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I know I am not great at writing matches but here's one that I think is quite good. Here's the buildup for it. I wrote it on another forum

3 weeks before Backlash: Kurt Angle is in the 99 Superstar Ryal Rumble. He started this off and has went through 98 othe rmen and women to win it. His prize. To add a new match to the Backlash Card. He chooses an Elevator to hell match between him and Shane McMahon.

Rule1) You start off in the parking lot.

Rule2) You can use any means imaginable to harm your opponent.

Rule 3) To win you must trap them in the Elevator shaft inside the parking lot. Once inside it will drop down with you in it destrying you and the elevator

For then next three weeks Shane and Kurt brawl on many occasions. In ambulane matches. TLC matches. Iron-Man matches. Kurt may have won all the matches leading up to Backlash but he hasn't won the war.


Elevator to Hell Match (This is a crappy match in my opinion
Kurt Angle Vs Shane McMahon(

Angle steps through the door and his music plays.
Shane steps through the door on the opposite end and his music plays.

Start: Kurt runs at shane and gives him a knee to the ribs. He picks up Shane and throws him through the glass of a car. Angle then gets in another car and drives straight into the other veichle. Angle checks in a dumpster and finds a bottle of gasoline. He starts drenching shane and the car. he finds matches and lights the car. Angle starts to laugh and he takes off a mask to reveal he is Kane. Kane then waits untill Shane jumps out the window. Kane uses a fire extinguisher on Shane. He picks Shane up and puts him directly in front of the elevator.
Middle: Kane goes to run Shane into the elevator with a car but Shane rollsout the way. Kane reverses out of the way of the elevator. He gets out and is met with a blow to the head with a pipe from Shane. Shane falls down and both are out of it. Eventually Kane gets up drags Shane in front of the elevator again. Kane gets in a car. he drives into Shane and Shane goes into the elevator.Kane is jerked forward and goes through the glass of the car and into the elevator.
End: A voice inside the elevator says "five minutes until death". Kane starts beating on Shane. The doors close so they are trapped. Kane throws Shane through a wall in the elevator and Shane dies. Kane then climbs through the trap door on the ceiling of the elevator. He waits until the elevator fallsand crushes Shane's lifeless body. Kane climbs down and escapes.

Two Months Later when the ECW are invading WWE. It is Invasion 2.0 Austin is leading the invasion as his boss Paul Heyman has been severely injured. Yesterday he mysteriouly vanished from the hospital.

TLC in a Cell Match
Kane Vs Mystery Opponent

Kanes music hits(music link on main matches from now on) and out comes the Big Red Machine.

eeiree music plays and out comes a guy in a cloak his face is hidden and he walks slowly towards the ring. suddenly the figure is jumped by a guy with a weved bag with eyeholes in it. He knocks the guy in the cloaked man's face. It is none other than Paul Heyman, the rehealed owner of the ECW. The bag guy takes the bag of to reveal that he is Shane Mcmahon. he has a huge scar on his left cheeck and has stitches on his forehead. he isn't looking great.

Kane: I killed you.
Shane: Yes and your point is.
Kane: you should be in a grave.
Shane: Actaually wrong. you see I did not die. because when I fell down the shaft I found a boarded up corridor of some sort. i walked along it for weeks weeks. Eating whatever i could find. I couldn't get up the elevator shaft. It ended and I climbed up a ladder and ended up just there on that bit off the stage. I saw you and guessed that guy had a match with you. I wanted it so I beat him and took his place. my attire is ragged and torn. After all I almost died after a spike in the wall went halfway into my arm. the wound healed but is probaly poisoned. After the match I go to a hospital. you go to a grave. This match is a..?
kane: TLC in a cell.
shane: What the fuck is that.
Kane: Your death.

Start: the suitcase is hangin above the cell it appears you have to somehow get aladder up there and climb up and get it. Kane punches away on Shane but Shane counters and punches back he then snap suplexs Kane and bounces of the ropes into an elbow drop on to Kane. He gets out ther ing and gets out a concrete block from underneath. He gets a chair and smacks Kane across the head with it to keep him down longer. he gets out onother conrete block.

He brings one in the ring and lifts Kane's head up and places it underneath like a pillow. kane then sits up and graps him by the throat he drags him to the top turnbuckles and chokeslams him off the top of it on tot he concrete.

He threatens the ref and he is given the key. He unlocks the door. he steps out after getting a ladder from underneath the cell. he climbs up with one hand ladder in the other and sets it up on top of the cell. Shane sees this and grabs another ladder.

He sets it up at a ringpost and climbs up he jumps up and grabs the top of the cell. he moves along like they were monkey bars. He swings back and forth trying to knock a bit of the cell loose. Kane has started climbing.

Middle: he keeps swing and kicks the ceiling of the cell and breaks a bit of it walls to the bottom of the ring.climbs on to the top and and sees Kane up top the ladder trying to grab the belt. He climbs up the other end and throws Kane off the ladder, throught the hole in the cell and ont to the ring. The ring shakes as Kane chrashes down.

Shane is climbing to the top and falls off the edge of the cell!! he hits the ground with a thud. Both men are down. Kane sees Shanes lifeless body and gets up. He goes overt to it and lifts it up. he walks over to the deep grave which contains the three storey cell doors on each floor that require a key from the previous floor. Its structure is demonic and is shaking. it looks unstaible. But strong enougth to handle the wait of bopth the Takers when the match comes. he tosses Shane into the grave.

End: kane walks away but Shane clings on to the side and climbs out he sneaks up behind Kane and takes him down. He gets Four conrete blocks and makes one apillow ans two upright at the side of Kanes head and one balance on the two upright ones. he climbs to the top of the cell and then brings the ladder up there to the edge of the cell. He climbs up the shaky ladder. he does not make it to the top he stops hlf way and pushes forward with the ladder. IT TOPPLES FORWARD AND FALLS DOWN FLAT WITH ONE TOP OF KANE AND CRUSHES THE CONCRETE BLOCKS INTO KANE!!

Shane then wearily climbs back up to the top of the cell with the ladder and climbs up and claims the suitcase..

winner- Shane Mcmahon

Both men are then taken away to a hospital.

I know it ain't great but it is okay. Please tell me if I should use my Elevator from hell match in Pain and Bleed.
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You're serious?
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