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TNA 2011: Wrestling is Sport and Entertainment

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TNA Lockdown 2011 Results:

Title vs. Hair Match
Knockouts Championship

Mickie James def. Madison Rayne to capture the championship after hitting a Laree DDT on her and covering the champion for the pin.

Crimson def. Abyss after slamming him to the canvas and covering him for the win.

Samoa Joe def. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero with the crossface, forcing him to submit

Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Sarita and Rosita def. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky after Sky inadvertently sends Love into the cage. Rosita and Sarita nail Sky with a double suplex and covers her for the win. Post match finds Angelina turning on Sky and beating her up in the middle of the ring.

TNA Television Championship
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner def. Gunner with the Steiner Recliner to win the championship

Matt Morgan def. Hernandez after nailing him with the Carbon Footprint and covering him for the win.

Kurt Angle def. Jeff Jarrett with and Ankle lock after a bloody and brutal match between each other.

Lethal Lockdown
Immortal vs. Fortune – the Losing Team must disband

AJ Styles, Kazarian, and Beer Money def. Matt Hardy, Bully Ray, Hernandez, and Rob Terry after AJ Styles drives Bully Ray through a table with a Styles Clash and covers him for the 1...2...3.

Triple Threat Match
TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Ken Anderson def. Rob Van Dam and Sting with the assistance from Ric Flair who takes out the TNA World Champion, allowing Anderson to nail the Mike Check on RVD for the win.

Lockdown goes off the air with Anderson and Flair celebrating in the ring and "icing" each other with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

TNA Impact Preview:
Only a few days removed from Lockdown, TNA finds the end of Immortal and the beginning of the changing of the guard within the company. What will Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have in store for Fortune and TNA as a result of Lockdown?

Angelina Love turned on her long term friend Velvet Sky following an inadvertent blow during their title match at Lockdown. Velvet Sky will be in the Impact Zone on Thursday to address Angelina Love and the future of the Beautiful People. What will Angelina’s reaction be?

Lockdown found a changing of the guard after Ken Anderson sold his soul to Ric Flair in exchange for the World Heavyweight Champion. The new TNA World Champion will make his presence felt on Thursday, but will he explain his actions at Lockdown? Will the Nature Boy be with him and what will Sting and Rob Van Dam have to say?

Plus, TNA Management has an announcement that promises to change the face of the company forever. Who will be affected by this announcement most? What will be in store for TNA following the backlash of Lockdown. Tune in for an all new Impact this Thursday.
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I've been looking for a 2011 TNA BTB that is worth following for SO long, so I hope I won't be disappointed here :)

Quick review of your Lockdown results:

Knockouts Championship: Right choice in my opinion to have Mickie finally beat Madison. Hope to see Mickie retain in Madison's rematch, and then to see a new contender soon.

Abyss vs. Crimson: Interesting match here. I follow TNA in real life, and I'm pretty sure this match isn't on the Lockdown card, but I like it. Good way to bring Abyss back and to hopefully give Crimson more airtime. Having Crimson win cleanly though is something I find a bit odd.

Samoa Joe vs. D'Angelo Dinero: Not much to say here other than it would be good to finally see Joe making Pope tap.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship match: Well it's bound to happen soon in real life, so why not have Angelina go crazy on Velvet after a little mistake :) Good to see Sarita and Rosita retain, and in an interesting way.

Television Championship match: I'm a bit torn here. On one side I liked what I saw from Gunnar when he won the title. He sort of reminded me a bit of Sean O'Haire with that crazy look. But on the other side I see Steiner as the winner if they would end up facing each other in real life, so...

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez: Great to see Morgan finally beating Hernandez and getting some revenge. I normally like Hernandez, but not with the character he has right now.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett: Nothing else to say that it would be sweet to see Jeff tap to Angle's Ankle Lock. Good choice.

Lethal Lockdown: I've always liked these Lethal Lockdown matches, and a perfect way to end the Immortal/Fortune feud. Right choice to have Fortune win it in my opinion, but what bothered me was that Hernandez wrestled again in this match... I don't think he would be fit to wrestle again coming off a beating from Morgan earlier. Maybe you should have gone with Flair or something??

World Heavyweight Championship match: At first I liked how you gave Anderson the title without defeating Sting himself, but when I saw that he was celebrating with Flair it kinda threw me off. Is he heel now then??

Looking forward to following, and to read the first Impact. Interesting to see where you're going with this whole Anderson/Flair thing, and what you'll do with the now former Immortal members. And of course the big announcement to change the face of the company.

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TNA Impact
April 21 2011
From the Impact Zone in Orlando

Impact kicks off with highlights from Sunday’s Lockdown; Mickie James finally winning the TNA Knockouts Championships, Crimson defeating Abyss, Joe forcing the Pope to Submit, Angelina turning on Velvet Sky after losing to Sarita and Rosita, Scott Steiner defeating Gunner to become the TNA Television Champion, Matt Morgan defeating Hernandez, even after interference from the masked man, Kurt Angle climbing to the top of the cage and slamming Jarrett to the ground with an Angle Slam 15 feet in the air, AJ Styles returning for Lethal Lockdown and leading Fortune to Victory after slamming Bully Ray through a table, finally Mr. Anderson winning the championship with the assistance of Ric Flair.

The TNA Impact Theme plays, the pyro goes off in the Impact Zone and Fans are welcomed to the show by Mike Tenay and Tazz. They talk about some of the follow out that surrounds Lockdown and the controversy with Ken Anderson becoming the TNA World Champion with the help of Ric Flair.

Hogan’s music plays and he comes out to the ring with Eric Bischoff. The two of them are alone with no Immortal to back them up anymore. Hogan and Bischoff both grab microphones from So Cal Val before climbing into the ring. Both men look quite angry over the outcome of Lockdown.

Hogan “Lockdown wasn’t the best night of my life, in fact I’m still a little pissed off. Immortal’s disbanded, Jeff Jarrett’s out because of injuries, and that makes me unhappy. But, tonight starts the beginning of a whole new journey for Eric Bischoff and I; a journey to 5-5-11 when TNA Impact goes live on a permanent basis.”

Fans in the Impact cheer for the announcement by Hogan

Hogan “After the success of March 3rd Live Show from Fayetteville, the Network decided it was time to make the permanent change. TNA start’s this new journey on May 5th Live from Green Bay.”

Bischoff “Green Bay will definitely be the place to be on May 5th because the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line for the first time since Lockdown when Ken Anderson gets in the ring against...”

Bischoff is interrupted by Fortune’s theme music. AJ Styles leads the group of TNA Originals out to the ring. Fortune stands in front of Hogan and Bischoff as the fans in the Impact Zone cheer for them.

Styles “The way I see it Hulk, Eric, is this. I am responsible for eliminating Immortal once and for all; Fortune is responsible for eliminating EV2.0 and we are the reason why fans still watch TNA every week. This means that I am in the perfect position to be the Number 1 contender for the TNA World Championship.”

Fans cheer for AJ Styles

Styles “The fans want to see AJ Styles and Ken Anderson, I want Ken Anderson, and you know that I can beat Ken Anderson; so let’s sign the match and make it official that on May 5th, Live from Green Bay, Ken Anderson will defend his championship against the Phenomenal AJ Styles.”

Fans cheer again for AJ Styles

Bischoff is about to talk when Ken Anderson’s music plays. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion arrives to the Impact Zone with the Nature Boy Ric Flair right by his side. The two of them walk down the aisle, both in their finest suits and ties. Anderson climbs into the ring with Flair right behind him.

Fans in the Impact Zone start chanting “Asshole”

Anderson “That’s right, I am an Asshole. I’m the biggest Asshole in the wrestling world, and do you know why; because I’m the TNA World Champion, and the man who sold out to the Nature Boy!”

Hogan “I can’t believe that you would align yourself with the Nature Boy, but sometimes we have to do whatever it takes to get on top of the mountain brother.”

Flair “That’s exactly what people have to do Hogan. Every member of Fortune did that and it served them well until they turned their backs on me. What everyone doesn’t realize is that the Nature Boy means gold and success. That’s why Ken Anderson is the TNA World Champion and the whole world can kiss our ass!”

Fans give Flair a mixed reaction

Anderson “I sold out to Flair because I needed this belt. I need to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and I need to be the best. Ric Flair was the best, and now has passed the torch to me. Not you AJ, ME...the ASSHOLE!!!!!”

Styles “Whether you are the champion or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Fortune is on top of TNA, and I want my title shot you asshole.”

Bischoff “If you would allow me the opportunity to, I will solve all of this...”

Bischoff is interrupted again by the Icon Sting. The former TNA World Champion makes his presence felt in the Impact Zone as fans jump to their feet. Sting walks down to the ring and stares at everyone including the TNA World Champion.

Sting “If there is anyone around here who deserves a title match, it’s me. This past Sunday, I was screwed out of my championship by you Ric Flair.”

Flair “You’re time is over Sting, move on and get over it!”

Sting “You’re a fine one to talk Flair. You’re time to move on has come and gone”

Fans back Sting up in his claim

Styles “Sting, you may be the former TNA World Champion, but at one time you were all about representing the youth of this company and giving the young stars the chance to carry the torch. Since returning, you’ve been nothing more than a title hungry maniac only out for yourself. Step aside Sting and let someone else have their shot.”

Bischoff stops everyone once again “Listen. Hulk and I have been working with each other over the last days and have decided that it’s time for TNA to go in a completely different direction.”

Styles “What are you talking about?’

Hogan “It’s very clear that TNA is all wrestlers getting a shot for the TNA World Title, so we’re going to change everything up once again. May 5th is going to see Ken Anderson and Sting wrestle once again for the TNA World Championship. This will be your last shot at the World Title Sting.”

Sting “I only need one shot Hulk”

Bischoff “And tonight we’re going to crown the No. 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship. The winner will have a 1 way ticket to Sacrifice, but this isn’t going to be a typical match. Tonight’s No. 1 Contenders match is going to feature 6 men competing in the Straight to the Top Gauntlet.”

Fans cheer

Styles “I want to my shot, no matter what it takes.”

Bischoff “You’ll get your shot, but only if you beat The Pope D’Angelo Dinero, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, Matt Morgan, and Crimson. How’s that for shaking things up?”

Styles “It will only make my victory that much sweeter”

Hogan’s music plays and the two of them leave the ring.


Back after commercial break, wrestling fans are treated to the opening contest for TNA Impact

X Division Championship
Kazarian(c) vs. Max Buck w/Jeremy Buck

The TNA X Champion’s veteran abilities provide him with a huge advantage over the young athlete. Max manages to mount an offence over Kaz, but a hurricanrana by the champion puts a stop to any offence made. Jeremy Buck gets involved on the apron, but it knocked down by the champion. All signs pointed to the champion picking up a clean win until Matt Hardy heads down to the ring. Hardy nails Kaz with the Twist of Hate than climbs to the top rope. He dives off with a Swanton that makes its mark on Kaz. Referee Brian Hebner calls for the bell.
Result: Kaz wins via Disqualification to retain the championship

After the match, Hardy and Generation Me beat down on Kaz right in the middle of the ring. Beer Money charges down to the ring and clotheslines Generation Me over the top rope. Hardy manages to escape though. Beer Money help Kaz back to his feet while Hardy walks to the back.

Tazz and Mike Tenay discuss Hardy’s interference in the match.

Backstage Segment: Jeff Hardy comes into Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s office after being off television since Victory Road.

Jeff “Hey sorry I’m late; I’m ready for my match against Sting tonight?”

Hogan pulls off his sunglasses and stares Hardy in the eyes.

Hogan “What the hell are you talking about?”

Jeff “My rematch against Sting... It’s tonight isn’t it?”

Hogan “You already had your chance Jeff and you blew it... brother”

Jeff “What are you talking about? I only lost to Sting last week. Tonight’s the big rematch here at Victory Road!”

Hogan “It’s clear to me dude that you’ve been baked for far too long man.”

Jeff “I don’t understand Hulk. I’m clean”

Bischoff “Jeff, It’s April 21; we just finished Lockdown. Clearly you still aren’t thinking straight man. Listen...he’s a number for a clinic I know of, all the “superstars” go there. Give the guy a call and let him help you. Come back when you’re clean and ready to go again.”

Hogan “Please Jeff, do it for your own good brother.”

Confused, Jeff Hardy leaves the office and heads out


Backstage Segment: Christy Hemme talks with Matt Hardy about his actions earlier on in the X Division match. Hardy reveals his intension to become the TNA X Division Champion because the X Division means no limits. Hardy tells Kazarian to put 5-5-11 in his mind because that’s the night Hardy comes after the belt.

Inside the Impact Zone, fans gear up for the next contest for Impact.

TNA Knockout’s Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Angelina Love

The new TNA Knockout’s Champion locks up with Angelina Love inside the ring for her first title defence. James shows her dominance over the challenger with several manoeuvres and pinning attempts. Winter makes her way down to the ring and attempts to distract Mickie James from continuing her match, but Velvet Sky also gets involved by jumping over the guardrail. She pulls Winter off the apron and spears her to the ground the two of them grapple outside the ring while Angelina nails James with a low blow inside. Angelina DDTs Mickie James and follows up by diving off the top rope with a cross body. She covers the champion for a near fall. James kicks outs and slowly gets back to her feet. Angelina continues with forearms to the side of the champion’s head. Love whips the champion across the ring and ducks down. James drives over the challenger and rolls her up for the 1...2...3.
Result: Mickie James retains the championship via pinfall

As Mickie James grabs her championship and heads up the ramp, she is joined by Tara who attacks her from behind with a steel chair. Angelina Love breaks up Velvet Sky and Winter on the floor. Love kicks Sky in the lower region and cracks a steel chair across her back. From there Winter and Angelina leave the Impact Zone. Both Mickie James and Velvet Sky are laid out.

Video Segment: 5-5-11 the night that TNA transforms forever; the night that Impact goes Live Permanently. 5-5-11 will be a night that the wrestling world will never...EVER forget because new feuds will be started, and new faces will arrive. TNA will be turned upside down live in Green Bay. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Get yours now!


Fans in the Impact Zone cheer for Kurt Angle as he makes his way out to the ring. Wrapped in bandages from his brutal match at Lockdown, the Olympic Gold Medalist slowly climbs into the ring. Angle asks for a microphone from So Cal Val and prepares to chat with the fans in the Impact Zone.

Angle “I wanted to come out here tonight and thank all the fans for your support over the last several months during my feud with Jeff Jarrett.”

Fans in the Impact Zone cheer for Kurt Angle

Angle “It really means a lot to me to know that I have the support of the greatest people in the world; you, the wrestling fans. My battle not only with Jeff Jarrett, but also with Karen Jarrett has taken a lot out of me both physically, and mentally. At Lockdown, I finally achieved everything that I needed to when I not only defeated Jeff Jarrett, but also took him out of TNA for a long while.”

Fans “Thank You Angle”

Angle “I want to say thank you for believing in me and helping me prove that I am the best wrestler in the world, but now that I have accomplished what I’ve needed to accomplish here in TNA, I will be taking some time off to regroup and recharge my batteries. I will be back in a few months and when I do come back, I’ll be coming for the TNA World Championship. That’s True...That’s Damn True!!!”

Kurt Angle’s music plays and the Olympic Gold Medalist leaves the ring. Fans cheer as he heads up the ramp. Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about Angle’s break and the importance of him leaving to recharge and refocus.

Backstage Segment: Abyss beats up the TNA Television Champion in the locker room. Scott Steiner tries to fight back, but Abyss is too much for him. Security tries to intervene, but Abyss knocks all of them down. After ramming Steiner into walls and on table tops, the Monster finishes him off with a Black Hole Slam right through the table. Abyss leaves the Television Champion laid out cold backstage.


Video Segment: 5-5-11 the night that TNA transforms forever; the night that Impact goes Live Permanently. 5-5-11 will be a night that the wrestling world will never...EVER forget because new feuds will be started, and new faces will arrive. TNA will be turned upside down live in Green Bay. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Get yours now!

Backstage Segment: Scott Steiner is shown in the first aid room getting looked at after his ambush by the monster Abyss, Christy Hemme tries to talk to Scott Steiner, but Big Poppa Pump tells Christy that next week he’s going to take Abyss out on Impact.

Inside the Impact Zone, Mike Tenay and Tazz are joined by Beer Money at the broadcast booth for the next contest.

Brother Devon and Tommy Dreamer vs. Hernandez and the Masked Man
Hernandez and the masked man viscously assault Brother Devon and Tommy Dreamer in the opening moments of the match. Although Devon is able to make a small comeback, Hernandez drops him to the canvas with a clothesline. The masked man and Tommy Dreamer continue the match, fighting back and forth. Dreamer drops the masked man to the canvas with a double arm DDT and covers him. Hernandez interferes, breaking the pin attempt, but soon Devon gets in the ring. All four men start fighting back and forth in the ring. The Masked Man and Devon fight outside the ring; leaving Hernandez and Dreamer in the ring. After nailing him with a low blow, Hernandez hits the Boarder Toss on Dreamer and covers him for the 1...2...3.
Result: Hernandez and the Masked Man wins via pinfall

The fallout of the match finds Devon back in the ring. Hernandez pounds away on Devon in the middle of the ring, keeping him to the canvas and preventing him from getting back to his feet. The masked man grabs a steel chair and brings it in the ring. Hernandez holds Dreamer up while the masked man cracks the chair across his head. Beer Money race down to the ring, coming to the aid of Dreamer and Devon and forcing Hernandez and the Masked Man to run out of the ring, but not before pulling the mask off and exposing the Mystery Man as Homicide.

Backstage Segment: Crimson is the next on Abyss’s assault list as the Monster arrives in Crimson’s locker room and attacks him. The Monster drives Crimson face first through the metal locker. Security runs in and forces the Monster to leave the room. They pull a bloody Crimson out of the locker.


Video Segment: 5-5-11 the night that TNA transforms forever; the night that Impact goes Live Permanently. 5-5-11 will be a night that the wrestling world will never...EVER forget because new feuds will be started, and new faces will arrive. TNA will be turned upside down live in Green Bay. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Get yours now!

Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about the condition of Crimson after the assault by Abyss before the break. Will Crimson be a part of the Gauntlet Match.

Straight to the Tope Gauntlet
No. 1 Contenders TNA World Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles, The Pope D’Angelo Dinero, Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Crimson
AJ Styles and Bully Ray start the gauntlet match off with a brawl back and forth both in and out of the ring. Bully Ray attempts to power bomb AJ Styles, but the Phenomenal One counters with a series of rights that forces Ray to fall backwards onto the canvas. AJ Styles whips Ray into the corner and charges with a kick to Ray’s head. Styles climbs to the top rope and dives with a bulldog on Ray. AJ follows up with the Styles Clash and picks up the win the move on in the Gauntlet.
Matt Morgan is the next to come down to the ring and fight with AJ Styles. The Blueprint and the Phenomenal One lock up in the middle of the ring. Morgan uses his size over AJ to thrust him into the corner. From there Morgan is able to remove his elbow pads and drive a series of elbows into the face of Styles. The Phenomenal One jumps on Morgan’s back with a sleeper hold, bringing him to one knee. Morgan counters the sleeper and whips Styles into the ropes, but AJ springboards off the rope with a forearm on Morgan. Morgan attempts a Carbon Footprint, but AJ counters and slaps a Cross face on Morgan. Morgan is forced to tap out.
The Pope D’Angelo Dinero charges down to the ring and jumps AJ Styles right away. As the Pope beats on AJ, Mike and Tazz both wonder whether AJ has enough fuel left to win 3 in a row. AJ battles back with a series of rights that back the Pope into the corner. AJ whips the Pope across the ring and dropkicks him to the canvas. The Phenomenal AJ Styles nails a Styles Clash and covers the Pope for a near fall. The Pope is clotheslined over the top rope and lands on the ground. Styles springboard over the top rope with a cross body on the Pope. Ric Flair and Ken Anderson come down to the ring area. Anderson rolls the Pope under the ropes while Flair starts beating down on AJ Styles with knife edge chops on the floor. The Pope distracts the referee from counting AJ out, allowing for Anderson and Flair to continue their assault on the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Sting comes out and goes after Ric Flair, chasing him around the ring to the back. Meanwhile, Anderson rolls Styles under the ropes and walks to the back. Dinero waits for Styles to get to his feet, then nails him with the D’Angelo Dinero Express. The Pope covers Styles for the win.
The Samoan Submission Machine walks down to the ring and immediately brawls with the Pope. Dinero is backed into the corner by Samoa Joe who sends him to the canvas with a series of punches and knees to. Joe rams the Pope’s head into the turnbuckle pad several times with a knee to the head. The Pope attempts to get up, but Joe picks him up and sends him to the canvas with the Muscle Buster. Joe follows up with a chicken wing and the Pope taps out.
Samoa Joe waits for his next opponent to arrive. After several minutes, Joe is introduced to the return of Desmond Wolfe. Joe and Wolfe lock up in the ring. A lariat sends Wolfe to the canvas, but he gets back to his feet and with a hip toss, sends Joe to the canvas. A hammer lock is put on Joe and Desmond Wolfe continues to apply pressure to the arm. Joe finally fights out of the hold and sends Wolfe into the corner. They continue to fight back and forth throughout the match, until Wolfe nails the Towers of London on Joe. Wolfe covers Joe for a near fall when the Samoan Submission Machine puts a foot on the rope. Desmond Wolfe drives Joes head to the canvas repeatedly before pulling him up. Joe hits a pay lay kick on Wolfe and follows with a Muscle Buster on Wolfe. He covers him for a 1...2...3.
Result: Samoa Joe becomes the number 1 contender via pinfall

Samoa Joe stands tall in the middle of the ring. Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about Sacrifice and Samoa Joe’s opportunity at TNA Gold as Impact Zone goes off the air.

TNA Wrestling Presents:
Live from the Impact Zone
Sunday, May 15, 2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Ken Anderson(c)w/Ric Flair vs. Samoa Joe​

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Impact Review:
The opening segement wasn't the most entertaining, in fact it was a little boring. But it's nice to see TNA not prancing around the whole Rematch thing like have have in real life. The announcement that TNA is going live for Impact is good, finally there is a decent announcement that doesn't have fans wondering "why?" Sting and Ken Anderson's rematch will be a good main event. I was also excited to see the gauntlet match.

X Division Match - I like Matt Hardy's interference in the match. It sets up a great feud between him and Kazaria later on, perhaps over the title.

Hogan/Hardy - That was a funny segment playing off of Hardy's problems. Probably a little cruel, but could this be the start of Hardy turning Face?

The Knockout's - Good little match between James and Love. The fallout between the beautiful people is great, and so is this feud with Tara and James. Hope to see something great coming along in the knockout's division.

Kurt Angle's segment was great. I am satisfied with Kurt coming out and explaining that he needs a rest from the business as opposed to being written out with some stupid storyline. Look forward to seeing him come back

Tag Match - Alright match, but nothing too special. I like that you've unmasked Homicide afterwards. Will Beer Money and LAX start their feud as well? Should be interesting.

Abyss/Steiner/Crimson - I like the Monster coming out in Abyss once again.

Gauntlet Match - You did a great job summarizing all the feuds that have been going on in TNA between AJ Styles and Bully Ray/ Styles and Flair/ The Pope and Joe. I was also quite excited to see the return of Desmond Wolfe to TNA in place of Crimson. Sacrifice featuring Samoa Joe and Ken Anderson will be great for the company.

Great job on this show. I like the direction you are taking with the company right now. It seems realistic to what COULD Happen.

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TNA WRESTLING releases a press release advertising TNA Impact going live. Several locations have been announced for the TNA Impact Schedule. It seems as though TNA will be starting to tour from Thursday to Saturday Nights, allowing it's athletes Sunday to Wednesday to have time off. The Updated schedule is as follows:

TNA Live Events:
Thursday, May 5 - Green Bay, Wisconsin - TNA Impact
Friday, May 6 - Millwaukee, Wisconsin
Saturday May 7 - Rockford, Illinois
Thursday, May 12 - Indianapolis, Indiana - TNA Impact
Friday, May 13 - Richmond, Indiana
Saturday, May 14 - Dayton, Ohio
Sunday, May 15 - Impact Zone, Orlando - TNA Sacrifice
Thursday, May 19 - Charlottesville, Virginia - TNA Impact
Friday, May 20 - Washington, DC
Saturday, May 21 - Baltimore, Maryland

TNA has also update the roster on their website.

TNA World Champion - Ken Anderson
TNA Television Champion - Scott Steiner
TNA X Division Champion - Kazarian
TNA Tag Team Champions - Beer Money
TNA Knockouts Champion - Mickie James
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions - Rosita and Sarita

AJ Styles
Amazing Red
Brother Devon
Bully Ray
D'Angelo Dinero
Desmond Wolfe
Douglas Williams
Eric Young
Hulk Hogan
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley
Mr. Anderson
Ric Flair
Rob Terry
Rob Van Dam
Robbie E
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Tommy Dreamer

Motor City Machine Guns: Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
Generation Me: Max Buck and Geremy Buck
Gunner and Murphy
Latin Amerian Exchange: Homicide and Hernandez
Beer Money: James Storm and Robert Roode
Ink Inc: Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore

Angelina Love
Christy Hemme
Karen Jarrett
Madison Rayne
Mickie James
Ms. Tessmacher
So Cal Val
Velvet Sky

Don West
Eric Bischoff
Jeremy Borash
Mike Tenay

Earl Hebner
Brian Hebner
Jackson James
Andrew Thomas

Removed from Roster
Brian Kendrick
Orlando Jordan

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JuulDK's Impact Review

Opening: First of all I liked the detailed description of the opening video package. I was good info to keep track of what happened at Lockdown and leading up to Lockdown.

Opening segment: I really liked this opening. You couldn't have opened in a better way right after a Pay-Per View like Lockdown if you ask me. You managed to keep everyone in perfect character, and in the end a huge announcement regarding tonight's main event. There's two things I find a bit odd though. One, that AJ talked to Sting the way he did. And two, that Crimson is suddenly to be found in a match where the winner gets a World title shot. Yes he beat Abyss clean at Lockdown, but that was his first big win ever in TNA if I remember correctly...

X Division Championship: Looked like a fine match and I liked the booking here. Matt coming down to attack Kaz was good, setting up Matt as the obvious next contender for the X Division title, but Matt hitting the Swanton is odd in so many ways. Never seen him do that. The after match also seemed good with Beer Money coming to the aid of Kaz.

Jeff/Hogan/Bischoff segment: Now this I certainly didn't like. So many things wrong here. TNA would NEVER schedule a segment to talk about things like that for everyone to see, and it kinda felt like you where taking your chance to make fun of Jeff and the episode from Victory Road. Not good mate.

Matt Interview: Matt vs. Kaz for the X Division title May 5th sounds good. Hope to see some good build up.

Knockout's Championship: First up, i don't get why Angelina Love gets a Knockout's Championship match right after losing the Knockout's Tag Team titles at Lockdown, seeing as Madison has a rematch. But the match itself seemed good, and good that you brought in both Winter and Velet. Mickie retaining without making Angelina look weak was great. The after match surprised me a bit with two chairs beeing used, and with Tara, and not Madison, attacking Mickie.

Angle segment: Good short segment here, but again I have to point something out. I don't know if Kurt would use the word "feud" on TV, and I don't think he would call Karen by her full name. He would probably just say "Karen" or "my ex-wife Karen". I do like the decision of Kurt taking some time off now, and I can't wait to see when and how you bring him back.

Abyss/Steiner Backstage: Okay segment here with Abyss apparently coming for the title he never lost. Steiner to take matters into his own hands next week sounds good.

Devon and Dreamer vs. Hernandez and the Masked Man: This match sounded a bit rushed and the finish came quite sudden. Hernandez and the Masked Man winning was okay, and if they had to win then Dreamer was the right man to have pinned. Beer Money once again coming to the aid of someone being attacked was okay I guess, but how did they get the mask off of the guy who apparantely was Homicide while Hernandez and Homicide was leaving? Again, a bit rushed.

Abyss/Crimson Backstage: Abyss also attacks Crimson and busting him open leads me to believe that you really want Abyss to seem like the monster he really is. He isn't kidding around and I kinda like that.

#1 Contender's Gauntlet: AJ eliminating Bully Ray was good, but when you're not writing the match move by move it seems quite quickly. Morgan coming down and using his size and power to his advantage sounded good, but having him tap to a move that I don't think I've EVER seen AJ do and a move that isn't even on his list of moves makes Morgan seem weak, and that I don't like. Pope was next and this time it ended up sounding odd and rushed again. First of all, Pope kicking out of the Styles Clash?? Really?? Hmm.... But if Pope had to get the win over Styles I guess having Anderson and Flair coming down was the right way to do it. Joe coming down to take on Pope was good because of their feud, but again I'm a bit stunned over the end. Joe using a Chicken Wing to make Pope tap out. By Chicken Wing, do you mean the Coquina Clutch?? Because that's not a Chicken Wing, but a Rear Naked Choke. Wolfe returning to take Crimson's place was good, and having him get the momentum going for most of the match. But again I have to point the fact out that when you're not writing the matches move-by-move they sound a bit rushed. Like here where Wolfe was in control and even hit the Tower of London before gaining control for a second again, and suddenly two quick moves later and Joe got the three fall. But when all comes to all I kinda like Joe getting a shot at either Anderson or Sting at Sacrifice.

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TNA Wrestling News
April 26, 2011
TNA Wrestling announces today that On Sunday, June 12, 2011 TNA Slammiversary will emanate from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. This is a huge undertaking by the young wrestling company as it will be TNA's first Pay-Per-View outside of the US as well as their first event in a large venue. It's beleived that TNA will want to build Slammiversary as a Wrestling Spectacle, and will go all out to make sure the Slammiversary is successful. Early rumours circulate that this might be Hulk Hogan's return to the wrestling ring, but that remains to be seen. Don't be surprised that this will likely be TNA's last attempt at making a name for themselves by pulling out all the stops to make the show noteworthy.

TNA Impact Preview:
April 27, 2011

Last week's Impact found Samoa Joe leaving the Impact Zone with a one-way ticket straight to Sacrifice. Find out this week what will go down between the Samoan Submission Machine and the TNA World Champion, Ken Anderson. Will they confront each other on Impact?

Also, both AJ Styles and Sting have unfinished business with the dirtiest player in the game, The Nature Boy Ric Flair. This week on Impact, AJ Styles and the Icon will approach Ric Flair.

The Monster Abyss will be in action against Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner with the TNA Television Championship on the line. Will The Monster regain the championship he never loss, or will the champion seek retribution for the assault from last week. What role will Crimson play after the attack from Abyss last week? Will Crimson get involved in the match or will he stay away?

TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships will be on the line with Sarita and Rosita defending against Daffney and Roxxi, plus Jay Lethal and Eric Young team up against Generation. Tune into an all new Impact this Thursday on Spike TV.

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TNA Impact
April 28th, 2011
From the Impact Zone, Orlando

TNA Impact’s theme play, the pyro explodes in the Impact Zone and fans cheer as Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome everyone to another edition of TNA Impact, only 1 week away from the exciting 5-5-11 Live broadcast of TNA Impact from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Flair’s music plays as the Nature Boy Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring. Joining him are the TNA World Champion Ken Anderson, and the Pope D’Angelo Dinero. The three of them climb up the stairs and through the ropes. Flair asks for the microphone.

Flair “Sting, AJ Styles, the two of you don’t have a clue what you’re getting involved with. When you mess with the Nature Boy, you mess with the wrestling god! If I saw that you will never be the champion, than you will never be the champion because I’m that good.”

Fans give Flair a mixed reaction

Flair “Mr. Anderson is what a champion truly looks like; he has the talent to walk the walk and talk the talk. This man is the greatest world champion of this decade.”

Mr Anderson grabs the microphone from Flair as the fans chant “Asshole”

Anderson “Asshole, Asshole, Asshole. That’s what I am and you know that I love being the asshole. That’s why I am the TNA World Champion, that’s why I am stylin’ and profilin’ with the Nature Boy, and that’s why I’m going to rule over everyone in TNA. Nobody can dethrone the Asshole.”

The Icon Sting’s music plays and the Former TNA World Champion makes his way down to the ring.

Flair “What makes you think that you’re welcomed out in my wrestling ring?”

Stings is handed a microphone by So Cal Val.

Sting “I’m here with a message for you Ken Anderson; I’m waiting, eagerly for my rematch next week in Green Bay. But in the meantime, I have a score to settle with you Ric Flair. You’re the man who cost me the TNA World Championship to begin with at Lockdown when you dragged me out of the ring and prevented me from getting back inside to wrestle. You have always been full of yourself Flair and I’m sick and tired of having you out here professing to the world that you’re a Wrestling God”

Flair “But I am a WRESTLING GOD! I’m the 16 time World Heavyweight Champion. I’ve travelled the world with the finest women, in the biggest jets, and in the longest limousines. I was a rock star before Hulkamania started running wild, and even after the Rock laid the smackdown. Nobody can walk in my shoes, but Sting if you think you have what it takes than show me.”

“I Am” plays as the Phenomenal AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring. AJ Styles joins the four of them in the ring.

AJ “What all of you fail to remember, is that while you were all out making a name for yourselves all over the world, I was here building TNA from the ground up. I’ve put my sweet and my blood into this company, but nobody appreciates that.”

TNA Fans chant “Thank you AJ”

AJ “I’ve watched as many people have come through the doors here in TNA and walk right back out at the first opportunity. I’ve seen guys like you Pope and you Ken Anderson who have come in only because you were fired...or “released” from the company up north. You’ll stay here until you are given the chance to go back up and then you’ll flee just like everyone else. And you know what, even after you’re gone I’ll still be here because I am TNA... I am what this company, industry is all about!”

Fans give AJ a huge pop for his comments

Anderson “I don’t give a damn if you’ve been in TNA for 9 years, or 9 minutes the fact of the matter is this. This Asshole is in TNA, has kicked ass, and has become the TNA Champion. Now I stand here with the Greatest of all time, Ric Flair; and our new friend the Pope D’Angelo Dinero. The three biggest ASSHOLES in the business today and nobody will ever take us off the top.”

The fans give a huge pop when Samoa Joe comes down to the ring with Okato. Joe stands alongside AJ Styles and Sting.

The Impact Zone erupts in “Joe’s Gonna Kill You” chants

Joe “For weeks, these little disputes have been going back and forth with Sting and Flair, Styles and Flair, and the Pope and I. What TNA management has failed to do is capitalize on it and give us and the fans of TNA exactly what they want. So tonight I’m going to make it happen”

Flair “What the hell are you talking about Fat Boy?”

Joe “I don’t care who I get to fight at Sacrifice, whether it’s Ken Anderson or Sting. At Sacrifice, I’m going to become the new TNA World Champion, but right now, I see 6 men dying to get it on in the middle of the ring. So let’s do it right here, tonight.”

Anderson “You three want to take us on? TONIGHT?”

AJ “You’re damn right. Let’s do it. Anderson, Flair, and the Pope against Sting, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe, on Impact Tonight!”

Fans in the Impact Zone erupt in a huge pop for the match

Flair “You may be great men, but we’re even greater men and here in TNA there is nobody who will ever dispute that. WOOOOO to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man and WOOOOO we’re high on space mountain tonight.

“Also Sprach Zarathustra” plays as the Nature Boy leaves the ring with Anderson and the Pope behind him. Meanwhile, Mike Tenay and Tazz hype the main event for tonight’s show.


Video Segment: 5-5-11 the night that TNA transforms forever; the night that Impact goes Live Permanently. 5-5-11 will be a night that the wrestling world will never...EVER forget because new feuds will be started, and new faces will arrive. TNA will be turned upside down live in Green Bay. Tickets on sale now!

Sarita and Rosita make their way down to the ring for the non-title Knockouts tag team match. They wait for their opponents to arrive. Daffney and Roxxi make their TNA return for this contest.

Non-title match
Sarita and Rosita vs. Roxxi and Daffney

The knockouts go back and forth with each other in the opening contest for Impact. The champions mount an offence over Daffney, cornering and isolating her from Roxxi. With a swinging neck breaker, Rosita brings Daffney to the canvas. She covers Daffney for a near fall, before a kick out. Sarita and Rosita double team Daffney in the middle of the ring before attempting again for a pinfall, but once again Daffney breaks out of the pin and gets back to her feet. Daffney slams Rosita to the canvas and tags Roxxi in. Fresh in the ring, Roxxi drives several forearms on both Sarita and Rosita, dropping the champions to the canvas. A clothesline sends Sarita over the ropes and leaving only Roxxi and Rosita in the ring. They grapple back and forth before Roxxi whips Rosita into the ropes. The champion whips off the ropes and brings Roxxi down with a cross body. Rosita attempts a pin, but Daffney breaks the pin. All four knockouts end up in the ring brawling back and forth. After losing control over the match, Referee Jackson James is forced the throw the match out.
Result: No Contest

The knockouts continue to brawl in the ring until Roxxi and Daffney clothesline the champions out of the ring. Rosita and Sarita retreat to the back.

Backstage Segment: Christy Hemme is found with Rob Van Dam who is talking about having a new focus now in TNA. RVD wants the X Division Championship because much like the World Heavyweight Championship, the X Division represents everything that made TNA what it is today. TNA`s X Division is not about weight limits, it`s about no limits and that`s exactly what RVD is all about. RVD warns Matt Hardy that if he wants to become the X Division Champion, than he`s going to have to go through RVD first. Matt Hardy interrupts RVD`s interview and slaps the former World Champion across the face. RVD and Matt Hardy brawl backstage; dismantling the interview set and forcing security to break up the brawl.


Backstage Segment: Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan sit in their office backstage, talking about next week`s Impact and Sacrifice on May 15th.

Bischoff “You know Hulk with all of the fighting going on around here, what are we going to do to stop it?”

Hogan “This is the best time to think about TNA being put on the map heading into next week’s Impact and Sacrifice.”

Bischoff “What are you thinking about Hulk?”

Hogan “Since Matt Hardy and Rob Van Dam both want the X Division Championship, why not put them in a match next week to determine who’s going to go to Sacrifice against Kazarian for the X Division Championship”

Bischoff “Oh I like that Hulk. That’s good, now what about the Knockouts. I think that next week we need to have ourselves a rematch with the Knockout’s Tag Champions taking on Roxxi and Daffney.”

Hogan “I would much rather we have that match at Sacrifice brother, with the Knockout’s Tag Team Championships on the line.”

Bischoff “That works for me Hulk, now hopefully we’ll see a little bit of order around.”

Hogan “We’ll just have to wait and see my brother.”

Inside the Impact Zone, Mike Tenay and Tazz comment on the condition of Jeff Jarrett following TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View. Tenay wishes the founder best of luck on his recovery and hopes to see him return to TNA within the next couple of weeks. Jeremy Borash makes the announcement for the next contest.

TNA Television Championship
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (c) vs. The Monster Abyss

The champion is ambushed by the Monster Abyss on the outside before the match starts. Abyss slams the champion face first into the ring steps then scoop slams him to the ground. Abyss grabs the belt and drives it across the skull of Steiner, cutting his forehead open. Abyss rolls Steiner into the ring and continues to fight inside the ring. Big Poppa Pump fights to his feet and backs Abyss into the corner. Steiner whips Abyss across the ring and meets him with a clothesline, but it has no affect on the Monster Abyss. Steiner kicks Abyss in the mid section and sends him to the canvas with a Frankensteiner. Scott Steiner drives a few elbows across the chest of Abyss and covers him, but Abyss kicks out. They continue to fight in and around the ring again. Out of nowhere, Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Scott Steiner, but refuses to cover him. Abyss goes out to the outside and grabs a steel chair. He brings it in the ring and cracks it across the back of Scott Steiner. Brian Hebner warns Abyss to stop using the chair, but the Monster nails Hebner with the chair. Abyss continues to beat Scott Steiner with the steel chair.
Result: Scott Steiner retains the Television Championship via Disqualification

Security attempts to get in the ring, but Abyss refuses to let them in the ring. Abyss slams Steiner on the chair with another Black Hole Slam. With taped up ribs, Crimson slowly heads down to the ring with a lead pipe. He and Abyss fight back and forth until the Monster slams him to the canvas. When Crimson slowly gets to his knees Abyss drives the lead pipe into the side of his ribs. Crimson falls back to the canvas and Abyss uses the pipe to choke him out. The Monster finally releases the pipe from the throat of Crimson and leaves the ring.


Video Segment: 5-5-11 the night that TNA transforms forever; the night that Impact goes Live Permanently. 5-5-11 will be a night that the wrestling world will never...EVER forget because new feuds will be started, and new faces will arrive. TNA will be turned upside down live in Green Bay. Tickets on sale now!

Inside the ring, Jeremy Borash announces the next contest.

Jay Lethal and Eric Young vs. Generation Me
Jay Lethal and Eric Young both make their TNA returns after being off television for a while by locking up with Generation Me inside the ring. Lethal and Young are held at the mercy of Max and Jeremy in the opening moments of the contest. Young battles back after Jeremy, driving him to the corner with several upper cuts. A DDT brings Jeremy to the canvas and Young continues to beat on him. A pin attempt is unsuccessful as Jeremy kicks out. The match continues back and forth with all team mates getting involved at one time or another throughout the match. The conclusion of the match finds Lethal hitting the flying elbow on Max Buck, while Eric Young hits a version of the Rock Bottom on Jeremy. Both members of Generation Me are covered in the ring for a 1...2...3.
Result: Jay Lethal and Eric Young via pinfall

Eric Young gets on the microphone and explains that LAX aren’t the only ones looking for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Beer Money is warned that their days as the champions are numbered.

Beer Money come out to the ring and stare down Young and Lethal. LAX climb into the ring behind the champions and begin to jump them from behind. Eric Young and Jay Lethal get in the mix and assist Beer Money in taking out LAX. Soon Generation Me get to their feet and join in on the huge brawl between all the tag teams. Beer Money, Jay Lethal and Eric Young finally get the upper hand over their opponents; forcing Generation ME and LAX to retreat to the back.

Backstage Segment: A beat up Crimson is with Christy Hemme backstage. Crimson informs Christy that he is tired of Abyss and his assault on everyone. He states that Abyss cost him the opportunity to wrestle for the TNA World Championship, and now he wants retribution. Crimson claims that if Abyss wants to prove that he’s a monster, Crimson’s more than happy to show that he can be a monster. Crimson challenges Abyss and Scott Steiner to Monster’s Ball at Sacrifice.


Madison Rayne and Tara come out to the ring.

Rayne “I wasn’t here last week due to the brutal injury I received at the hands of Mickie James at Lockdown, but I’m here tonight and demand my rematch. I want my title back!!!!”

“Hardcore Country” plays as the Knockout’s Champion makes her way down to the ring. Mickie James grabs a microphone and addresses Madison Rayne’s demand.

James “Listen here bitch; I’m ready to take you on any night you want. You’re nothing more than a loud mouth piece of trash who wants the world handed to you. Anytime you want me, I’m here.”

Rayne slaps Mickie James in the face. The champion spears Rayne to the canvas and soon Tara gets involved and pulls the champion off Rayne. Madison and Tara double team the champion when Velvet Sky runs down to the ring. Velvet stands up for Mickie James, fighting off Tara and Rayne. Soon Angelina Love comes down and jumps Velvet. All five knockouts fight each other in the middle of the ring.

Bischoff’s theme plays and Bischoff comes out to the entrance way.

Bischoff “CUT IT OUT!”

The knockouts continue to fight each other, not paying attention to Bischoff.

Bischoff “I said CUT IT OUT!!! The next woman to throw a punch will be suspended.”

The knockouts stop and turn to Bischoff.

Bischoff “Tonight has been nothing but absolute chaos here in TNA. Everyone is getting involved with other people’s business. I have Matt Hardy and RVD going at it backstage, Crimson getting involved with Abyss and Scott Steiner, the Tag Teams fighting after their match, and now this. I’m sick and tired of this crap!”

Fans give Bischoff a mixed reaction.

Bischoff “So this is what I’m going to do. Next week on Impact from Green Bay, we have The World Championship on the line as well as the Number 1 contender’s match for the X Division, but we’re also going to have a 3 on 2 Knockout’s handicap match; Madison Rayne, Tara, and Angelina Love against Mickie James and Velvet Sky!”


Video Segment: TNA Wrestling Presents Sacrifice “One Man’s Legacy Fulfill Another Man’s Dream?” 5-15-11 Only on Pay Per View.

Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about the turmoil in TNA right now between the wrestlers backstage. The whole company is upside down with the fights going on. Tazz comments on how the upcoming match is an example of the fighting that’s going on in TNA.

Main Event
6 Man Tag Team Match
The Icon Sting, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe vs. The Nature Boy Ric Flair, D’Angelo Dinero, Mr. Anderson

The Pope and AJ Styles lock up at the start of the contest, both men showing their strength. AJ Styles finally gets the upper hand after backing the Pope into the corner. Referee Earl Hebner forces him to back out of the corner; allowing the Pope to poke a thumb to the eye of Styles. Dinero climbs to the second rope and dives off with a bull dog on AJ Styles. Dinero backs Styles into his corner and makes tags with Anderson and Flair. The three of them team up on Styles in the corner. Flair taunts his opponents to get involved, while Dinero and Anderson continue their beat down on AJ Styles. Flair starts working on the leg of Styles. Driving knees into the shines and ankle area; Flair is setting up for the figure four. He wraps around Styles leg, but the Phenomenal AJ Styles grabs him and rolls him up into a small package. A near fall occurs before Flair kicks out. As Flair is about to continue to fight with Styles, but is nailed out of nowhere with a pay lay kick. Styles tags Joe in, who drops a series of elbows on the Nature Boy. Joe backs Flair in the corner with a series of chops, than whips him across the ring. Joe charges after him with a clothesline that sends Flair to the canvas. The Nature Boy nails Joe with a low blow and tags Ken Anderson in. The TNA World Champion comes out and drives several right hands into the side of Joe’s head. Anderson DDTs him to the canvas before continuing to beat down the No.1 Contender on the mat. The champion climbs to the top rope and dives off with an elbow across the skull of Joe, and the Samoan Submission Machine falls back down. Now firmly in control of the match, The Pope D’Angelo Dinero gets in the ring and starts to beat down on Joe. With a lariat, Joe is sent into the corner. The Pope places Joe on the top rope and climbs up as well. From the top, D’Angelo Dinero super plexes the Samoan Submission Machine to the canavas. Fans in the Impact Zone erupt as both men lay flat on the ground. AJ Styles and Sting hype up the crowd and encourage Joe to get into the corner. Meanwhile, the Pope crawls over and tags Flair in. Just as Flair is about to grab Joe, he is able to make the tag to Sting. For the first time ever, Sting and Ric Flair go head to head in a TNA ring. Flair starts with the knife edge chops, but Sting retaliates back with his own chops. The two continue to fight back and forth inside in the ring. Sting whips Flair into the corner, but in typical fashion the Nature Boy flips over the rope, lands on the apron and runs across to the other side. Flair climbs to the top of the other corner, just to be grabbed by Sting and thrown to the canvas. The Pope and Anderson get in the ring, but Sting punches them both down. As the Icon is about to go back to work on Flair, the Nature Boy pokes Sting in the eye than grabs his head and rams it into turn buckle pad repeatedly. With the Icon on the ground, Flair slaps the figure four on the former champion and applies the pressure to the leg of Sting. Sting fights hard and finally manages to reverse the submission on the Nature Boy, but the Pope gets involved. Soon all 6 men are in the ring fighting back and forth once again. AJ Styles and Flair wrestle each other outside the ring, while Joe and Anderson grapple up by the entrance way, leaving Sting and the Pope D’Angelo Dinero in the ring. The two of them exchange rights back and forth. Sting is clotheslined over the top rope, and The Pope goes out after him. The Pope nails Sting with a foreign object before rolling him back in the ring. The Pope covers Sting for the pin and picks up the victory for his team.
Result: The Pope, Ric Flair, and Ken Anderson win via pinfall

As the Pope celebrates his victory in the ring, TNA goes off the air glimpsing at the fighting between Ric Flair/AJ Styles, and Joe/Anderson.

TNA Impact
Live from Green Bay, Wisconsin

TNA World Championship
Ken Anderson (c) w. Ric Flair vs. The Icon Sting

No. 1 Contender TNA X Division Championship
Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

3 on 2 Handicap Match
Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Tara vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky

TNA Wrestling Presents
Live from the Impact Zone
Sunday, May 15, 2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mr. Anderson (c) w. Ric Flair vs. Samoa Joe w. Okato

TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championship
Rosita and Sarita (c) vs. Daffney and Roxxi

Monster’s Ball
TNA Television Championship

Scott Steiner (c) vs. Abyss vs. Crimson​

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Segment: This is brewing to be one hell of a match tonight, can't wait for it. "Fat Boy" makes this promo 100x better. Great use of the promo.

Knockouts Tag Match: Roxxi and Daffney is a great team, could see them with the belts. A great match with an okay ending.

Backstage Segment: RVD/Hardy is great. Both men in the X Division should make the division more interesting, but there are better choices of men. They could have some memorable moments with the championship involved.

Backstage Segment: Kaz/RVD would be pretty awesome. Expecting this with Hardy costing Rob the match. Excited to see how it all turns out.

Jarrett/Singles Match: I'm wondering what you will do with Jeff now that he is done with Angle (hopefully =D). Abyss versus Steiner was a great match, glad to see Crimson get revenge.

Tag Match: The pairing of Lethal and Young is odd, but somewhat awesome in its own way. I see a build up to a 4-way tag match, which could be pretty epic with who would be involved.

Segment: If the Monsters Ball doesnt get signed, I will riot... =)

Knockout Segment: Mickie and Madison had a short but sweet promo fallowed by a nice brawl. I'm not sure about the handicap match, but I like where Madison/Mickie could go and how you book Mickie as the champ.

Main Event: Loved the match! The ending was sketchy, but it worked. All these men can have some great bouts in the future, and this is what I am looking forward to the most. Hopefully Joe can capitalize on his shot at the title and take TNA back to the way it used to be.

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Look for TNA to do something Huge for Thursday's Impact. With Impact going live and the company wanting to put all of their efforts into Slammiversary in Toronto, Ontario, expect that this Impact will be the start of the Slammiversary road. With the company putting all of it's efforts into the next few weeks fans are left wondering whether the company will deliver with the Live Impacts and Slammiversary PPV.

Dixie Carter has posted on her Twitter account that she will deliver an earth shattering announcement this Thursday on Impact.

Ticket's for Slammiversary at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto will go on sale Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 9:00 am ranging from $30.00 - $125.00. In addition to the show itself, a very special VIP Weekend is planned to take place Friday, June 10 through to June 12 with Autograph Signings, unveiling of the new TNA Video Games, commentate your own TNA Match, Wrestle with Hulk Hogan, and more being planned for the weekend at a very special price of $300.00 including the weekend pass and front row commemorative seat for the Pay Per View. More details on the weekend will be revealed in the coming weeks include what names to expect at the Fan VIP Weekend.

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Looking forward to the live shows. "Earth shattering" in real life would be a huge let down, but I know you will do something that is actually worth the hype. Can't wait to see what the announcement is!

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TNA Impact
LIVE from Green Bay, Wisconsin

The TNA Impact Theme plays with a new video package that features Ken Anderson, Fortune, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Samoa Joe, Velvet Sky, Jay Lethal, Motor City Machine Guns, and Abyss.

The Pyro explodes in the Veteran’s Memorial Arena as approximately 4000 fans cheer for TNA Impact. Mike Tenay and Tazz make their customary welcome to fans watching Impact at home. The broadcast team hypes tonight’s show including the Main Event with Sting and Mr. Anderson for the TNA World Championship, the 3 on 2 Knockout’s Handicap Match, and the No. 1 Contender’s match for the X Division Championship.

Mr. Anderson’s music plays and the fans in Green Bay erupt as the TNA World Champion, and the home town hero makes his way out to the ring. Anderson makes his ring introduction and the Fans give a huge pop when he mentions Green Bay. Anderson takes it all in before continuing to address the crowd.

Anderson “It is nice to come home the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and know that there are still some people who appreciate a good asshole!”

Green Bay fans cheer

Anderson “After all, it’s not every day that an ASSHOLE is the World Heavyweight Champion. People turn away from Assholes, and look at heroes instead. People who can sell arenas and can say “YES” to the networks and the bosses. To them I say **** you! I’m the TNA World Champion, and I’m the best damn wrestler in the business today.”

The Nature Boy’s theme plays and Ric Flair emerges from the TNA Set. He walks down to the ring area and chats up with some of the fans before climbing into the squared-circle. Flair is handed a microphone by So Cal Val and turns to someone in the audience.

Flair “Shut up fat boy!”

Fans continue to taunt Flair

Flair “Listen, I told you to sit there and shut up, stop making an embarrassment of yourself.”

Fans boo Flair

Flair “I deserve more respect than this. I’m a god, I’m a freaking GOD! I know how to be the champion in the ring, and haha in the bedroom WOOOO”

Anderson “You also know how to be an Asshole!”

Flair “WOOOO, yes I do. I’m out here tonight with news from Hogan and Bischoff. It seems that the network is sending a representative to tonight’s show. In the main event, the network will be announcing a special guest referee for your match.”

Anderson “I don’t care who comes here tonight; I’m the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I’m going to go into the match tonight the champion, I’m going to kick Sting’s ass, with the championship, and then I’m going to walk out of Green Bay... the champion.”

Fans give Anderson a favourable reaction

Flair “I know that you’re the champ. You’ve got everything going for you as the champ and the Nature Boy is behind you all the way. Tonight WOOOO We are going to beat Sting, and anybody else who gets involved in the match. You are the champion and nobody is taking that away. WOOOO Listen Sting, Fortune, Joe; we are in control of this company, and whether you like it or not; learn to love it because we’re the best thing going today! WOOOOOO!”

Flair’s music plays and the two of them leave the ring together. Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about the “network”.


When Impact returns the fans in Green Bay are on their feet for the opening contest. Kazarian makes his way out to the ring with Beer Money and AJ Styles by his side. The four of them grab seats in the front row for the first match.

No. 1 Contenders Match
X Division Championship
Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

Matt Hardy and RVD lock up in the middle of the ring, both men unwilling to lose the advantage in the opening moments. RVD whips Hardy across the ring and sends him to the canvas with a back body drop. RVD propels off the ropes with a moonsault that makes its mark on Hardy. A pinning attempt finds RVD getting a two count before Matt Hardy kicks out. Fans in Green Bay are completely behind RVD throughout the contest. When the Whole F’N Show climbs to the top rope, he makes his “RVD” thumb point and drives off with a frog splash, but Hardy gets out of the way. Matt Hardy pulls Van Dam to his feet and whips him out of the ring, than climbs to the top rope. Hardy dives off with a cross body on Van Dam and both men land on the floor. Slowly they get back into the ring and continue their fight. Van Dam is nailed with a Twist of Hate, but kicks out from a pinning attempt. Upset, Hardy begins kicking Van Dam repeated before placing him in the corner. RVD is whipped across the ring and slams into the turn buckle. Hardy charges after him with a clothesline that sends him to the canvas. Again, Hardy climbs to the top rope. This time he dives off with his own frog splash, nailing RVD. Another pinning attempt by Hardy finds RVD kicking out by two. Fortune watches on as Van Dam slowly gets back up. Hardy approaches Van Dam, but is thrown out of the ring. Van Dam springboards off the top rope and lands on Hardy outside the ring. They continue to fight back and forth before RVD starts a series of kicks on Hardy. Van Dam grabs a steel chair and brings it over to Hardy. When Matt gets to his feet, RVD whips the chair at him, and quickly nails the Van Terminator outside the ring. RVD is now in complete control of the match as he rolls Hardy into the ring. Van Dam dives over the ropes with a splash on Hardy and covers him; however another pin only gets a two count before there’s a kick out. RVD climbs to the top rope and prepares for the Five Star Frog Splash when he is pushed off by Jeff Hardy. Matt capitalizes by picking RVD up and nailing him with another Twist of Hate. Hardy covers RVD for the 1...2...3.
Result: Matt Hardy becomes the No. 1 Contender after winning via pinfall

Jeff Hardy gets in the ring and begins to help Matt with a double team beat down on RVD, but Fortune quickly gets involved, coming to the aid of RVD. The Hardy’s leave the ring; Matt and Kaz exchange words as the Hardy’s head up the ramp.

Backstage Segment: Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff show concern for the network coming to TNA tonight.

Hogan “I’m not too happy Eric. Why is the network sending someone to our show tonight?”

Eric “Clearly they don’t have confidence in our abilities Hulk. They think they need to be a part of this. They need to come and tell us how to run this company.”

Hogan “Well I’m not going to allow it brother. I’m going out to the ring right now brother and laying it all on the line.”


Hogan’s music plays and Hollywood comes out to the roaring crowd in Green Bay. Right behind Hulk is his right hand man Eric Bischoff. The two of them climb into the ring and prepare to address the fans in TNA.

Hogan “Tonight starts a whole new era for TNA as we head into the era of being live and in living colour brother. Last week there were some problems with the wrestlers in the back thought they could run loose and do whatever they want, but that doesn’t happen in my company brother; I’m in charge and we’re going to do things right brother!”

Fans give Hogan a mixed reaction

Bischoff “Sacrifice is only 10 days away, and Hogan and I were doing a lot of thinking since last week about what we can do to make a statement. First off, I’d like to address this whole tag team turmoil going on. Everyone thinks they deserve a shot at the Tag Team Championships, but the reality is that nobody deserves that shot. So this is what we’re going to do; at Sacrifice we’re going to see a tag team invitational battle royal.”

Hogan “Eight Tag Teams battle it out in a 16 man tournament with the last man standing send his tag team to Slammiversary for the Tag Team Championships Brother.”

Fans cheer for Hogan’s announcement

Bischoff “But it gets even better because since this pay-per-view is called Sacrifice. There has to be some sacrifices made; so therefore the first team to be completely eliminated will be FIRED!”

Fans give Bischoff a mixed reaction

Bischoff “You see, Hogan and I are tired of all the hostility and the fighting going, so that why we’re making the statement. Everyone in TNA has to fight for their spot. Beer Money are the Tag Team Champions whether Hogan and I like it. They’ve earned that spot and deserve to defend against the very best.”

Fans chant “Beer Money”

Hogan “I challenge the network to do better than that Brother!”

Hulk Hogan is interrupted by Dixie Carter’s music. The TNA President returns to Impact after several months.

Hogan “I thought I’d never see you again. What the hell are you doing out here Dixie?”

Dixie “Well Hulk, I’m out here to let you know that when Spike TV informed you they were sending a representative from the network to Impact tonight, what they failed to mention that the network was me.”

Hogan and Bischoff are furious as fans don’t really give a reaction.

Hogan “What are you talking about Dixie?”

Dixie “As the president of TNA, my job is to work with the network. I’m back here to make your lives miserable and I couldn’t think of a better way than to come tonight and announce that there is a new sheriff in TNA. A man who will be working with me and the network to ensure everything goes exactly how we want it.”

Bischoff “And who’s that Dixie?”

Dixie “This man is going to not only be the Special Guest Referee tonight for the Main Event, but he’s also going to be on hand at TNA Sacrifice to watch you Hulk Hogan.”

Hogan “Who is he Dixie? Don’t play around with me!”

“Pomp and Circumstance” plays and Hogan’s face drops as Dixie Carter heads to the back. Mike Tenay and Tazz make their speculations on who Dixie might be talking about, but they don’t give it away.


Mickie James and Velvet Sky come down to the ring for their handicap match.
Madison Rayne, Tara, and Angelina Love come down to the ring with Winter in their corner.

3 on 2 Handicap Match
Madison Rayne, Tara, and Angelina Love w. Winter vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Before the referee can gain control of the match, the numbers game works to the advantage of Madison Rayne as the four of them beat on Mickie James and Velvet Sky. As the knockouts fight each other in the ring, Referee Jackson James attempts to regain control. The referee finally gains control over the match and forces Winter to head to the back. Madison Rayne elbows Mickie James several times in the head before whipping her across the ring. Rayne clotheslines James to the canvas and begins the slam her head repeatedly into the ring. James slowly gets to her feet when Tara is brought into the ring. Tara continues the assault that Madison Rayne started on Mickie James, but the Knockout’s Champion fights back with chops to the chest of Tara. The champion kicks her in the stomach and hits her with a bulldog to the canvas. With Tara on the canvas, James is able to tag Velvet in. Velvet spears Tara to the canvas and begins to pound on her, but Tara rolls her up and attempts a pin. Velvet kicks out and gets back to her feet. She dropkicks Tara and follows with an arm bar on her. Tara fights her way up and reverses the arm bar, now applying pressure to Velvet. Tara tags Angelina in and they double team Velvet for a while before the referee forces Tara out of the ring. Angelina slams Sky to the canvas and drops a leg across her chest. Angelina covers Velvet for a near fall. The match continues to progress in favour of the three knockouts. Velvet attempts to make a tag to her partner several times, but each time she is pulled away. After several minutes of watching the knockouts beat down Velvet, Mickie James grabs a steel chair and gets in the ring. James cracks the chair across the head of Madison Rayne, forcing Jackson James to call for the bell. The knockouts all get involved once again in the action, beating each other down.
Result: Madison Rayne, Tara, and Angelina Love win via disqualification

Security breaks up the fighting between the five knockouts in the ring. Mickie James grabs a microphone.

James “Next week Madison; I’ll finally give you your shot at the Knockout’s Championship. I’m going to kick your ass once and for all this time, No Holds Barred!”

James drops the microphone and talks smack with Madison Rayne as they leave for the back.

Backstage Segment: Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are joined by the Hardy Boys.

Hogan “It’s good to see you back Jeff, but I have some bad news brother. RVD wants you”

Jeff “I’m alright with that. If RVD wants me that I’m going to show him what being a rockstar’s all about!”

Hogan “If this is going to go down brother, than it’s going to go down at Sacrifice; you and Rob Van Dam in an extreme rules match brother.”

Jeff “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Bischoff “Good, now while you’re here we have some problems. I’m sure you know about Dixie Carter and the network are causing some problems for us. We need you to help us keep Dixie Carter at bay. Can you do that?”

Matt “We can do anything Eric.”

Bischoff “That’s good. I have some...extra help coming to TNA. Let’s just say that he’ll be here at Sacrifice.”


Video Segment: TNA Wrestling Presents Sacrifice “One Man’s Legacy Fulfill Another Man’s Dream?” 5-15-11 Only on Pay Per View.

Jeremy Borash announces the next contest for TNA Impact

Bully Ray vs. Crimson
Bully Ray jumps Crimson immediately following the bell, but Crimson’s size is used to his advantage and soon Ray is power slammed to the canvas. Crimson drops a leg on Bully Ray and continues to pound the side of his temple with stiff right hands. Brian Hebner finally pulls Crimson off and warns him, but Crimson continues the assault on Bully Ray. The lights go off in the arena, and the Monster Abyss comes down to the ring. Abyss attacks Crimson with a baseball bat after entering the ring, and the referee calls for the bell.
Result: Crimson wins via disqualification

As Abyss continues to beat up Crimson with the baseball bat, Bully Ray attempts to stop him by talking with the Monster. Abyss releases the choke with the bat and proceeds to nails Bully Ray across the head with it. Abyss drops the bat and slams Bully Ray to the canvas with a Black Hole Slam. The Television Champion comes out with his pipe and chases off Abyss. Scott Steiner grabs a microphone.

Steiner “Listen up you piece of **** Since you’re coming out here demanding matches and pissing people off, why don’t we just add Bully Ray to our match at Sacrifice and make it a 4 man Monster’s Ball?

Abyss attempts to get back in the ring, but Steiner swings the pipe at him.

Backstage Segment: Dixie Carter heads out to the limousine waiting in the back of the parking lot. She opens the door and tells the person inside that they are ready for them.


Mike Tenay and Tazz hype up the Main Event once again. This time going over the tale of the tape before the match begins. The biggest factor in this match is who will be the special referee assigned by the network.

Once their music hits, Ken Anderson and the Nature Boy Ric Flair enter the arena and make their way down to the ring with a sea of mixed emotions from the fans in Green Bay. Anderson climbs into the ring and for the second time in the night, he makes his own formal introduction.

Next to the ring is the challenger. The Icon Sting comes out to the ring with a roar of the crowd in this much anticipated rematch. Sting and Anderson stare each other down as they wait for the special guest referee.

“Pomp and Circumstance” plays again as Black Machismo makes his return to TNA. All dressed in the macho man’s clothes, Jay Lethal poses at the ramp for a moment. Lethal than proceeds to introduce the special guest referee... the legendary MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! 4000 fans in Green Bay jump to their feet as the Macho Man finally makes his return to professional wrestling. With jet black hair, stripped referee shirt and Black Cowboy Hat Randy Savage poses at the top of the entrance, looking in great shape. Ric Flair looks on in disbelief and the Macho Man gives high fives to the fans on his way to the ring. Savage takes off his hat and poses on the second turn buckle. Randy Savage calls for the bell and the match is on.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mr. Anderson(c) w. Ric Flair vs. The Icon Sting
Special Referee: Macho Man Randy Savage

Anderson and Sting lock up in the middle of the ring and immediately the champion slaps on a side head lock. Sting pushes Anderson into the ropes, but a shoulder block sends the challenger to the canvas. Anderson jumps over Sting and propels off the ropes, but the Icon gets up immediately and sends Anderson down with a hip toss. Anderson gets back up and the two go at it again, this time with punches and chops back and forth in the ring. The Icon whips Anderson into the corner and charges after him, but the Champion gets out quickly and Sting lands hard in the corner. Anderson rolls him up and Savage quickly gets down and counts the shoulders for a 1...2...kickout. Anderson pulls Sting up and nails him with a couple uppercuts before whipping him into the ropes. Anderson slams Sting down hard with a spinebuster and immediately gets back to a vertical basis. As the fans get behind Anderson, the champion starts focusing more on them and less on Sting. This allows Sting to get back up and go after Anderson from behind. The Icon backs the champion into a corner and whips him across the ring. Sting charges after and nails Anderson with a Stinger Splash. The Icon drives Anderson head first to the mat than quickly gets up and lets out a “WOOOOOOO.” The former champion is about to slap on the Scorpion Death Lock when he is pulled down by Anderson into a small package. Savage makes the pin again, but Sting kicks out immediately. Anderson and Sting get back up once again and lock up in the ring. This time Anderson whips Sting out onto the floor in front of the Nature Boy. As Anderson is chatting with Macho Man inside the ring, Flair is busy on the floor ramming Sting face first into the ring post. The Nature Boy rolls him in the ring and Anderson covers him for a 1...2...kickout. Ken grabs Sting’s arms and pulls them back, than drives a knee into the back of the Icon. Savage warns him to release the hold and Sting falls to the canvas. The Champion pulls Sting up and slams him to the canvas with a Mike Check. Once again Sting is rolled up for the pin, and once again Sting kicks out before three. Anderson starts getting into it with Savage when Sting pushes Anderson into the referee. Savage falls to the canvas and Sting nails Anderson with a Scorpion Death Drop. The Icon covers him, but Savage is still knocked down. Ric Flair attempts to get involved in the match, when AJ Styles comes down to the ring. AJ Styles slams Flair into the ring steps and the Nature Boy falls to the ground. Sting is still looking for Savage, and finds him on the ground, so the challenger gets off Anderson and tries to revive Savage. Meanwhile, The Pope D’Angelo Dinero gets in the ring and sets up for Sting. When Sting gets upright, The Pope hits him with the DDE; knocking the Icon down and allowing Anderson to get up again. The Asshole pulls Sting into the middle of the ring and then drags Savage over. The champion covers Sting and Savage makes a slow count. Sting finally gets a shoulder up before three, which infuriates Anderson so much he pulls Savage up and drives him to the canvas with the Mike Check. Anderson and the Pope continue to double team Sting in the ring when the rest of Fortune come down to Sting’s aid. The Pope immediately leaves the ring with Fortune chasing him to the back and Anderson is left all alone once again with Sting. The Champion pulls Sting up and sets him up in the corner. The Champion goes outside and grabs a steel chair, bringing it into the ring. Sting is about to be Mike Checked on the chair when he reverses the hold and sends Anderson down on the chair with a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting covers Anderson again, this time with Earl Hebner coming down to the ring. Hebner counts to two than is pulled out of the ring by Christopher Daniels. Daniels returns to Impact and hits Sting with the Angel Wings. He pulls Anderson on Sting and rolls Savage into the ring. Randy Savage slowly counts 1...2...3; and the match is now officially over. Result: Ken Anderson retains the TNA World Championship via pinfall

Anderson slowly gets back to his feet and is handed the championship belt by Christopher Daniels. Matt and Jeff Hardy come down and attack Randy Savage in the ring. Hogan’s music plays and Immortal Hulk Hogan heads down to the ring. Hogan gets in the ring and taunts Randy Savage when out of nowhere, Jay Lethal and Eric Young get in the ring and make the save for Savage. Lethal and Young stand tall in the ring with Randy Savage as Hogan and the Hardy’s leave for the back with Christopher Daniels. Hogan grabs a microphone.

Hogan “I can’t believe you’re back in wrestling Savage, but you won’t be for long after the new regime take you out!”

Hogan raises the hands of the Hardy’s and Christopher Daniels.

Impact ends with Anderson helping a bloody Flair to the back, and Sting is helped up by Savage, Young, and Lethal.

TNA Wrestling Presents
Live from the Impact Zone
Sunday, May 15, 2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mr. Anderson (c) w. Ric Flair vs. Samoa Joe w. Okato

TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championship
Rosita and Sarita (c) vs. Daffney and Roxxi

Monster’s Ball
TNA Television Championship

Scott Steiner (c) vs. Abyss vs. Crimson vs. Bully Ray

TNA X Division Championship
Kazarian (c) vs. Matt Hardy

Tag Team Invitational Battle Royal
No. 1 Contender World Tag Team Championships

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me vs. LAX vs. Jay Lethal and Eric Young vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer vs. London Brawling vs. Gunner and Murphy vs. Mystery Tag Team

Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy​

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I just read your 5-5-11 show and just kind of skimmed over the rest of your shows so if I'm a little off in following the story lines I apologize...

- I really like how you write Flair promos. Pretty dang close to the real thing.
- I like the ending to the X Division Contender Match. It sets up a Hardy Boyz reunion as well as the RVD/Jeff match that RVD has been asking for.
- However, I don't like that you made the match at Sacrifice. That match is something that's been built up for quite a while and a match that big seems like something better served saving for Slammiversary.
- Dixie working with the Network is a cool idea, it gets her back involved and gives Hogan and Bischoff a new opponent.
- "The Monster" Abyss coming back is awesome. That's when Abyss is at his best. The four way Monster's Ball should be interesting.
- I absolutely loved the buildup to the revelation of the guest referee. Certainly a strange pick in Savage but I am not going to judge it until I see what you plan to do with him. The ending of the match seemed like a mess but nothing too bad. Kind of odd that of all people Eric Young and Jay Lethal make the save for Savage but I suppose since Jay Lethal is back as "Black Machismo" it makes a little sense.

Overall, I like this one. Should be interesting to see how Dixie Carter, Macho Man, and the Network come into play in the next shows.

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TNA News:
After the exciting live broadcast of last week's Impact, TNA Officials are said to be please with the direction the company is headed now. The May 5 edition of Impact found one of TNA's highest ratings of the year with a 1.49 with the a whopping 1.7 tuning in for the main event featuring the return of the Macho Man Randy Savage. The Impact rating combined with the live crowd for the show brings hope to TNA's decision to go ahead with live Thursday Broadcasts.

TNA Sacrifice is being used as a stepping stone for Slammiversary on June 12th. With Slammiversary being held in the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, this PPV will be the make it or break it point for the company. This is partically why TNA is bringing in stars like Randy Savage. Expect huge matches to be announced for TNA Slammiversary over the coming weeks.

One week after the reveal of the "Network" Hogan and Bischoff look at taking out Dixie Carter and Randy Savage once and for all. Will they be successful in their mission or will the TNA President get the better of Hogan?

Mickie James and Madison Rayne look to finally end their bitter rivalry this Thursday in a No Holds Barred Match for the TNA Knockout's Championship. Will Mickie James be successful in defending her championship, or will Madison Rayne regain the title she lost.

With only days away from their match at Sacrifice, Rob Van Dam looks to show Jeff Hardy what's in store for the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling when he takes on the "Freak" Rob Terry.

TNA presents another live edition of Impact from the Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana this Thursday. Tune in at 9:00 p.m. only on Spike TV.

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TNA Impact
Live from Indianapolis, Indiana
May 12, 2011
The TNA Impact Theme plays and the pyro goes off in Hinkle Fieldhouse as approximately 4,200fans chant “TNA”. Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome fans to another live edition of TNA Impact from Indianapolis, Indiana. Mike Tenay continues to talk about the hellacious ride that TNA has been on over since Lockdown, heading into this Sunday’s Sacrifice when TNA returns to the Impact Zone for the PPV.

Hulk Hogan’s music plays and the boss makes his way down to the ring with Eric Bischoff. The two of them are greeted with a very cold reaction from the fans in Indianapolis. Hulk Hogan and Bischoff comment back and forth before addressing the crowd.

Hulk “This is my TNA brother. I’m the boss around here and I don’t care if you fans like it, if the network likes it, or if the wrestlers in the back like it. We’re in control of TNA brother!”

Eric “Business around here as of late has been, putting it mild, pretty chaotic. The wrestlers in the back have felt it’s their god’s given right to do whatever they want with no regard to others. Tonight Hogan and I put everyone back on track. Anyone found fighting backstage or interfering in matches tonight will immediately be fired from TNA, no questions asked.”

Fans give the two of them a cool reaction

Hulk “Last week, Randy Macho Man Savage came into TNA and got involved in my company. I don’t like that brother!”

Fans give a huge pop for the Macho Man

Hulk “How many times do I have to beat Macho Man within an inch of his life before he realizes that he needs to stay away from the wrestling business brother.”

Fans chant “We want Savage”

Hulk “If the Macho Man so much as shows up tonight he’s going to feel the wrath of Hulkamania. I’m going to kick his ass worse than I did last week brother”

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are interrupted by Dixie Carter, the President of TNA and representative of the Network. Dixie stands in the entrance way with a microphone.

Eric “What are you doing out here Dixie?”

Dixie “I’m out here to let you know that the Macho Man will not be here tonight, but he promised that he will return to TNA this Sunday at Sacrifice to confront you Hulk Hogan. The Mega Power’s will explode this Sunday”

Fans cheer at Dixie Carter’s announcement

Hulk “Well, without the Macho Man here tonight that makes it much easier to take out the trash Dixie.”

Dixie “I don’t think so Hulk. I’m the network. I’m the person who’s your boss Hogan and if there’s any trash to be taken out it will be you!”

Hulk “Get out of my building Dixie”

Dixie “I will, but only after I watch this”

Hogan is double teamed by Black Machismo Jay Lethal and Eric Young. The two of the knock Hogan down to the canvas; Eric Bischoff attempts to come to Hogan’s aid, but is scoop slammed by Eric Young. Young Hulks up and drops an atomic leg drop on Bischoff. Meanwhile Jay Lethal climbs to the top rope and delivers a flying elbow on the Hulk. “Pomp and Circumstance” plays as Jay Lethal and Eric Young do the Hulk Hogan poses in the middle of the ring.


Backstage Segment: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky have an altercation in the locker room that heats up to the two of them challenging each other to a Hair vs. Hair match at Sacrifice.

Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about the hell Jay Lethal and Eric Young will face from Hogan and Bischoff later on tonight.

6-Man Tag Team Match
Beer Money Inc and Kazarian vs. Gunner, Murphy, and Matt Hardy

Beer Money kicks off the match with a double team on Matt Hardy in the middle of the ring. Storm and Roode isolate Hardy in the corner of the ring. Roode pounds on Hardy before making a quick tag to Kazarian. Kaz places Hardy on the top rope and climbs up. With a frankenstiener, Kazarian sends Matt Hardy to the canvas. A quick tag is made to James Storm who sits Hardy up and drives a knee into his back. Hardy is pulled up, but fights back with a series of rights across Storm and whips him across the ring. With a clothesline, Hardy sends Storm to the canvas and immediately tags Gunner into the ring. Gunner drops a knee across the chest of Storm and covers him for a two count. Storm sits up, but is put in a sleeper hold by Gunner. After moments of succumbing to the sleeper, he is finally able to get to his feet. Storm picks Gunner up and drops him to the canvas with a side slam. Storm slowly gets to his corner and tags Roode back into the ring. Robert Roode gets in an immediately starts nailing Gunner with rights, backing him into the ropes. Roode whips Gunner across the ring and dropkicks him to the canvas. Roode puts an arm bar on Gunner. Murphy gets in the ring and drives Roode down before getting out of the ring again. Roode and Gunner both crawl to their corners and tag in fresh men. Kaz and Murphy get in the ring; Murphy swings with a right, but Kaz ducks and bulldogs Murphy to the canvas. Murphy gets up and is dropkicked back to the ground. Kazarian climbs to the top rope and dives off with a frog splash. Kaz covers Murphy for a near fall when Hardy pulls him off. Hardy and Kazarian start exchanging rights and lefts. Kaz clotheslines Hardy and both men fall over the ropes. Both members of Beer Money and Gunner get in the ring and fight back and forth. Jackson James loses control over the match. Outside the ring Kaz and Hardy are fighting up the ramp while inside, Robert Roode kicks Gunner out of the ring. Beer Money hits the DWI on Murphy and Storm covers him for the 1...2...3.
Results: Fortune win the 6-man tag team match with a pinfall

Beer Money celebrate their victory in the ring while Hardy and Kazarian continue to fight on the ramp. Hardy nails the Twist of Hate on Kaz right on the ramp. Hardy looks down at his Sacrifice opponent.

Backstage Segment: Christy Hemme interviews RVD backstage about his match with Jeff Hardy at Sacrifice. They talk about how it’s Extreme Rules and Rob Van Dam says that tonight’s match against Rob Terry is just a sample of what Hardy’s going to get at Sacrifice.


“Also Sprach Zarathustra” plays and the Nature Boy comes out to a roaring crowd with the TNA World Champion Ken Anderson, The Pope D’Angelo Dinero, and Christopher Daniels. All four men wearing suits style and profile as they pose for the fans before walking down to the ring. The four of them climb up the stairs and into through the ropes as fans give a “WOOOOO” to Flair.

Flair “Sting, even after all this time, you still can’t beat the Nature Boy. Right in this very ring you see the new stars of TNA. Take a good look around and what do you see. You see the greatest wrestlers of all time standing in one ring. The Past, the Present, and the Future of this industry are all here stylin’ and profilin’ in this ring right now. Sting you wish you could be me. AJ Styles you wish you could be me, but the fact of the matter is that you both have NOTHING on the Nature Boy. WOOOOO”

Fans in the arena give a big “WOOOOOOO”

Flair “Listen here ladies, the four of us at the top penthouse of the delta. After this show, every lady leave your boys at home and the four of us will show all of you exactly what real men are all about WOOOO”

The female fans cheer the Nature Boy as he passes the microphone to Daniels.

Daniels “I came back to TNA for one reason only, to be...THE MAN. AJ Styles, you had your chance at being the best and you blew when you turned on Ric Flair. I’m the man who came back and made a statement by taking Sting out last week. I’m going to do everything to make sure that you never become the World Heavyweight Champion again. Why? Because Ken Anderson is a greater man and a greater champion than you will ever be!”

Fans give Daniels a mixed reaction, but then erupt as the Phenomenal AJ Styles comes out to the ring. AJ Styles climbs through the ropes and stares at Ric Flair’s new group.

Styles “This is the way I see it Flair. In one month, you and your new little crop have screwed myself and Sting both out of our opportunities to be the TNA World Champion. So here we are, and this is what I want Flair. This Sunday at Sacrifice, I am willing to put my career on the line against you, the Pope, and Christopher Daniels in a handicap match.”

Flair “You think you can beat us in a three on one handicap match?”

Styles “Oh no, I’m damn sure not going into it 3 on 1, it’s going to be Flair, Daniels, and the Pope against AJ Styles and....”

The Icon’s music plays as Sting makes his way down to the ring. Sting stands side by side with AJ Styles.

Sting “This is how’s going to go down guys. Sacrifice the three of you against the two of us. If you win we both will walk away from this game. However, WHEN we beat you I want you Nature Boy at Slammiversary one-on-one.”

Fans chant “One more match”

Flair “That’s what you want Sting?”

Sting “That’s what I want Flair. I want you one more time.”

Flair “It would be an honour to end your career this Sunday night!”

Flair and Sting shake hands before Flair knocks Sting with stiff left hand. Anderson, The Pope and Daniels jump AJ Styles and beat the two of them down in the middle of the ring. Flair slaps the figure four on Sting while Anderson drops an elbow across his forehead. Daniels hits the Angel Wings on AJ Styles. Beer Money runs down to the aid of Sting and AJ Styles. Flair and his crew immediately leave the ring. Beer Money taunts Flair to get back in the ring, but they head to back instead.


Back from commercial break, Jeremy Borash announces the next contest.

No Holds Barred
TNA Knockout’s Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Mickie James is attacked by Tara on her way to the ring, giving Madison Rayne an immediate advantage over the champion. Tara grabs the championship and cracks it across the head of the champion before rolling her into the ring. Madison covers James for a 1...2...kickout. Rayne kicks Mickie James several times before pulling the knockouts champion to her feet. Rayne backs the champion into the corner and continues to drive elbows into the side of her face. Referee Brian Hebner gets involved, but is shoved aside by Madison who continues to pound on the champion. Madison whips Mickie James across the ring into the other corner then charges after, but the knockout’s champion moves out of the way in time for Madison to ram her shoulder into the ring post. Madison falls to the canvas as Mickie James slowly climbs to the top rope. She dives off with a splash and covers the challenger. Tara pulls James from under the ropes, forcing the pin to be stopped. The two “divas” scrap on the outside of the ring with James eventually slamming Tara head first into the ring post. She turns around only to be nailed with a baseball slide from Madison Rayne. The former knockout champion grabs the championship and attempts to nail Mickie with the belt. Fortunately, the champion is able to kick Madison and grabs the TNA Knockout Title first. The Champion cracks the belt across the skull of the former champion than sends her head first into the ring steps. While still on the outside of the ring, Mickie James is able to grab a steel chair. The champion nails Madison across the head with the chair than rolls her in the ring. James throws the chair into the ring and climbs back in to continue the assault on the challenger. As Madison Rayne crawls to the ropes, she is joined with a boot to the head by the champion. Mickie James pulls Madison up and drops her to the canvas with a DDT right on the chair. James covers the challenger for the 1...2...3.
Result: Mickie James retains the TNA Knockouts Championship via pinfall

After the match, Tara runs into the ring and attacks the TNA Knockout’s Champion; kicking her repeatedly in the corner of the ring. Tara grabs the chair still lying in the ring and cracks it across the Champion’s head, then nails her with the Widow’s Peak. Tara grabs the Knockout’s Championship and raises it high in the air as she stands over the champion.

Backstage Segment: Hogan and Bischoff are talking about getting revenge on Jay Lethal and Eric Young. Hogan decides that tonight’s Main Event is going to find Jay Lethal and Eric Young take on Abyss and Bully Ray in a tag team match.


Backstage Segment: The Samoan Submission Machine is jumped by Ric Flair, Ken Anderson, Christopher Daniels, and The Pope D’Angelo Dinero. The TNA World Champion sits on Joe and pounds him repeatedly in the head with stiff rights. Okato comes into the locker room and is super kicked my Christopher Daniels. Flair’s new alliance leaves the No. 1 Contender and Okato lying in the locker room.

Back in the arena, Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about the severity of the attack by Flair’s team on Samoa Joe and questions what his condition might be leading into Sunday’s PPV.

Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Rob Terry

Rob Van Dam comes out to the arena for his match against Rob Terry. The Freak’s music plays but Rob Terry is nowhere to be found. Rob Van Dam continues to wait for Terry when he is nailed in the back of the head with a chair from Jeff Hardy. Hardy drives the chair across the knee of RVD. Hardy continues the assault on RVD in the middle of the ring. Tommy Dreamer attempts to stop Hardy from the assault on his friend, but Hardy kicks him in the stomach and drops him to the canvas with the Twist of Hate. RVD crawls back up, only to be hit with a chair across the knee by Hardy. Hardy puts RVD’s knee in the chair and drops a leg across the chair, breaking RVD’s knee. Hardy leaves his Sacrifice opponent injured in the ring.
Result: No contest

Backstage Segment: Hogan and Bischoff are joined in their office by Dixie Carter.

Hulk “What are you doing back here Dixie?”

Dixie “Oh just here to remind you that TNA is now changing for the better; first with the network getting involved and now with the return of Macho Man Randy Savage.”

Hulk “I don’t know why Randy Savage has been brought back to wrestling, but I can assure you Dixie that after Sunday, he will never step foot in this company again.”

Dixie “You’re going to be in for the shock of your life this Sunday Hulk because Randy Savage and I will make such a huge impact that TNA will never be the same again. You can count on that. Oh and by the way, Next week on Impact the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when the World Champion defends against A.J. Styles.”

Eric “You can’t make matches Dixie.”

Dixie “You’re forgetting that I’m the network Eric. That’s what they want to see and that’s what they’re going to get provided he wins his match and keeps his job in TNA.”

Dixie leaves the office and an irate Hogan and Bischoff.


Jeremy Borash announces the TNA Impact Main Event

“Pomp and Circumstance” plays for Black Machismo to enter the arena to a roaring crowd. Jay Lethal stops at the entrance way and waits for a moment. “Voodoo Child” plays throughout the arena and fans stand on their feet to find Eric Young dressed up in Black and White and sporting a Hollywood bandana and black and white feather boa. Hollywood Eric Young and Black Machismo make their way down to the ring. Young rips off his shirt and does the Hulk Hogan poses for the crowd.

Main Event
The Monster Abyss and Bully Ray vs. Black Machismo Jay Lethal and “Hollywood” Eric Young

Abyss locks up with “Hollywood” Eric Young in the middle for the ring. The size of Abyss is used to throw Young out of the ring. “Hollywood” rolls into the ring and rakes the eyes of Abyss. He nails Abyss in the head three times before whipping him across the ring and charges after him with a forearm to the head. Abyss falls to the canvas and Young poses again for the crowd before tagging Black Machismo into the ring. Lethal drops a few elbows on Abyss before pulling him back to his feet Lethal grabs Abyss and dives over the top rope bringing Abyss’ throat down on the rope. The Monster falls back into the ring while Black Machismo climbs back to the top rope. He dives off with a Flying Elbow and covers the Monster for a 1...2...kickout. Lethal and Young continue to remain in control of the match until Young whips Abyss across the ropes and the two of them clothesline each other to the ground. As the referee begins counting both men lay on the canvas. Abyss finally moves at the 6 count. As he gets back to his feet Eric Young jumps up and boots him right into his corner; knocking Bully Ray to the canvas. Young tags Lethal back into the ring; Black Machismo clotheslines Abyss to the canvas than dives over the top rope with a splash on Bully Ray. When Lethal gets back into the ring, he is met with a Choke Slam by the Monster. Abyss slowly gets to his feet and looks to tag his partner. When he sees Ray on the ground he proceeds to head out of the ring and argues with him. Bully Ray pushes Abyss away and the two of them start bantering back and forth. Abyss is clotheslined by Bully Ray than thrown back into the ring. Young is tagged in and Hulks up before dropping the Atomic Leg Drop on the Monster. Young follows up with a cover and picks up the win with a 1...2...3.
Results: Black Machismo and Hollywood win via pinfall

Bully Ray gets back into the ring and starts beating down on Abyss after the match. The Monster slowly fights back to his feet and lays Ray out on the canvas with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss climbs to the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Referees attempt to stop the Monster but he pushes them all down to the ground before heading back into the ring. Abyss cracks the chair against skull of Bully Ray, busting him wide open. The lights go out in the arena and the siren goes off as the Television Champion makes his way down to the ring. Scott Steiner gets in the face of Abyss and follows up with a head butt square across the forehead. Steiner hits a belly-to-belly suplex on the Monster before leaving him laid out in the ring. The Television Champion raises his title high in the air as Impact goes off the air.

TNA Wrestling Presents
Live from the Impact Zone
Sunday, May 15, 2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mr. Anderson (c) w. Ric Flair vs. Samoa Joe w. Okato

TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championship
Rosita and Sarita (c) vs. Daffney and Roxxi

Monster’s Ball
TNA Television Championship
Scott Steiner (c) vs. Abyss vs. Crimson vs. Bully Ray

TNA X Division Championship
Kazarian (c) vs. Matt Hardy

Tag Team Invitational Battle Royal
No. 1 Contender World Tag Team Championships

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me vs. LAX vs. Jay Lethal and Eric Young vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer vs. London Brawling vs. Gunner and Murphy vs. Mystery Tag Team

Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy

3 on 2 Handicap Match
Sting and AJ’s Careers on the Line!

Ric Flair, D’Angelo Dinero, Christopher Daniels vs. The Icon Sting, Phenomenal AJ Styles

Hair vs. Hair Match
Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love

TNA Knockouts Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Tara​

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Just joined the forum so read over other shows first so i knew what was happening.

-First things first the Sacrifice card is great, looks like you are creating a great show.

-Dixie back causing mayhem for Hogan and Bischoff is good and you are creating some interesting rivalries with the main one being Dixie vs Hogan and Bischoff even though it is not new you have injected life into it to make it interesting such as the addition of the Macho Man.

-I liked your introduction of the Macho Man and Jay Lethal as the Black Machismo coming back was a nice touch.

- Abyss and Steiner getting pushes is good news. Both deserve a push and the monsters ball match looks like it will be a big match.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

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Just a couple notes...

- I love the Hollywood Eric Young idea. Eric Young is somebody that definitely could pull that off. I just hope that if you continue to push him and Jay Lethal, that you at least make them serious contenders and not just a comedy act for Hogan and his team to beat on.

- Not sure if I like the idea of another Ric Flair Evolution/Horsemen type stable. Not saying what you're doing is bad, it's just that's been done already with Fortune.

- I get the attack on RVD by Hardy, but the attack on Samoa Joe by Flair's group just seemed random.

- I liked your main event, it's just to me it didn't seem like a "main event" if you get what I'm trying to say. That kind of match seems more of a middle match on the card rather than the last one.

- The Sacrifice card is turning out pretty good. Very interested to see what comes out of the handicap match. Gotta think Sting and A.J. win but I could be wrong, just have to wait and see.

Once again, I liked the show. Keep it up!
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