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April 7,2003
San Diego, California

The show starts when pyro goes off and the crowd on its feet and then Triple H comes down and says that he wants to thank Vinnie Mac for getting him a hard Wrestler to wrestle and then he laughs at what he juss said and then Matt Hardy walks out and says it not that funny and says that he will give a match that will take alot out of him and will not lose in 1 min and then Ric Flair comes from behind and beats him down and then Triple H comes down and helps him out and then they leave with lots of BOOS.

Backstage- Nathan Jones says that he will beat the big show and that he is too fat to be in wrestling. The big show came from behind and beat him down and said that he aint fat and then left.

1. Batista VS Goldust. Batista wins after the Powerbomb and moves in the US tourny.

2. Jeff Jarrett VS Eddie Gurrerro. Jeff Jarrett wins after he hits him with the geetar and then he pins him for the 1.....2....3

Backstage-Kane is getting ready and RVD says good luck with John cena and then they shake hands. John Cena is rapping about kane and then to a break.

3. Kane VS John Cena. John Cena after he hits him with a Chain and then the F-U for the win.

Backstage- Eric is talking to Vinnie Mac about the Crusierweight title and says that will be a 4 man tourny and the finals will be at Backlash.

4. Chris Benoit VS Randy Orton. Chris Benoit wins by tap out.

Backstage- Big Show says that he will beat Nathan Jones because he is a rookie and then he is Austrain so that will be easier mate then he laughs while he walks off.

5. Big Show VS Nathan Jones. Big Show wins with the Chokeslam. Late in the match the lights went out and then back. The ref was out and so was nathan jones and there was the Undtertaker right above him and he crowd boooed him very badly.

Backstage- Big show is very happy he won and that undertaker is now back and he beat up his student and i think that is funny.

6. Triple H VS Matt Hardy. Triple H wins after a pridree and then the 1....2.....3. the match went over 7 mins and Triple H and Ric Flair beat him down and then end of show.

Preview Monday Night Breakdown
Booker T VS Chris Jericho
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