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As the title says, name sometimes you suspended disbelief to the point you legitimately went nuts over a WWE incident.

CM Punk's first MITB cash in, I'm sitting on the phone with a chick watching Edge's promo with JR. I see Batista beat up Edge then out of nowhere CM Punk comes out. I got off the phone and jumped outta my seat.

The Nexus debut, I didn't see coming at all and the carnage that occurred was nearly unprecedented. Oddly, CM Punk was one of the first person attacked by the Nexus since he over took it.

Christian's first world title win. At that point, given the draft I knew it was more possible than ever but I also thought they would've still found a way to have Del Rio win. When he actually won I went nuts. I was unhappy he lost it to Orton 2 days later, but the matches they put on where amazing.

July, 17th, 2011. Money In the Bank 2011, That was the best atmosphere I think WWE has ever had. In Chicago, about as hostile as Bret in Montreal, RVD at One Night Stand or Edge in Toronto. This was nearly the epitome of a road game in WWE. The match itself was amazing. The screwjob attempt was the best rendition since the original, and Del Rio being denied his cash it. This was a perfect storm and I remember watching it like "this is one of the best matches ever."

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Bryan v Sheamus, Bryan v Punk OTL. Only two times I've genuinely marked out in a long time (Dark match on RAW after WM28 too).
Half markout moments - Lesnar comeback, HHH/HBK/Taker hug after HIAC.

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Times I can remember off the top of my head were...

Punk's win at MITB last year. Best match I had seen since Taker vs HBK at WM 26.

When HHH was about to fire Laurinitas and Taker's gong hit. I was expecting him back obviously, but not for a few more weeks.

When Taker returned in 2011 and HHH's music hit. You knew what it meant instantly.

When Orton beat Christian for the WHC on Smackdown last year. IMO the 2nd best match of last year. I couldn't believe the WHC actually changed hands on Smackdown, and a couple days after Christian had just won it. Shocked me.

Can't remember any more right now.

Edit: Remembered one more...

TLC 2010 (I think) when Nattie and Beth fought LayCool. When Nattie put both Michelle and Layla in the sharpshooter at the same time. Awesome. Best divas match I had seen since Lita and Trish left.

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SId from the other night,
Christian Wins World Heavyweight Championship
Taker interrupting HHH when he was about to fire Johnny Ace
Takers Botch at wm25 not really a mark out moment but i jump up thinking he was dead
and cenas return at the rumble a few years back, i had no ideal he was going to be there.

Edit- i have more

that rko to Evan Bourne
all the nearly falls in the shawn and taker matches
cena AA to edge from top of the ladder and through the tables (think that was in the last 5 years)
Chris Jericho's return in 2007

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-CM Punk 26/7
-I had tears in my eyes when Christian won his world championship. I guess that's a little something beyond marking out when it genuinely means something to you, but still.
-^Edge at Wrestlemania 28, same as. I was like, he's sharing a stage with the Four Horsemen, Mil Mascaras and Mike Tyson. Woahh.
-When that montage video played on RAW of Z!TLIS, I felt like a proud parent. Was SO happy.

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Whether the following were things I LOVED. Or things where I stood up in confusion/anger/"what the fuck" these are times where the mark in me came out within the last 5 years.

Stone Cold/Santino Marella feud.
John Cena's "surprise" rumble win.
Christians "rap" at Survivor Series.
Chris Jericho Save Us Randy Orton Segment.
John Cena eliminated quickly in the 2009 Elimination Chamber.
CM Punked cashed in Money In The Bank On Edge
CM Punk comes out dressed as Jeff Hardy
Daniel Bryan almost beats Batista.
The Miz cashed in on Randy Orton.
The Nexus their first 2 months.
The Rock returned to guest host.
CM Punk Promo
CM Punk def. John Cena
CM Punk/Triple H/John Cena/Vince McMahon contract signings
Debut of the "new" Brodus Clay.
Road Dogg surprise entrance in Royal Rumble.
The Rock concert.
Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds. (and I love D-Bry.. but that was such a fun moment)
The Rock def. John Cena
Brock Lesnar took out John Cena than kicked his hat.

Call me a biased fan I don't care. But those are the types of moments that do it for me.

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Nothing yet.

When (not if) Cody and Drew McIntyre win world titles, I'll be certain to do so.

Hopefully, Hawkins will also do the same.

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As far as giant, epic, not typical run of the mill markouts go:

1 ~ Christian winning the world title. Completely surreal.

2 ~ CM Punk beats Jeff Hardy to force him out of WWE. Made me so, so fucking happy. I was a maniac, maniac on the floor. And I was dancing like I've never danced before. ~______~

3 ~ CM Punk 6/27/11 promo.

4 ~ Money In The Bank 2011 ending.

5 ~ Nexus debut.

6 ~ 18 seconds. Haters gon' hate.

7 ~ Miz beats John Cena at WrestleMania to retain the WWE title.

8 ~ JBL wins the IC title. Not because it's the IC title, but because it made him a Grand Slam Champion.

9 ~ JBL appears on Raw on the Road To WrestleMania 27.

10 ~ Chris Jericho verbally burying Edge after his injury. In fact, Jericho's 2008-2010 character produced plenty of insanely great moments. He was the greatest thing in the business during those 3 years.

There has to have been some other major event that's happened that gave me a serious mark out moment. Don't remember it. It sure as hell WASN'T anything to do with Brock Lesnar or The Rock, I'll tell you that. I guess Austin going into the Hall. I didn't "mark out" per se but it made me insanely proud to see the GOAT take his rightful place.

I don't think it's a HUGE mark out but I laughed my ASS off when John Cena won a Last Man Standing match with duct tape. God damn was that comedy to behold.

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-Jeff Hardy winning his first WWE title at 2008 Armageddon
-Christian winning his first World title
-Lita return with Pee Wee Herman/Slammy awards
- Rock's return in 2011-didn't expect him to be the host of Wrestlemania;got goosebumps when I heard his theme.
-CM Punk shoot promo
Edit:Forgot to mention when Christian made his return to the WWE in 2009.

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Chris Jericho's 2007 return.
Bret Hart's WWE return in 2010.
The Rock returns in 2011.
Brock Lesnar returns in 2012.
Christian wins the World Championship.
Daniel Bryan's "you are not better than me" to Cena during the Nexus debut.
CM Punks promo last year mentioning Colt Cabana, ROH and NJPW.

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They won the tag titles together. Did you jizz?
1. Wasn't watching at the time.
2. Not that big of an achievement, unfortunately.
3. I wouldn't "jizz" even if both of them became world champs in the same day.
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