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Ah, TNA... Total Nonstop Action, the National Wrestling Alliance affiliate. TNA has been in action since June of 2002. TNA has lasted for three years so far, going along with its ups and downs. The ups include the new stars made like AJ Styles, Monty Brown, and Abyss, as well as earnign a National Television show in Impact, and running their first 3-Hour PPV in Victory Road. The downs being mainly the weak booking and tremendous money lost.

However, this is not the point to be made anymore. TNA is vastly approaching Slammiversary, their 3-Year Anniversary show. If a major success, Slammiversary could propel TNA into much bigger waters in the aspect of compeititon with WWE.

The stage is just after Hard Justice, starting with the first Impact after Hard Justice, the May 20th edition. Enjoy the ride as TNA prepares to go into waters that is has never gone into before.


A-1- Heel (Managed by Scott D'Amore)
'The Monster' Abyss- Heel
'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles- Face (NWA World Heavyweight Champion)
Andy Douglas- Tweener (1/2 NWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion)
Apolo- Face
BG James- Face
Big Tilly- Heel
Bobby Roode- Heel (Managed by Scott D'Amore)
Bruno Sassi- Heel
Buck Quartermain- Tweener
Cassidy Riley- Face
Chase Stevens- Tweener (1/2 NWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion)
'Wildcat' Chris Harris- Face
Chris Sabin- Face (Managed by Trinity)
'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels- Heel (NWA X-Division Champion)
David Young- Tweener
Don Harris- Tweener
Dustin Rhodes- Face (On Suspension Until July)
Dusty Rhodes- Face (Director of Authority)
Elix Skipper- Face
Eric Young- Heel (Managed by Scott D'Amore)
Erik Watts- Face (Rehabilitation: Out Indefinitely)
'Cowboy' James Storm- Face
'The Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy- Face (Suspended Until July)
'The King of the Mountain' Jeff Jarrett- Heel
Jerrelle Clark- Face
'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn- Tweener (Shoulder Injury: Out Until June/July)
Johnny Devine- Heel (Leg Injury: Out Until March 06: Managed by Scott D'Amore)
Johnny Fairplay- Heel (Inactive)
'K-Dawg' Konnan- Face
Lance Hoyt- Tweener
Michael Shane- Heel (Managed by Traci)
Mikey Batts- Face
'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown- Heel
'The Canadian Destroyer' Petey Williams- Heel (Managed by Scott D'Amore)
Raven- Heel
Ron Harris- Tweener
Ron Killings- Face
'Coach' Scott D'Amore- Heel (Manages P. Williams, E. Young, A-1, B. Roode, & J. Devine)
'Da Bad Guy' Scott Hall- Heel (Out Indefinitely)
'The Kid' Sean Waltman- Face
Shane Douglas- Face (Backstage Interviewer)
Shark Boy- Face
Shocker- Face
'Playa from the Himalaya' Sonjay Dutt- Face
Sonny Siaki- Face
The Outlaw- Heel
Traci- Heel (Manages Michael Shane)
Trinity- Face (Manages Chris Sabin)
Trytan- Heel

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: 'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles
NWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions: The Naturals
NWA X-Division Champion: 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels

Tag Teams:
3 Live Kru (BG James/Konnan/Ron Killings)
America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)
Apolo & Sonny Siaki
Buck Quartermain & David Young
Disciples of Destruction (Ron & Don Harris)
Dustin Rhodes & Cassidy Riley
Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts
Phi Delta Slam (Big Tilly & Bruno Sassi)
Team Canada (A-1/Roode/Young/Williams)
The Elitists (Jarrett/Brown/Outlaw)
The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)

3 Live Kru
BG James, Konnan, Ron Killings

Team Canada
A-1, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Johnny Devine (Inactive Member), Petey Williams, Scott D'Amore (Leader)

The Elitists
Jeff Jarrett (Leader), Monty Brown, The Outlaw

PPV Schedule:
June: Slammiversary
July: No Surrender
August: Sacrifice
September: Bound For Glory
October: TBA
November: Victory Road
December: The Second Turning Point
January: Final Resolution
February: Against All Odds
March: Destination X
April: Lockdown
May: Hard Justice

TV Schedule:
Impact: Played on FSN, Fridays at 4 PM EST (Impact! is scheduled to be leaving FSN at the end of May, and leave for either WGN or Spike TV, but Impact! could stay with FSN a few weeks longer)

OOC: I hope you enjoy this, as this is my first fed here. The first Impact is basically done, just have the main event to do. Also, no preview for this Impact... I normally do one, but eh, first show, don't want to.

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TNA Impact: 5/20

National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action
TNA Impact!
May 20, 2005​

*Before the show comes on, a quick video from Hard Justice plays. It features the ending to the Jeff Jarrett/AJ Styles main event match, with AJ Styles hitting Jarrett with the Spiral Tap to achieve victory. A short video of AJ Styles then plays, ending with his celebration of winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title at Hard Justice/

The intro to Impact plays, followed by the normal Impact firework and lighting display, starting today’s Impact!

Mike Tenay: Hell everybody, and welcome once again to the Impact Zone for another edition of Impact! I’m Mark Tenay, alongside me is Don West, and Don, you know we are going to have an action packed show today!

Don West: You are right Mike Tenay! Team Canada’s Petey Williams & Bobby Roode will face off against Wildcat Chris Harris & Cowboy James Storm, America’s Most Wanted, for the #1 Contendership to the NWA Tag Team Championship, earning a title shot against The Naturals at TNA’s upcoming PPV, Slammiversary! Slammiversary marks TNA’s 3-Year Anniversary, and this will be, without a doubt, TNA’s biggest PPV yet!

Tenay: You said it, Don, Slammiversary, June 19, marks the 3-Year Anniversary for TNA, and we promise you it will be a great event! But moving back to today, the 3 Live Kru’s BG James & Konnan take on Phi Delta Slam, Michael Shane takes on Sonjay Dutt, and Team Canada’s A-1 will go against Apolo!

West: Not only that, but Abyss, Monty Brown, The Outlaw, and Jeff Jarrett are all in the house!

Tenay: And even more importantly, ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles is in the house, and we will here from the new World Heavyweight Champion today! In fact, I think we’re going to hear from our new champ… right now!

*The Phenomenal Champion*

The music of ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles hits, and the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion walks out to the ring, amidst a chorus of cheers, and in street clothes. AJ slaps hands with many of the fans, soaking up the reaction they give him. AJ gets into the ring finally, and receives a microphone from one of the staff at ringside.

AJ Styles: The Phenomenal One is here!!!

Before AJ can go any further, the crowd explodes into cheers for AJ.

Styles: Yeah, that’s right, The Phenomenal One is in the house, and he is carrying his NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt! Looks pretty good on my shoulder, don’t ya think?

More cheers for AJ breaks out, and an ‘AJ’ chant breaks out.

Styles: For the last year almost, TNA has been ran by one man… Jeff Jarrett. He was the King of the Mountain, and people were trying to come onto Planet Jarrett and win the Title. But you see, at Hard Justice, I stepped right onto Planet Jarrett… and I dethroned the King of the Mountain!

More mega-cheers for AJ Styles… the crowd is ecstatic that they finally have a new World Champion.

Styles: So now, AJ Styles is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. AJ Styles is the new King of the Mountain, and if anyone wants a shot at this title, all they need to do is step on Planet Styles and say the word!

The fans continue to cheer for AJ Styles, but those cheers end up turning to jeers as the music of ‘The King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett hits, and out walks Jeff Jarrett with a guitar, an angry expression on his face. Jarrett marches down to the ring, completely irate. Jarrett grabs a microphone from Jeremy Borash, and gets right into the ring.

Jeff Jarrett: AJ Styles, you come out here, and you run your mouth, acting like you are the greatest man on this roster here in TNA. AJ Styles, you are not the King of the Mountain. AJ Styles, there is no such thing as Planet Styles. AJ Styles, you are not the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd boos Jarrett, totally against his views of AJ Styles.

Jarrett: The fact is AJ, your title win at Hard Justice was a fluke. AJ Styles, at Hard Justice, you only beat me because of an impartial referee. Tito Ortiz, the referee of the contest, was supposed to call the match fair and square, right down the middle, but instead, he sucker punched me when I wasn’t looking!

Huge pop at the mention of Tito Ortiz KO-ing Jarrett at Hard Justice.

Jarrett: AJ Styles, if we had an actual referee who knew how to call a wrestling match right down the middle, Jeff Jarrett would be the World Champion still!

Jarrett: Now AJ Styles, you said that if anyone wanted a shot at you, they’d be getting one. Well slapnut, I want my re-match right here, right now.

Crowd explodes into cheers at a re-match right here, right now.

Jarrett: Come on jackass, it ain’t that hard of a decision to make.

Styles: Jeff, if you want a title shot, then let’s go. I will beat you again in this ring, 1-2-3, and move on. Jeff Jarrett, you won’t be able to beat me for this World Title because you don’t deserve the World Title. You weren’t a fair champ, where as me, I am going to be TNA’s Phenomenal Champion. So Jeff, let’s go right now!

Before Jarrett and Styles can duke it out, the music of ‘The Monster’ Abyss hits, and Abyss, carrying his chain, quickly marches right to the ring. Abyss gets right into the ring, and stares down both Styles and Jarrett.

Jarrett: Hey, Abyss, you stupid slapnut, you are standing in my ring, and getting in the way of my winning back the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! So step aside slappy because this title is mine!

Abyss, never the talker, points at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Belt, then to himself, and makes the motion that the belt is going on his waist, and that the belt is his.

Jarrett: Abyss, come on man… you are not World Championship material. Look at you; you’re a freak! You a big, gross, masked wearing, chain wielding, piece of crap. You are not worthy of being the World Champion, let alone being in a wrestling ring with me. Why don’t you go back to the freak center where you belong!

Abyss this time points at Jeff Jarrett, shaking in rage, makes the motion that he could break Jarrett in half. The crowd pops when Abyss does this, and Jarrett responds in what could be one of the dumbest ways, by punching Abyss right in the face with a right hand! Abyss shakes in rage, and Jarrett throws another right hand at Abyss, which Abyss catches and palms with his left hand! Jarrett, realizing the trouble he is in, tries to run away, but AJ Styles rams a forearm into the back of Jarrett’s head. Abyss, still clutching Jarrett’s left hand, whips Jarrett into Abyss, sticking him with a short-arm clothesline! Jarrett goes down hard, and Abyss shakes in rage. Abyss then turns his sights on AJ Styles, throwing a wild haymaker at Styles. Styles luckily ducks, evading the punch. Styles runs off the ropes opposite of Abyss, charges at Abyss, throws himself at Abyss, trying to hit a cross body. Abyss catches Styles, puts him up in a military press, and launches Styles like a dart right at Jeff Jarrett, who was getting up to his feet and running away, connecting with the back of Jarrett! Both Styles and Jarrett go down, and Abyss continues to shake. Jarrett starts to stumble to his feet, and Abyss lines him up for the Black Hole Slam.

As this happens, ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown races out to the ring. Brown dives into the ring, and throws himself at Abyss, saving Jarrett from a Black Hole Slam. Brown throws right hands at Abyss, duking it out with him. Abyss and Brown exchange wild and erratic right hands, throwing all their strength into each punch. Meanwhile, AJ Styles and Jarrett start brawling as well on the opposite side of the ring. All 4 men continue their brawls, until Abyss clotheslines Brown over the top rope and out of the ring, and Styles hits Jarrett with a Pele Kick! Styles taunts and turns around, only to meet an Abyss Chokeslam! Styles goes down hard, and Abyss still isn’t done, as he starts to pick up Styles.

Before any more damage is done, ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes’ music hits, and Rhodes quickly comes out onto the stage.

Dusty Rhodes: No’ just hold on a dam’ minute! This mayhem has gotta en’ no’! Abyss, Montay’ Brown, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, this has gotta stop! All four of ya runnin’ aroun’ this here ring, all goin’ afta’ each otha’ like wil’ animals!

Rhodes: No’ it seems that all o’ this is ova’ the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, so I’m a gonna settle this mighty quick. All four of ya have had ya’ shots at the World Championship, or are gonna’ be getting’ one mighty quick! Abyss, ya’ are the rightfu’ numba’ one contenda’ for the World Heavyweight Championship, ya’ earned that claim. However, Jeff Jarrett, ya’ do deserve a re-match for the World Title. And Montay’ Brown, you yoself have earned yoself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. So what I’m a gonna do is this: At Slammiversary, AJ Styles will defen’ his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Jarrett, Montay Brown, AND Abyss in the return of da’ King of da’ Mountain Match!

Crowd pops at this mega match for the World Title.

Rhodes: Oh, and if ya’ll think that was a surprise, this Director of Authoritay has got anotha’ surprise for ya about this match, which all of ya’ll will find out about… next week!

Dusty Rhodes go backstage through the face tunnel, and Jarrett and Brown quickly flee through the heel tunnel. Abyss and AJ Styles stare each other down as we go to a…


Tenay: WOW Don! King of the Mountain returns at TNA’s 3 Year Anniversary PPV Slammiversary when AJ Styles takes on ‘The King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett, ‘The Monster’ Abyss, and ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown!

West: You and I both know that match is going to be an exciting and thrilling contest, as only one man can truly be, The King of the Mountain!

Tenay: And what about Dusty Rhodes’ surprise? What is the surprise? We can only wait and find out!

*Best X-Division Wrestler in TNA*

Match 1
Michael Shane w/ Traci Brooks vs. Sonjay Dutt
Singles Match: 10-Minute Time Limit​

Shane is out first, Traci by his side. The two strut out to the ring, receiving jeers from the crowd while they walk out to the ring. The music of Sonjay Dutt hits, and out walks the Original Playa from the Himalaya. Dutt enthusiasclly hops down to the ring, dives under the bottom rope, but is attacked by Shane right away. Shane stomps down on Dutt right away, and works over Dutt right away, keeping Dutt grounded or in the turnbuckles. Shane really got the crowd going after nailing Dutt with a springboard twisting leg drop. Shane was only able to get a 2 count however. Dutt would turn the tides on Shane however after Dutt would evade a Sweet Shane Music attempt. Shane’s miss ended up with Shane’s leg getting caught up on the top rope, severely hurting Shane down south.

This gave Dutt the ample amount of time he needed to rest, which he got, and gave him new life in this match. With both men on their feet, Dutt would duck a Shane clothesline, and knock Shane flat on his ass with a dropkick to the gut. Dutt would follow up with another dropkick, and then a springboard leg drop of his own. Dutt kept on going, hitting a spinning snap suplex and a head scissors to Shane. With Shane down on the ground, Dutt went up top for the Hindu Press. A well-placed distraction by Traci however, gave Shane time recover and move out of the way of Sonjay Dutt, leaving Dutt to hit nothing but canvas on the Hindu Press. As Dutt stumbled to his feet, Shane finished Dutt off with the Sweet Shane Music.

Winner: Michael Shane

After the match, Traci grabbed a microphone and headed into the ring to meet with Shane. Shane took the mic from Traci, and began a short promo.

Shane: That match was just another example of why Michael Shane is the greatest X-Division wrestler that TNA has to offer. I am sick of not getting respected around here in TNA, and it is time that I show my dominance in the X-Division. I am a former X-Division Champion, and I am the one who revolutionized the X-Division by winning the first ever Ultimate X! I am TNA’s most valuable asset in the X-Division, and it is time I show just how great I am to not only TNA, but the world!

Tenay: Those are some strong words from Michael Shane there!

West: You said it Tenay! Michael Shane is a man on a mission, and that mission is to prove his dominance in the X-Division! And believe me Tenay, Michael Shane will not stop his mission until he reaches perfection!


When we come back, A-1 is standing in the ring with Scott D’Amore on the outside of the ring.

*Another Canadian Screw-Job*

Match 2
A-1 w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Apolo
Singles Match: 10-Minute Time Limit​

The music of Apolo hits, and Apolo quickly runs down to the ring, under the bottom rope, somersaults past an A-1 clothesline attempt, and knocks A-1 down with a dropkick! Apolo went right at it, knocking A-1 down with a clothesline, and then another dropkick after whipping A-1 into the ropes. Apolo quickly sets A-1 up for a powerbomb, but thanks to Scott D’Amore distracting Apolo, it gives A-1 the time needed to counter out by back body dropping Apolo. A-1 keeps on the offensive end of the spectrum, hitting Apolo with a scoop slam as Apolo gets to his feet, and then an elbow drop on Apolo for a two count. A-1 starts wearing Apolo down, locking in a chinlock, clutching and wrenching the hold. Apolo starts to fade out from the hold, and the referee checks Apolo’s arm for a knock out. Referee Mike Posey raises Apolo’s arm; it falls… One! Posey raises Apolo’s arm again… it falls…. Two! Posey raises Apolo’s arm one final time… it falls

…but Apolo keeps it up before it falls and hits the ground! Apolo is still in this match ladies and gentleman! The crowd starts cheering for Apolo, and their cheering appears to motivate Apolo, as he starts to make his way to his feet, A-1 still clutching onto Apolo’s chin. Apolo, the strength of the fans behind him, is able to break the grasp of A-1, and Apolo is finally a free man from A-1. Apolo, back turned to A-1, is turned around by A-1. Both men are now facing each other, and A-1 quickly tugs on Apolo’s left arm, whipping him into the ropes. A-1 goes for a clothesline, but Apolo runs and ducks it and continues to run to the opposite ropes. Apolo charges A-1, dives, and decks A-1 with a diving clothesline! A-1 scurries to his feet, and is whipped into the corner by Apolo. Apolo charges A-1, and hits a clothesline to A-1. A-1 stumbles out of the corner, Apolo scales up to the top rope, and plants A-1 with a perfect timed missile dropkick!

Scott D’Amore, feeling unconfident with A-1 in this match, jumps up onto the ring apron, and slides the hockey stick into an opposite corner of the ring when doing so, referee Mike Posey oblivious to the on-goings. A-1 quickly scurries for the hockey stick while D’Amore distracts Posey. A-1 grabs the hockey stick, and swings at Apolo, but Apolo evades it! A-1 misses with the hockey stick, and Apolo quickly knocks the hockey stick out of A-1’s grasp with a diving head butt to A-1’s gut. With the hockey stick on the ring canvas, Apolo grabs the hockey stick off the canvas, points at D’Amore and flicks him off, and then bashes the stick over the back of A-1’s head! Apolo quickly runs at D’Amore and knocks him off the apron. Apolo then covers A-1 for the 1-2-3 victory!

Winner:[/b Apolo

West: What a victory for Apolo!

Tenay: Apolo picks up the great victory over A-1 after foiling that foul Scott D’Amore’s plan for a cheap victory!

West: You said it Tenay, Scott D’Amore once again tried to take the cheap way out of things with that hockey stick, but this time, Apolo made Team Canada eat their own medicine!

Tenay: You have to wonder though about what will happen to Apolo in the upcoming weeks though as you and I both know, Team Canada will be gunning for Apolo!

As Apolo flees the ring before any type of Canadian beat-down, we go backstage where the 3 Live Kru are in mid-discussion are while Shane Douglas stands by idly, letting 3 Live Kru do the yelling at each other.

*Dissension in the Ranks?*

Ron Killings: Come on playa, just tell us the truth on why you showed up late last night!

Konnan: Yeah dawg, we are sick and tired of getting caught up in these mind games with The Outlaw. You need to be a real member of da 3 Live Kru, not some one sayin’ they part of 3 Live Kru, but not actin’ like they 3 Live Kru fo’ life!

BG James: Look guys, I know what ya are sayin’. The BG Gizzle Fo’ Shizzle is with the 3 Live Kru forever and for always. I am 3LK for life, even if I have car problems! Now look, Konnan, you and me got a match with Phi Delta Slam next. Let’s show to everyone that the 3 Live Kru is intact and ready to go. Now let’s go do this!

BG James leaves, Konnan right behind him. Killings, however, has another last comment.

Killings: Talk is cheap…

And Killings heads out to the ring as we head to a…


Tenay: Well Don, I don’t know about you, but there still seems to be some tension between the 3 Live Kru, no matter what BG James will say to his 3 Live Kru comrades.

West: Well you said Mike Tenay, BG James may think and hope that 3 Live Kru is all and well, but when you have Ron Killings bringing in a negative attitude about BG James because of The Outlaw, you have to wonder what is going to happen next!

Tenay: Well you said the problem right there; The Outlaw! The Outlaw has done nothing but cause problems with his mind games for the 3 Live Kru, as he is making the 3 Live Kru implode Don!

*Yep, Dissension in the Ranks*

Match 3
3 Live Kru’s BG James & Konnan w/ Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings vs. Phi Delta Slam
Tag Team Match: 10-Minute Time Limit​

3 Live Kru are out first, BG James and Konnan leading the way, with Killings behind them. Killings is not looking happy, but the 3 Live Kru still does their dancing and such, pumping the crowd up. Phi Delta Slam are out next, and the big boys get a bit of heat from the crowd, but not a large reaction. PDS waste no time getting into the ring, and getting this match underway. Both teams are in the ring and ready to go, and this match is underway.

BG James and Big Till start the match off, with Big Till lunging at BG with a right hand. BG easily ducks Big Till and goes behind him, locking in a hammerlock. Big Till tries to counter out, but BG just shoves Big Till into the ropes instead. Big Till charges and knocks BG down with a shoulder block, and then runs off the ropes. Big Till charges back, goes for an elbow drop, but only finds the canvas as BG moves. Big Till gets to his feet quickly, but only to receive sharp jabs from BG. BG fires off 3 left jabs, does a little dance, and knocks Big Till flat on his ass with a closed-fisted right hang punch. BG quickly runs off the ropes, and hits his Shaky Knee Drop. BG relaxes into a weak cover:

Kick Out!

BG, not discouraged by the 2 count, gets Big Till to his feet, and tags in Konnan. Konnan gets into the ring, and the two members of 3 Live Kru whip Big Till into the ropes and take him down with a double clothesline. Konnan follows up with a leg drop on Big Till as BG leaves the ring. Konnan gets Big Till to his feet, and goes to whip Big Till into the ropes again, only for Big Till to reverse the whip, sending Konnan into the ropes. Konnan bounces back at Big Till, but Big Till connects with a back body drop on Konnan. Big Till tags in Bruno Sassi, and the two men hit a double elbow drop to Konnan. Bruno attempts to work over Konnan quickly, but Ron Killings trips Bruno up almost instantly as Bruno starts an offensive attack on Konnan. This leads to Konnan clotheslining Bruno down to the ground, and then taking his shoe off. With show off, Konnan launches his show at Bruno, hitting Bruno in the face with it. Konnan tags in BG back in to the match, and BG charges at Bruno, who is in the corner recovering. BG charges at Bruno, but Bruno telegraphs the move, clocking BG with a big boot to the face. BG stumbles backwards, holding his face, giving Bruno the time to smash BG with a powerslam! Bruno tags in Big Till, and the isolation process begins on BG. Big Till and Phi Delta Slam isolate BG from the 3 Live Kru corner, working over BG with their huge strength and weight advantage, keeping BG in their corner and a neutral corner. Phi Delta work over BG for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes, but the isolation process ends with BG getting in the hot tag to Konnan after BG hits Big Till with a DDT following a missed clothesline by Big Till.

With the hot tag in, Konnan charges into the ring and takes down Big Till and Bruno with clotheslines each and then a rolling clothesline (sloppily done though, however). Konnan keeps the momentum going, clotheslining Big Till out of the ring over the top rope. Konnan turns around right into a Bruno Sassi right hand, and is then whipped into the ropes by Bruno. Bruno clothesline Konnan down, but Bruno is then hit by a right hand by BG James. Bruno isn’t fazed, and BG runs off the ropes, bouncing off them and charging Bruno. BG runs at Bruno and goes for a clothesline, but Bruno moves out of the way, connecting with Konnan! Konnan goes down, and BG takes his attention off the match, worrying about Konnan. BG turns around however, right into a big Bruno powerslam! BG gets squashed, and Konnan tastes the same medicine; a Bruno powerslam! Big Till gets onto the apron and then top rope, and Ron Killing makes his way over to Big Till. Killings plan of attack is intercepted however, as Ron Killings is hit in the back with a chair by The Outlaw! Killings goes down, and Big Till comes off the top rope, squashing Konnan with a Top Rope Splash! Till covers, and gets the victory!

Winners: Phi Delta Slam

After the match as Phi Delta leave the ring, The Outlaw rolls the chair and Killings into the ring with the fallen Konnan and BG James. BG James starts recovering as The Outlaw drags Killings to his feet. The Outlaw kicks Killings and the gut, and plants him with the Fame-asser right onto the chair! The Outlaw then gets Konnan to his feet, and plants him with a Fame-Asser too! BG James gets to his feet, and stares down The Outlaw. The Outlaw cracks a smile and leaves the ring.

Tenay: A victory by Phi Delta Slam after more communication problems with 3 Live Kru as BG James inadvertently hits Konnan with a clothesline!

West: That is true Mike Tenay, but the real issue here is once again, The Outlaw. The Outlaw does more damage to 3 Live Kru as The Outlaw takes out Konnan and Ron The Truth Killings, but does nothing to BG James!

Tenay: And you and I both know that will cause nothing but more tension with Killings and Konnan between BG James. Well, coming up next after a commercial break will America’s Most Wanted, Wildcat Chris Harris and Cowboy James Storm take on Team Canada’s Petey Williams and Bobby Roode for a Title Shot against The Naturals for the NWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary! That is up next, so don’t go away!



Main Event
America’s Most Wanted vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode) w/ Scott D’Amore
Tag Team Titles Number One Contendership Match: 10-Minute Time Limit​

Team Canada is out first along with Coach D’Amore and his Canadian Flag/Hockey Stick. The Canadian trio receiver jeers from the crowd, proving the Anti-USA Gimmick will always work. AMW is out next, and the Cowboy & Wildcat receive a tremendous amount of cheers from the crowd. AMW waste no time, running right down to the ring to get this match started with their long-time rival.

Roode and Williams charge AMW and attack both men from behind before the bell can even be rung. Williams nails Harris with a double sledge to the back, and Roode with a knee to the back. Both members of Team Canada whip their respected opponent into the ropes, but Harris and Storm both nail Williams and Roode with a diving clothesline, sending them down. Both Team Canada members are up quickly, but Bobby Roode is knocked out of the ring via double clothesline by AMW as soon as he gets up! Williams lunges at Wildcat in attack, but Cowboy drills Williams in the back with a double sledge. Wildcat scoop slams Williams, and the tag match gains order as Cowboy leaves the ring to his corner and Roode goes over to his corner. Wildcat Chris Harris works over Williams for a brief 30 second period, but the X-Division star shows why he has been great in the X-Division by countering Wildcat’s tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by sliding out from the backbreaker and planting Wildcat with a Russian Leg Sweep!

Williams makes the tag out to Roode, and Team Canada goes on the offense, isolating Wildcat. Team Canada continue to work over Wildcat Chris Harris for the next 5 minutes of the match, keeping Harris in the Team Canada corner where Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, and Scott D’Amore can make sure that Wildcat doesn’t tag out. Team Canada work over Harris’ back, trying to rule out any power type moves to Williams. The isolation on Harris ends however when Harris counters a Petey Williams running bulldog into a back suplex, dropping Williams right on his head! Both Wildcat and Williams lay motionless on the canvas for a few seconds until they crawl to their respective corners, trying to reach their partner’s hand for a tag. Williams tags in Roode first, but Wildcat still makes the tag to Cowboy James Storm before Roode can stop the tag.

Cowboy explodes into the ring, knocking down Roode with a running forearm, then a right hand, and knocks Roode down a third time with a clothesline. Williams charges Cowboy, but Cowboy drops Williams with a back body drop. Cowboy is on fire as the match reaches the 7-Minute mark, dropping Roode and Williams both with dropkicks, and then Roode again with a powerslam! Cowboy floats into a cover:

Williams makes the save!

Williams makes the save via diving double sledge to the back of Cowboy, but that doesn’t stop America’s Most Wanted’s offensive strategy, as Wildcat Chris Harris comes plowing into the ring, destroying Petey Williams with a hellacious clothesline! Bobby Roode stumbles to his feet and turns around to meet a Chris Harris DDT. The match continues on with AMW brawling with Team Canada in respective corners until Wildcat Chris Harris plants Petey Williams with a Catatonic at the 8:10 Mark of the match. Bobby Roode leaves his brawling with Cowboy James Storm to attack Harris, but Storm Spears Roode from the behind, ramming into Roode’s lower back! Roode goes down, Harris ascends to the top rope, and Cowboy locks Roode into a backbreaker position. The Death Sentence is set up, and Harris jumps off the top turnbuckle, connecting with the Death Sentence! Cowboy rolls into a cover:



D’Amore Pulls Out Cowboy From the Ring!

Scott D’Amore screws AMW out of the match by pulling on Cowboy’s leg, pulling Cowboy off of Roode! Cowboy goes out of the ring from the pull, and decks Coach D’Amore with a right hand! D’Amore goes down like a sac of bricks! Cowboy hurries back into the ring, and lines Williams up for a Spear. Cowboy charges Williams and plants him with a Spear! Cowboy quickly grabs Roode again in the backbreaker position, and Harris scurries to the top turnbuckle. Harris is about to dive off the top turnbuckle, but Eric Young runs out to the ring! Young runs into the ring and charges Cowboy James Storm, but Harris intercepts with a Double Axe Handle to Young! Young stumbles back, and Storm Superkicks Young right out of the ring! This gives Roode the time to get to his feet, but Harris drills him with a Spear! Cowboy dives onto Roode after Wildcat’s Spear:



A-1 Makes the Save!

A-1 had ran down the entrance tunnel and pulled Roode out from underneath Cowboy! AMW gets screwed again! A-1 dives into the ring and he charges AMW, but AMW quickly foil any of A-1’s plans by hitting him with a flapjack! Williams and Roode both get back to their feet, and are hit with simultaneous Superkicks from AMW! Cowboy goes into the cover again, and with no Team Canada members to make the save:




AMW win the match! America’s Most Wanted finally get the rightful pin on Team Canada after countless interference. Referee Andrew Charles goes to raise Wildcat Chris Harris’ and Cowboy James Storm’s arms in victory, but he is cut short by Jeremy Borash:

Jeremy Borash: This match reached the 10-Minute Time Limit before the official pinfall was made by James Storm onto Bobby Roode. Therefore, this match is a DRAW!

In the ring, Chris Harris and James Storm look at each other in shock, disbelieved that they are not the victors of this match after all!

Winners: Draw via Time Limit

West: You got to be kidding me! AMW have just been screwed out of the #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Championship by Team Canada!

Tenay: AMW had the match won countless times before the 10 Minutes were up, but Scott D’Amore, Eric Young, AND A-1 all screwed out America’s Most Wanted 3 different times!

West: This is an outrage!

Tenay: Indeed it is, Don West. Well folks, we are out of time! Tune in next week to Impact to find out what is going to happen with AMW and Team Canada, and who the Number One Contenders are! So long!

*End of Show*

And that completes the first show for Impact. I am not sure about it myself. I am sure I did well, but I am quite rusty I feel on writing, so feedback on what I should switch up would be nice. Thanks ya'll,

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Eh, I will use some of TNA's storylines to start the fed because it won't make me go into a groove early. So eh, if ya don't like it, not my fault. I prefer to try and keep some realism storyline wise then just have a wacky and dumb storylines out of the blue. This first month will have many of the same things TNA has, as it goes along with the title too. I am finishing up TNA's 3rd Year more or less in their own way, and then branching out into more or less my way.

Also, yepp, only 3 matches this show because seeing as TNA only has an hour of TV to work with and that beginning segment would have taken a while. Plus add the commercial breaks and the 10-Minute main event, not a lot of time left for matches, but oh well.

Just felt like responding to the feedback, which I thank you for.
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