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Production changes:
1. Increase the number of PPVs to six in 2014.
2. Establish new home base(s) in the US.
3. Recognize X world title as open weight.
4. Enforce heavyweight weight limits of 206-265lb.
5. Introduce a 23x23 foot wide square ring with four ropes colored red, white, blue, and white.
6. Turn out the lights over the audience-- focus lighting on the ring.
7. Have wrestlers enter at floor level-- no stage or ramp.
8. No weapons.
9. BFG series to feature only 8 wrestlers in 2014 utilizing round robin rules-- counting only wins and losses.
10. Tape two hours for Thursday, tape one hour for Sunday at 6PM Central, and begin taping 90 minutes for Monday at 6PM Central by 2015. If the Monday rating is weak then reduce it to 60 minutes, and if the rating is strong then increase it to 120 minutes (while reducing the length of the Thursday show to 90 minutes).
11. Use a 26ft wide hexagon ring with six sided cage for Lockdown. The ropes would measure at 15ft in length on each side.
12. Televised “free PPVs” would air on Sunday evenings on Spike.

PPVs: February- Against All Odds
April- Lockdown
June- Slammiversary
August- No Surrender
October- Bound For Glory
December- Gauntlet for the Gold (two square rings like War Games)

Anticipated Releases- Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Chavo
Anticipated Resignings- Ken Anderson and AJ Styles

Male Roster-
AJ Styles
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Garett Bischoff
Super Mex (with luchador mask)
Homicide (renamed Maligno and wearing lucha mask)
James Storm
Jay Bradley
Jeff Hardy
Ken Anderson
Park/Abyss (wearing a singlet and face paint like Demolition)
Mikael Judas (also wearing face paint like Demolition)
King Mo
Kenny King
Kurt Angle
Manik (minus the shirt and dishwasher gloves)
Rob Terry
Robbie E.
Joe Seanoa
Jessie G.
Matt Hardy
Wes Brisco
Ion (Green Dragon, with Ultimo Dragon style mask)
Tito Ortiz
Sonjay (wearing a mask with white tiger print)
Scorpio Sky (wearing a read Eastern style mask)
Petey Williams (wearing a red and white lucha mask)

Heavyweight world title plan: AJ Styles wins the heavyweight title at BFG 2013 and loses it to Magnus in the UK in January. Magnus transitions the strap to Bobby Roode who then carries it to Slammiversary where he drops it to Rampage Jackson. Jackson carries the belt through the rest of the year.

X world title plan: The X title becomes open weight. Jeff Hardy becomes the new X champion at BFG 2013. Mr. Anderson, upon resigning, earns the number one contendership and wrestles Hardy at the PPV in December. At the same PPV an open weight battle royal is held with 30 wrestlers (in two square rings, ala War Games) to determine the next number one contender. Anderson wins the belt from Jeff Hardy in a two-ring cage match and then drops the belt to Aries in February. Aries drops the X title to Rampage Jackson at Destination X (on television). Rampage transitions the belt to Joe Seanoa at No Surrender (with the heavyweight title not up for grabs due to Joe’s weight), and then Joe loses the X title to Austin Aries at BFG.

Knockouts plan: Tapa is pushed as the next Kong, becomes champion, and has a best of seven series against Gail Kim; ending at BFG.

Tag division plan (names tentative):
Gunner and Storm-- GunStorm/Viking Storm
Daniels and Knux-- Fallen
Rampage and Joe Seanoa-- Junkyard Dogs
Abyss and Mikael Judas-- Legion
Sonjay and Scorpio, both in masks-- Durga
Super Mex and Maligno (Homicide), both in lucha masks-- LAX
Jeff and Matt Hardy-- The Hardy Brothers (during 2014)
King Mo and Kenny King-- Knockout Kings (during 2014, TBD)
Kurt Angle and Iron Patriot-- Team Steel (during 2014, TBD)

GunStorm drops the tag titles to the Hardy Brothers. The Hardy Brothers drop the titles to Junkyard Dogs for a couple of months before picking them back up and carrying them through BFG.

GunStorm: Gunner and Storm continue to tag through 2014 before splitting up in 2015; where upon, Beer Money may reunite.

Fallen: Daniels returns to being a serious wrestler with Knux acting as the muscle in the team.

Junk Yard Dogs: Working tag wrestling allows Rampage Jackson to learn the dance and Joe is an excellent partner to learn from for a technical wrestler like Jackson. The partnership builds to a X title match between the two at No Surrender. They then face the tag champions, the Hardy Brothers a third time, seeking to be the first triple crown tag team since Joe and Angle, but fail to defeat the Hardys a second time.

Legion: Park returns to the persona of Abyss but adopts new ring gear. Abyss wears a singlet and glossy boots ala Hollywood Hogan. Both Abyss and Mikael Judas paint their faces similar to the WWF team Demolition with a taste of KISS.

Durga: Sonjay and Scorpio Sky both wear Japanese styled masks and work as high fliers. The masks are sold as merchandise. Sonjay wears a white tiger print mask and adopts a Hindi mythological title to create a complete Hindi character.

LAX: The narrative is simple-- the return of one of TNA’s best original tag teams. They adopt traditional lucha masks (which are again sold as merchandise).

The Hardy Brothers: Matt Hardy returns to tag with Jeff following the latter’s loss of the X title in December to Mr. Anderson. This allows Jeff to work part time while helping the company by carrying the gold in 2014. The tag division needs the name recognition of The Hardy Brothers.

Knockout Kings: When King Mo either captures the Bellator world title or fails to in 2014; he makes his pro wrestling debut as the partner of Kenny King. As with the team of Joe and Quinton; tag wrestling allows King Mo to continue developing his technique and persona while being seen on television.

Team Steel: During 2014 the Iron Patriot character is cast (Muhammad Hassan) and debuts with the company-- a positive Muslim American character that loves the USA and the freedom his family has found here. The Iron Patriot wears a mask much like the original Patriot (sold as merchandise). Kurt Angle becomes involved in a feud with LAX and gets beat down before the Iron Patriot comes to his rescue and thus the team is born overnight. Working tag action makes for part time work for Kurt Angle who needs fewer singles matches going forward.


Jeff Hardy would win the X world title at BFG and hold it until the December PPV. AJ Styles would capture the heavyweight world title at BFG and go on to defend it successfully until January.

The new December PPV would be based around a theme the way that Lockdown is. There would be two square rings (23x23), joined, with one set of ropes dividing them in the middle.

Leading up to the December PPV, Mr. Anderson would gain the number one contendership against Jeff Hardy for the X title; which has been recognized as the open weight world championship. A 30 man rumble would be booked as well for the PPV to determine the next number one contender.

The December PPV Sunday pre-show on Spike would feature a Knockouts elimination match and pre-taped promos from many of the entrants in the gauntlet. In addition to the gauntlet; the PPV would feature a three-way match for the heavyweight title between AJ Styles, Magnus, and Roode. Styles would be victorious.

During the course of the gauntlet match, a new contender would enter the ring every 2 minutes and it would be 60 minutes before the final member of the match came to the ring. The narrative would involve the traditional issues of a large rumble-- who enters first, who lasts the longest, and who enters last. Austin Aries would win the title shot at Against All Odds.

The main event between Mr. Anderson and Hardy would be a cage match in the double-ring setup. Anderson would win the world X title.

During 2014, an as yet known Japanese or Mongolian sumo would be cast as Hinoshita Kaisan, meaning “a man with great power.” This sumo would not be knocked off of his feet until some time in 2015. He would come out with his shimenawa around his waste (a white rope that yokozunas wear in ceremony) and challenge anyone on the roster to touch it (per the legend of its origin in sumo wrestling). Kaisan would squash all of his challengers on his way to forcing Austin Aries to vacate the X championship due to kayfabe injury (or as a result of Aries using a chair) at the end of 2014. Kaisan would then go on to become X champion and continue his Kaisan challenge each week, challenging anyone on the roster to come to the ring and touch his belt. Ultimately Kaisan would drop the title to Joe in 2015 in their first meeting.

The BFG series would consist of only eight men and only heavyweights. The winners of the previous three tournaments would be disqualified from competing in 2014 (Jeff Hardy, Robert Roode, and AJ Styles). In the ninth year of the series, 2020, all eight previous winners would return to compete in the super series.

There would be two brackets composed of 6 matches-- with only wins, losses, and draws counted. One match from each bracket would air each week for the twelve weeks between Slammiversary and No Surrender. Bracket one would be as follows: 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, 2v3, 2v4, and 3v4. Bracket two would be: 5v6, 5v7, 5v8, 6v7, 6v8, and 7v8. At the end of the series there would be three matches at No Surrender-- one match between the top two in bracket one, a second match between the top two in bracket two, and a third match between the winners of the first two matches.

Bracket one would consist of Magnus, Manik, King Mo, and James Storm. Bracket two would consist of Gunner, Kazarian, Mr. Anderson, and Tito Ortiz. King Mo would be undefeated in bracket one while Mr. Anderson would win in bracket two; though ranked second in his bracket going into the PPV. Mr. Anderson would go to BFG as the number one contender.

January PPV, in UK, televised: Kazarian vs. Rob Terry-- Terry wins
Hardy Brothers vs. Gunstorm-- Hardys win tag gold
ODB vs. Brooke-- Brooke wins Knockouts title
Mr. Anderson vs. Super Mex (in luchador mask) for X world title-- Anderson retains
Magnus vs. Styles-- Magnus wins the heavyweight title

Against All Odds- February: Rob Terry vs. Knux-- Rob Terry wins
Brooke vs. Flash-- Brooke retains
The Hardy Brothers vs. LAX-- Hardys win
Ortiz vs. AJ Styles-- Ortiz wins
Magnus vs. Roode-- Roode wins the heavyweight title
Austin Aries vs. Mr. Anderson-- Aries wins the X title

March, televised: Kaisan vs. Super Mex-- Kaisan wins
AJ Styles vs. Mr. Anderson-- Styles wins
Intergender tag-- Brooke and Fallen vs. Tapa and Junk Yard Dogs-- Tapa and JYD win
Aries vs. Rob Terry-- Aries retains
The Hardy Brothers vs. Durga-- Hardys win
Roode vs. Kenny King-- Roode retains

Lockdown- April: Kaisan vs. Kazarian-- Kaisan wins
Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson-- Anderson wins
Tapa vs. Brooke-- Tapa wins Knockouts title
Junk Yard Dogs vs. The Hardy Brothers-- JYD win the tag gold
Roode vs. Chris Sabin vs. Kenny King vs. James Storm-- Roode retains
Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles-- Aries retains
Tito Ortiz vs. Kurt Angle-- draw

May, televised: Knockout Kings vs. GunStorm-- Kings win
Kaisan vs. Rob Terry-- Kaisan wins
Styles vs. Anderson vs. Magnus-- Magnus wins, submitting Anderson
Aries vs. Petey Williams-- Aries retains
Roode vs. Chris Sabin-- Roode retains
The Hardy Brothers vs. Junk Yard Dogs-- Hardys win the tag gold back

Slammiversary- June: Tag gauntlet with Knockout Kings, Durga, LAX, Fallen, Gunstorm, Steel, and more-- Steel wins contendership at No Surrender
Kaisan vs. Green Dragon (Ion with Ultimo Dragon style mask)-- Kaisan wins
Brooke vs. Alyssa Flash vs. Tapa vs. Kim-- Tapa retains, pinning Brooke
The Hardy Brothers vs. Legion-- Hardys win
AJ Styles vs. Mr. Anderson-- Anderson wins
Austin Aries vs. Tito Ortiz vs. Magnus-- Aries retains X title
Roode vs. Rampage Jackson-- Jackson wins the heavyweight world title

Destination X- July, televised: Fallen vs. LAX-- LAX wins
Ultimate X match-- Brisco, Sonjay, Williams, Green Dragon, Scorpio Sky, Joe, and Sabin-- Joe wins
Kaisan vs. Iron Patriot-- Kaisan wins
Roode vs. Styles-- time limit draw
Rampage Jackson vs. Austin Aries-- Jackson wins the X world title

No Surrender- August: Kaisan vs. Styles-- Kaisan wins
Bracket I final match: Mr. Anderson vs. Ortiz-- Anderson wins
Bracket II final match: James Storm vs. King Mo-- King Mo wins
Hardy Brothers vs. Steel-- Hardys retain
Tapa vs. Flash in submissions match-- Tapa retains
BFG series final match: Mr. Anderson vs. King Mo-- Anderson wins
Rampage Jackson vs. Joe Seanoa for the X world title-- Joe wins

September, televised: Intergender tag-- Legion with Velvet Sky vs. Durga with Flash
Kaisan vs. Roode-- Kaisan wins
Best of Seven Series-- Tapa vs. Kim 4/7
Austin Aries vs. Super Mex for X contendership at BFG-- Aries wins
The Hardy Brothers vs. JYD-- Hardys retain

Hall of Fame Induction: Ken Shamrock-- He comes with a prepackaged narrative-- a storied career in wrestling and MMA, former UFC world champion, the first TNA world champion, and black listed by the WWE. Ken would wrestle a shoot style, best of three falls, wrestling match (no striking) with Kurt Angle at BFG.

BFG- October: Velvet Sky vs. Flash vs. ODB vs. Brooke-- Brooke wins
Kaisan vs. Styles vs. Roode-- Kaisan wins
James Storm vs. Gunner vs. Magnus vs. Manik vs. Ortiz vs. Kazarian-- Ortiz wins
Best of Seven-- Tapa vs. Kim 7/7-- Kim wins the knockouts title
4-corner elimination tag match-- The Hardy Brothers vs. Knockout Kings vs. Durga vs. Legion-- Kings win the tag gold
Kurt Angle vs. Ken Shamrock (2014 HOF inductee)-- Angle wins
Joe vs. Aries for the X title-- Aries wins
Rampage Jackson vs. Anderson for the heavyweight title-- Jackson retains

Victory Road- November, televised: JYD vs. Steel-- Steel wins
King Mo vs. Jeff Hardy-- Jeff wins
Gail Kim vs. Flash-- Flash wins
Ken Shamrock vs. Ken Anderson-- Shamrock wins
Aries vs. Kaisan-- no contest or DQ-- the title is vacated

Gauntlet for the Gold- December: 40 man open weight gauntlet match with the winner crowned X world champion-- Kaisan wins (following the storyline involving Aries being stripped of the title) and then begins a program with Aries that lasts through the UK tour.
Rampage Jackson vs. Kurt Angle-- Jackson wins
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