumbling into the corner. The match continues with Angle out-wrestling Kazarian for the most part. E.G.O continuously distract the referee until they are sent to the back. Angle mocks them as they leave. Kazarian capitalizes on this with a high kick when he turns around. The match continues with Kazarian on top. Kazarian goes to the top rope with Angle on the floor. Angle quickly rushes up to the top with Kazarian and pulls him into a super belly to belly suplex. He puts his arm over Kazarian for the cover: ..1..2.., Kazarian kicks out. The two slowly get back up and then trade punches. Angle starts to win out until Kazarian ducks and bounces off of the opposite ropes. He charges back at Angle who quickly shoots to Kazarian's legs and grabs his ankle. After a struggle, Angle locks in the Ankle Lock and Kazarian has nowhere to go. After a few seconds he taps out, giving Angle the win via submission.
Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels run down straight away and slide into the ring as Angle readys himself. As soon as they enter, Angle jumps onto Bobby Roode and lays punches into his back but Daniels quickly stops him with a kick to the back of the head. Roode pushes Angle off of him, gets up and starts to stomp him as Daniels joins in. All of a sudden, Jeff Jarret's music comes on and he runs down with his guitar in hand. Daniels slingshot crossbodys out at Jarret but Jarret steps to the side causing him to crash to the floor. Roode bends over through the ropes to grab Jarret but Jarret pulls away and smashes his guitar over Roode's head and Roode goes limp, hanging over the middle rope. Jarret enters the ring, helps Angle up and raises his arm in victory as the show goes off the air.​

Writer's notes: My first BTB. I've only just dicovered this site so this is my first ever post (hooray!) but I plan to start reviewing other BTBs soon. Any constructive criticism is greatly apreciated because as I said, this is my first BTB. Thanks for reading.
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It was a nice first show, but your formatting makes it a bit of a headache to read. That needs to be fixed like pronto, man. That way you will get way more reviews and future views. Look a Wolf Beast's BTB for an example. And I would have seperated the expository post and the show as well. Your writing style is quick and easy to read, so that is a huge plus

Looking forward to more shows.

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Thanks for the help man. Will try to get that sorted for the next post. Got two exams this week so might take a while.

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TV Taping 1 - 24/10/2013 - Salt Lake City, Utah
TNA iMPACT - 31/10/2013​
Abyss and Eric Young enter to the ring.
Eric Young: Last week my client Abyss tore apart the bike-riding beer-swigging beard-grooming Knux, without breaking a sweat. After the encounter he sent his lackies running for their Mommas. And now Wes Brisco AKA one of the goons is challenging Abyss for the television title. Well come on down you sorry piece of meat and get ready to run into a brick wall and fall into a black hole, because 'The Monster' Abyss is ready for some action.
Aces and Eights come out to the ramp. Wes Brisco has a microphone.
Brisco: Hey mister beard-face. A goon? A lackie? More like a legacy. You see, me and Garret have the right genes. The genes which make up the perfect wrestlers. Our fathers are two of the most important men in the whole industry's history. We are the product of greatness and Abyss my sorry friend, you are the product of misfortune, because you are about to step into the ring with Wes Brisco...
Abyss storms over to the ropes and steps over the top rope and then jumps off of the apron.
Wes Brisco: Wait, the match hasn't started.
Abyss power walks towards the three men. Knux charges at Abyss but meets a massive uppercut and flies forward legs first landing harshly on the ramp. Garret follows and jumps up onto Abyss's shoulder and starts clubbing him on the back with his fists. Abyss slams Garret down infront of him on the metal ramp. At this point Abyss is ambushed by Brisco who lands a few punches to the head of Abyss as they move slowly towards the ring. Brisco kicks Abyss in the gut and drags him by the hair towards the ring. As they near the apron Abyss bats Brisco's hand away and rams him back-first into the apron before rolling him in.
Abyss vs Wes Brisco - TV Championship​
Abyss re-enters the ring as Brisco gets to his feet and EY rolls out to the ringside in front of the announcers table. Brisco runs at Abyss but gets hit with a big boot which levels him. Abyss stomps at Brisco then lifts him up by the neck. He lifts him up for a chokeslam but Brisco slides out mid-air and lands on his feet. Brisco kicks Abyss in the gut doubling him over, bounces off of the ropes and sends Abyss stumbling into the corner with a running boot to the chest. Brisco follows up with a running clothesline in the corner. He tries to lift Abyss up onto the middle ropes but isn't strong enough. Abyss clubs him on the back with a forearm and then throws him away. He walks towards Brisco who stands up and tries to punch Abyss. Abyss catches his fist and headbutts Brisco knocking him down. Abyss taunts Brisco and it looks like the end. Just then, Garret and Knux rush around the ring towards EY and start to beat him down. EY tries to fight back but is overwhelmed. Abyss notices and runs out of the ring to even the odds. Knux and Garret run away in opposite directions back round the ring as Abyss checks on EY. Brisco regroups in the ring and sees Abyss is distracted. When Abyss turns around to re-enter the ring, Brisco hits him with a baseball slide, kicking him into the announce table. He slides out of the ring and hits repeated lefts and rights into Abyss's head. He picks up Taz's water from the table and throws the water in Abyss's face. He taunts the audience then takes Abyss into the ring after hitting his head off of the apron a few times. Brisco walks towards Abyss cockily when Abyss grabs his throat and hits him with a sudden chokeslam. Abyss gets a very comfortable pinfall for the victory.
EY re-enters the ring to raise Abyss's hand and hands him the belt as Brisco rolls out of the ring towards his teammates.

Magnus is walking through the corridor with Kenny King. Sting storms up to them.
Sting: So who's this, your new but buddy?
Magnus: Hey he beat you last week didn't he. I guess that just like TNA management, you didn't notice.
Sting: I noticed that I was screwed last last week.
King: Hey man, you're standing in front of two guys who stood victorious over your frail old body in a matter of a week. Show a little respect.
Sting: Respect!?! Oh I'll teach you about respect. I'll teach you a lesson in a street fight tag match at Turning Point. And you know what, King, you can face my partner later tonight.
Sting storms off. King and Magnus have a serious look on their face.

Jeff Jarret (in a suit) is with Jeremy Borash
JB: So Jeff, what's on your mind.
Jeff Jarret: It's more like who's on my mind Jeremy. You see all these fans sitting in the crowd and watching at home know that myself 'The King of the Mountain' Jeff Jarrett and the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle will take on some extremely ordinary gentlemen at Turning Point. But they don't know who the third man in my team will be. And I thought about waiting 'till the end of the show, but then again this is a wrestling show. And wrestling shows start with wrestling and they end with wrestling, speaking of which, I'm making the main event E.G.O vs James Storm, Jeff Hardy and Manik. But right now I'm going to tell everyone that at Turning Point we will see the return of 'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles. So at Turning Point, E.G.O better be ready to face an olympic gold medalist, the founder of this great company and the world heavyweight champion. Thank you, Jeremy.
Jarret walks off.

Commercial Break​

James Storm enters to the ring.
James Storm: Now y'all just heard, that I'm main eventing tonight against some cats nearly as arrogant as BroMans and nearly as idiotic as Gunner. Now BroMans are so arrogant they don't realise yet how much of a problem they have on their hands. And Gunner is so stupid that he thought that turning on someone as dangerous as me was a good idea. But the point is that I can't be tustling with them yet, as much as I want to kick Gunner's sorry airless head in, I need to get my priorities straight. So just for tonight, we have a ceasefire, but I already have my revenge planned because at Turning Point I will take on all three of you with two partners who I'll be finding this week and naming next week. All I know is that it shouldn't be too hard to find a couple of guys who wouldn't mind taking a shot at the most obnoxious and undeserving tag team champions in TNA history, especially since the titles will be on the line. As for me I'm not in it for the gold, I'm in it for blood. I'm in it for you Gunner.

Velvet Sky is walking down a corridor when a camera man stops her.
Camera Man: Hey Velvet, do you have any comments leading up to your non-title match with Gail Kim tonight.
Velvet Sky: All I've got to say is that I've got my eyes on the prize. I've got that dead weight of a boyfriend out of my life and morale is Sky high...
ODB walks up to Velvet Sky and looks confrontational.
ODB: Good for you honey, you dumped your boyfriend. But while you've been dealing with your delicate little heart, I've been dealing with being a fighting champion, right up until some mammoth decides to clobber me and hand Gail Kim the title. And then I hear that you're the one getting a match with Kim? Let me tell you something, morale can be as "Sky high" as you like but the fact is that you've forgotten about ODB. And ODB doesn't stay forgotten for long.
ODB storms off and Velvet looks concerned.

Magnus and Kenny King enter.
Magnus: So after our altercation earlier, Sting set up a match for my friend Kenny King here. Now we've been wondering which washed up ex- mafia member he's chosen.
Kenny King: Whichever one of the golden oldies it is, I'm ready to show that I am the future and they are the past.
Austin Aries enters to the ring with Sting not far behind. The commentators play up how Aries is far from old.

Kenny King vs Austin Aries​
Aries and King get right into it trying to show who the better man is. After a while they both go for a running crossbody and collide. The referee starts a ten count as Sting and Magnus shout to their men to get up. Aries and King both get up at the same time then begin to trade kicks to the side. King rakes Aries' eyes and hits a big roundhouse kick leveling Aries. King goes to the apron and gets ready to springboard at Aries when Sting shouts at him for raking Aries' eyes. This distracts King long enough for Aries to hit a running dropkick sending King flying into Sting causing them to both crash into the barrier. Magnus gets in the ring and complains to the ref, man handling him. Aries drags King into the ring, then pushes Magnus away from the ref. Magnus moves in to punch Aries but the ref gets between them and lectures Magnus. Aries turns back to King and walks into a low blow followed by a royal flush. King goes for the pin: ..1..2..3! King wins via pinfall.
Sting charges into the ring and throws a fist at Kenny King but his fist catches nothing but air as King rolls out of the ring. Magnus and King smirk as they walk up the ramp.

Commercial Break​

Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim w/ Lei'd Tapa​
Tapa stares Sky down throughout the match. Sky and Kim go back and forth before Tapa gets up on the apron. Sky knocks Kim down with a clothesline then walks up to Tapa yelling "you don't scare me!". Tapa steps into the ring over the top rope and Sky raises her fists for a fight. The ref stands in between Sky and Tapa before Kim running forearms Sky on the back causing Sky to bump into and knock the referee down. Whilst the ref is groggy on the floor, Tapa hits a massive big boot on Sky knocking her out. Tapa lifts the ref by the back of his shirt and throws him towards Kim's pin attempt:..1..2...3, Kim wins via pinfall.
Tapa raises Kim's arm in victory and the commentators discuss this new force in the knockout's division.

Mr Anderson is backstage with Jeremy Borash.
JB: Now Mr Anderson, last week on impact, you were in the middle of being beaten down by the team of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez when an unlikely man came to your aid. It was the The Sandman! Do you know know why The Sandman was even in the arena?
Mr Anderson: Well that's a tough one, Jerry. Could have been that he saw TNA was coming to his home state of Utah, could of been that he stumbled in here drunk looking for a fight, it even could of been that he already had bad blood with the taco twins. But the fact is Jerry, that I don't care, because regardless of why, I know what. Cause what he's gonna do tonight is he's gonna take on speedy Gonzalez himself in a hardcore match, whilst I get my rematch with slightly-less-speedy slightly-more-obese Gonzalez. So whatever the reason he came here, he's here now and he's ready to deal out some damage on the sons of bitches who tried to mess with MISSSTERRR!!! AAANDERSSONNNN!
JB: Well thank you for your...
Mr Anderson: ANNDERSSONN...

Dixie Carter is with ECIII in her office. Dixie is pacing back and forth and ECIII is sitting in her chair, slouched and looking unconcerned.
Dixie Carter: AJ Styles!?! Can you believe he's bringing back that imbecile. That traitor who turned on us and tried to run away with our title. He and Jeff both left us and now they waltz back in and try to take our power away from us? And on top of that he scheduled my team in a six man tag main event without my consent! Well two can play at that game. Send out the word Ethan. Next week's main event will be Jeff Jarret and Kurt Angle versus TNA's very own tag team champions BroMans! We'll see how they feel about that.

We go to the commentators as Hernandez enters alone.
Taz: Well you heard it next week we have another blockbuster main event, where two members of team Jarret will go up against Magnus and Kenny King.
Mike Tenay: That's right, the olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarret himself will face the tag team champions: BroMans. It's gonna be one hell of a show. And we've not even mentioned the third man on Team Jarret: AJ Styles!
Taz: That's right, AJ Styles will be a part of our massive captain's six man tag main event at Turning Point.
Mike Tenay: And what that means Taz is an elimination tag match but with a twist. The only way to end the match is by pinning or submitting the opposite team's captain.
Taz: But look at what we've got right now. Hernandez is entering alone? What's that all about?
Mike Tenay: My guess is that his partner is busy preparing for his hardcore match later on with The Sandman. I mean he's probably a little pre-occupied considering the fact that he has to go up against a hardcore legend later.
Taz: I guess so. Anyways it seems like we're gonna have a fair encounter here between Mr Anderson and Super Mex Hernandez.

Commercial Break​

Mr Anderson vs Hernandez​
Anderson is a man on a mission. He charges straight at Hernandez to start the match off and backs him into the corner with a series of lefts and rights. He follows up by irish whipping him into the opposite corner then following him up to hit a big clothesline in the corner. Anderson continues with non-stop offense until Hernandez slides out of the ring next to the commentators table. Anderson slides out too and Hernandez immediately clotheslines him and Anderson falls hard on the mat. Hernandez takes control here until the end of the match where he hits a big powerslam. Anderson groggily gets up as Hernandez goes out to the apron. Hernandez slingshots himself at Anderson for a big shoulder block but Anderson grabs his head in mid air and pulls him down into a mike check. He goes for the pin: ..1..2..3, Anderson gets the win.
Chavo still doesn't appear as Anderson celebrates. Mike Tenay says that justice has been served.

E.G.O are backstage with Jeremy Borash.
JB: So at Turning point the three of you will be...
Kazarian: The three of you?
JB: Uh huh.
Kazarian: Uh huh?
JB: Uh huh?
Christopher Daniels: My colleague here is referring to the fact that we are not just three random wrestlers who should be referred to as "the three of you". We are the Extraordinary Gentleman's Organization and we are the best in the business.
Bobby Roode: And take a note because on the 17th if November, at Turning Point we are going to take down three guys who think they're the best in the business. Three guys who think they're extraordinary. Three guys who think they are gentlemen. Three guys who think that they can beat us but are sadly mistaken because when E.G.O gets together and fights together, no one is safe!
Kazarian: And tonight James Storm, Jeff Hardy and Manik will have the displeasure of a first hand preview of just what E.G.O will do on November 17th.
JB: And on November 17th, who will be your team captain? That is to say the one person who can lose their team the match.
E.G.O (together) : I will.
They all look at each other in confusion.
E.G.O (together): No, I will!
They still look confused.

ECIII heads to the ring.
ECIII: Now by beloved aunt, queen of TNA and the one who has led this company to greatness has asked me to make sure everyone knows that next week Jeff Jarret and Kurt Angle will face the Bromans in the main event. But what I am more interested in is what Jeff Jarret did last week. Because last week he sneakily, slyly assaulted me. He proved clearly, even so that this uneducated Utah crowd could understand...that he is nothing but a coward. And if I, Ethan Carter the Third am to lead this company to the mountain top then I must deal with scum like this in an orderly fashion. So, Jeff Jarret, I hereby challenge you to come out and face me in one on one competition. If you dare that is, which you may not after seeing the destruction of one Norv Fernum at my hands only a few weeks ago.
Jeff Jarret enters, guitar in hand.
Jeff Jarret: Ethan. What you...
ECIII: Excuse me but I already object to what is is you are saying. First of all I find it unnecessary that you wield a guitar. I can see that I intimidate you and that you are scared but bringing a weapon only proves how much of a coward you are. And secondly, I feel that it would be more appropriate if you used my full name. Now, in case you have forgotten, that is Ethan Carter the Th...
Jarret quickly and powerfully swings his guitar at ECIII's head and connects, the guitar head shattering over his skull. ECIII is out cold as he crumbles to the floor.

Commercial Break​

Zema Ion enters the ring.
Zema Ion: Now last week I was insulted by Chris Sabin. I was insulted and now I want him to come out and apologise. I don't want a fight, just an apology. I'm the most beautiful man in this industry and I have no business getting into unscheduled brawls, but...
Samoa Joe enters. He walks right up to Ion.
Samoa Joe: Zema Ion. Joe's gonna kill ya'!
Jor bashes Ion on the head with the microphone, runs forward bounces off of the ropes and comes back to drop kick Ion in the chest, sending him flying across the ring. Ion gets up in the corner and Joe hits a running splash before bombarding him with kicks. He then lifts him up onto the top rope, stacks him on his shoulders and walks across the ring with him before dropping down hard for the muscle buster. Rockstar Spud runs down to the ring with a chair in hand. He charges at Joe and swings the chair but Joe kicks the chair out of his hand. Spud dodges a punch from Joe and goes out to the apron next to the commentators table. He jumps to the top rope for a springboard attack but before he can leave the rope, Joe quickly picks up the chair and smacks it against Spud's head. Spud falls to the outside and goes crashing through the commentators table! Joe s......s in the ring before celebrating.

Chris Sabin vs Norv Fernum​
A new commentators table is being set up. Sabin laughs at Fernum as he makes his entrance. Sabin offers Fernum a free shot to start the match. Fernum hits a buzz saw kick and Sabin stumbles round to face the ropes. Fernum runs Sabin into the ropes and pulls him into a backwards roll for a tight pin: ..1..2..Sabin breaks out at the last second. Sabin is flustered but quickly hits an enziguri. He follows up with repeated forearms to the head before whipping Fernum off of the ropes and hitting a super kick. Sabin taunts Fernum by slapping him in the face repeatedly then climbs to the top rope. He mocks the crowd by raising his arms in victory. He then hits a splash and goes for the pin: ..1..2.., Fernum kicks out! Sabin is angered by this. He lifts Fernum up and sets up for a Cradle Shock. Fernum wriggles out and kicks Sabin on the back. He bounces off of the ropes and returns to get hit by an arm drag from Sabin. Fernum stumbles back towards Sabin into a Cradle Shock. Sabin hooks Fernum's legs for the pin:..1..2..3, Sabin wins via pinfall.
Sabin celebrates before Manik comes out to the ramp. He lifts his mask up slightly so that you can see his mouth.
Manik: Well done Sabin, you actually won a match fairly. But the same story won't be told next week, because I'm invoking my rematch clause and I'm going to take back my title. Order will be restored to the X Division.
Sabin looks concerned.

Commercial Break​

Austin Aries is walking backstage. He looks aggravated. A camera man catches up to him.
Camera-man: Austin Aries, how do you feel about the way you lost earlier tonight?
Austin Aries: How do I feel? I feel pissed off, that's how I feel. But I tell you what, I don't feel half as bad as Kenny King and Magnus are gonna feel when I get my hands on them.
Camera-man: And why did you decide to partner with Sting?
Austing Aries: Well that's simple. I'm coming off the back of a loss at TNA's grandest stage of the year. TNA's super bowl saw A Double, The Common Denominator of Greatness, walk out a loser. Let me tell you, Austin Aries is no loser. Austin Aries is TNA's number one. But Austin Aries knows how to think to the future. And the future is Bound for Glory Ten. In just under a year, Total Nonstop Action will celebrate the biggest night in its history and on that night, The Greatest Man Alive, Austin Aries walk in as TNA World Heavyweight Champion, proving that he is TNA's best of all time. And on the road to that night I will beat everyone else who sees themself as even close to a contender. So Kenny King, Magnus, at Turning Point, you are just two names crossed off the list.

The Sandman vs Chavo Guerrero - Hardcore​
Sandman enters with his kendo stick. Chavo ducks repeated swipes of the stick before hitting a dropkick knocking Sandman off of his feet. Chavo dives at Sandman and hits repeated forearms to his head. He moves on to a more technical approach, hitting several suplexes on Sandman and dominating for the most part.

Commercial Break​

Weapons gradually come into play from here and Sandman gets in some great shots with chairs, trash cans, baking trays and even a ladder. Sandman has a table set up and is positioning Chavo for a suplex through it when Hernandez comes running down to the ring. Sandman bombards him with right hands, then floors him with a big head-butt. He picks up a ladder and places his head through one of the holes. He spins around with the ladder on top of his shoulders. Hernandez and Chavo take a few shots each before Sandman drops it. Mr Anderson runs in at this point and chases Hernandez away by brawling with him right into the crowd. Sandman take this opportunity to lift Chavo up to his feet and grab his kendo stick. He hits Chavo repeatedly on the head until blood spirts out of his forehead. Before Chavo can even fall to the floor, Sandman grabs him and kendo stick-assisted Russian leg sweeps him through the table and puts his arm over him for a pin: ..1..2..3!
Sandman celebrates at each turnbuckle, looking strong.

ECIII is backstage, storming through a corridor. He walks up to a camera man.
ECIII: Hey, you work for me. Help me deliver a message. Jeff Jarret, I hope your watching because this is an official warning. You will not make it to your match next week because Ethan Carter the Third is going to stop you. And I'm gonna make sure you don't even make it to Turning Point.
Jeff Jarret walks into frame.
Jeff Jarret: Hey shut up! Alright. You know the reason that you have time to run your mouth and make threats and get repeatedly whacked with a guitar? It's because you haven't wrestled a match since Bound For Glory. But don't worry, I'm gonna solve that problem by putting you in next week's opening contest. To start off the show it'll be E C Three versus The Sandman in a kendo stick on a pole match.
ECIII: What?
Jeff Jarret: I said next week you are taking on the hardcore legend, Utah's best brawler, the man who's as hard as he is drunk: The Sandman in one of his favourite types of matches.

You can see the ring still being cleared up as we go to the commentators.
Mike Tenay: Wow Taz, next week we see The Sandman in another hardcore-based bout. And one with his specialty weapon ready to be taken and used to bash his opponent's skull in.
Taz: You're damn right, and I don't like to speak prematurely but I don't fancy EC Three's chances.
Mike Tenay: And hold on a minute...I've just heard word that The Sandman has also just been scheduled to face Bully Ray at Turning Point in a monster's ball match! Bully Ray will get the chance to back up his claims that he is the next top dog by going to battle with one of the toughest men in the industry!
Taz: Wow, sounds like we're in danger of having another one of our tables broken. Stay tuned for our main event, next!

Commercial Break​

James Storm, Manik and Jeff Hardy vs E.G.O​
Christopher Daniels and Manik start in. They trade quick kicks and a few arm drags until Daniels hits an enziguri. He then runs, bounces off of the ropes and returns to hit Manik with a bulldog. He drags him to his corner but Manik hits a sudden dropkick knocking Daniels out of the ring through the ropes. Manik bounces off of the ropes at the opposite and then runs and suicide dives onto Daniels, landing on his feet. Bobby Roode goes out and starts to trade punches with Manik, when Jeff Hardy moves out onto the apron next to them. He then runs and dives off at Roode and Manik taking them both out. Kazarian enters the ring next to go for a dive but he's stopped by a clothesline from James Storm. The match continues with Storm and Kazarian in the ring. Storm dominates at first but Kazarian ducks a last call and makes a diving tag to Roode. Roode takes control of Storm with a series of clotheslines and suplexes. E.G.O take control from here, keeping Storm in their corner. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever and goes for the pin: ..1..2..., Manik rushes into the ring and running elbow drops Daniels to break the cover. Kazarian springboard crossbodies Manik and they both roll out of the ring. Storm rolls out to safety as well. Hardy enters the ring and starts to fight off Roode and Daniels with right hands. He bounces off of the ropes and returns with a crossbody at them both but hey catch him, Roode by the arms and Daniels by the legs. They throw him up into the air and let him drop hard on the mat. They wait for him to get up and Daniels hits a super kick which sends Hardy stumbling into a spinebuster from Roode. Kazarian appears on the top rope and hits a 450 splash on Hardy before hooking he leg:..1..2..3!
E.G.O stand tall in the middle of the ring as the commentators discuss what a force E.G.O are.

Still need to work on the presentation, but that's the first taping done anyway. Booker's notes will be up soon. Thanks for reading!
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