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Let me first say this has nothing to with HBK's awesome career, or his fantastic in-ring capabilities.

But every time he's been on our TV for the last oh-so-many years he's done nothing but cry. He cried over Flair, cried over Taker, cried over HHH.

All he does is whine and get really emotional and act like every story he's apart of is the biggest, most personal feud EVER.

I'm tired of it. I was gonna post this a couple weeks ago when he AGAIN came out and cried over how he knew HHH wouldn't beat Lesnar.

It's annoying. It's unbelievable. It's pathetic. And it's a terrible way to end an otherwise illustrious career. No one wants to remember HBK as a whiny bitch.

Then I just heard that tonight HHH is going to talk about his future, or whatever.

If HBK comes out during that segment, and I have to watch the two of them whine and cry and hold each other again or whatever, I'm gonna be really pissed.

Anyone else tired of Michaels being this way? (Y)

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This whole "casuals" thing is so ridiculous......as if they are a different breed of person who is too dumb to dislike anything or something.

It's 2012, the whole fucking world is on the internet. This "IWC" vs. "casuals" thing is so 1996.
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