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A heel turn doesn't make sense because it's pretty much the same character. There's also no need for a conclusive finish to Becky/Shayna at WM. Book the match in a way where they can continue the feud. Last night was probably the best match Becky's had that was a straight one on one match. The counters between Asuka were crisp and well done. Shayna can do the same thing with her. If they feel compelled to have Becky retain at WM she should win by countering Shayna's submission into a pin. Shayna can go up the ramp and tell Becky she almost had her.

THE MAN has come around to collect her debts.
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The people won’t boo Becky regardless. Even at this point she could shit on the crowd and they’d still cheer. She’s too loved. The only thing that would turn her heel is if she aligned herself with her BF Rollins in this Messiah thing, which would be a pretty big angle. But there are no baby faces for her to face because WWE won’t build anyone up. Instead of this Kabuki nonsense, they should have been building Kairi all this time within the division with her own storylines. Or even Liv Morgan. Or Asuka. Or Sonya. ANYONE.

Shayna should win at Mania. Then Becky needs to be screwed in the rematch. It’s tough to fantasy book this shit with a dead women’s division. There are no options because WWE doesn’t want to create the possibility of any.

Becky vs Stephanie would also be a pretty good angle if they go Attitude era-esque with it. The match would blow but I’d be tuning in for the storyline development.

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The way the roster is currently constructed turning heel wouldn't do any good.

Raw Faces:

Raw Heels:

So what would turning heel really do? Plus I'm not confident they're going to do another shake up after Mania. You would have to retool the roster before pulling off a move like that. And as much flak as she seems to get on Social Media apparently now, the live audience still loves her.

Now I am a proponent of turning somebody before it gets too stale for them as a face. And you can argue Becky has gotten there. But again, they have to retool the roster before they do that.
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