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The finale felt rushed and was a bit of a letdown to me. Slade was the big bad of the season and should have been the final boss. Fight was okay but I would have liked to see Donna involved to get redemption for Slade kicking her ass and revenge for killing Garth. Not sure why Raven didn't just zap him from the car. No way that wound killed Slade and I would have preferred that he disappeared when they weren't looking rather than just be dead on the street.

Cadmus stuff was alright but the Donna Troy crap felt off. I liked seeing her be able to take punches from Connr but I think she is far too strong to be killed by some eletricity. Since Conner was there and has super speed, he could have easily caught the tower. If Donna had to die, it should have been fighting alongside Dick against Deathstroke or having Conner kill her while she tried to save some bystanders.

I ended up watching the last five episodes today. A couple of things bothered me. Dick is an escpee from prison. That just doesn't magically disappear. He did the crime so he should do the crime. Dick was inspired by Alazul or whatever from his prison stint to create Nightwing. Somehow Bruce has a costume ready for him despite having no interaction with Dick.

I really did like most of the season and found it to be better than Season 1. Loved both Deathstroke and Nightwing. Love Donna but fuck that ending for her. I think Conner might have been my favorite episode of the season but I really dug Bruce Wayne and others too. I do believe Krypto was my absolute favorite and I was about to riot at the end of the finale until he finally showed up.

Looking forward to next season. Donna better be back.

221 - 221 of 221 Posts