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TNA Impact Wrestling
Thursday 24th October 2013

And we are LIVE on Spike TV for Impact Wrestling as pyro explodes throughout the building. Mike Tenay and Taz check in on commentary as Bully Ray's music hits and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Brooke and the Aces & Eights.

Bully: “AJ Styles, last night you took away the most important thing in my life – the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Now, I know that for you this is the biggest achievement of your entire, pathetic existence, but for me it was one of the lowest points in my long, illustrious career.

“I’m not a bad guy, AJ; I don’t want to ruin your moment. I’m even going to let you enjoy it – for now. But I’ve got a rematch clause and I intend to use it. You and me, AJ. Next week. That’s what’s going to happen.”

Dixie Carter’s music hits and she comes down to join Bully.

Dixie: “Bully, darlin’, I know y’all are hurtin’ and I feel your pain, but I can’t allow you to just walk around here makin’ matches like that. We’ve seen far too much of that sort of thing lately, and that’s not how I want to see my company runnin’, okay darlin’?”

Bully: “Dixie, with all due respect, my contract states that I’m entitled to demand a rematch...”

Dixie: “And I respect that, Bully Ray, and y’all are gonna get it. But not next week, okay? We need to make sure the timin’ is right for that kinda thing. But I got a company to run, and I have to do what’s best for TNA, okay hun?”

Bully: “Dixie, do not test me. I want AJ. I want AJ in this ring. And I want that title.”

Dixie: “Well, suge, I don’t know how to break this to y’all, but this is MY company and you’ll get that match when I say so, okay. I’m in charge...”

“My World” hits and the arena erupts. Could it be? It is! Jeff Jarrett is back!

Jarrett: “Well, well, Dixie Carter, all grown up. You know, I may have been away a while, but it seems to be that the inmates have started running the asylum. You got people making matches for themselves all over the place; you’re coming out here comparing yourself to Vince and Eric, talking about how TNA is your company. Well, I’m back, Mr. TNA. And TNA will always be my company.”

Dixie: “You lost that right when you sold the company to me, darlin’. That’s how business works. You don’t even work here; I should have security remove you right now.”

Jarrett: “You’ll find that a little more difficult than you think, Dixie. See, while you were in San Diego at Bound For Glory last night, I was in Nashville watching the show over dinner with Bob and Janice – that’s right, your parents, the guys I sold the company to – and they were a little dismayed to see the way that their daughter was running their little investment. Look around, Dixie – Rome is burning and you’re changing lightbulbs. You got too big for your boots, took the company on the road and wasted a fortune on has-beens like Hulk Hogan – who did nothing for this company, by the way – and you’ve damn near bankrupted us. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when your folks asked me to come back and get this place back on track.

“So let’s get right to business. Bully Ray, you want AJ? You can have him. Except it won’t be next week. It’ll be on November 17th at our first ever internet pay-per-view from the new TNA Asylum – a building you know well – in South Philadelphia. And this time, it’ll be a last man standing match. But I want you to know this up front, Bully Ray – if any of your Aces & Eights brothers interfere, I will have them – and you - arrested and jailed on the spot. And Dixie, to make sure you don’t get any big ideas, I’m going to be in AJ’s corner to stop anyone else – your nephew Ethan, for example – getting involved.

“Now... let’s address some ongoing situations and the plan for tonight. I’ve spoken to AJ and he’s a fighting champ. Bully, you’re going to get him in the ring tonight. It’s going to be you and your Aces & Eights brothers Knux, Bischoff and Brisco against AJ, James Storm, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

“Dixie, I saw you gave Ethan a nice introduction to TNA last night. He’s going to get a real test tonight: Samoa Joe. Let’s see how good your boy is.

“And to the rest of the boys in the back, let’s get our house back in order. EGO... I know you can hear me and I’ve heard you’re making a lot of enemies. So tonight, the three of you will team up to face Kurt Angle, Eric Young and Abyss.

“Gail Kim, Lei D’Tapa... you want to team up to dominate the Knockouts Division? You can team up tonight against ODB and a partner of her choice.

“And finally, finally... Chris Sabin. I’ve seen you change, Chris. I used to respect you until you decided to take the law into your own hands around here. So you can defend your title against Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries tonight.

“So, Bully, have a good night. And Dixie, I hope your boy is ready to go, because he’s up next.”

“My World” plays and Jarrett laughs as he goes to the back, leaving Dixie and the Aces & Eights beside themselves in the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, EC3 is making his way to the ring where “Aunty D” is waiting for him at ringside. He asks her why she didn’t get him out of this and she tells him it’s out of her hands. He climbs into the ring and waits. His face turns to fear as Samoa Joe’s music plays, causing an almighty roar from the crowd.

Samoa Joe vs. Ethan Carter III (w/Dixie Carter)

  • Joe goes on the immediate offensive, beating EC3 mercilessly.
  • Joe looks for the Coquina Clutch early, but Dixie is up on the apron to distract Brian Stiffler as her nephew taps. Joe breaks the hold to get the referee’s attention.
  • Joe sets up Carter and hits the Muscle Buster, but again Dixie is on the apron. Joe goes to confront her and the referee has to step between them to encourage Dixie off the apron.
  • EC3 hits a low blow on Joe and quickly rolls him up. The referee counts as Carter’s feet go up on the ropes: 1...2...3! Carter has stolen a victory, but by no means looked like the stronger man.

Winner: Ethan Carter III by pinfall

Dixie and Ethan make a run for the back as Joe in incandescent with rage in the ring, kicking the ropes and yelling at Stiffler.

Backstage, we’re with Jeff Jarrett as he shakes hands with various TNA employees until he runs into Sting as he arrives in the building.

Sting: “Jeff Jarrett, as I live and breathe...”

Jarrett: “Hey Steve, good to see you buddy

They shake hands.

“Listen, I wanted to talk to you... this thing with you and Magnus, I get it, okay. He’s getting to you. It happens. But who does he remind you of?”

Sting: “You.”

Jarrett: “Exactly. And I know that I used to get on your nerves back in the day, I used to get a little cocky and upset everyone. But I grew up, and look at us now. We got past that and became friends.”

Sting: “You’re right, Jeff. I’ll be patient with him for now. But he wants to prove something; he’s trying to make a name for himself.”

Jarrett: “I know, I’ve been there. I’m just saying to give the kid a break, okay? He’s going to be a huge star, and he’s just trying to get there faster. But he’ll get there.”

Sting: “He will. Just not at my expense.”

We go back to ringside, where Magnus’ music is playing and he makes his way to the ring. He has a microphone in hand.

Magnus: “Sting, I heard you talking backstage saying that I’m trying to make a name for myself. Well, I’ve made a name for myself. I beat you at Bound For Glory, I took my opportunity, but if you think I’m still not a star, I’m more than happy to beat you again.”

Some unfamiliar music plays.

???: “Excuse me, Mr. Magnus, sir?”

All attention turns to the stage. Everyone recognizes him instantly. He walks and talks to the ring.

???: “If you want to be a star, I can help you. Allow be to introduce myself: my name is BJ Washington, agent to the stars, and I think you and I can do business together.”

He climbs into the ring.

Magnus: “I don’t need your help to become a star. Last Sunday, I beat one of the all-time greats, a hall of famer, an icon. I can make myself a star. I don’t need some punk in a cheap suit coming to claim his ten percent.”

Washington: “Actually, it’s twenty, but that’s not the point. I’m a man who can make stars and break stars...”

Magnus: “And right now, you’re in my face and in my ring.”

Washington: “Listen kid, I’m offering you a choice. You can be with me, or against me.”

Magnus: “I guess that puts me against you.”

He grabs Washington, but gets attacked from behind. It’s Shelton Benjamin! Shelton Benjamin is in the ring, and he’s beating down on Magnus. Washington talks as the beat down continues.

Washington: “Wrong choice, Magnus. You see the man beating you like an unwanted stepchild right now? He chose my way. He chose to be a star. And he’s on the fast track to the top. You...”

He tells Shelton to stop the beating and lifts Magnus’ to face him.

“You’re nothing but a battered, beaten mess.”

Sting’s music hits and he comes sprinting to the ring in street clothes as Washington and Shelton scatter, escaping through the crowd. The Stinger helps Magnus to his feet, but Magnus pushes him away and collapses to the ground. Sting turns his attention to Magnus’ fleeing assailants as Magnus rolls from the ring and starts hobbling to the back. Sting leaves and tries to help him, but Magnus pushes him away again, determined to leave under his own power.

Backstage, ODB is warming up for her match when she’s approached by Gail Kim and Lei D’Tapa.

Gail: “I guess you couldn’t find a partner for tonight, huh? Warming up all alone... don’t bother. This one’ll be over before you know it. See you out there.”

Elsewhere backstage, Eric Young is hunting around the backstage area, shouting for ‘Joseph’ and ‘Abyss.’ His search is largely fruitless, although he does find Park’s briefcase broken on the floor.

Eric: “Oh no...”

In the arena, Gail’s music is playing and she and Lei D’Tapa make their way to the ring to some good heat. Next, ODB’s music plays and she walks confidently to ringside and climbs to the apron. Gail has a mic.

Gail: “Looks like poor ODB couldn’t find a friend. Don’t be shy, come inside. We’ll make this one quick.”

Right on cue, some more unfamiliar music hits and the crowd goes silent as the lights go out. Flames shoot from the stage as the screen flickers into life with just one word: PHOENIX.

Beth Phoenix has arrived in TNA, and she’s ODB’s partner! She runs to the ring and slides under the bottom rope as ODB joins her in the ring. The teams square off and the referee rings the bell.

Gail Kim & Lei D’Tapa vs. ODB & Beth Phoenix

  • ODB and Gail start. They trade holds for a while before Kim gets ODB into her corner.
  • Gail and Lei trade tags and double team ODB mercilessly. There are a couple of near falls.
  • Gail and Lei go for a double suplex, but ODB reverses the momentum, hits the double DDT and all three women are down.
  • ODB crawls towards her corner. As she nears, Gail and Lei reach out to grab her, but they can’t stop her making the hot tag.
  • Beth comes in and clears Gail from the ring, leaving her and Lei, the legal member of her team, face-to-face. The dominant Tongan and the Glamazon square off for the first time.
  • After a staredown, they trade blows and the crowd erupts. Lei comes out with pure power, but Beth’s instincts kick in and she starts using her superior wrestling skill to take charge.
  • Beth finally gets an opening and sets up for the Glam Slam, but Gail is in and hits Beth with a chair. The ref calls for the DQ.

Winners: ODB and Beth Phoenix by DQ

Gail and Lei leave victorious as ODB comes in to check on Phoenix, who’s conscious. ODB helps her up and they stand tall, loudly challenging them to a rematch.

In the back, EY is still hunting for Park/Abyss. His hunt has taken him to a basement storage area, where he’s following a torn trail of pieces of Park’s suit, before finally arriving at the door to the boiler room, which has a necktie hanging from it. He lets himself in.

Eric: “Joe? Abyss? Are you here? Abyss? It’s okay, it’s Eric.”

Out of nowhere, EY is attacked by EGO. They beat him down then lock him in the boiler room. Daniels stuffs the key for the door down his tights.

Daniels: “He’s not getting out of there in a hurry.”

They laugh and walk away.

In the interview area, Gil Corsey is with Gunner:

Corsey: “I’m standing here with one half of the former TNA World Tag Team Champions, Gunner. Gunner, you saw your title reign end at Bound For Glory, but are you and James Storm planning to use your rematch clause for a shot at the new champs?”

Gunner: “You know Gil, James and I talked about this all Sunday night after we lost the belts, and I’m sad to have to report that we won’t be looking for a rematch.”

Corsey: “Why not?”

Gunner: “Like I said, we talked, and James Storm wants to pursue his career as a single wrestler, so GunStorm is no more. But I want to assure all of our fans that the split is an amicable one, we’re still friends, but we’re going in different directions. That said, I still have my rematch clause, and my new partner and I WILL be challenging the BroMans for the World Tag Team Titles on November 17th.”

Corsey: “And who’s the partner?”

Gunner: “I can’t tell you that, Gil, but he’ll be here next week.”

Back at the boiler room, Kurt Angle is desperately trying, along with TNA officials, to get the door open. But it’s a fire door, and won’t budge.

Angle: “Don’t worry, Eric, we’ll get you out of there.

He turns to the officials.

“Have any of you guys seen Abyss?”

Back in the ring, a local guy known as AJ Evers is already in the ring when Jay Bradley’s music hits. Bradley charges to the ring and the referee rings the bell.

AJ Evers vs. Jay Bradley

  • Jay Bradley goes straight on the attack, nothing but a flurry of punches and kicks.
  • Big stalling suplex from Bradley.
  • Boomstick. The ref makes the three count, and AJ Evers is done.

Winner: Jay Bradley by pinfall

Gil Corsey is backstage with The BroMans...

Corsey: “I’m standing with the new TNA World Tag Team Champions The BroMans. We’ve just heard the news that GunStorm won’t be looking for a rematch for those belts and have decided to go their separate ways, but Gunner will be using his rematch clause with a new partner to be revealed next week. How do you guys feel about that?”

Robbie E: “We don’t care who we face or who Gunner’s partner is. You can go dig up Andre The Giant for all we care. We’ve got our protein shakes, we’ve got our tans, we’ve got our titles and we’re looking good and ready to go. Find a partner and bring him to the big dance, to One Night Only Gunner, because we’ll make sure that it’s your last waltz.”

They walk away.

Kurt Angle is walking through the back, calling out for Abyss but getting the same lack of response that EY did. He runs into Jeff Jarrett.

Angle: “Jeff, have you seen Abyss?”

Jarrett: “No, why?”

Angle: “E.G.O. have locked Eric Young in the boiler room, nobody has seen Abyss and our match is up next.”

Jarrett: “Is Eric okay?”

Angle: “We think so. The crew are trying to get him out as we speak. But I’m going to have to go out there alone.”

Jarrett: “No you won’t. I’m about sick of this crap now.”

Jarrett removes his shirt.

“Let’s go.”

Back in the arena, E.G.O. are making their way to the ring. Daniels is waving the boiler room key around like a trophy and they’re getting some insane heat.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the crowd pops huge for the Olympic hero. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and waits.

“My World” plays and Jeff Jarrett is on his way to team with Angle! He may be in slacks and dress shoes, but he’s ready to fight.

Handicap Match
Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett vs. E.G.O. (Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian)

  • Jarrett and Roode start the match.
  • Roode quickly gets the upper hand and tags out to Kaz
  • Jarrett builds a little hope against Kaz, but he tags out to Daniels, who goes back to the assault.
  • Jarrett with an enzugiri to get himself time to tag Angle.
  • Angle with release Germans on Kaz and Daniels before demanding Roode comes into the ring.
  • Roode says he can’t – “no tag.”
  • Angle picks Daniels up and pushes him into Roode. The ref says it’s legal.
  • Angle brings Roode in the hard way and hits triple Germans.
  • Angle Slam on Roode. Jarrett clears Kaz from the Apron.
  • Daniels in with a chair... he takes out Jarrett before angle can go for the cover. The ref calls for the bell!

Winners: Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett by DQ

Daniels hits Angle with the chair. Kaz is back in to help him work Angle and Jarrett over. Roode gets to his feet and the three-on-two beatdown continues. Suddenly “Blackhole” plays and the audience are on their feet as Abyss comes sprinting down the aisle! He slides into the ring, big boot to Roode. Another for Kaz. Daniels eats a Black Hole Slam. Kaz feeds in and receives another. Roode slides from the ring and runs like a scalded dog up the aisle as Abyss stands tall, with four bodies surrounding him on the floor. The Monster is back!

Backstage, sneakycam finds Dixie on the phone...

Dixie: “What do you mean ‘irresponsible’ Daddy? I was doin’ things my way. I was trying to make my company better... You didn’t have to bring in Jarrett, I can do this... I know it’s your money... But why Jeff Jarrett, Daddy? You know I hate him... No, I hate him, Daddy. I HATE HIM!”

She throws her phone against the wall. It shatters.

A video package plays:

Narrator: “On November 17, for One Night Only, TNA Impact Wrestling are making their way home...

Shots of the outside of the famous building on Swanson & Ritner.

“Heroes will rise...

Shots of AJ Styles, Magnus, Abyss, Samoa Joe.

“Legacies will be on the line...

Shots of Angle, Sting, Jarrett, Bully Ray.

“Alliances will be tested...

Shots of EGO, BroMans, Gail and Lei, Aces & Eights.

“And new blood will be spilled...

Shots of Jay Bradley, EC3, Shelton Benjamin and Beth Phoenix...

“For One Night Only...

Shots of the inside of the arena.

“TNA will Enter The Asylum.”

We close on a shot of AJ and Bully, nose-to-nose.
Elsewhere, we get a three-way split screen as Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Chris Sabin (with Velvet Sky) walk towards the ring. That’s coming up after the commercial!


We’re in the ring as Austin Aries’ theme plays and A Double makes his way to the ring. The announcers hype his performance at Bound For Glory and the fact that all three men in this match are former World Heavyweight Champions.

Next, “Modest” brings Jeff Hardy to the ring. The announcers talk about his ‘innovative’ approach to Ultimate X by bringing ladders into play.

Finally, the champ arrives. Chris Sabin comes to the ring accompanied by Velvet Sky. He’s getting some decent heat as he proudly displays the belt.

TNA World X Division Title
Chris Sabin (c) (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

  • Nervous opener, all three men feel each other out.
  • Aries and Sabin get on the same page and start double-teaming Hardy
  • Sabin and Aries have a good understanding. They get Hardy to the corner and go for Poetry In Motion!
  • Sabin springboards off of Aries... but Hardy moves and Sabin goes headfirst into the turnbuckle... Aries rolls him up on the rebound for two and the alliance is over.
  • As Sabin and Aries argue, Hardy goes up top and takes them both out with a double dropkick.
  • Hardy goes to work, alternating between both men with a flurry of offence.
  • Aries and Sabin team up briefly to stop Hardy’s momentum with a double flapjack, than start brawling with each other.
  • Sabin finds an opening and hits Aries with the Cradle Shock, but Hardy breaks the pin at two.
  • Sabin is frustrated and tries to take it out on Hardy with some forearms.
  • Sabin runs the ropes looking for something big, but Hardy cuts him off with a kick to the gut and a Twist Of Fate!
  • Hardy whips off his shirt and climbs up top. He’s looking for the Swanton... But he takes a moment to pose for the fans and Velvet shoves him to the canvas!
  • Aries takes the opportunity and locks in the Last Chancery, but Velvet breaks it up.
  • Aries slides outside to yell at Velvet. Sabin spots it and rolls to the outside to intervene.
  • Aries and Sabin are in a shoving match, and then start trading blows.
  • Hardy over the top with a plancha to take out both men. All three men are down as we go to commercial.
  • Back from commercial, all three men are up and back in the ring trading blows.
  • Hardy takes Sabin down with a headscissors, but Aries drags him straight to his feet. Aries has him set up... Brainbuster!
  • Referee gets a two count but Sabin just barely breaks it up. Aries is mad... he grabs Sabin and delivers another Brainbuster, but Velvet is up on the apron distracting the referee.
  • Aries is in Velvet’s face. She’s yelling at him, he yells at her. Aries puts his hands on Velvet... and kisses her hard.
  • Sabin sees it and charges for Aries, who moves. Velvet sent flying into the guard rail by Sabin.
  • Aries with the roll-up, but Hardy breaks it. Hardy rolls up Aries, who kicks out. Sabin with the roll-up on Hardy. Handful of tights, feet on the ropes, the ref has no idea! 1...2...3! Sabin retains.

Winner: Chris Sabin by pinfall

Chris Sabin rolls out of the ring to check on Velvet and helps her up the ramp when the video screen flicks into life. A silhouetted figure can be seen in a darkened room.

Figure: “What happened to you, Chris? You used to be a good guy. You used to do the right thing. You used to be a symbol of hope for these fans. What happened, Chris? Why have you forsaken the people? Do I have to come and straighten you out? If you won’t stand up for what’s right, I’ll have to do it for you... Just like I always have.”

It ends with a hashtag: #HopeIsAtHand

Sabin looks shocked. The announcers sell not knowing who’s behind the video, but Sabin clearly does. He and Velvet hurry to the back.

By the boiler room door, we’re treated to the slightly comical sight of TNA agents trying to get the door open still. They’re trying crowbars and all sorts of magnificently useless tools. Abyss appears out of nowhere, pushes them aside and with a grunt made of pure rage, rips the door off its hinges. Eric Young is waiting behind it.

Eric: “Abyss? You’re alive!”

EY hugs his monster. It’s a little awkward. Abyss picks EY up and carries him away like Richard Gere in that shitty 80s romcom as the agents stand and applaud.

Elsewhere, Jeff Jarrett seems to have made himself at home in Dixie’s office, though he’s icing his forehead. Dixie walks in.

Dixie: “Makin’ yerself at home, suge? Ain’t so easy being a hero, is it? Maybe now you’ll appreciate what I’ve been dealin’ with.”

Jarrett: “It’s not what you’ve been dealing with that’s the problem, Dixie. It’s the way you’ve been dealing with it. Half-assed, indecisive... sometimes you have to get your hands dirty and not get others to do your dirty work for you.”

Magnus comes storming into the room.

Magnus: “Did you see what happened to me earlier? Did you? A sneak attack, that’s what happened to me. I want Shelton Benjamin in the ring next week, Jeff.”

Jarrett: “I want doesn’t get, Magnus. I get it, you’re pissed off. You want revenge. But sometimes you have to take your time with these things. Prepare yourself properly.”

Dixie: “Who’s indecisive now, Jeff? Magnus, if you want Shelton next week, you’ve got it.

Magnus shakes her hand, thanks her and leaves.

“How’s that for decisive, Jeff?”

Jarrett puts his head in his hands and we cut to a video package:

We’re in a church. A large congregation has formed. We can hear a preacher delivering a prayer.

Preacher: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, where there is hatred, let there be a playa...”

A few shocked members of the congregation look up.

“Where there is injury, victory,”

Others look up.

“Where there is doubt, faith,”

Heads relax.

“Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light. Where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to make others need consolation...”

People start looking up again.

“To make the foolish understand.”

Everybody is looking up.

“To make the people love.”

We get our first looks at the preacher prom behind. A black man in robes.

“For it is in winning that we receive. “

We tilt up from the man’s expensive shoes.

“We will not pardon, we will punish.”

The camera settles on the face of D’Angelo Dinero.

“And this is the return of The Pope to Thursday nights!”

We fade to a caption over black: “The Pope returns to Impact Wrestling next week!”
In the Aces & Eights clubhouse, Bully Ray is rallying the troops...

Bully: “Brothers, tonight we have an opportunity to get rid of some of our enemies and clear a path through potential roadblocks to our domination and destruction of this company. Brothers Bischoff and Brisco, Chavo and Hernandez stand between you and the World Tag Team Titles. Destroy them. Brother Knux, James Storm stand between you and cementing your place at the top of this business. Destroy him. And AJ Styles has my title. My paycheque. Our beer money. WE MUST DESTROY HIM!”

<commercial break>

Back from the break, we’re straight into the arena for our main event. The music of the Aces & Eights plays in the arena but is immediately permeated by the roar of engines as the Aces arrive, one from each corner of the arena, riding on Harleys. They park up by a turnbuckle each and assemble in the ring. These guys look ready for a fight as they fire each other up and wait.

“Te Kill Ya” plays and Chavo and Hernandez are the first men out for the babyface team. They make their way to the bottom of the ramp and wait as a loud “Eddie” chant fires up.

“Longhorns and ********” plays next, and the chants turn to a huge pop for “Cowboy” James Storm.

Finally, the theme of AJ Styles plays and he gets a huge pop for his first in-ring appearance as the newly-crowned five-time World Heavyweight Champion. The team huddle up briefly, then climb into the ring. This one is ready to get underway.

Main Event
AJ Styles, James Storm, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez vs. Aces & Eights (Bully Ray, Knux, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff w/Brooke Tessmacher)

  • Guerrero and Brisco start out trading holds.
  • Brisco makes a tag and Bischoff is the legal man.
  • Guerrero takes Bisch Jr. to school, taking him down and twisting him up at every opportunity.
  • Bischoff rakes the eyes of Guerrero and makes the tag to Knux. Chavo sees what’s coming and immediately tags out to SuperMex.
  • The two big men square off and a big brawl ensues. Knux looks focussed and takes charge, managing to get Hernandez isolated in their corner. The Aces & Eights trade tags and take it in turns working SuperMex over until Knux is back in as the legal man.
  • Knux drags Hernandez centre-ring and signals that it’s time for the Knux Out, but Hernandez fights out and dives to make a desperation tag to James Storm.
  • Storm comes in off a hot tag and clears house as first Knux, then Bischoff and Brisco feed into clotheslines from the Cowboy. Bully and AJ watch on from ringside, staring holes through each other.
  • Hernandez and Chavo slide in and we’ve got a six-man brawl. The babyfaces clear the Aces to ringside and Bully drops to the floor to make them regroup and refocus. They won’t get a chance, though – Chavo orders SuperMex to lift him up... and takes a Border Toss into the pile of bodies, sending them flying like skittles.
  • Hernandez and Storm go to the outside and pluck out Bully Ray from the pile, rolling him into the ring. Storm tags in AJ, who tells Bully ‘it’s you and me now.’
  • Bully makes it to his feet, but AJ isn’t wasting time making his point; he sets Bully up to lift him for the Styles Clash and drags him slowly 360 to show him off before punishing him... but turns into a Bicycle Kick from Knux, who covers: 1...2...3!

Winners: Aces & Eights

As the Aces regroup on the outside, the announcers sell that everybody forgot that Knux was legal in the excitement of the finish. The babyfaces regroup in the ring and AJ and Bully yell at each other as we get trademarks and fade out.

Next Week On Impact Wrestling:

  • Magnus vs. Shelton Benjamin
  • The return of “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
  • Gunner reveals his new tag team partner

One Night Only: Enter The Asylum Card

TNA World Heavyweight Title
AJ Styles (w/Jeff Jarrett) (c) vs. Bully Ray

TNA World Tag Team Titles
The BroMans (c) vs. Gunner & ???​

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ProWrestling.net said:
It seems the reason for the awkward booking of the Jarrett/Angle pairing against EGO last night was genuinely intended, though not as it went ahead. Reports suggest that EY’s elimination and replacement by Jarrett was planned, but Abyss was late arriving at the building due to flight issues, hence the run in rather than his active participation in the match. This was reportedly booked on the fly by Matt Conway.
gerweck.net said:
The identity of Gunner’s new partner has been kept a closely-guarded secret. Only Gunner, Dave Lagana and senior management are aware of who will be announced next week.
PWTorch said:
Some info on the new talent debuted and returning last night. Shelton Benjamin, BJ Washington (the former Abraham Washington), Beth Phoenix and D’Angelo Dinero are all on two-year deals. In a boost to the Knockouts Division, Hikari Minami, Jezabeth, Lexi Kaufman and Jordynne Grace have all been signed to developmental deals and will report to OVW shortly. Vordell Walker and Soberano II Jr. – who will be repackaged – have also entered OVW.

In other news, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe’s contracts have less than six months to run, and it’s believed that Taz and Sting’s contracts end shortly afterwards. Speculation that Sting could be looking for a Wrestlemania payday will mount if he hasn’t signed an extension by early March.
PWInsider said:
Speculation has been swirling about the identity of Chris Sabin’s new nemesis. Many names, including Matt Hardy, Petey Williams, Shane Helms, Alex Shelley and The Amazing Red have all been discussed, but our sources refuse to tell us who it will be. We’re expecting him to debut in time for Enter The Asylum and be a part of the X Division Title match somehow.
PWPonderings said:
To confirm, Jay Bradley’s opponent on Impact was AJ Evers. Evers is a three-year pro and a product of the CZW academy that regularly appears for both WXW and Beyond Wrestling. No word on whether TNA have serious interest in him or if he was just on a one-shot deal.
Wrestlution.com said:
Last night appears to have been a test run for One Night Only, with several matches being considered. Aside from the AJ-Bully World Title match and the BroMans Tag Title defence, we’re hearing that Sabin vs. Hardy is planned, and a Chavo/Hernandez-Bischoff/Brisco match is under consideration. We’re also assuming that a Sting-Magnus rematch is on the cards and that the angle with Shelton is a short-term one.

It seems that some combination of EGO/Angle/Abyss/EY is in the works, too.
Wrestlezone said:
We can reveal that, according to Ticketmaster.com, the theme of December’s One Night Only iPPV is “Queen Of The Knockouts” – this is expected to be a King Of The Ring-style show with the winner getting a Knockouts Title shot at Genesis. It also allows the company a full two-month build for the big PPV.
GrappleDiary.com said:
TNA are reportedly shopping Xplosion as a second show for Saturday nights. Spike aren’t said to be interested, but it could end up on another Viacom network. It’s expected that Todd Keneley will be asked back to host the show if it finds a home, alongside Jeremy Borash. Borash is said to be heading the project from behind the scenes.

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Some good ideas, but why have you booked Samoa Joe, someone who you have said on more than one occasion should be fired, so strongly against one of the best young wrestlers. A clean win would do wonders for Carter. Also, when were Angle and Jarrett buddies.
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