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Heh heh. Don West and TNA are auctioning off some items from the "Lethal Lockdown" match, including the shiny trash can (autographed by all 10 participants in the match), the hockey stick (autographed by AJ Styles) and the smashed guitar (autographed by Garett Bischoff. That's pretty clever, although I think the trash can is a bit much. Who's going to keep a full-sized, smashed-up trash can in their house?

But that leads me to ask: What are some signed memorabilia items you have on your TNA wish list? Or what are some the coolest autographs you have from TNA stars?

I have an 8x10 Christopher Daniels autographed photo from when he wrestled in Hawaii a few months ago. I also have an autographed Sting mini-poster that came with his "Moment of Truth" DVD.

Last year, TNA auctioned off a turnbuckle that all the TNA stars signed, including Ric Flair, Sting, Hogan, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, etc. Now THAT would be a great item to have! But alas, it was too expensive for my budget.
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