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April 28, 2003
St.Louis, Mizzouri
Hosted by Jerry Lawler And Tony.S

The Show starts off with Limp Bizket playin then Pyro as Rey Myestrio Music play and then he comes out.

1. Crusierweight Title- Rey Myestrio (c) VS Jamie Noble.
-The Finsh- Rey Is takin down by a leg drop told hold and then to a sleeper hold. The ref gets is hands up in the air, the ref counts 1 the arm drops then 2 the arm drops then Rey keeps it up in the air while the crown is behind Rey. Rey Elbows him in the gut and then runs to the ropes and drop kicks him to the ropes to set up the 619. He run hits the 619 as he see Billy Kidman running and gets in the ring a elbows Rey in the Face for a DQ. They Double team on him as Hurricane comes running down for the save.

Winner by DQ Rey Myestrio.


Talking- Vince is walking out to the ring as the crowd is booing him and chanting a$$ hole to him and then gets in the ring.

Vince- Shut up you dumb people. On Monday Eric had to bring back Hulk Hogan (the Crowds goes nuts after hearing that name). I am not happy with that. I want him out of WPW and out for good.

Eric walks out to some Cheers and get a mic.

Eric- Alright Vince i am tired of this non sense. About at Judgement Day you face Hulk Hogan, if Hogan loses the match he has to retire the Wrestling and cant wrestle anywhere eles in America. How you like that Vince.

Vince- I like it a lot but if he loses he cany Wrestle any where in the World. Thats how it going to be Eric.

Eric- Thats fine by me Vince. He walks out.


Backstage- Hulk Hogan is happy with what Eric did and then to the match.

2. Randy Orton VS A-Train.
-The Finsh- Randy has A-Train at the turnbuckel and does the ten punch and the crowd counts with him, then A-train throws him off to the mat. He picks him up to do a German Suplex him and does it well. He pick him and the Train Wreck and the ref get down and counts 1......2.......3 the bell rings.

Winner by Pin fall A-Train

Backstage- La France looking at the American Flag and teasing it and trowing stuff at it. Then the Dudleys came in.

Bubba- What are you doing to our flag.

Rene- Uhm we are trashing it, what does it look like.

D-Von- You trash the flag you trash us and AMERICA!

They beat them up until Lance Storm and William Regal came in for the save.


3. Matt Hardy VS Goldust.
-The Finsh- Matt Hardy runs to the rope and hits the closeline and Goldust his the mat. Matt Hardy picks Goldust up and does a Vertical Suplex om him. He get on top of the Swanton Bomb and then he jumps off but Goldust gets his knees up then Matt hold his gut and then pins Matt 1......2.....3.

Winner by pin fall Goldust

Backstage- Kevin Nash watching what happen at backlash and is laughing at then test walks in.

Test- You think thats funny huh? I dont, you cost Triple H the title man. Tonight i am going to beat you down and injure you again.

Nash- OK, I Cant wait til that Test i will be waiting for that in the ring tonight.

Test walks out.


4. IC Title- Raven (c) VS Billy Gunn.
-The Finsh- They are in a Tie up and Billy knees him in the gut and DDTs him and then picks him up then runs to the rope to do a spinning heel kick to raven and does. While Bllly Gunn is picking up Raven, Raven Low Blow him and get the Even Flow DDT and the ref counts 1.....2.......3.

Winner by pin fall Raven

Backstage- We see Jericho walking the hallway before his match with Edge.


5. Chris Jericho VS Edge.
-The Finsh-Edge picks him up of the mat and does a neck breaker and get up. He picks him up again and get Jericho running to the ropes and drops kicks him. Edge gets up and gets jericho up with him but Jericho throws his arms off of him and punchs him a couple of times and Edge runs to the ropes and Drop kicks him. Get him and does a german suplex on him. He runs to the ropes and drops kicks to his face. He picks up Edge and Edge punchs his gut and then runs to the rops but Jericho does a spinebuster and hits the walls of jericho. Edge his screaming for dear life but then taps out.

Winner Chris Jericho


Talking- Jeff Jarrett walks out to some boos and cheers and get in the ring.

Jarrett- I need a oppenet to wrestle. I need some U.S Championship matrial. So anyone in the back who wants to face me at Judgement Day come out here right now so i can talk some crap to you.

Eric walks out.

Jarrett- You want to face me Eric hahaha. Thats to funny Eric but please someone else.

Eric- I did not come out here to face you at judgement Day Jeff. I came out here to tell you who your oppenett is. And he is Rob Van Dam.

RVD walks out to the Biggest pop of the night.

RVD- I am going to beat you at Judgement Day Jeff Jarrett and take that U.S title that you cheated for at Backlash.

Jarrett- Cheating isint cheating if you dont get cought so what now slap nuts.

RVD- Whatever dude, im just going to beat you up man.

RVD then leave with Eric.


Backstage-John Cena walking backtage with paper in his hands until Kane comes up and takes and then reads. Then Kane gets pissed and Chokeslams John Cena threw the table.

6. Kevin Nash VS Test.
-The Finsh- Kevin Nash as Test at the turnbuckel and thoes the elbows and knees to him. Test falls to the mat. Nash picks him up and then gets low blowed to the nuts. Test knees his gut. Then Nash runs to the ropes and get a big foot by test and he goes for the pin 1....2... Nash kicks out. Test is mad picks him up and does his finsher and goes for the pin again 1......2.... Nash kicks out again. Then Triple H and Ric Flair comes out and start to beat on Kevin Nash with the help of Test. This goes on for about a 1 min til Shawn Micheals comes out and hits Test with the Sweet Chin Music and HHH and Ric Flair get out of the ring and leave while Shawn Micheals helps up Nash.

Winner by DQ Kevin Nash

-End of show-

What you think of my frist show better than "the now big thing" i think it kinda sucks so yea. 1-10
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