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November 3rd, 2011

The deal is finally done; TNA is now under new management! Roughly two months ago, we broke the news to you that the Carter family has been looking to sell TNA. Earlier today, they held a press conference announcing that they have come to terms with a buyer, Mr. Brandon Brownson. Brownson, a billionaire with no prior involvement with the wrestling business said the following during the press conference;

“First of all, I would like to thank the Carters for being so cooperative with me in this deal. I understand that it was difficult for Dixie to let go of the promotion that she so loved, but I can assure you, Dixie, the company is in very good hands. Onward to the state of TNA, however. It goes without saying that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, or Impact Wrestling as it has been called the past few months, has been in a very poor state for a very long time, with little hope of rebounding. Ratings are down. Morale is down. Pay per view buys are down. Many fans have left, losing faith in the product. It has been said that TNA is nothing more then WCW jr, with ridiculous storylines, continuity errors, shotty finishes, lackluster matches, washed up wrestlers hogging the lime light, and fresh new faces being held down.

“All of that said, though, I do have a plan to bring TNA back to it's former glory days. There was once a time where TNA was seen as the alternative to WWE. TNA was putting on five-star matches with five-star talent and five-star storylines, and I fully intend on revitalizing these glory days. Now, this will not be an over night fix. There are a lot of problems with TNA right now and, quite frankly, it will take a little while to fix these problems. So, as my first act as the new CEO of TNA, I am announcing that TNA will not be holding any events or pay per views until January of 2012. This will give us two months to start fixing the company to make it the best product for our viewers that in can be. Now, in these two months, I'm sure you will here many rumors, and rightfully so. There will be employees, both on and off screen, who will be fired, and there will also be talent, both on and off screen, that will be hired. There will be changes all around. However, I can promise you that I will be the first to inform you of every decision that I make regarding Total Nonstop Action Wrestling... the first change, now that I've reminded myself of it, is that it will no longer be known as Impact Wrestling, and shall go back to being known as TNA. Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen, and I ask that you be patient with us, because the product will be radically different when we return in two months”

November 12th, 2011

It has been a little over a week and a half since Brandon Brownson has taken control of TNA and, in a YouTube video, he has announced the first in a series of changes, along with addressing a few rumors that have been floating around.

THE IMPACT ZONE: “There has been many rumors floating around about the impact zone, so I believe that this is a logical place to begin. First and foremost, yes, TNA will still be shooting it's weekly shows in the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Our fan base has a rabid devotion to this venue, and we intend on staying here, at least in the beginning of the new TNA. That said, we will not be holding pay per view events at the Impact Zone as often as before. We believe that taking our Pay Per Views to other parts of the county and, perhaps in the future, other parts of the world, will help the company in the future. Also, it's official that we will be bringing back the six sided ring. The six sided ring is one of the things that set TNA apart in the early days, and I do believe that it allows more fast-paced, innovative action to occur, so it was a no-brainer that this was one of the top priorities in my plans for this new era of TNA.”

RECENT FIRINGS: “I'm sure that many of you have heard rumors of some recent releases, and I'm here to inform you who has been released, and who is still with the company. A large chunk of the past week has been coming to terms with the releases of some of our former talents, and I would like to inform you who has been “Future Endevored”, as the internet fans put it; Anarquia, Anthony Nese, Brooke Tessmacher, Christy Hemme, Devon, Don West, Eric Bischoff, Gunner, Hulk Hogan, Jackie Moore, Jesse Neal, Karen Jarrett, Murphy, Okada, Ric Flair, Robbie E, Rosita, Scott Steiner, SoCal Val, Vince Russo and Xema Ion

“Some of these names may come as no surprise, some of these names might be a big shock, but I can promise you that I took a lot of time looking through the names, and that these releases are all for the betterment of the company! As far as the rumors of new talent goes, we have not hired anybody as of yet, but I do have some names in mind, and I will inform you as soon as we hire anybody”

December 11st, 2011

It has been almost a month since we've gotten any news regarding the “New TNA”, as it's been called, but we're back with some huge news updates that have been taken from yet another YouTube video made by Brandon Brownson. Let's get right to it!

PAY PER VIEWS: “We have decided to cut our pay per view schedule back to one pay per view ever other month. This will give us more time to build up big matches that will be more exciting then the one-pay-per-view-a-month formula that we formerly employed. The schedule is as such...”

March 18th 2012: Destination X
May 6th 2012: Sacrifice
July 1st 2012: Slammiversary
September 16th 2012: No Surrender
November 11th 2012: Turning Point
January 13th 2013: Genesis

“Some of you may be wondering why Lock Down has been removed. This is because we have learned from our competition that expecting a certain kind of match really takes away from the excitement caused by it's announcement, and having more then one of any given gimmick match on a single card really takes away from what makes it special.”

In two shocking bits of news that Brownson shockingly paid little attention to, he has disbanded the woman's division and vacated every title in TNA. He notes his reason for disbanding the woman's division as “Guaranteeing that we don't try to do too much with too little, as we have a lot of talent, but a pretty small creative pool.” and his reasons for vacating the titles as “Adding more excitement to our first pay per view!”

He also announced the full roster, including the names of new talent that he has hired. The roster is now as such:

AJ Styles
Bryan Danielson
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Colt Cabana
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Shelton Benjamin

Alexander Kozlov (Former WWE star Vladimir Kozlov)
Antonio Banks (Former WWE star MVP)
Bully Ray
Carly Colon (Former WWE star Carlito)
Christopher Daniels
Desmond Wolfe
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Mr. Anderson

Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick
Eric Young
Jack Evans

Austin Aries
D'Angelo Dinero
Doug Williams
Kid Kash
Lance Storm

Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed)
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)
OMEGA (Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore)
Shawn Daivari & Sonjay Dutt

Beer Money Inc (Robert Roode & James Storm)
The British Invasion (Rob Terry & Brutus Magnus)
Charlie Haas & Low Ki
L.A.X. (Homicide & Shawn Hernandez)

Now, obviously, I took some liberties with the roster (Case and Point: Bryan Danielson), but I did that because A: I think that it could lead to better matches, B: I think that it could lead to better storylines and C: I need to have a little bit of fun, right? Now, this is my first BTB where I'm actually using a per-established company with a (for the most part) pre established roster, so this is going to be really new for me. I'm not sure how often I'm going to be able to update this, because life is really chaotic for me, but I promise you that I'm not going to have anything half assed going up here! Well, till' next time, folks, Adiosu!​

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You certainly have a roster filled with promise. I can let the unrealisticness of it slide, especially with Bryan Danielson. The releases you made for the most part I agreed with but I would have kept Jesse Neal. The roster you have right now is pretty good, I can see some home grown talent finally being pushed to that other level which is something I look forward to hopefully seeing. I'm not sure how I feel about disbanding the Womens Division. TNA, at one point at least, had a far superior Womens division than the WWE. TNA's Women's division could have easily been built back up if you gave it a try so I'm a bit bummed by that decision. Not sure how I feel about vacating all the titles either. I suppose it will hep you get storylines and things going for the start of the thread so, I guess it's mainly a plus. Hopefully you don't overpush guys like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson. It's time the TNA Originals get some time in the spotlight.

Overall, it looks promising and I'm hoping you can deliver. I read your last thread: Extreme Revival and it wasn't that bad, the formatting annoyed me a bit but I'm one who likes reading something with nice presentation, I'm a picky bastard. :p Hopefully the presentation on this one is a bit more up to scratch. If you need any banners or whatever made, pop me a PM and I'll see what I can put together for you.

Good luck with this. Stick to it. (Y)

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So I see you kept yourself as owner, huh? Not the biggest fan of that sort of thing, but I can easily live with it.

As already noted above, scrapping the women's division and vacating the title don't quite sit right with me. The knockouts are one of the things that really distinguishes TNA, while titles getting vacated shows a touch of non-creativity. But you have ideas I'm willing to put faith in.

I will be paying close attention to this to see how you've grown since last time. Good luck and stuffs :)

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December 3rd, 2012

It's no secret that WWE has released a boat load of talent, we have been reporting on that all week. With big names like Paul "Big Show" Wright, Drew McIntyre, Primo Colon, Santino Marella, Skip Sheffield, Ted Dibiase Jr and Zach Ryder, among others, being future endeavored, many people are wondering if Brandon Brownson is planning to swoop in and pick up any of these talents for the New TNA. Well, Brownson released a new YouTube video to address this, among other things.

WWE RELEASES: "Well, what you have to realize is that most WWE superstars have a minimum of three months before they can begin negotiations with other companies, meaning that none of these stars will be appearing in TNA until after Destination X. That said, however, I do have my eye on a few of these guys and, though I'm not promising anything, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these guy's found themselves in a TNA ring some time soon!"

Also, Brownson talked a little bit about the massive controversy revolving the woman's division; "Folks, what you have to realize is that the woman's division is not going away for good! Right now, I am trying to put all of my focus toward the three things that once made TNA great- An incredible X-Division, a Tag Team Division that actually means something and a world title that actually means something! While I have no plans on bringing the woman's division back before Destination X, I am not completely abandoning it right now! I want to make sure that I can take the time to make the Woman's division mean something, because we have some incredible Knockouts on our roster, and there's some great women in the indie scene that deserve to have a shot at the big time, and as things are right now, I cannot put the focus on the Division that I want to. I refuse to put something on TNA Impact! or any of our pay per views that I cannot say I have gotten behind, cradled and nurtured 1000 percent, and, with TNA in the state it is in right now, I cannot say that I am able to put that level of devotion toward the woman's Division right now. I ask that you be patient with me, because the woman's Division is not a thing of the past, it's just taking a break!"
December 5th, 2012

That's right, we finally have a preview of the grand return of TNA Impact! Let's not waste any time and get right to it;


After vacating every title in TNA, CEO Brandon Brownson has said very little about how the champions will be crowned. However, this week he has announced that there will be an eight-man tournament to determine the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion and, in our first quarter final match, we will see "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett square off against one of TNA's hottest new prospects, "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson! Jarrett's career speaks for itself; He is an 11 time world heavyweight champion, six of those reigns being with the TNA world title, and he is the founder of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Danielson is a legend in the eyes of some, wowing audiences around the world with his technical prowess, being compared to greats like Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, but he has not yet won the world title in a major promotion; it goes without saying that he's looking to change that, and this match is his first obstacle to his life long dream!

The tag team division in TNA has always been one of the best in the world, and, on our return to Spike TV, we will see two of our newest teams square off! Charlie Haas and Low Ki are a relatively new team. Charlie Haas is a tag team specialist, most known for his work with Shelton Benjamin, and Low Ki is one of the top competitors in the world right now. While they may not have a ton of experience working together, the intensity of these two superstars is greater then many of the greats to step into the ring! Shawn Daivari and Sonjay Dutt, on the other hand, have been a well-oiled machine, working together on the independent scene for a few years, and they have been racking up the tag titles to their resume. However, this is their first chance at a major promotion, and they have got to be looking to impress in their Impact! debut. Experience or Intensity- Which will prevail?

Crimson has been on a role since he's first come to TNA. Ever since debuting in TNA in late 2010, the man has not been pinned and has not submitted, and he has been sprinting toward a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Title, crashing through anything that stands in his way! However, there is one man who is looking to stop Crimson dead in his tracks, and that man is Carly Colon. Carly, the son of Puerto Rican legend Carlos Colon, has been dominating the Puerto Rican wrestling scene, even winning Puerto Rico's most prized title a stunning 13 times! He is looking to have that same level of success in TNA, but will he be able to stop the unstoppable giant?

All of this and SO much more on TNA Impact's grand return to Spike TV on January 12th!​

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i love the idea.. the only thing i don't like is the vacating of the titles and the big names coming in with no explanation.. anyway looking forward to the first show

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January 9th, 2012

Just three short days before the return of TNA Impact! on Spike TV, Brandon Brownson has one final round of announcements to make.

USE OF OTHER ON AIR TALENTS: "Truthfully, I completely forgot to mention who the broadcast team, announcers and interviewers are which, I must admit, is kind of embarrassing! So, I'd like to make those announcements now. The Broadcast team will remain unchanged with Mike Tenay and Taz. However, and don't quote me on this in case things fall through, we are thinking about bringing in a third person to the announce team. I'm not going to say anything else on the matter right now, but it's something we're looking into! Jeremy Borash will be our full time backstage interviewer and, until the woman's division is ready to make it's return, he will be working with Mickie James. In the bit of news I'm most excited about, we have hired someone to be our new ring announcer, and that person is... Miss Stacey Keibler! Also, some people have been asking about TNA's use of managers. Personally, I am a fan of the use of managers, and we are looking into hiring people to be managers. I will let you know more about that when more develops with it."

THE IMPACT ZONE: "Now, I know I told you that the six sided ring is coming back, but I would also like to say briefly that the look of the Impact zone is going to be a little more different then what you remember. I'm not going to say anything else on the matter right now, so I don't ruin the surprise, but I am very happy with how it looks, and I believe that it is the best looking Impact Zone we have ever had!"

AUTHOR NOTE: I really cannot believe I forgot to mention who the announcers and stuff are. Haha, anyways, I would like to thank you guy's for leaving your thoughts. I should have the first edition of Impact! up in a few days, so hang tight, folks! Thanks for your patience!​

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Its coming along great weird not having back stories AT ALL for big names out of nowhere you could of at least said that they were unhappy at the least with the max being a 3 page document with feelings included. but back to seriousness Shiima Xion is freaking awesome YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE! Small but it still counts.

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January 12th, 2012

The opening video begins to air. The song used for it is "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor. During the string part of the intro, shots of various superstars posing in front of fire flash by, and shot's of in-ring action mixed with the fire poses start to play as the percussion hits. After the first chorus is done, we cut to the new Impact! zone. The tunnel-on-each-side-of-the-stage set up is back, with one tunnel being lit up a dark shade of purple, the other a shade of blood red. The stage itself is set up in grid-style metal, much like the Raw stage in 2003. Chain-link fence with black cloth goes up behind the tunnels all the way to the ceiling, leading up to a giant mega-tron, with smaller trons to the left and right of the mega-tron. To the left and right of the stage, there is an assortment of the smaller trons. The ramp is super thick glass with red and purple lights under it that flash with the music. There are green lazers flashing all around the arena. The announce table is set up in front of the right side of the stage, again, via Raw in 2003. Naturally, the six-sided ring is in the center of the arena! Three of the sides are dressed with red ropes, the other half with Purple, arranged red-purple-red-ext. A huge Pyro show goes off before we go to the announcers table, where Mike Tenay and Taz are standing by.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the new era of Total Nonstop Action wrestling! I'm Mike Tenay and, as always, I'm here with my partner, "The Human Suplex Machine", Taz. Partner, I know you've seen the card for tonight, and I have to ask, are you as excited as I am?

Taz: Mikey, I'll tell you what, I have seen the card, and the fine folks at home, well, there in for a hell of a treat! Yeah, TNA has sucked for the past few months, but there's one thing that tonight's show isn't gonna do, and that's suck!

Mike Tenay: Well, enough small talk, let's go down to the ring with our ring announcer, Stacy Keibler!

Camera cuts to Stacy, whose standing in the center of the ring, being greeted with "Welcome Back!" cheers from the audience, who are on fire right now! Stacy is full of smiles, and a little bit teary eyed as she gets ready to announce the first match.

Stacy Keibler: If I can have just a second before I announce the competitors of our first match, I just wanted to say that I've missed you all and I'm happy to be back in the wrestling business!

The fans give an appreciative pop. The fan's cheers are soon drowned out by "I Am The Bull God" by Kid Rock. Kid Kash marches his way to the ring to the boo's of the fans. Kash stops just long enough to flip a member of the audience the bird.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, and is an X-Division exhibition! Making his way to the ring, from Johnson City, Tennessee, weighing in at 202 pounds, he is "The Notorious K.I.D", KID KASH!

Mike Tenay: Folks, for those of you who might not have watched TNA in the months leading up to our break, Kid Kash has definitely grown a major attitude.

Taz: Grown? Mikey, this is the Kid Kash that fans used to love to hate back in ECW, and I can't be any happier to see him back here, even if the fan's aren't as thrilled!

"I Am The Bull God" fades out, and "Rock Superstar" by Cypress Hill begins to pump through the PA. Amazing Red makes his way out to the cheers of the crowd. He takes the time to give high fives to some of the folks in the front row.

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 150 pounds, AMAZING RED!

Mike Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have never seen Amazing Red wrestle before, you are in for a real treat!

Taz: I'll tell you what, Mikey, Red is one bad little dude! As a guy from Brooklyn, I have mad respect for Red, and I'm happy to see that Brooklyn is well-represented in the wrestling world now that I'm sitting back here!

MATCH 1: Kid Kash VS Amazing Red

The match kicks off with Red going for a hand shake. Kash makes it look like he's going to shake Red's hand, but he kicks him in the stomach. The two go back and fourth for the opening minutes of the match, plenty of arm locks and quick moves. After awhile, Red goes to hit a clothes line, but Kash steps out of the way and throws Red outside of the ring. Kash heads to the top turn buckle as Red slowly gets up, Kash jumps... KASH HITS THE BANK ROLL! The crowd is going wild as the two slowly get up. Red got the worse of that exchange, but there's no doubt that Kash is hurting after that move. The ref begins to count the two out, but Kash is up on his feet at the 4 count, and he drags Red into the ring by the 6 count. Kash takes a second to talk smack to one of the fans, but is back in the ring by the 8 count. Kash gets in the ring and puts Red in a side headlock, but Red throws him off. Kash runs toward Red, but it's Red this time who throws Kash out side of the ring. Red follows it up by jumping up to the top rope... RED HITS A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT ON KASH!!! The fans are going absolutely wild, and start a "Holy Shit!" chant. Both men are hurting, but they are both back in the ring by the ref's five count.

Red dominates the match for a little while, but Kash manages to get back in the driver's seat by hitting a drop toe hold on Red, sending his head colliding with the middle turn buckle. Kash drags Red to the middle of the ring, he lifts Red up... KASH HITS THE DEAD LEVEL!!! He could have this match won... but wait! Kid Kash makes his way over to the corner... he's climbing to the top rope... KASH IS GOING FOR A MOONSAULT... RED LIFTS HIS KNEES!!! Kash is writhing in pain as Red makes his way to the apron... Red springboards to the top rope... HE HITS THE RED ALERT ON KID KASH!!! But wait, Red's not done yet! Amazing Red climbs up to the top rope... HE HITS THE INFRARED!!! AMAZING RED HOOKS THE LEG! 1... 2... 3! AMAZING RED WINS THE MATCH!!!

WINNER: Amazing Red by Pinfall after 7:47

"Rock Superstar" starts blaring again as Red has his arm raised. The fans are cheering in amazement of the match they just witnessed!


When we return, we are greeted with the site of a top-of-the-line gym. We see flashes of a hulking brute tearing through various weight machines, and beating down his sparring opponents. Finally, we get a shot of the man, a 6'4 wall of muscle who fans would recognize as the former Vladimir Kozlov. He stares coldly into the camera for a moment before speaking in a heavy Russian accent.

Alexander Kozlov: My name is Alexander Kozlov. I travel all over home land, Mother Russia, looking for competition, I beat them all. I travel all over Eastern Europe looking for worthy competition. I beat them all without breaking sweat. I go to northern United States looking for competition. I squash everyone like little bug. Now, I come to TNA, and I look for competition!

Kozlov stares blankly at the camera for another moment before the screen fades to black. We then fade in to a shot of the parking lot, where a long, white limo pulls up. The driver of the limo gets out and walks to the back, opening the door. Antonio Banks (Former WWE Star MVP) steps out of the limo, jabbering away on his cell phone. He is dressed in a very crisp black suit with designer shades and a gold chain, with a "A B" pendent encrusted with various jewels dangling from his neck.

Antonio Banks: Yeah... yeah, I just pulled into the Impact Zone... yeah, look, I gotta call you back in a bit, a'ight? Yeah, peace!

Banks looks next to him, and see's the limo driver still standing there.

Antonio Banks: What, you want a tip? Here's a tip for ya, hire a manager who knows how to shut the hell up every once in awhile, he's been blowing up my cell since I woke up this morning!

Banks walks away from the now-irritated limo driver. We go to the announce table.

Mike Tenay: Well, Taz, it looks like Antonio Banks is kind of full of himself, it would seem!

Taz: Yeah, and why wouldn't he be? He's young, he's athletic, he's got charisma... he reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age... you know, except the kid's got some money to throw around!

Mike Tenay: Right... well, folks, we still have a stacked card for you, including the first round of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament!

Taz: ...and holy smokes, are there some tough dudes in this tournament! Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles...

Mike Tenay: ...and, of course, the two men who will be competing in the main event in the first quarter finals match, Bryan Danielson and Jeff Jarrett. Speakings of, we now take you backstage, where Jeremy Borash is standing with "The American Dragon", Bryan Danielson. Jeremy, take it away!

As Mike said, we go to the interview area, which is a brick wall with the TNA logo spray painted in the middle, with a screen on either side with the Impact! logo on it. Of course, Jeremy Borash is standing beside Danielson, who is dressed for his match.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, "The American Dragon", Bryan Danielson. Bryan, you've made waves all over the world, and tonight, you have a chance to earn your first match for a major World title! How are you feeling?

Bryan Danielson: First off, Jeremy, I'd like to make this clear, the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title is just as legitimate as any other World title out there, so your wrong, there. That said, I couldn't be any more excited right now! The reason I came to TNA was to have five-star matches with five-star talent... and, well, if I have to beat Jeff Jarrett to get those matches, then that's fine by me!

The crowd laughs at this comment, and a small "Jarrett Sucks" chant breaks out.

Bryan Danielson: But in all seriousness, I'm ready. I'm going to beat Jarrett, and I'm going to beat two other men, and I am going to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Bryan walks off and we cut to commercial.


When we come back, Stacy is in the middle of the ring, mic in hand. "Not A Stranger To Danger" starts to blare, the lights go red, and Crimson makes his way out to the ring to the crowd chanting "Crimson's Gonna Kill You!"

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York, weighing in tonight at 252 pounds, CRIMSON!

Mike Tenay: Crimson is one giant, pissed off man!

Taz: Another one of my boys from Brooklyn, and lemme tell ya' something, I'm proud of this guy! Ya know, he's been in TNA for over a year, now, and the dude has not been pinned, and has not tapped out! The dude's a bruiser, he's an animal!

Crimson's music fades, and "Ride" by Puya begins blaring. Carly Colon makes his way to the ring, wearing one of his trade mark Hawaiian shirts. He is greeted with a small smattering of boo's.

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, making his TNA debut, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing in tonight at 220 pounds, CARLY COLON!

Mike Tenay: As Stacy pointed out, this is Carly Colon's debut TNA match, and what a huge win it would be for him if he could topple the mountain known as Crimson!

Taz: It would be huge for him, but he's gonna have to bring his A game if he want's to survive even the first minute of this match!

MATCH 2: Crimson VS Carly Colon

The match starts and Carly goes right in, hitting Crimson with a Japanese arm drag. Crimson gets up, and Carly boots him in the gut, doubling over. He hits the ropes and hits Crimson with a running knee strike. Crimson wobbles a little bit, but doesn't go to the ground. Carly hits the ropes and clotheslines Crimson, but again he just wobbles. Colon then hits a drop kick, but he still doesn't bring the big man down! Carly hits the ropes again, but Crimson reverses this time, lifting Colon up and flattening him with a flap jack. Crimson brings Carly to his feet and double under hooks him, nailing him with repeated right knee's to the head before double under hook suplexing Carly damn near out of his boots!

Red toys with Carly for a little bit before whipping Carly into the ropes... but Carly jumps up to the middle rope... CARLY NAILS THE BIG MAN WITH A SPRINGBOARD ELBOW SMASH!! Carly goes for the pin... 1... 2... Crimson kicks out! Carly isn't too shocked by this, and he brings the big man up to his feet. Carly whips Crimson into the ropes... CRIMSON RIPS CARLY IN HALF WITH A MASSIVE SPEAR!!! Crimson drags Carly up to his feet... he lifts him up... CRIMSON NAILS THE RED ALERT!! 1... 2... 3! THIS ONE'S DONE!

WINNER: Crimson by Pinfall after 5:12

Crimson stands triumphant, towering over Carly, who is on the ground, gasping for air. The crowd cheers for the beast that stands before them as his theme music plays. We go back to the announce table.

Taz: A valiant effort by Carly, he definitely did better then half the men I've seen face Crimson, but in the end, he didn't stand a chance!

Mike Tenay: Well, folks, up next we've got some great tag team action for you! Charlie Haas and Low Ki square off against Shawn Daivari and Sonjay Dutt after the break!


When we return, we are in the interview area with Mickie James and a fuming Jeff Jarrett.

Mickie James: Ladies and Gentlemen...

Jeff Jarrett: Look, Mickie, just shut up! Bryan, you little prick, I heard you earlier! You have to go through ME to get to five-star talent? Listen up, you little nobody, I am the king of the mountain! I am an 11 time champion and, unlike your puny "World Title Reign", my reigns have all been in the big league! You got a big mouth, boy, and tonight, I'm gonna make you eat your words!

Jarrett storms off as we go back to the ring, where Stacy Keibler is standing. "TNT" by AC/DC starts blaring as Charlie Haas and Low Ki make their ways to the ring to the boo's of the crowd, who are familiar with the team from their work in the Florida indie's.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall and is a Tag Team match! Our first team, weighing in tonight at a combined 425 pounds, CHARLIE HAAS AND LOW KI!

Mike Tenay: Taz, I sat down and watched some of their stuff on the internet a few days ago, and let me tell you something, these guy's are intense!

Taz: There's no denying that, Mikey, Haas and Low Ki are two bad dudes, but they have way less experience working together then their opponents tonight, and that definitely puts them at a disadvantage!

"TNT" fades out, and "Tunak Tunak Tun" by Daler Mehndi begins blaring throughout the arena. The fans cheer loudly as Sonjay Dutt and Shawn Daivari make their ways to the ring, dancing along with the music.

Stacy Keibler: ...and their opponents, weighing in tonight at a combined 374 pounds, Sonjay Dutt and Shawn Daivari!

Taz: Mikey, I've seen these guy's work before, and let me tell you, they're just so much fun to watch perform!

Mike Tenay: There's no denying that these guy's are a young, energetic team!

MATCH 3: Charlie Haas & Low Ki VS Shawn Daivari & Sonjay Dutt

The match starts off with Haas and Daivari. Daivari runs right in, but Haas catches him and nails him with a huge over head belly to belly suplex, starting the match off with a bang! Haas wrestles rings around Daivari, wowing him with a variety of amateur wrestling moves in the opening moments of the match. Haas goes for a vertical suplex, but Daivari slips out of it, hitting Haas with an atomic drop and following it up quickly with a dropkick to Haas' back, sending him to Daivari's corner. Daivari tags in Sonjay, then drop kicks Haas. Haas steps out of the corner, and Sonjay springboards up to the top rope... DUTT HITS THE BOMBAY BLAST!! He goes for a pin... 1... 2... Haas kicks out!

Dutt has the advantage for a little while here, and he eventually lifts Haas up in a suplex division, but Haas reverses it into a DDT. The two get up, and Haas hits Dutt with an inverted atomic drop, then spins around and hits him with a German Suplex. Haas drags Dutt up and to Haas' corner, where he tags in Low Ki. Haas lifts Dutt up into suplex division as Ki climbs up to the top rope... WOW! As Haas went down for the suplex, Ki nailed Dutt with a thunderous Missile drop kick!

Ki has a solid advantage and wears Dutt down for a little while before he locks Sonjay in an Elevated Cloverleaf. Sonjay is screaming in pain and looks as if he may tap... but Daivari runs in and breaks the hold by hitting Ki in the back of the head with a clothesline! This provokes Haas to get in the ring and clothesline Daivari, sending him over the top rope and outside of the ring. Dutt has gotten up by this point, and he nails Haas in the gut with a stiff kick... Sonjay lifts Haas up... CALCUTTA CUTTER! SONJAY NAILS CHARLIE WITH THE CALCUTTA CUTTER!!! But wait, Ki is back on his feet... he lifts Sonjay up... LOW KI NAILS SONJAY WITH THE KI KRUSHER!! HE FOLLOWS IT WITH A PIN... 1... 2... 3! THIS ONE'S DONE!

WINNERS: Charlie Haas & Low Ki by Pinfall after 7:53

The fans boo Haas & Ki as they raise their arms in victory. We go back stage and see Antonio Banks walking around, talking on his cell phone.

Mike Tenay: Folks, we have just received word that Antonio Banks is on his way to the ring as we speak...


When we return, "Get Back" by Ludacris is blaring as Antonio Banks makes his way to the ring, still blabbing on his cell phone. Finally, once he is in the ring with a mic, he hangs up and addresses the crowd, who is booing him.

Antonio Banks: A'ight people, now, you all know who I am, but for those of you who have been living under a rock, I am "The Most Valuable Playa in the Game", Antonio Banks!

He pauses, expecting the crowd to bask him with cheers, but he gets a wave of boo's instead. Unshaped by this, he continues.

Antonio Banks: Now, some of y'all might be wondering why I'm out here... now, I ain't trying to gloat, but I've been a huge hit since I hit the scene, ya feel me? Now, I've rocked the wrestling world in the United States, I made waves in Japan, now I'm here in TNA. You know how great I am, I know how great I am, the whole damn world knows how great I am!

The fans boo him as he pauses, grinning widely.

Antonio Banks: Yet, I don't see no gold on my waist yet... there's gold round' my neck, but there ain't nothing round my waist yet. All I'm trying to say is that I know there's a world title tournament going down, but I think that if Mr. Brownson had any brains in his head, he'd cancel it and give me that strap right now, ya feelin' me?

The fan's boo again, but before Banks can talk again, "Poetic Pitbull Revolutions" by Diablo String Orchestra starts to play. The fans, nor Antonio, know what to make of this, but as soon as the horns hit, the fan's cheer loudly as Chavo Guerrero Jr makes his way out to the ring. Antonio looks pissed at first, but he lightens up a little bit as Chavo grabs a mic and makes his way into the ring. The music fades, and the crowd starts a loud "Chavo! Chavo!" chant.

Antonio Banks: Well, well, well, we got Chavo Guerrero Jr in the house!

The crowd pops!

Antonio Banks: Now, Chavo, I'm glad to see ya and all, but why the hell are you out here interrupting me, dog?

Chavo Guerrero Jr: Well... DOG... it's because, quite frankly, somebody needed to shut you up!

The fan's cheer!

Chavo Guerrero Jr: Listen up, Antonio, I've been in the business for almost 18 years. I understand that you have a lot to learn, but I would have thought that, by now, you know that this isn't a business that does hand outs! I don't know what makes you think that you're so special, but in this business you have to earn things, especially the World Heavyweight title!

The fan's pop, and Antonio looks annoyed as hell.

Antonio Banks: Alright, advice taken, now if you're done...

Chavo Guerrero Jr: No, Antonio, I'm not done. Someone needs to take you down a peg, and I'm going to be that person!

Antonio Banks: What are you trying to say, dog?

Chavo Guerrero Jr: What I'm trying to say is that I'm challenging you to a match next week!

The fan's pop.

Antonio Banks: Yeah, why should I accept?

Chavo Guerrero Jr: Well, Mr. "I should be awarded the title", why wouldn't you accept? Clearly a "Top-Tier Talent" such as yourself should have no issues beating me... unless you ain't got the cohones to face me!

Antonio: Cohones? Cohones? Listen up, you just made the biggest mistake of you're life, because I accept, and I'm gonna crush you like a bug!

Antonio drops the mic and goes nose-to-nose with Chavo. Chavo keeps saying "C'mon, do something! Do something!" but Antonio goes outside the ring and starts heading toward the back. The crowd boo's, but cheer again as "Poetic Pitbull Revolution" starts to play again as Chavo poses on the top rope. We then go back stage to a split screen, where Bryan Danielson and Jeff Jarrett make their ways to the ring. A graphic reading "Next" flashes as we go to a break.


When we return, Stacy is standing in the center of the ring.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a quarter-finals match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament, and your main event!

"My World" begins to blare as Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring, still fuming over earlier. He lifts his guitar up and his pyro goes off, as the fans shower him with "Jarrett Sucks" chants.

Stacy Keibler: Making his way to the ring, from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing in at 232 pounds, he is "The King of the Mountain", JEFF JARRETT!!!

Taz: Folks, lemme tell ya, Jeff Jarrett ain't the dude you wanna piss off, especially when a shot at the TNA World title is on the line!

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett's life IS that TNA World Heavyweight Title, Taz, and you know he'll do anything to hold it again!

"My World" fades out, and "The Final Countdown" by Europe starts playing. The fan's go wild as Bryan Danielson makes his way out to the ring, and they start a thunderous "Jeff's gonna get his f*cking head kicked in" chant that makes the censors act fast to bleep!

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in tonight at 192 pounds, he is "The American Dragon", BRYAN DANIELSON!

Mike Tenay: Taz, I don't think I need to tell you or the folks at home this, but Bryan Danielson might be the best technical wrestler out there today!

Taz: Mike, lemme tell ya, I've seen this kid do stuff that I ain't seen nobody else do! He'll tie you up in a knot, deep fry ya and eat you right up!

Mike Tenay: Actually, no he won't, Taz, because he's a vegan.

Taz: Well, you know, it's an expression, Mikey! Now, correct me like that again, and I'm gonna bust you in the chops!

MAIN EVENT: TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals Match- Jeff Jarrett VS Bryan Danielson

The match starts off with Danielson extending his arm for a hand shake. Jarrett accepts, but he tries to kick Danielson in the gut right afterward. Danielson is a little too smart for that trick, though, and he catches Jeff's foot and nails him with a dragon screw leg whip. The two get to their feet, and Bryan whips Jarrett into the ropes, nailing him with a huge roaring elbow! He goes for a quick pin, but only gets a one count. Unphased by this, he brings Jarrett up to his feet and nails him with a double under hook suplex... WHICH HE FLOATS OVER INTO A CRUCIFIX ARM BAR!!! Jarrett struggles in pain for a minute, but Danielson set this up a little too close to the ropes, as Jarrett grabs the bottom rope in no time. The ref counts to four before Bryan breaks the hold. The ref yells at Bryan, but Bryan reminds the referee that he has a full five count before he has to let go.

Bryan turns to focus back on his opponent, who has slowly lifted himself to his feet, but Jarrett hits Danielson with an enzugiri out of nowhere! The two go back and fourth for a few minutes until Danielson, once again, gets the advantage by nailing Jarrett with a huge overhead belly to belly suplex. Jarrett gets to his feet slowly, but Bryan is waiting for him... Bryan goes for a huge roundhouse kick, but Jarrett gets out of the way... AND BRYAN ACCIDENTALLY NAILS THE REFEREE WITH THE ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Danielson goes to check that the referee is okay, but Jarrett takes advantage of this, drop kicking Danielson in the small of his back, sending him through the top and middle rope, outside of the ring.

Jarrett follows Danielson outside of the ring, and he goes to smash Danielson's head against the guard rail, but Bryan grabs the rail and resists, eventually elbowing Jarrett in the gut, forcing him to back off. Danielson hits Jarrett repeatedly in the head with his elbows before jumping up to the apron. Jarrett is disoriented as he turns around and goes toward Danielson, who is sprinting toward him, Danielson jumps... AND NAILS JARRETT WITH A HUGE DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE! Danielson rolls back into the ring, where the referee is showing signs of movement. Danielson hits the ropes... but wait! Jarrett is reaching under the ring... JARRETT HAS HIS GUITAR! He holds it low, so Danielson can't see it... Danielson is still running toward Jarrett... DANIELSON GOES FOR A SUICIDE DIVE... BUT JARRETT NAILS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH THE GUITAR!!!

Danielson is lifeless on the ground right now. Jarrett takes a second to breathe as the dust clears (literally!) from his assault with the guitar. After the dust clears, Jarrett lifts Danielson up, and rolls him back into the ring... AND DANIELSON IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! The referee finally gets to his feet after the damage has been done, and Jarrett toys with Danielson for a few minutes. After a little while, Jarrett nails Bryan with a swinging neck breaker. He gets up and does his signature strut, then stalks Bryan as he slowly gets up... Jeff gets behind Bryan... JARRETT NAILS DANIELSON WITH THE STROKE!! He goes for the pin, this one could be over! 1... 2... OH MY GOD! DANIELSON KICKS OUT!!! DANIELSON KICKS OUT!!! Jarrett immediately starts arguing with the referee, and Bryan slowly makes his way to his feet. Jeff goes back on the offensive once Danielson is mostly on his feet... but Danielson nails him with a drop toe hold... OH MY GOD!!! BRYAN DANIELSON LOCKS IN THE CATTLE MUTILATION!!! JARRETT TAPS OUT!!! JARRETT TAPS OUT!!!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson by Submission after 12:27. Bryan Danielson advances to the semi finals.

Danielson gets to his feet and raises his arm in victory as the crowd cheers wildly. He goes to the outside of the ring to slap the hands of the fans.

Mike Tenay: Folks, I can't believe it, but even after Jarrett hit the Stroke and even busted a guitar over Bryan's head, Bryan Danielson has still won the match!

Taz: Mikey, let me tell you something, D-Bry has some guts, he's got stamina, and he has truck loads of talent!

Mike Tenay: He also has a spot in the Quarter Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament! Well, folks, we'd like to thank you for tuning in to the re-debut of TNA Impact! We'll see you next week!

The final shot of the night is Bryan Danielson standing dead center of the ring, arms raised high over his head, blood still dripping down his face!



Amazing Red d. Kid Kash
Crimson d. Carly Colon
Charlie Haas & Low Ki d. Shawn Daivari & Sonjay Dutt
Bryan Danielson d. Jeff Jarrett, advances to Semi Finals of the TNA World Title Tournament


Chavo Guerrero Jr VS Antonio Banks

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FOR JANUARY 19th, 2012

Last week, in TNA's return to Spike TV, we saw Bryan Danielson become the first man to advance in the 8-Man TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament and this week, we're going to see the second quarter finals match! Kurt Angle debut in TNA in late 2006 and since then, he has held the TNA World Heavyweight Title an astounding 5 times, still holding the title when CEO Brandon Brownson stripped every title holder of their championships. Jeff Hardy has had several stellar runs in TNA, but has been missing from TNA for the past few months. He will finally be making his long-awaited return to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and he will be facing Kurt in the second quarter finals match! Will "The Olympic Hero" get one step closer to winning the title many would say is rightfully his, or will "The Antichrist of Professional Wrestling" be triumphant in his return?

Last week, Antonio Banks made his debut in TNA, saying some very big things. Well, Chavo Guerrero Jr, also making his TNA debut, took offence to some of those things, and challenged Banks to a match. Banks is a young kid with a lot of potential, but Chavo has almost 18 years of experience in the ring. Who will win, youth or experience?

Plus, we will see a multitude of debuts this week, one of which being the TNA Debut of Shelton Benjamin. Shelton has been THE premier athlete of every company he's ever set foot in, but he's never had a shot at the big times. He's looking to wow audiences in TNA to finally get a chance to grab the brass ring, but he has to over come a man with a royal mean streak in his debut match in TNA, and that man is Bully Ray. Bully has been terrorizing the TNA locker room since splitting with his partner in late 2010, and some people have even slated him as championship material. Well, this week on TNA, the two will lock horns!

All this and much more on this week's edition of

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Real quickly, before we kick off this edition of Impact!
It looks as if WWE might be trying to get their "Spring Cleaning" done before Wrestlemania this year, as it has been announced that they have released some of their backstage and behind the scenes personnel. While there's a pretty big list of people who were released (Including names like Joey Styles, Matt Striker and Ricky Steamboat), the biggest shock is that "Good Ol'" Jim Ross has left the WWE! In Ross' last blog with the WWE, he announced that he asked for his release due to such things as "Being misused on camera" and "Having my opinions backstage mean less and less every day."

Of course, TNA CEO Brandon Brownson was right on the ball with this one, releasing a new YouTube video just hours after the news broke. He spoke a little bit about the recent releases, as well as dropping a bit of a bombshell on us.

MORE WWE RELEASES: ...some of these names, like Joey Styles and Matt Striker, don't really surprise me. They're best work is done behind the broadcast table, and the WWE has kept them from the broadcast table for such a long time that they're time was bound to be up eventually. Now, with Jim Ross, that on surprised the hell out of me! Goes to show you that everything is not as it seems. That said, people have been flooding my Facebook page asking me if I have any intentions on signing any of these people. Again, I will have to wait three months before I can even consider it, but never say never. I'm not making any promises, but never say never.

NEW HIRE: I don't want to give too much away with this one, but I have hired a new talent. While I don't want to reveal too much about it yet, I'm considering them playing an authoritative role on Television... that's all I can really say on the matter without giving too much of it away. Let's just say that Impact will be shaken up a little bit in coming weeks!

And now, onto...

January 19th, 2012

"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor blares as our intro video plays. We cut to the Impact Zone, where "British Invasion" plays as The British Invasion makes their way down to the ring to the jeers of the crowd.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this opening tag team bout is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, weighing it at a combined 500 pounds, Brutus Magnus and "Big" Rob Terry, The British Invasion!

Mike Tenay: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of TNA Impact! My name is Mike Tenay and, as always, I'm with my partner, Taz, and partner, why don't you let the folks know what they should expect tonight!

Taz: Well, Mikey, the fine folks at home are in for a hell of a show! We're gonna see the second quarter finals match for the TNA World Heavyweight title, and we're gonna see the in-ring debuts of Chavo Guerrero Jr, Antonio Banks AND Shelton Benjamin! To quote a guy I used to work with, it's gonna be a slobber knocker!

"British Invasion" fades out, and "California Uber Allies" by the Dead Kennedy's blare, as OMEGA makes their way down to the ring to the cheers of the audience.

Stacy Keibler: ...and their opponents, weighing in at a combined 366 pounds, Gregory Helms and Shannon Moore, Team OMEGA!

Mike Tenay: Of course, you forgot the TNA debut of one of the men coming down the ramp right now!

Taz: Of course, we'll also see the debut of Gregory Helms. I figured that the audience would have been able to figure that one out on their own, but I guess you don't have the same faith as me in our fine audience!

Mike Tenay: Folks, these two have been good friends for a very long time, they have wrestled with and against each other all over the world, but this is the first time they wrestle as a team in the Impact Zone, and the first time that one half of the team, Gregory Helms, wrestles in the Impact zone ever!

Taz: Thanks, Mike, you literally just announced that!

MATCH 1: The British Invasion VS Team OMEGA

The match starts with Brutus and Gregory in the ring. The two tie up quickly, and start a string of chain wrestling. Arm drags, snap mares, quick pin attempts, the whole nine yards. This carries on for a few minutes until Helms goes to boot Magnus in the gut. Magnus catches his foot, throws it down, and goes for a clothesline. Helms ducks the clothesline and... OOH! Gregory Helms clocks Brutus right in the chin with a super kick! Magnus slowly gets to his feet as Helms tags in Moore. Moore jumps up to the top rope... MOORE HITS A SPRINGBOARD CROSS-BODY ON MAGNUS! He goes for the pin... 1... 2.. and a kick out!

The two get up and Moore boots Magnus in the gut, Moore hits the ropes, BUT MAGNUS CATCHES HIM WITH A WICKED CLOTHESLINE! Magnus drags Moore to his corner, lifts Moore up to the top rope, he tags in Terry, the freak gets into the ring, he gets on the second rope... oh god, he grabs Moore by the throat... SECOND ROPE CHOKE-SLAM BY THE FREAK!!! Rob Terry goes for the pin... 1... 2... Moore kicks out! The next few minutes are dominated by the British Invasion with a series of quick tags, Magnus wearing "The Reject" down, and Terry throwing Moore around like a rag doll. Finally, Terry lifts Moore up in a Military Press, but Moore slips out of it and HITS ROB TERRY WITH A TORNADO DDT ON THE WAY DOWN!! Both men struggle to get to their corners... Rob Terry tags in Brutus Magnus... AND MOORE TAGS IN HELMS!

Helms comes in with adrenaline pumping. Helms clotheslines Magnus, then he runs forward and dropkicks Terry in the knee, bringing the big man to his knees. Magnus is up, but Helms catches him with a drop kick, then Helms runs toward Rob Terry... HELMS HITS TERRY WITH A SHINING WIZARD!!! Terry rolls out of the ring, and Moore gets to his feet. Moore lifts Magnus up to a Samoan slam position, but wait, Helms is running forward... TEAM OMEGA NAILS THE COUNT DOWN ON BRUTUS MAGNUS!!! Helms goes for the pin... 1... 2...3! THEY GOT IT!!

WINNERS: Team OMEGA by Pinfall after 8:39

Team OMEGA gets their arms raised in victory, the crowd cheering them on, as The British Invasion slowly sulk their way to the back.


When we return, we are back in the same cold, high tech gym we saw last week, being greeted by images of Alexander Kozlov tearing through more weight machines and beating on a punching bag. He hits a big kick on the bag, causing it to rip in half, before he turns to the camera.

Alexander Kozlov: My name Alexander Kozlov. In home country, Mother Russia, I am national pride. People know my name, because I am best. Nobody beat me in fight in mother country. Nobody beat me in fight in Europe. Nobody beat me in fight ever. I am bored, which is why I come to TNA. I look for competition!

We get another few seconds of a cold, blank stare before the video fades to black. Fade back into the Impact Zone's broadcast table.

Taz: Boy, Mikey, I'll tell ya, that Kozlov guy is one big, scary looking dude!

Mike Tenay: Do you think you would have been able to take him back in the day?

Taz: Are you kidding me? I would have choked him out in no time flat! However, the boys in the back aren't me, so I'm kind of worried about what our roster's going to look like once he steps in the ring!

"El Phantasmo and the Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama" by White Zombie cuts the two off, and Lance Storm makes his way down to the ring, with a Canadian flag attached to a hockey stick over his shoulder, circa "Team Canada".

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in tonight at 231 pounds, Lance Storm!

The crowd boo's him, but he seems to ignore him, grabbing a microphone before stepping in the ring.

Lance Storm: If I can be serious for a minute...

The crowd instantly greets him with a wave of boo's. Lance just looks at them, stone-faced, before continuing.

Lance Storm: For those of you who may not recognize me, my name is Lance Storm, and I am the best professional wrestler in the world!

The crowd gives him big heat for that one.

Lance Storm: Now some of you may not recognize me and may be thinking to yourselves, "If you're the best professional wrestler in the world, then why don't I know you?" Well, that is because for years, Canadian professional wrestlers have been held down by you, the American people!

The crowd stars a "USA" chant, though you can hear "Storm Sucks" bleeding through a bit.

Lance Storm: Just look at the history. You have a great wrestler like the man who trained me, Bret Hart...

Small pop at Hart's mention

Lance Storm: ...and his legend was held down by Shawn Michaels, a greedy American, just like yourselves!

Back to boo's

Lance Storm: You have a great Canadian team of Edge and Christian Cage, and they are held down by people like the Hardy's and the Dudley's. Even here in TNA, you had one of the best professional wrestlers I have ever seen, Petey Williams, and you people don't acknowledge his talents because he proudly brought this flag down to the ring whenever he wrestled.

Storm holds up the Canadian flag, and the crowd boo's.

Lance Storm: In fact, you can even look at my opponent tonight and see the oppression that you people give to us Canadians. Eric Young is an incredible talent, yet he feels the need to act like a complete and total goof ball in a vein attempt to gain your respect! That fact disgusts me! So what I would like to do now is invite Eric Young down to the ring so that we can have an incredible match to show to you fat, slobbery barbarians that Canadian Wrestlers are far superior!

The crowd boo's, and "Super Hero" starts to play. Eric Young makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction due to Storm's promo, and he grabs a mic before stepping into the ring.

Eric Young: You know, Lance, I have a lot of respect for you, because you are a tremendous wrestler...

Eric gets some heat for that one.

Eric Young: ...and I agree that we Canadians are the best in the world inside this ring...

He gets more heat, Storm nods in agreement.

Eric Young: But I disagree with you on so many levels!

The crowd starts to cheer a little bit. Storm looks interested in what Young is about to say.

Eric Young: You see, the reason why I act the way that I do is to entertain this crowd! I don't care if they are American, Canadian, Mexican, British, Japanese, Chinese, or whatever nationality they may be, I love this audience!

The crowd is now firmly behind Eric Young!

Eric Young: ...and you know what? The reason why you've been held back isn't because you're Canadian... it's because you're an unlikable jerk!

The crowd is chanting "Super Eric" as he puts down the mic and faces off against Storm. Lance hands his microphone to the ref, who clears the ring of mics and calls for the bell.

MATCH 2: Lance Storm VS Eric Young

Young wastes no time after the bell rings, and he goes for a quick roll up, but only gets a one count. Young is fired up in the opening moments of this bout, as he whips Lance into the ropes and hits him with a Thez press, immediately pummeling away at Storm's face after that. The referee pulls Eric off of Lance, and Lance gets up. Eric grabs him by the back of the head and goes to throw him over the top rope, but Storm catches himself and lands on the apron. Eric goes in, but Storm grabs Eric's head and drops to the floor, causing Young's throat to collide with the top rope. Eric stumbles toward the center of the ring as Storm gets back up to the apron, he springboards up... SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE BY LANCE STORM! Storm is in firm control of the match for a few minutes, and he hits Eric with a devastating super kick. Storm rolls Eric onto his belly... STORM LOCKS IN THE CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF!!! Eric has no choice but to tap out to the hold!

WINNER: Lance Storm by Submission after 5:12 (Total segment time- 9:34)

Storm keeps the hold in for a few more seconds after the bell is called, but the ref pulls him off. Lance Storm goes to the outside of the ring and grabs his flag, waving it around the arena as the crowd showers him with thick boo's.


When we return, we see Kurt Angle on a treadmill, preparing for his match for a few minutes. After a little while, he gets off the treadmill and dumps water onto his head. We cut from that to the backstage interview area, where Mickie James is standing.

Mickie James: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Antonio Banks!

Antonio walks in in his ring gear (A red singlet with the word "Banks" written on it in a black, graffiti style font). He is all smiles right now.

Mickie James: Antonio, last week you came in and said some very big things, and it seems as if Chavo Guerrero Jr knocked you down a peg or two. What are you thinking going into your in-ring debut tonight?

Antonio Banks: Mickie, that little punk Chavo didn't knock me down no pegs, ya feelin' me? That twig is nothing but a washed up has been whose best days died a long time ago! I still think that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship should be on my shoulder right now, and that Mr. Brownson is wasting his damn time with this tournament. I am "The Most Valuable Playa in the Game", a'ight? And Chavo, if you watchin' this, you made a pretty damn big mistake! I'm gonna squash you like a bug, playa, imma make an example out chu'! Now, dat's all I got ta' say!

Banks walks off, and the screen fades to black. We fade back in to a dark figure standing on top of a roof top in the middle of the night, a very faint bit of light shining on him. His back is turned to the camera. He slowly turns around, and it is revealed that it is Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy: In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness. God said "Let there be light", and there was light. Light to destroy the darkness. Since then, people have been trying to destroy the darkness. The darkness in the world, in the human race, in the mind. But I... I embrace the darkness. I accept the evils that the world contains, and it's because of that that I am better then everyone else. People are afraid of the darkness, they are weak minded fools who don't understand this carnivorous gift that they have been given. Tonight, Kurt Angle, you represent the light. You pride yourself on the light that is inside of you... like a fool! Well, Kurt, tonight, I, "The Antichrist of Professional Wrestling" will show you that no matter how much light you have within yourself, it will burn out, and the darkness with prevail...

Hardy turns back around, steps on the ledge of the roof top, and extends his arms as the camera fades to black.


When we return, "Poetic Pitbull Revolution" by Diablo String Orchestra is playing. Chavo Guerrero Jr makes his way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. He stops to slap some hands before entering the ring.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds, from El Paso, Texas, Chavo Guerrero Jr!

Taz: Mikey, I tell ya, I have all the respect in the world for Chavo, but I think he might have bitten off a bit more then he can chew tonight!

Mike Tenay: Taz, I don't know what you're talking about! Chavo is one of the best to ever step in the ring, and he has a lot of experience that Antonio Banks doesn't have! That might be Banks' downfall tonight!

"Poetic Pitbull Revolutions" fades out, and "Get Back" by Ludacris starts to play. Antonio Banks comes out and arrogantly walks down toward the ring, blabbing away on his cell phone, paying the booing audience and his opponent no mind.

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in tonight at 252 pounds, Antonio Banks!

Mike Tenay: Look at this guy! He's about to have his debut match, and he's flapping his yaps on his cell phone! This is exactly what I was talking about!

Taz: Now, cool your jets, Mikey! Banks is a very busy man, and I know that his manager likes to talk to him before big moments like this!

MATCH 3: Chavo Guerrero Jr VS Antonio Banks

Antonio finally gets off his phone as the bell rings, and Chavo swoops right in, clocking Antonio with a rolling wheel kick. Banks stumbles about for a bit, but Chavo gets behind him and hits him with a back body slam. Chavo is in firm control in the opening minutes of this bout, using his years of experience to his advantage, and really showing Banks up! Eventually, he gets Banks in vertical suplex position... and he hits it... but wait! He's rolling with it, him and Banks are on their feet... Chavo hits a second vertical! He's going for the three amigo's! The two are up, but Banks blocks the last vertical, kneeing Chavo in the gut. Chavo backs up and Banks leans against the corner. Chavo runs forward, but Banks steps toward him... BANKS HITS A FLAP JACK, SENDING CHAVO HEAD FIRST INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! Chavo holds his head and leans back in the corner, but Banks runs forward... AND NAILS CHAVO WITH A HUGE BIG BOOT! Chavo steps forward a bit before falling to the ground, and Banks goes for the pin! 1... 2... no! Chavo kicks out!

Banks is in control for a while, muscling Chavo around the ring. Eventually, Banks goes for the Playmaker, but Chavo gets out of the way and nails Banks with a head scissors. Banks and Chavo spring back up, and Chavo hits Antonio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker! Banks slowly gets to his feet... CHAVO HITS HIM WITH A VERTICAL SUPLEX! HE'S GOING FOR THE THREE AMIGO'S!!! The two are back up... CHAVO HITS THE SECOND SUPLEX!! They get back to his feet... can Guerrero hit it? YES!!! CHAVO HIT THE THREE AMIGO'S! Wait... what's Chavo doing? Chavo's going to the top rope... CHAVO'S LEAPING FOR THE FROG SPLASH... BUT BANKS LIFTS HIS KNEES UP!!! Chavo is holding his ribs as Antonio slowly gets to his feet... he brings Chavo to his feet... ANTONIO HIT'S THE 305!!! HE GOES FOR THE PIN... 1... 2... 3! BANKS' DEBUT IS A SUCCESS!!!

WINNER: Antonio Banks by Pinfall after 10:48

Banks has his arm raised in victory, but after that, he goes straight for his phone! The crowd boo's him, but he doesn't care, because he's beaming, gabbing excitedly into his phone!


When we return, "Game Over" by Lil' Flip is blaring, as Shelton Benjamin makes his way out to the ring, the fan's cheering him on. Benjamin is all focus right now.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, making his TNA debut, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 248 pounds, Shelton Benjamin!

Mike Tenay: Folks, if you have never seen Shelton Benjamin perform, then you are in for a treat! This young man is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, one of the most unpredictable wrestlers in the world, and I can't wait to see what he does tonight!

"When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 starts to play, and Bully's missile-style pyro goes off as he makes his way to the ring. The crowd boo's him, and he takes the time to yell at a random member of the audience on his way to the ring.

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from New York City, weighing in at 326 pounds, Bully Ray!

Taz: Don't get me wrong, Shelton's good, but Bully Ray is a brute! I've seen this guy wreck hundreds of people in his career, and one has to wonder if Benjamin's technical prowless can match up to Ray's barbaric strength tonight!

MATCH 4: Shelton Benjamin VS Bully Ray

The match kicks off with Bully Ray moving in and pounding on Shelton, but Shelton ducks a punch and hits a few big blows of his own. Shelton goes for a kick, but Bully catches his foot and spins him around... AND SHELTON HITS BULLY RAY WITH A DRAGON WHIP! Bully drops to the ground, and Benjamin goes in, putting in an assortment of holds to wear down the big man. Eventually, the two get to their feet, and Shelton hits the ropes, runs toward Ray, BUT BULLY RAY LEVELS BENJAMIN WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE! Bully Ray pummels Shelton around for a bit, but he goes for a clothesline, which Shelton ducks it, AND COMES BACK BY HITTING A T-BONE SUPLEX ON RAY! Shelton stalks Ray as he slowly stumbles to his feet, and... SHELTON HITS THE PAY DIRT ON BULLY RAY!!! He goes for the pin... 1... 2... 3! IT'S ALL OVER!

WINNER: Shelton Benjamin by Pinfall after 5:57

Shelton looks pretty happy with his first victory in TNA, and the crowd is celebrating with him, cheering wildly. We then go to a graphic of the main event.

Mike Tenay: Folks, stick around, because up next, we're going to see "The Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle take on the "Antichrist of Professional Wrestling" Jeff Hardy in our main event! The second quarter final match of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament is next!


When we return, "Gold Medal" is playing as Kurt Angle is lifted up from underneath the stage, an American flag draped around him. The crowd cheers him as he marches down toward the ring.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our main event, and the second quarter finals match in the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament! First, making his way to the ring, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in tonight at 240 pounds, he is "The Olympic Gold Medalist", Kurt Angle!

Taz: Folks, Kurt Angle has got to be focused going into this match!

Mike Tenay: Well, Taz, I think that Kurt Angle is focused in every match he goes into!

Taz: Yeah, but he's gotta have that focus doubled going into this one! Some people would say that Kurt was screwed out of the title by Mr. Brownson, and you know for a fact that he wants to hold that title again!

"Gold Medal" fades out, and the arena goes into black light as "Another Me" starts to play, as Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring, the crowd booing wildly.

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 215 pounds, "The Antichrist of Professional Wrestling", Jeff Hardy!

Mike Tenay: Speakings of people who are focused...

Taz: Mikey, I think it's safe to say that Jeff Hardy has been a little lost without that title, and he is willing to do anything, and I do mean ANYTHING to win the championship back!

MAIN EVENT: TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals Match- Kurt Angle VS Jeff Hardy

The two stare each other down and talk smack to one another for a moment, and Hardy goes for the first punch, but Angle blocks it and nails Hardy with a flurry of punches. The ref pulls Angle off of Hardy, but Angle goes right back in. Hardy drop kicks Kurt, though, taking Angle down. Hardy grabs Angle's leg, but Angle kicks Jeff off, then gets back up. They for for a little bit of chain wrestling, but Angle nails Hardy with a suplex. Hardy crawls out to the apron and gets up. Angle runs toward Hardy, but Hardy pulls down the top rope, sending Kurt spilling over the top rope to the floor. Hardy gets back into the ring, hits the ropes, and goes for a baseball slide, but Angle steps out of the way, grabs Hardy's legs and pulls him out of the ring. They brawl for a bit, but Kurt runs toward Hardy, but Hardy hits him with a drop toe hold, SENDING ANGLE'S HEAD COLLIDING WITH THE STEEL STEPS!!! Jeff rolls into the ring, and Angle follows as the ref is on the 8-count. Hardy goes for the pin... 1... 2.. Angle kicks out!

Hardy is in firm control of this match right now, stomping, punching and clawing away at Angle. Eventually, Hardy locks Angle in for the Twist of Hate, but Angle gets out of it, ducks behind Hardy and hits him with a German suplex... wait, Kurt bridged it, it's a pin! 1... 2... Jeff kicks out! A fire has erupted in Angle, and he's throwing Hardy around like a rag doll with a flurry of take downs and suplexes. Eventually, Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Hardy finds a way to land on his feet, causing Angle to fall over awkwardly on his foot. Angle is hurting after that one! He slowly gets to his feet, Jeff gets to his feet, he goes for a running drop kick, Angle slides underneath him and HARDY NAILS THE REF RIGHT IN THE JAW WITH THE DROP KICK!!!

Hardy looks down at the referee, and his eyes shimmer. Angle is trying to get to his feet, but Hardy runs forward and drop kicks Angle. Wait... what is Hardy doing? He's going outside of the ring... he has a chair! But wait... Angle's on his feet, he's on the apron... KURT ANGLE HITS A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT... BUT HARDY HOLDS OUT THE CHAIR!!! The chair practically folds in half over Kurt's chest! Kurt is coughing up a lung... god, he's got to be hurt after that one! Hang on a second... oh god, Jeff Hardy grabs a second chair! He slides it into the ring, then drags Angle back into the ring! Jeff positions the chair in the middle of the ring, then drags Angle up to his feet... Hardy's got a front head lock in... JEFF HARDY HITS THE TWIST OF HATE, SENDING KURT ANGLE'S HEAD INTO THE CHAIR!!! Hardy slides the chair out of the ring as the referee slowly comes to... Hardy's pinning Kurt! 1.... 2... not like this... 3! DAMMIT! Hardy gets a cheap win!

WINNER: Jeff Hardy by Pinfall after 11:09. Jeff Hardy Advances in the tournament!

Needless to say, the fans are pissed at this victory! They boo Hardy wildly, and some people start to throw garbage toward the ring! Hardy just raises his arm in victory as we fade to black.



Team OMEGA d. The British Invasion
Lance Storm d. Eric Young
Antonio Banks d. Chavo Guerrero Jr
Shelton Benjamin d. Bully Ray
Jeff Hardy d. Kurt Angle. Hardy advances to semi finals of TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament

The Third TNA World Heavyweight Title Quarter Finals Match
A huge announcement from CEO Brandon Brownson

Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament

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For January 26th, 2012

Two men have advanced to the semi-finals in the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament, and this week, another man will advance, as one of the most classic feuds in TNA history is revived! The first man in this week's quarter finals match is "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. Styles has, without a doubt, been the face of the company since the very beginning, having won every title in TNA multiple times! Then you have his opponent. At times, the best of friends, for the most part, bitter rivals, AJ will be facing against "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Daniels has dominated the indies, he's performed in some of the best matches in TNA history, yet he's never won the big one! Both men are determined, these two know each other better then anyone else, and there's no denying that this one is going to be a five-star match. Will "The Phenomenal One" or "The Fallen Angel" advance to the semi finals?

Lance Storm may have pissed off the TNA audience, but there's no denying that he dominated in his TNA debut, by beating Eric Young with authority! He has gone out on a limb and declared that Canadians are the best wrestlers in the world, and that he is the best of them all! Well, one man took offense to this statement, and that's "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. Despite having his Semi Finals match to prepare for, Danielson went to CEO Brandon Brownson and requested this match! Storm happily accepted so he can prove to the world that Canadians are better then Americans! So, will Lance Storm prove that Canadians are better wrestlers, or will Bryan Danielson come out on top?

Speakings of the CEO, in his last YouTube video, Mr. Brownson announced that he has hired somebody to be the General Manager of Impact! Well, this week, Mr. Brownson will be revealing to the world who that person is! There's been a lot of rumors going around on who that person is, but one thing is for sure- Impact will never be the same!

Who is the new General Manager of Impact? Will Canada beat America, or will America stand tall? Will AJ Styles be closer to becoming Five-Time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, or will Christopher Daniels take the first step toward achieving his dream?

All this and much more on this week's edition of TNA Impact!​

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For January 26th, 2012

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor blares as the intro video plays. We cut to the Impact zone, where a series of fireworks go off. As soon as the pyro is done, “Genie in a Bottle” by Fozzy begins to play, and Brian Kendrick makes his way out, to the cheers of the crowd.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this opening bout is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Venice, California, weighing in at 184 pounds, Brian Kendrick!

Mike Tenay: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for tuning in to another edition of Impact! I'm Mike Tenay and, as always, I'm accompanied by my partner, Taz! Taz, do we have a night ahead of us, or what?

Taz: Mikey, I'll tell ya what, I feel bad for anyone who isn't watching tonight! I mean, just look at what we got in store tonight! Bryan Danielson will be taking on Lance Storm, AJ Styles will face Christopher Daniels, and Mr. Brownson is in the arena with a huge announcement? Jeez, tonight is not a night to be missed!

Mike Tenay: Of course, we're kicking things off with our X-Division!

Taz: Lemme tell ya somethin', Mikey, that kid in the ring right there has nothing but potential! Kendrick's young, he's athletic, he has a silver tongue! He's got everything it takes to be a champion in this business!

“Genie in a Bottle” fades out, and “Personal Jesus” by Depache Mode begins to play. Austin Aries makes his way toward the ring, wearing a designer hoodie and a pair of shades, just shimmering with arrogance, as the crowd boo's!

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 210 pounds, “The Star” Austin Aries!

Taz: Kendrick's good, but let me tell ya somethin' Mikey, this guy is one of the best to ever step in a TNA ring!

Mike Tenay: Austin Aries has a bunch of talent, Taz, but you can't honestly be a fan of this guy! The man only cares about himself, he's cocky, he's...

Taz: You know who else was like that, Mikey? Ever hear of a guy named Ric Flair? Well, look at where that attitude got him! If you don't think you're the best, then you're not going to perform like you're the best, and you can take that one to the bank!

MATCH 1: Brian Kendrick VS Austin Aries

Aries takes his sweet old time taking off his hoodie, which frustrates Kendrick a little bit. When Aries is finally ready, the two tie up in the center of the ring, Aries whips Kendrick into the ropes, Kendrick bounces back and hits a dropkick on Aries! The two get up, Kendrick hits the ropes again... Kendrick nails Aries with a huge Leg Lariat! Kendrick goes for a quick pin, but only gets a one count! The two get up once more, Kendrick hits the ropes again, Kendrick goes for a Tornado DDT, but Aries throws him off, Kendrick lands on his feet, Kendrick runs forward... ARIES NAILS HIM WITH A ROARING ELBOW!!! Kendrick hits the mat hard, and Aries goes for a pin attempt, but only gets a one count for his efforts.

Aries brings Kendrick up and damn near suplexes Brian out of his boots! Aries gets to his feet, he runs to the ropes... Austin just nailed Kendrick right in the head with a huge knee drop! Kendrick crawls over to the ropes, and leans against the middle rope to breathe, but Aries is right on his tail! He chokes Kendrick using the ropes for a second or two, but the ref pulls him off fairly quickly! Aries wastes no time, though, as he hits the ropes and... wait, he just spring-boarded off of Kendrick's back... ON THE WAY DOWN, ARIES GRABBED KENDRICK'S HEAD, WHIPPING HIS THROAT INTO THE MIDDLE ROPE!!! Aries slides in the ring and goes for a pin! 1... 2... KENDRICK KICKS OUT!!!

Aries is solidly in control of this one! He practically dances around Kendrick for a while, then sets him up in the corner! Aries hits a drop kick on Kendrick, causing him to fall over, sitting right in the bottom of the corner. Aries walks to the middle of the ring, then runs forward... he's jumping for a corner dropkick... KENDRICK GETS OUT OF THE WAY.... OOH!!! Nut-To-Ring-Post collision for Aries! Aries climbs out of the corner and uses the ropes to bring himself to his feet, he stumbles to the middle of the ring, KENDRICK HITS ARIES WITH A TORNADO DDT!!! The two slowly get up, Aries stumbles around the ring, Kendrick runs toward Aries, KENDRICK HITS ARIES WITH A HURICANRANA!! Aries is lying in the middle of the ring, Kendrick is going to the top rope... Kendrick jumps, HE'S GOING FOR THE “LEFT TURN AT ALBUQUERQUE”... ARIES LIFTS HIS KNEES UP!!! Kendrick goes right to his feet out of shock, clutching his chest, screaming in pain, Aries is up, Aries has got Kendrick... AUSTIN NAILED HIM WITH A BRAINBUSTER!!! HE'S GOING FOR THE PIN... 1... 2... 3!!!

WINNER: Austin Aries by Pinfall at 6:55

The crowd is pissed as hell, but Austin is standing in the center of the ring, his arm being raised by the referee!


When we return, we see the silhouette’s of two men, one standing in a sea of crimson, the other in a wave of angelic light! A deep voiced announcer is talking.

Announcer: Their battles are legendary...

A quick montage of AJ Styles plays.

Announcer: Their rivalry is that of wrestling mythology...

A quick montage of Christopher Daniels plays.

Announcer: For 7 long years, they have been at war...

Clips of the AJ-Daniels matches play.

Announcer: And tonight... they fight once more!

A burst of light hits the silhouette's, and they are revealed to be AJ and Daniels, who are nose-to-nose staring each other down! The shot fades out, and we fade back to the Impact zone! The lights go red, a huge, fiery explosion goes off, and “Down in the Catacombs” plays as Abyss marches his way down to the ring, to the jeers of the crowd.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall! From Parts Unknown, weighing in at 350 pounds, he is “The Monster” Abyss!

Taz: Mikey, I'll tell ya, I'm happy that I never had to face this dude in my career!

Mike Tenay: I never thought I'd live to see the day, folks, but I think we just heard Taz say that somebody actually scares him!

Taz: Whoa, whoa, don't put words in my mouth! I ain't scared of nobody, and I could have choked him out no problem, I'm just saying that he would have screwed me up pretty bad in the process!

“Down in the Catacombs” fades out, and “Super Freak” by Rick James plays. Colt Cabana makes his way to the ring, to the massive cheers of the crowd! He takes his time coming to the ring, paying mind to the fans as Abyss festers away in the middle of the ring!

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in tonight at 233 lbs, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana!

Taz: You know, I'm happy to have Colt Cabana in TNA, but for his debut match to be against Abyss? Man, did he piss in someone's coffee or something?

Mike Tenay: Well, I have a lot more faith in Colt Cabana then you do, partner, but this is going to be a very uphill battle for the debuting Colt Cabana!

MATCH 2: Abyss VS Colt Cabana

Cabana starts the match off in a big way, running toward Abyss and hitting him with a leaping double high knee... but nothing happens! Abyss just stands there as Cabana brings himself back up to his feet. Cabana hits the ropes again, and hits Abyss with a clothesline... but “The Monster” doesn't budge an inch! Colt tries a different approach, and whips Abyss into the ropes, Cabana hits the opposite ropes, Cabana hits Abyss with a leaping hip attack... but Abyss doesn't fall, he doesn't even stumble a bit! Cabana holds up a finger to the referee, as if to say “One Second”, and he runs out of the ring to the announcer's table, and looks at Taz.

Colt Cabana: The hell am I supposed to do to this guy?

Taz: I dunno, hit em' with a chair or something!

Colt Cabana: Won't that get me disqualified or something?

Taz: Yeah, probably, but at least you'll survive the night!

Colt Cabana: Wait... survive? IS HE GONNA KILL ME?!?

While this is going on, Abyss gets impatient and exits the ring, going toward the announce table. Abyss gets to Cabana, spins him around, and punches him square in the jaw! Abyss drags Cabana to the outside of the ring, and smacks Colt's head against the ring post before throwing him back into the ring. The referee approaches Abyss and gives him a warning, but Abyss ignores him as he lifts Colt up to his feet. He throws him into the ropes and nails him with a huge big boot, making Colt bounce off the ground with how hard the impact was! Abyss lifts Cabana up again, this time by the throat, and choke slams Cabana hard onto the mat, literally making one of Colt's boots fly off! Cabana crawls over to the corner, Abyss hovering over him like a slasher villain, and starts beating the living hell out of a defenseless Cabana, nailing him with punch after punch. The referee warns Abyss, and tries to pull the monster off of Cabana, but Abyss grabs the ref's head, and throws him over the top rope! The ref calls for the bell!

WINNER: Colt Cabana by Disqualification after 4:06

Even after the bell rings, Abyss doesn't stop! The ref comes back into the ring to try and pull Abyss off, but Abyss only directs his attention to the referee! Cabana takes this time to exit the ring, as Abyss nails the ref with a Choke-Bomb. Abyss stalks the referee, before lifting him back up... oh my god... Abyss has lifted the referee up into a torture rack... could he be going for the shock treatment? But wait... Cabana is back in the ring, steel chair in hand, HE HIT'S THE MONSTER IN THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR, AND... Abyss doesn't fall! Cabana's eyes grow wide with fear as Abyss drops the referee. Colt hits Abyss again, but Abyss simply shakes his head.

Taz: Man, somebody needs to come out here and help this kid before Abyss hurts him!

Mike Tenay: Why don't you help him, Taz? You're the one who told him to use the chair!

Taz: Mikey, if a chair can't stop this guy, then my ass ain't gonna be able to do nothing to him, and I got no issues admitting that!

Colt swings the chair one more time, but Abyss catches it and rips it from Colt's hands. Abyss drops the chair in the center of the ring, he grabs Cabana, whips him into the ropes... ABYSS JUST NAILED CABANA WITH A BLACK HOLE SLAM ONTO THE CHAIR!!! Abyss stands over Cabana for another second before he leaves the ring. We cut to the back, where Mr. Brownson is seen walking around backstage. A “Next” graphic flashes as we go to a break.


When we return, Brandon Brownson is standing in the center of the ring, mic in hand, being showered by a polite round of applause from the fans. He lifts his hands to silence him, and the crowd dies down.

Brandon Brownson: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to take up very much of you're time, especially with such a packed card, so let's get into it. I have two announcements to make to you tonight, the first of which regarding one of our vacant titles, the Television title! Now, we already have a tournament going on for the TNA World Heavyweight championship, and I didn't want to have two tournaments going on at the same time... so I had to think a little bit outside of the box!

The crowd buzzes excitedly, Brownson continues.

Brandon Brownson: So, I have decided that a new champion will be crowned at Destination X, and it will be in... a gauntlet match!

The crowd pops a little bit!

Brandon Brownson: During the next four weeks, there will be one match a night to determine who will be in that gauntlet match, and next week, we will have the first match to figure out who will be in that match. Now, I saw what just happened in the previous match, and quite frankly, I'm not happy with what I just saw, so next week, in the first qualification match for the Television Title Gauntlet Match, Abyss and Colt Cabana will wrestle again, only it will be... A HARDCORE MATCH!!!

The crowd pop's big time at this one, and Brownson smiles widely. He raises his hand again to silence the crowd.

Brandon Brownson: Now, that's only the first announcement I have and, admittedly, you might be a little less excited about this one. Now, there's a lot more to being CEO of a wrestling promotion then I had originally anticipated! Not only is there the in-ring aspect of it, with booking, but there's also keeping the talent happy, working out sponsorship deals, there's merchandising that I have to worry about, I have to have meetings with television executives... and, I fear that at the rate I am going, I might have to focus a little bit less on the every day occurrences at Impact!

The crowd stirs a little bit.

Brandon Brownson: So, as a direct result of this, I had to seek a general manager to help me run Impact! Now, I went through a long list of names trying to find out who would be most qualified for this job. Name's like Eric Bischoff...

The crowd boo's loudly

Brandon Brownson: ...Shane McMahon...

Mixed reaction from the crowd

Brandon Brownson: ...Paul Heyman...

The crowd goes wild, and start chanting “E-C-DUB”. Brownson lifts his hand again.

Brandon Brownson: However, I think I found the perfect person for this job! He's a man who is just, who is fair, who has no ill feelings toward anyone on the roster... ladies and gentlemen, I have made my choice, and let me introduce you to the new General Manager of TNA Impact.... JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!!!

The crowd boo's loudly as “Money” by Barrett Strong plays, and JBL makes his way down to the ring in what one can presume to be a very expensive suit and a cowboy hat. He shakes Mr. Brownson's hand as Brownson leaves the ring. JBL grabs a microphone and enters the ring. The music fades and the crowd continues to boo loudly as he begins to talk.

JBL: Folks, I suggest you calm down and learn to like me a little more then that, because I'm not going anywhere. I am the new General Manager for Impact!

The crowd boo's even louder!

JBL: Now, it's been three years since I've been involved with professional wrestling, and I had no intentions of ever coming back...

The fan's pop at this. JBL scowl's before continuing.

JBL: ...but then Mr. Brownson contacted me to become the general manager of Thursday night Impact! I was initially very hesitant to take on the job, but two things convinced me to take Mr. Brownson's offer. First and foremost, I'm being paid a hefty sum for running the show...

The crowd boo's, seeing he hasn't changed a bit!

JBL: ...and second, it was for the challenge! You see, as you should all know by now, I am a very successful business man, and I am always in the business of making a good investment, but every now and again, I like to take a gamble. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has, for years, been losing money, so for years I would have never thought to pay any mind, more or less any money, on this company!

The crowd let's out a roar of disapproval at this statement.

JBL: However, this is a new day for TNA! After talking to Mr. Brownson about his plans for the company, I think that TNA, while still a shot in the dark, is a good investment, and with myself in a position of power, I KNOW it's a good investment! I will make sure it's a good investment! I'm going to have to make a lot of tough calls, a lot of big decisions, and a lot of you might not like some of those decisions... but I'm not in the business of making people happy, I'm in the business of making money...

The crowd is booing so loud at this point that you can barely hear JBL.

JBL: ...I'm in the business of making me money, and now, making TNA money! You may hate some of the things I do, the things I say, but it is in the best interest of this promotion! Thank you, and goodnight!

“Money” plays as JBL exits the ring, being pelted by boo's so loud that you can hardly hear Taz or Mike Tenay.

Mike Tenay: Taz, I got a bad feeling about this one!

Taz: Mikey, how COULD you have a bad feeling about this one? You know, I've known Mr. Layfield for a very long time and, while he might not be the most likeable guy in the world, the guy knows business, and that's what TNA Impact needs right now, a guy who knows good business!

Mike Tenay: I disagree with some of the things you said, but that will have to wait, because we have to take a commercial break, folks!

We don't go straight to commercial, though. Instead, we go back to the same cold, high tech gym that we've seen the past few weeks. We slowly zoom in on Alexander Kozlov, who is riding an exercise bike. Without looking at the camera, he begins to talk.

Alexander Kozlov: My name Alexander Kozlov. For past two week, you have heard me talk about who I am, what I do. However, as you say, “Talk is cheap!” Next week, I come to TNA and make debut. I will prove I am best in world. I look for competition!

His blank, thousand year stare, is the last thing we see as the camera fades to black and we actually go to the break.


When we return, “Push It” by Static X is blaring, as Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed make their way out to the ring to cheers of “Welcome Back”

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this next bout is a tag team match, and is scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 432 pounds, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, Lethal Consequences!

Mike Tenay: Taz, I have to tell you, I am very excited to have Lethal Consequences back in TNA!

Taz: Why?

Mike Tenay: Why? Taz, they're one of the most exciting teams we've ever had!

Taz: But what have they done in this business?

Mike Tenay: They're former TNA Tag Team Champions, for you're information!

Taz: And for you're information, they held the straps for less then a month before they dropped it back to their opponents tonight! I'm just saying, they're a whole lot of hype, but not a whole lot of bite!

“Push It” fades out, and “Sorry About Your Damn Luck” begins to play as Beer Money Inc comes out to the boo's of the crowd, James Storm on the beer wagon!

Stacy Keibler: ...and they're opponents, at a combined weight of 470 pounds, “The Natural” Robert Roode, “Cowboy” James Storm, they are Beer Money Inc!

Taz: Now that, that is a tag team!

Mike Tenay: Wait, so you don't like Lethal Consequences, but you like these slime balls?

Taz: What can I say, Mikey? Beer Money has proven time and time again that they get things done in this business! They've held the TNA Tag Titles four times, and they didn't have no “Transitional” reigns!

Mike Tenay: I don't understand you sometimes, Taz!

Taz: What's not to understand? Beer Money is one of the best teams in the world, Lethal Consequences are just cannon fodder!

MATCH 3: Lethal Consequences VS Beer Money Inc

The match starts off with Storm and Creed. The two tie up, and Creed kicks things off with an arm drag. They get up, and Creed puts Storm in a side headlock. Storm struggles for a second, but quickly pushes Creed off of him. Creed hits the ropes, but comes back by hitting Storm with a drop toe hold. Creed locks Storm in another head lock, the two get to their feet, but Storm hits Creed with a back body drop. Storm tags in Roode, and Storm lifts Creed up to a fireman's carry, Roode hits the ropes... BEER MONEY HITS A SAMOAN DROP/DIVING NECKBREAKER COMBO ON CONSEQUENCES CREED!!! Storm goes to his corner, and Roode goes for a pin, and they get a very early two count!

Beer Money is in control, keeping Creed in the corner while making a series of quick tags. After a few minutes, it's Roode and Creed in the ring, and Roode is looking to end the match early! Roode hits the ropes and goes for the Northern Lariat, but Creed ducks at the last possible second, Roode hits the ropes, CREED HITS ROODE WITH A HUGE SUPLEX!!! The two men are slowly crawling to their corners... Storm is tagged in, he's running toward Creed, BUT CREED MAKES THE TAG!!! Jay Lethal jumps up to the top rope as Storm is still running, he can't stop, LETHAL HITS JAMES WITH A DIVING LEG LARIAT!! Roode runs into the ring, but Lethal hits him with a spinning enzugiri! Roode sits up and Storm runs toward Lethal, but Lethal hits Storm with a hip toss, Lethal does a cart wheel AND THEN DROP KICK'S ROODE IN THE FACE!!! Storm is up again, he's running toward Lethal, LETHAL NAILS HIM WITH A SUPER KICK!!! Storm turns around, Lethal moves in, he locks Storm's arms, JAY LETHAL NAILS THE COWBOY WITH A RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX!!! Lethal moves in for the pin... 1... 2... ROODE BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

Lethal gets up to his feet, but Roode is hitting the ropes, Lethal doesn't see him, ROODE NAILS JAY LETHAL WITH THE NORTHERN LARIAT!!! Consequences Creed runs in and throws a few punches at Roode, BUT JAMES STORM HITS CREED WITH THE LAST CALL!!! Creed leans up against the ropes, and Roode clotheslines him over the top rope! Roode and Storm call out “BEER... MONEY!!!” and it looks like they're going for the... wait, they're not going for the DWI... no, Robert Roode has put Jay Lethal in a bear hug... he's lowering down, wait... JAMES STORM IS GOING TO THE TOP ROPE.... ARE THEY... BEER MONEY INC JUST NAILED JAY LETHAL WITH THE DEATH SENTENCE!!! Storm goes for the pin... 1... 2... 3! IT'S OVER!!!

WINNERS: Beer Money Inc by Pinfall after 8:40

The crowd is less then pleased, booing Beer Money damn near out of the building! Beer Money is celebrating in the middle of the ring as we go to a break!


When we come back, Jeremy Borash is standing with AJ Styles.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, AJ Styles. AJ, you're wars with Christopher Daniels are legendary! You two probably know each other better then any two superstars have ever known each others in-ring styles, what I'm wondering is what are you thinking going into this bout?

AJ Styles: Well, JB, you're right, me and Chris know each other really well, but I've proven time and time again that I am the better man, and tonight, I'm going to show the world once again...

AJ is interrupted as Christopher Daniels walks into the shot, and takes the mic from JB.

Christopher Daniels: Better man? Better man? AJ, you have no idea how wrong you are! You see, AJ, for a long time, I forgot who I was, and what I do. I am the Fallen Angel, the agent of darkness, I take creatures of the light and I show them that light will always succumb to the darkness... and AJ, you are the light. Tonight, I will extinguish that light, and I will take the first step toward doing the one thing I have never done in this business... win the TNA World Heavyweight Title! Somebody has to remind the world that the darkness exists, and that the darkness is strong... and that man will be me, “The Fallen Angel”. See you out there, AJ.

Daniels walks off screen, and we go back to the Impact Zone, where “El Phantasmo and the Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” by White Zombie is playing as Lance Storm makes his way out to the ring, showered by boo's, a mic in one hand and his Canadian-Flag-On-A-Hockey-Stick in the other. Stacy is completely silent. The music fades after Lance is in the ring, and he begins to speak.

Lance Storm: If I can be serious for just a moment...

Lance is almost immediately cut out by “The Final Countdown” by Europe. The crowd goes wild as Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 231 pounds, Lance Storm! His opponent, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at 210 pounds, “The American Dragon”, Bryan Danielson!

Mike Tenay: Thank god for Bryan Danielson! I thought we were gonna have to sit through another one of those promo's!

Taz: You know, Mikey, it's because of statements like that that Storm is so pissed off all the time! I can tell you from watching his career since his ECW days, Lance Storm is one of the best wrestlers to ever step in the ring, and it's because of people like you insinuating that he's boring that he's never been passed the damn ball!

MATCH 4: Lance Storm VS Bryan Danielson

Storm and Danielson circle the ring for a moment before they tie up. Danielson lifts Storm up in airplane spin position, and spins him around a few times, but Storm quickly wiggles out and rolls Danielson up in a school boy pin, getting a one count out of it. The two get up, and Danielson runs forward for a clothesline, but Storm boots him in the gut, then nails him with a shoulder jawbreaker. Danielson stumbles around the ring for a moment before Storm is right back on him. He goes for a German suplex, but Danielson flips backwards and lands on his feet, Storm gets up quickly, DANIELSON NAILS STORM WITH A HUGE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Danielson goes for the pin, gets a one count!

Danielson is in control for a bit. Later in the match, Danielson ends up clothes-lining Storm over the top rope. Danielson hits the ropes, HE GOES FOR A SUICIDE DIVE... AND STORM MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!! Bryan just collided with the security rail HARD!!! Storm rolls back in the ring, Danielson slowly gets up, Storm hits the ropes, Danielson is up on his feet, STORM JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND HITS DANIELSON WITH A SUICIDE DIVE OF HIS OWN, SENDING THE BOTH OF THEM INTO THE CROWD!!! The referee begins his count, but Storm rolls Danielson into the ring by 6 and is up on the apron by 7. Danielson slowly gets up as Storm stalks him from the apron. Finally, Bryan is up, but is stumbling away from Lance, Lance springboards up to the top rope... STORM JUST NAILED A HUGE SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF BRYAN'S HEAD!!! Bryan in on his belly now, Storm is back up, Storm's got Bryan's leg... LANCE STORM HAS THE CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF LOCKED IN!!! Danielson is screaming in agony, he might have to tap to this one... wait, he's slowly crawling toward the ropes... he might make it... YES!!! Storm is forced to break the hold!

Storm lets go in frustration, but crouches down and waits for Danielson to get up. Danielson does eventually get up, holding his knee, STORM GOES FOR THE SUPER KICK... DANIELSON DUCKS IT... Danielson jumps up and grabs Storm's arm... DANIELSON HAS THE LABELLE LOCK IN!!! IT'S LOCKED IN TIGHT... STORM TAPS OUT, STORM TAPS OUT!!!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson by Submission after 7:32

The crowd is chanting “American Dragon” as Danielson has his arm raised in victory, though you can tell his knee's hurting him big time. Eventually, Storm gets to his feet, and Danielson extends his arm to Lance Storm. Lance looks at him for a moment, and he can be heard saying “You're great, but you're not a Canadian” before exiting the ring. With that, we go to a break.


When we return, we see Antonio Banks standing beside Angelina Love. Love seems to be less then thrilled as Banks talks to her.

Antonio Banks: You know, baby, I'm a future world champion! I'm the best in the world.

Angelina Love: Oh, really?

Antonio Banks: Yeah, girl! There ain't nobody in the back that can take me on, so how bout' you hook up with the best in the world...

At this moment, Matt Morgan approaches Banks. He smiles at Angelina, and she takes the opportunity to walk away, and Morgan stares a hole into Banks. Antonio looks a little nervous, but he's holding his composure pretty well.

Matt Morgan: The best? The best? Tell ya what, Banks, I've heard what you had to say the past couple of weeks, and I just got done introducing myself to our new general manager. Your name came up, and I had a great idea! Next week, you're going against “The Blueprint”!

Morgan walks away, and Banks just stares at him as we cut to the production truck, where JBL is introducing himself to the boys. A knock is heard at the door, and Jeff Jarrett enters the truck.

JBL: Jeff, how can I help you?

Jeff Jarrett: Well, Mr. Layfield, I know that you're very new to TNA, and I used to run the show around here, you know...

JBL: Yes, I'm aware of this, and I must say, you did a good job for awhile! The boys up north were getting kind of worried about you when you were running the show.

Jarrett smiles

Jeff Jarrett: Well, that means a lot to me, Mr. Layfield. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself to you and invite you out to dinner tonight, talk about some of the things you might want to know about the boys in the back, the finer details about TNA, make the job a little easier on you.

JBL: Jeff, are you saying that I'm not able to run the show on my own?

Jeff Jarrett: No, no, not at all, Mr. Layfield...

JBL: Well, as kind of an offer as that is, I must politely decline. I'd love to talk with you at some point, please give my people a call. Right now, though, I've got to go.

JBL leaves the truck, leaving Jarrett sitting there, dumb-founded. We cut to a split screen of AJ and Daniels making their way to the ring. Text saying “Next” flashes across the screen, and we cut to commercial.


When we return, “I Am” is already playing (The old school one, not the modern remix). Pyro fills up the purple tunnel, and AJ walks through the pyro, wearing his old school trunks and hooded vest. The crowd is going wild for AJ.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a Quarter Finals match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament, and is your main event! Making his way to the ring, from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing in at 215 pounds, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles!

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, AJ Styles has been the face of TNA for years! There's no doubt in anybody's mind that AJ has got to be one of the favorites to win this tournament!

Taz: Now hang on, Mikey! Don't get me wrong, AJ's one of the best in the world, but I don't think that you're giving Christopher Daniels enough credit! If there's one guy in TNA who can eliminate AJ from this tournament, if there's anybody who knows AJ's style, it's Daniels!

“I Am” fades out, and “Disposable Teens” by Marilyn Manson plays. The stage area fills with fog, the lights go to a mix between dark blue and red, and Daniels makes his way out, to the boo's of the crowd.

Stacy Keibler: ...and his opponent, from the City of Angels, weighing in at 224 pounds, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!

Taz: Now, if you want my pick to win the belt, it's this man! Christopher Daniels has been one of the best wrestlers in TNA since the beginning, and I think that this might be his time to shine!

MAIN EVENT: AJ Styles VS Christopher Daniels

The two tie up as the bell is ringing, and AJ moves right in, hitting Daniels with a drop kick. Daniels gets up and AJ knocks him back down with a discus clothesline. Daniels gets up quickly again, the two tie up, Daniels whips AJ into the ropes, AJ springboards and flips over Daniels, AJ HITS DANIELS WITH A REVERSE DDT WHILE STILL IN THE AIR!!! AJ goes for a pin! 1... 2... kick out! AJ is in firm control in the opening minutes! After a few minutes, AJ tries to lock in a figure four, but Daniels kicks him off. Daniels gets up and AJ runs toward him, but Daniels plants AJ with an enzugiri! The two get up, and Daniels runs toward AJ, AJ flips him over the top rope, Daniels catches himself and lands on the apron, AJ moves in, but Daniels plants him with a punch that sends AJ to the ground, Daniels jumps up to the top rope, CHRISTOPHER PLANTS STYLES WITH A SPRINGBOARD DDT!!! Daniels goes for the pin... 1... 2... STYLES KICKS OUT!!!

Daniels has got this match for the next few minutes, hitting a lot of big moves and going for no less then five pin attempts! It isn't long before Daniels starts to get cocky and throws AJ outside of the ring. Daniels springboards up to the top rope, HE JUMPS FOR A PLANCHA... AJ MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!! AJ rolls back into the ring, he hits the rope, HE SPRINGBOARDS... AJ HITS DANIELS WITH A SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS PLANCHA!!! AJ lifts Daniels up and slides him into the ring, AJ jumps up to the apron... AJ HITS A MASSIVE SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH, HE'S GOING FOR THE PIN!!! 1... 2.... DANIELS KICKS OUT!!!

The two slowly get back up, and throw a few punches back and fourth at one another, but Styles lifts “The Fallen Angel” up into a suplex... OH MY GOD!!! AJ just dropped Daniels into a neck-breaker slam! AJ's lifting Daniels up... he's bending him over... HE'S TRYING TO HIT THE STYLES CLASH... BUT DANIELS FLIPS HIM OVER!!! AJ gets up and runs toward Daniels, BUT DANIELS CATCHES HIM AND NAILS AJ WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Daniels takes a second to catch his breath as AJ gets up... Daniels is right on him, Daniels boots AJ in the gut... DANIELS JUST HIT AJ WITH THE ANGELS WINGS!!! HE'S GOING FOR THE PIN!!! 1... 2.... 3!! CHRISTOPHER DANIELS HAS DONE IT!!!

WINNER: Christopher Daniels by Pinfall at 10:56. Daniels advances to the semi finals!

Christopher Daniels stands in the middle of the ring, happier then ever! The ref raises his hand as the crowd boo's wildly. It looks like the last shot of the night is Daniels standing on the top rope, arms raised, but instead we jump to JBL's office.

JBL: If I may take just another moment out of you're night, I have a few large announcements for next week. Not only will we see the first qualifying match for the Television Title Gauntlet, Antonio Banks VS Matt Morgan, the debut of Alexander Kozlov, and the final quarter finals match of the TNA World Title Tournament- Which will be Rob Van Dam facing Mr. Anderson- but there will also be a huge tag team battle royal! You see, next week, every tag team in TNA will be in a battle royal, and the four teams to make it to the end will face off in a four-team tournament to determine who the next TNA Tag Team Champions will be, and the final two men will face off at Destination X. Thank you, and goodnight!



Austin Aries d. Brian Kendrick
Colt Cabana d. Abyss VIA DQ
Beer Money Inc d. Lethal Consequences
Bryan Danielson d. Lance Storm
Christopher Daniels d. AJ Styles. Daniels advances to the semi finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Rob Van Dam VS Mr. Anderson
TNA Television Title Gauntlet Qualifier- Hardcore Match: Colt Cabana VS Abyss
TNA Tag Title Tournament Qualification Battle Royal
Matt Morgan VS Antonio Banks
Alexander Kozlov Debuts

Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament
Finals of the TNA Tag Team Title Tournament
TNA Television Title Gauntlet Match

Author Note: I hope that you guy's really enjoyed this episode! I felt bad for not updating for such a long time, so I took a lot of time and spent the last two nights working on this! Hopefully it won't be so long until the next update, eh?​

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For February 2nd

By the end of last week's Impact, the new General Manager, Mr. John B. Layfield, pretty much guaranteed that this week will be HUGE for the history of TNA, and the build for Destination X, and there's no doubt that possibly the biggest thing he announced was the final quarter-finals match in the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament! Rob Van Dam came to TNA in a blaze of glory, winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship within his first two months! While RVD never really LOST the World title, he had to be stripped of it after suffering a severe injury! Mr. Anderson debut just a little before RVD, and he won the TNA World Title within a year of his being with the company! After losing the belt, Anderson lost his focus, but in the months before the re-branding, Anderson had a fire lit under him when he beat then-TNA World champion, Kurt Angle! Will RVD get one step closer to winning back the title he never lost, or will the age of the asshole come closer to fruition?

Mr. Brownson announced this past week that, at Destination X, there will be a four-man gauntlet match to determine who the new Television Champion will be, and this week, the first of those four men will be decided! This past week, Colt Cabana made his debut facing off against "The Monster" Abyss. Abyss got himself disqualified, and Cabana threw himself in the fire to save a referee who might have just spared Cabana his career. Mr. Brownson was not pleased by this, so he announced that the first qualifying match for the TV Title Gauntlet would be a rematch between Abyss and Cabana... and it would be held under Hardcore rules! Is this too much in Abyss' favor, or will Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana shock the world by beating "The Monster"?

At the end of the night, Mr. Layfield announced a huge, eight-team battle royal, where the four surviving teams will move on to a four-team tournament for the TNA Tag Team Titles! The rules of the battle royal are as such; If one half of a tag team is eliminated, it does NOT put the entire team out of the running! Only after both team members are eliminated is that team eliminated! With that new dynamic in, who will be the four men to advance to the tournament?

Who will be the final man to advance to the semi-finals in the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament? Will Cabana get his revenge, or will Abyss be the man to advance to the TV Title Gauntlet? What four tag teams will have a shot of becoming the new TNA Tag Team Champions? Will Matt Morgan finally be able to shut Antonio Banks up? What will happen when Alexander Kozlov makes his in-ring debut?


Author Note: Okay, I know I'm notorious for it being at least a week and a half-two weeks after I post the preview before I end up posting the actual show, but I'm going to try and make sure that's not the case! I'll try to have the next Impact up within a few days! Anyway, hope you're looking forward to the next Impact as much as I am looking forward to writing it!

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For January 26th, 2012

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor blares as the intro video plays. However, the pyro doesn’t go off. Instead, we are greeted by “Rabbit Run” by Eminem, and LAX coming out, to the boos of the crowd.

Stacy Keibler: …the next team, weighing in at a combined 490 pounds, the Latin American X-Change

Mike Tenay: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to TNA Impact! I’m Mike Tenay, he’s Taz, and our opening match is the Tag Team battle royal to determine who will be in the tournament to crown our new Tag Team champions!

Taz: We already have most of our teams out here! LAX is on their way, Lethal Consequences is in the ring, the Motor City Machine Guns, Daivari and Dutt, Beer Money and The British Invasion, AND we still have two more teams on their way! This is gonna be huge, Mikey!

“Rabbit Run” fades and “California Uber Allies” by the Dead Kennedy’s starts to play as OMEGA makes their way down to the ring, the fan’s cheering them on as they high-five members of the crowd!

Stacy Keibler: …the next team, weighing at a combined 366 pounds, Gregory Helms and Shannon Moore, Team OMEGA!

Taz: Mikey, I’m going to go ahead and say that this is going to be one of the teams to make it into the final four and advance!

Mike Tenay: Well, they were successful in their debut match a few weeks back, they do have momentum, they could very well become one of the teams to make it! Folks, in case you missed our online preview, the rules of this battle royal is that both members of the team must be eliminated for the team to be out of the running!

“California Uber Allies” fades out and “TNT” by ACDC plays as Haas & Ki make their way out to the ring, completely focused on the ring and their match, ignoring the moderate boo’s being thrown their way.

Stacy Keibler: …and the final team, weighing in at a combined 425 pounds, Charlie Haas and Low Ki!

Taz: This is another one of my picks! The silent intensity of Haas and Ki, the technical prowess between the two teams, lemme tell ya somethin’, Mikey, I’m pretty sure that these guys are going to become very huge in a very short amount of time!

MATCH 1: Tag Team Battle Royal

At the sound of the bell, the 8 teams immediately go after each other, making it pretty difficult to tell whose doing what where! About a minute in, though, the herd begins to thin, as Hernandez throws Consequences Creed out, making Creed the first elimination of the night. Creed is quickly followed by Shawn Daivari and Brutus Magnus, both of which are eliminated by James Storm. Not much longer passes until Jay Lethal is eliminated by Rob Terry, making Lethal Consequences the first team eliminated completely! We’re at about the four minute mark. More chaos happens and we get our first big highlight. Charlie Haas lifts Sonjay Dutt up on his shoulders, as Low Ki goes up to the top rope. Ki jumps off the top AND CROSS BODIES DUTT OFF OF HAAS’ SHOULDERS!!! Both men hit the outside of the ring hard! The teams of Dutt & Daivari are eliminated, as is Low Ki, who sacrificed himself! There are six teams left in this match!

After another minute or so, we see our next elimination, when Beer Money INC double flap jack Homicide out of the ring. Hernandez runs forward and clotheslines Roode out of the ring, but Storm super kicks Hernandez right on the tip of his chin, causing him to stumble backwards and exit the ring. LAX is eliminated from the bout, as is Robert Roode. Alex Shelley runs toward Roode, but Roode throws Alex out of the ring, eliminating him as well! We’re now down to Chris Sabin, Robert Roode, Rob Terry, Charlie Haas and OMEGA, with both Helms and Moore in the ring!

OMEGA starts brawling with Haas and Terry, and Sabin and Roode start to brawl. OMEGA end up hitting the Count Down on Terry, but Haas runs in and clotheslines Helms out of the ring, meaning there are now no full teams in the battle royal. Terry grabs Haas by the back of his head and throws him over the top… but wait… HAAS IS HANGING ON!!! Terry notices and starts pushing on Haas, trying to get him over the top, but Haas is hanging on… MOORE RUNS IN AND DROP KICKS TERRY ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! HAAS GRABS ON TO THE STUNNED ROB TERRY… HE’S PULLING ON HIM… ROB TERRY IS ELIMINATED!!! IT’S OVER!!!!

ADVANCING: Beer Money INC (Robert Roode survives), Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin survives), Charlie Haas & Low Ki (Haas survives) and OMEGA (Shannon Moore survives) (Match lasts 10:45)

Haas re-enters the ring, and the four men stare each other down. Their partners run in and join in the massive four-team stare-down as we go to commercial.


When we return, Jeremy Borash is standing beside Rob Van Dam in the interview area.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam! Rob, later on tonight, you will be competing in the final quarter-final bout of the TNA World Title tournament, and you will be facing Mr. Anderson. How do you feel going into this match?

Rob Van Dam: Well, JB, me and Ken have a long history with one another, and none of it’s been good. He hates me, I hate him, we both want the TNA World championship, and that’s all fine and good. However, unlike Ken, I never lost that belt! I was never pinned, I never submitted, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s about time that I get the gold back, dude! So tonight, Stacy’s going to be announcing the winner as me, R-V-D!

Rob Van Dam walks off the set, and we return to the Impact zone, which is now decorated with a trash can filled with weapons at each corner and two tables that are set up outside of the ring. “Down in the Catacombs” blares, the arena goes red, the pyro goes off, and Abyss makes his way to the ring, carrying a black bag and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. The audience is booing madly!

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first qualifying match for the Television Title Gauntlet Match at Destination X, and it will be a hardcore match! Making his way to the ring, from Party Unknown, weighing in at 350 pounds, he is “The Monster” Abyss!

Mike Tenay: Taz, let me tell you something, after last week’s match, seeing what Abyss was able to take, I’m really concerned for Colt Cabana’s well-being!

Taz: Mikey, there’s no denying that Colt’s gonna have to pull all the stops on this one! Colt’s a creative guy, but Abyss is one sick, sadistic son of a bitch!

“Down in the Catacombs” fades out and, for the second week in a row, is followed by “Super Freak” by Rick James. Colt Cabana makes his way out to the cheers of the crowd… and he’s carrying a black bag of his own, only this one is a duffel bag.

Stacy Keibler: …and his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 233 pounds, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana!

Mike Tenay: Wait a second, what has Colt got in that duffel bag?

Taz: I dunno, Mikey, but if he wants to win this match, let’s hope it’s a freakin’ bazooka or somethin’ like that!


The match starts off with Abyss moving right toward Cabana, but Cabana dropkicks Abyss in the knee, causing him to stumble, and giving Cabana the opportunity to throw him outside of the ring. While Abyss is getting up, Cabana digs around his black bag. Abyss is on the apron, and Cabana pulls… a pie from the bag… CABANA HIT’S ABYSS IN THE FACE WITH THE PIE!!! Abyss wipes the pie off of his face as Colt pulls yet another item out of his bag… a rubber chicken? Cabana hits Abyss multiple times with the chicken as he enters the ring, before running right back to the bag. Abyss slowly approaches Colt as he grabs the bag, but Colt nails him with the bag and… ABYSS GOES DOWN!!! Abyss backs into the corner, still sitting, while holding his head, as Colt pulls the final object out of his bag… A FREAKING BOWLING BALL!!! Colt lines up his shot as “The Monster” holds his head, still sitting in the corner, Colt rolls the ball… THE BALL HITS ABYSS RIGHT IN THE GROIN!!! Abyss is screaming in pain as Cabana goes to the apron and raises his arms, causing the crowd to cheer!

Cabana isn’t just show boating, though. He’s exited the ring and is grabbing a trash can filled with weapons, and throwing it into the ring, as well as a steel chair he found under the ring and… a mannequin head? He turns to an audience member and says “I asked Al if I could borrow this” as he enters the ring once more. Instead of focusing on what weapons are in the trash can, or the steel chair, he goes at Abyss with the mannequin head, as “The Monster” slowly gets to his feet, holding his groin! Colt hits Abyss a few times with the head, before Abyss violently throws him off. Realizing that the “Fun and Games” portion of this match is over, Colt throws down the head and grabs a steel chair, he holds it against his back, he runs toward Abyss, Colt jumps up, HE’S LOOKING FOR A LEAPING HIP ATTACK WITH THE STEEL CHAIR… BUT ABYSS CATCHES HIM!!! Cabana screams for help as Abyss drags him over to the edge of the ring… ABYSS THROWS CABANA OVER THE TOP ROPE THROUGH ONE OF THE TABLES!!!!

Abyss follows Colt outside of the ring, grabs one of the trash cans and empties it, revealing its contents; A trashcan lid, a speed limit sign, a computer keyboard, a kendo stick, a cooking sheet and… oh god, a cheese grater! Cabana slowly gets to his feet as Abyss picks up the keyboard, Abyss slowly walks toward Cabana, like a villain from a slasher movie, Colt is on his feet, he turns around AND ABYSS BREAKS THE KEYBOARD IN HALF OVER CABANA’S HEAD!!! Abyss moves back over to the weapons and… oh no, Abyss grabbed the grater! Cabana uses the guard rail to get to his feet as Abyss moves toward him, Cabana sees him, he punches “The Monster” a few times, and Abyss grabs Cabana in a side head lock, ABYSS RAKES THAT CHEESE GRATER OVER CABANA’S HEAD!!! When Abyss finally let’s go, Cabana collapses to the floor, his face now a crimson mask. Abyss is now focusing on one of the tables! He grabs it and puts it in the ring, then sets it up. Meanwhile, Cabana is up on his feet, and he’s digging around one of the trash can’s… and HE PULLS OUT A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!! Abyss moves over to the apron, not noticing the weapon Cabana has, he grabs Colt by the head, BUT COLT CABANA SPRAYS ABYSS IN THE FACE WITH THE EXTINGUISHER!!! Cabana slides back in the ring, as Abyss stumbles around, CABANA BLASTS ABYSS IN THE HEAD WITH THE EXTINGUISHER!!! Cabana goes for the pin… 1… 2… ABYSS KICKED OUT!!!

There’s no denying that Cabana is weakened, as he takes longer the usual to get to his feet, grabbing the ropes for support, as Abyss also gets to his feet. Abyss gets up first, but he’s stumbling around, Cabana finally gets to his feet, the two meet, Cabana hits Abyss with a strong right hand, “The Monster” stumbles a bit, Cabana hits him with another punch, yet another punch, Cabana runs to the ropes, he hits the ropes, he runs toward Abyss… “THE MONSTER” LEVELS CABANA WITH A BLACK HOLE SLAM!!! ABYSS COULD GET THE PIN… BUT HE’S NOT GOING FOR IT!!! No, instead he… oh dear god, he’s looking at that black bag! Abyss picks up the black bag and moves over to the table he set up earlier, and he dumps the contents on the table… oh my god, that bag is filled with thumb tacks! Cabana has slowly, painfully gotten to his feet by this point, Abyss notices, he boots Colt in the gut, he doubles him over… OH MY GOD, ABYSS JUST POWER BOMBED COLT CABANA THROUGH THE TABLE COVERED IN THUMB TACKS!!! Cabana rolls around for a minute, screaming in pain, showing the world that his back has become a human pin cushion; Abyss finally makes the pin… 1… 2… 3! It’s all over!


The crowd is booing wildly as Abyss just stares at what’s left of Colt Cabana.

Taz: Mikey, I’ll tell you what, I have to give Colt Cabana major props for lasting as long as he did against Abyss, but I think that he’s gonna be paying for that one for a long time!

Mike Tenay: How can you sound so calm right now, Taz? Colt Cabana is a bloodied mess in the center of the ring, his career might have just been ended, and it’s all because of that man, Abyss! I don’t know what JBL was thinking when he booked this match, that’s a human being lying in the center of the ring!

Taz: How can I seem so calm? Mikey, I was in E-C-Dub for how long? That said, though, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen somebody get destroyed like that! Oh, and by the way, it was Mr. Brownson that made the match, not Mr. Layfield!


When we return, we are in JBL’s office, where he is reaching inside of his cowboy hat, moving his hand around. Within a few moments, four teams file their way into the office… the four teams that advanced to the tag title tournament earlier tonight! JBL smiles as the teams look at him.

JBL: Gentlemen, glad you could make it. First off, I would like to congratulate you for making it to the tournament, which was a hell of a battle royal you all put on out there! On to business, though, inside this hat, there are four numbers. You are going to draw from the hat and pick one of those numbers, which will determine the brackets of the tournament, and decide when your matches will be! Now, Charlie, since you made the final elimination, I think it’s only fair that you get the first pick!

Charlie Haas and Low Ki look at one another before Haas walks up and picks out one of the numbers, which is printed on a ping pong ball. Next up, Robert Roode from Beer Money Inc walks up and draws a number, then Alex Shelley from the Motor City Machine Guns, and finally Gregory Helms from OMEGA.

JBL: Alright, show me your numbers!

The group shows JBL which number they have. JBL smiles.

JBL: Well, this should be good! The first match in the tournament will take place in two weeks, and that will be Beer Money Inc taking on the Motor City Machine Guns! The week after that, it will be Charlie Haas and Low Ki facing off against Team OMEGA! Gentlemen, rest up, make sure you’re in fighting condition, and good luck!

The teams glare at one another as we cut to the interview area, where Mickie James is standing with Mr. Anderson.

Mickie James: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Mr. Anderson. Ken, earlier tonight, your opponent Rob Van Dam…

Ken lifts up a finger to silence her and he grabs the mic.

Mr. Anderson: Mickie, I heard what RVD said earlier. “Oh, I was stripped of the title, I should be champion, boo freakin’ hoo!” Look, Rob, I don’t care how you lost the belt! I don’t care what “Rights” you think you have, I don’t give a damn! You want to win, I want to win, we’re going to brutalize each other out there tonight, but all that matters is that at the end of the night, Stacy’s going to say that the winner of the match is MR. ANDERSON… Anderson!

Anderson walks away, and we cut to a corridor, where Alexander Kozlov is walking.

Mike Tenay: Folks, up next, we’re going to finally see the debut of Alexander Kozlov!


When we return, “Poetic Pitbull Revolutions” by Diablo String Orchestra is playing, and Chavo Guerrero Jr is already standing in the center of the ring. “Poetic Pitbull Revolutions” fades out, and “The Soviet March” by Krasnaya Armia begins to play as Alexander Kozlov marches to the ring, the crowd booing him.

Stacy Keibler: …and his opponent, from Moscow, Russia, weighing in at 302 pounds, Alexander Kozlov!

Mike Tenay: Folks, we’ve seen the promos, we’ve heard Kozlov’s strong words, now it’s time to see if he’s worth the hype!

Taz: Worth the hype? Mike, do you see this guy? He’s 6’4, 302 pounds of pure, raw muscle; he’s demolished men all over the world! I think it’s painfully obvious he’s worth the hype!

MATCH 3: Chavo Guerrero Jr VS Alexander Kozlov

The match begins with the two staring each other down, Kozlov virtually towering over Chavo! Chavo throws the first punch, then the second, he goes for a third, Kozlov grabs his arm, trapping it under his, Kozlov starts head butting the hell out of Guerrero, he throws Guerrero to the ropes, Chavo jumps up and hits Kozlov with a running cross body, he goes for the pin, 1… 2… kick out! The two get up, Kozlov runs toward Guerrero, but Guerrero hits a drop toe hold, he rolls it into a single leg crab… BUT ALEXANDER USES HIS MASSIVE LEG STRENGTH TO THROW CHAVO OFF OF HIM!!!

Chavo is startled by the sheer, monstrous strength of his Russian opponent! The two get up, Chavo still with a shocked look on his face, Chavo runs forward, clotheslines Kozlov… but he doesn’t budge! Chavo hits the ropes and runs forward again, BUT KOZLOV LEVELS HIM WITH A HEAD BUTT!!! Kozlov drags Guerrero up to his feet, he grabs him, OVER HEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Kozlov picks Guerrero up again, and HE NAILS CHAVO WITH THE IRON CURTAIN!!! He goes for the pin! 1… 2… 3! It’s done!

WINNER: Alexander Kozlov by pin fall after 5:12

The crowd boo’s Kozlov as he gets up and raises his arm in victory, no show of emotion on his face. We then cut backstage where Antonio Banks is sitting back stage, in his ring gear, looking very unhappy. A graphic saying “Next” pops up on the screen as we cut to commercial.


When we return, we are greeted by “Get Back” by Ludacris playing. Antonio Banks reluctantly makes his way to the ring, talking on his cell phone, ignoring the boos of the crowd.

Stacy Keibler: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 252 pounds, Antonio Banks!

Mike Tenay: Taz, I have to say, I’m happy that this match is happening! If anyone can beat the ego and sense of entitlement out of Banks, it’s “The Blueprint!”

Taz: Mikey, once again, you’re selling somebody short! Antonio Banks is a hell of an athlete! Yeah, he’s arrogant, but he has every right to be! I like his odds going into this match! I like them quite a bit!

“Get Back” fades out, and “Sleeping Giant” by 10 fold starts to blare. The arena goes blue as Morgan makes his way out to the ring, robe cloaked over him, the crowd cheering! Morgan throws his robe off as his pyro goes off and marches to the ring!

Stacy Keibler: …and his opponent, from Fairfeild, Connecticut, weighing in at 328 pounds, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan!

MATCH 4: Antonio Banks VS Matt Morgan

The match starts off with Banks extending his hand for a hand shake. Morgan looks to the crowd, who is booing, but Morgan accepts the hand shake… and is kicked right in the knee by Banks. Morgan drops down to his knees, and Banks starts flooring him with punches to the head. Morgan eventually pushes Antonio off of him, he’s on his feet, Banks hits the ropes, Morgan goes for a clothesline, Banks ducks it, he hits the ropes again, he kicks Matt in the gut, then nails him with a DDT! Banks takes advantage, wearing down the big man with various stomps and holds, before finally hitting the Ballin’ elbow! Banks goes for the pin, 1… 2… kick out!

Banks is a little flustered by this, but he gets to his feet. He stalks Morgan as he gets up, Antonio runs forward for a big boot, but Morgan catches his leg, he throws it down, MORGAN NAILS BANKS WITH A DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!!! Morgan lifts Antonio back to his feet; he doubles him over, MATT MORGAN NAILS BANKS WITH A GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!!! Banks screams in pain, and Morgan controls the next few minutes of this match, throwing Banks around like a bag of garbage! Finally, it looks like Banks might be getting control, as he hits Morgan with a few big right hands; Banks hits the ropes, MORGAN NAILS HIM WITH A CARBON FOOTPRINT!!! “THE BLUEPRINT” MAKES THE PIN… 1… 2… BANKS KICKS OUT!!! HE KICKS OUT!!!

Morgan is shocked by this, but doesn’t waste a whole lot of time! He lifts Banks back up to his feet, he puts him in a fireman’s carry, but Banks slides out and hits Morgan with a reverse DDT on his way down! Banks slowly gets up to his feet, holding his torso in pain. Morgan gets up to his feet at about the same time, they walk toward each other, they exchange a few big punches, Morgan gets booted in the gut, Banks runs toward the ropes, ANTONIO HITS MORGAN WITH THE DRIVE-BY KICK!!! He could have the pin, but Banks brings Morgan back up to his feet, he doubles him over, ANTONIO BANKS HITS MATT MORGAN WITH THE PLAYMAKER!!! HE GOES FOR THE PIN, 1… 2… 3!!! BANKS WON!!!

WINNER: Antonio Banks by pin fall after 8:48

The crowd boo’s wildly as Banks goes outside of the ring, right for his phone, which is ringing! He answers the phone and gloats to whoever is on the other line, saying things like “It was nothing, are you kidding me?”

Mike Tenay: I cannot believe he won the match, and now he’s belittling his opponent!

Taz: Why shouldn’t he? Antonio Banks proved he was the better man tonight, so what reason does he have to be subtle about his win! This is huge for him!

Mike Tenay: Well, I’m not happy about this, but what I am happy about is our main event, which is up next!


When we return, “Feedback” is playing, and Mr. Anderson is standing on the stage, mic in hand. He glares at the booing crowd before speaking.

Mr. Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, it’s your main event, and it is the last semi-finals match in the TNA World Title Tournament! Making his way to the ring, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in tonight at a muscular 243 pounds, he is your soon-to-be three time TNA World Champion… MR ANDERSON… Anderson!

“Feedback” continues to play as Anderson marches down to the ring, a smug look on his face, still being booed by the crowd.

Mike Tenay: Folks, Anderson’s very arrogant going into this match, and…

Taz: Let me guess, ya don’t like it? Mikey, you really do need to lighten up a little bit! Ken is an accomplished wrestler, he very well could win the tournament, you know!

Mike Tenay: I’m not trying to take away from his in-ring work, but he’s…

Taz: An asshole? Yeah, he kinda proud of that fact, Mikey! It’s on his T-Shirt if you haven’t noticed, so you’re not breaking any ground with this oh-so-obvious statement!

“Feedback” cuts out, and “Walk” by Pantera starts to blare! The crowd goes wild as RVD makes his way down the ring, taking plenty of time to gloat!

Stacy Keibler: …and his opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing in at 237 pounds, “Mr. Thursday Night” Rob Van Dam!

Taz: Let me guess, you don’t like him either, do you?

Mike Tenay: What would give you that impression? I like Rob quite a bit!

Taz: Wait, so you don’t like half of the roster because they’re arrogant, but you like the most arrogant guy on the roster? I really don’t understand you one little bit, Mikey!

MAIN EVENT: Mr. Anderson VS Rob Van Dam

The match starts off with the two tying up in the center of the ring, and in the opening minutes, there’s actually quite a bit of chain wrestling, something that Anderson doesn’t do that often! Soon enough, though, Anderson gets Rob in a gutwrench position and starts laying into RVD with a plethora of knees, then backs it into a front head lock and levels him with snap DDT. Anderson takes early control of the match, using a very brawl-centered style, before eventually nailing RVD with a side slam backbreaker. Anderson goes up to the top rope, HE JUMPS FOR A KENTON BOMB… HE HITS IT!!! COULD THIS ONE ALREADY BE OVER?!? 1… 2… RVD KICKS OUT!!!

Ken looks very frustrated, but he presses on, grabbing RVD by the hair and bringing him to his feet. Ken throws a punch, but RVD ducks out of the way and kicks Ken in the side. RVD throws another kick, yet again nailing Anderson in the side, he goes for a boot to the gut, Anderson catches his leg, RVD NAILS ANDERSON WITH A STEP-OVER SPINNING WHEEL KICK!!! Anderson drops to the ground, RVD hits the ropes… ROLLING THUNDER!!! RVD GOES FOR THE PIN… 1… 2… KICK OUT!!! RVD WAS SO DAMN CLOSE WITH THAT ONE!!! RVD goes to pick Anderson up… BUT ANDERSON ROLLS RVD UP WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!! 1… 2… KICK OUT!!

The two get back up and have another back-and-fourth exchange, but it quickly ends with Anderson thumbing RVD in the eye. The ref goes to yell at Anderson, but he ignores him, drags RVD over to the turnbuckle, and starts bashing RVD’s head on it! The ref pulls Anderson off of RVD and threatens to disqualify Anderson, but the damage has been done! Anderson beats the tar out of RVD for a little bit longer, and he eventually gets RVD over to the turnbuckle. Anderson punches “Mr. TNA” for a little while, before lifting him up in a fireman’s carry position… Anderson brings RVD up to the second rope… GREEN BAY PLUNGE!!! RVD JUST GOT HIT WITH THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE!! THIS ONE HAS TO BE OVER!!! 1… 2… HOLY SHIT, RVD KICKS OUT!!!

Anderson gets up and immediately starts arguing with the referee, giving RVD some time to recover, go behind Anderson, and nail him with a huge release German suplex! Both men are motionless on the mat, and the ref starts his count! 1… no movement… 2… still nothing… 3… these two are motionless… 4… RVD starts to move… 5… Anderson is moving as well… 6… both men are crawling over to the ropes… 7… they’re using the ropes to get up… 8… Anderson is on his feet, quickly joined by RVD. The two move to the center of the ring and start punching one another back and forth. Ken hits the ropes, he runs toward RVD, RVD boots him in the gut and throws him to the corner, RVD runs forward. RVD MONKEY FLIP’S ANDERSON!!! Wait… RVD’s going to the top rope… RVD’s on the top rope… 5 STAR FROG SPLASH!!! RVD’S GOING FOR THE PIN!!! 1… 2… 3!!! YES!!! RVD WINS!!! RVD HAS ADVANCED!!!


The fans are cheering wildly as Van Dam has his arm raised in victory! This is our final shot of the night.



Motor City Machine Guns, Team OMEGA, Beer Money Inc and Haas & Benjamin survive the battle royal
Abyss d. Colt Cabana, advances to TNA Television Title Gauntlet
Alexander Kozlov d. Chavo Guerrero Jr
Antonio Banks d. Matt Morgan
Rob Van Dam d. Mr Anderson, advances to World Title tournament semifinals

First semi-finals match in the World Title Tournament

Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament
Finals of the TNA Tag Team Title Tournament
TNA Television Title Gauntlet Match

Author Note: Okay, it took me a LITTLE bit longer to have this up then I was planning, but it’s been a hell of a week for me, so I hope you understand! More importantly, I hope y’all enjoyed the show!
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