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April 14,2003
Las Vegas, NV
Hosts- Jerry Lawler and Tony.S

The show starts off with the pyro.Eric Bishoff comes out. Ok the frist 6 men to walk out for the IC title Battle Royal.Then Edge walks out, I will be in the Battle Royal, Bishoff says yes. Eddie Guerrero comes out, I will also be in the Battle Royal. Raven walks out, I will be in the IC Battle Royal. Billy Gunn walks down to the ring, Im in the Battle Royal. A-Train walks out, Im also in the Battle Royal. Randy Orton walks out, i will be in it also. Eric bishoff says that these men will be in Backlash and let the best man win the IC title

1. Lance Storm VS Randy Orton. Lance Storm wins after he hit him with the flag stick.

Backstage- Eric is talkin to Vinnie Mac about the tag titles. Eric says, We need to put the tag titles on the line some how and then Vinnie Mac says, Dudley boys will face La France at Backlash in a table match.

2. Rey Myestrio VS HUrricane. Rey Myestrio wins by DQ after Billy Kidman interferes in the match.

Backstage- Triple H says, I will beat Big Show tonight. I will get that man tired wait when he walks down to the ring he is sweating like a water fall haha but i will become the WPW World Champion and i will be in the finals then he walks off

3. Batista VS Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett wins after he hits him with the Geetar and then he pins him.

Talking- Undertaker walks out to the ring with a lot of boos from the crowd and grabs the mic, I want to challenge Nathan Jones at Backlash and teach him a lesson that he never will feel in his life. Then Nathan Jones walks out, I will face u at Backlash in a No Holds Barred match. Undertaker says, You got it rookie. I am going to make you bleed and you will lose to the dead man. Nathan Jones says, we will see about that at Backlash old man. THen he leaves.

Backstage-Big Show, I dont like Triple H, he talks alot of crap and think he is going to win this match.I think that is a joke. i am going to crush him like a little bug or even an ant. Then he leaves.

4. Chirs Benoit VS John Cena. Chirs Benoit wins by a tap after kane ran in and choke slamed john cena when the ref was knocked out.

Backstage- John Cena, I am not happy with that big freak. Just because he lost that match with me does not mean he has to interfere into my match. then he leaves.

5. Triple H w/Ric Flair VS Big Show. Triple H wins after Ric Flair punchs him with a chain.

Preview Thursday Night Mayhem
Triple H VS Chris Benoit
Booker T VS Rob Van Dam
Scott Steiner VS Christain
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