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I found such an article incredibly interesting. As I read it, I found some correlations between myself and what was being said.

This is for the guys here - where do you see yourselves? Are we still the "men" of history? The philosophers, psychiatrists, scientists, warriors, religious leaders, and conquerors, or have we devolved considerably?

Emotionally, the traditional attributes of males over the past few years have been prosecuted for the opposite values that Femininity seemingly possesses. There are hardly any movements for masculinity, but there are numerous movements for feminism, or at least they're the most vocal. We've been shuttered in and told that the qualities we're supposed to possess aren't cutting it anymore, because the social mores have changed. We've become passive in a society that is being told that they don't need us anymore.

Society considers most of today's men violent shut-ins who play video games all day, drink beer with the buddies, and pay for prostitutes because all we want is sex. We're considered perverts or pigs with less than ideal qualities. Where did things go wrong, really? So we need to step up our game? Is this just bullshit conjecture? Or has just society's perception of men changed? That's what I'm asking. Just something to strike up some conversation.

Now, this is just one person's opinion - the writer of the book. It's not fact, but there are some things there that may give way to interesting debate. Oh, this is NOT an argument on equality of the genders or masculinity vs. femininity. Don't misconstrue what's actually on point here - our role in society, how society sees that role as opposed to the female role which is expanding, and what we're doing to perpetuate or repel such stigma.

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I think the more things change, the more things really stay the same. The bottom line still remains that we men are still needed to provide for our families, and no matter how much women appreciate being equals in the workplace, they still want their man to take care of them. Granted, it's not in the completely dominant and subservient way men once did when all the women did was clean the house or do the farm chores, but women still want men to take control to a point.

I'm a father of three, and I know I can tell the nuances and differences between my son and some of his friends who have just their moms in their lives. I understand that we have so many different family units these days, but all children still need their father in their lives. There are just certain things that Dad still has to provide for his little ones.

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I don't really think that our role is diminishing in any way, but instead the female role is just growing making their role equal to ours. We are pretty lazy, do drink a lot, and most of us play videogames, but that doesn't really make us any less important in today's society because we still do contribute.
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