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Time To Arrive?

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what time is best to arrive at the georgia dome this sunday?... and by that i mean so i am frontinline.. first in the stadium so i dont miss a moment of my first wrestlemania live...

of course i could get there at like 9 in morning but thats stupid.. so serius answers pleae.. a good time thats not too early... many thanks
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The doors open at 3:30 EST. You'd probably be one of the first in if you get there an hour earlier.
Thanks and yeah i have axxess aswell... can i still get autographs from the vip stars like miz and hbk if i dont have a VIP ticket??.. and i am going on my own so dont really know what to do and like i said its my first mania and im coming all the way from engand??... one time when i went to raw at the 02 in london i got there at 10 in morning because i had nothing else to do and i just walked around all day... show dint start till 7 lol
I don't believe you'll be able to get any "main stars" autographs, but if you wait in line long enough you'll get some others, and there may be some things set up around the dome (at Centennial Olympic Park). Plus there's the Georgia Aquarium (been there - bring a camera) and the World of Coke (never been there).
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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