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I'm not going to lie. When Santino almost won the rumble last night, I was totally hoping he would. I mean the IWC would've had various reactions likely including "What the fuck?" and inevitably I think the issue that would've been expressed with him is that he lacks credibility in terms of a WWE Title run, but what exactly is it that makes a credible champion?

I guess part of me is just a little frustrated with hearing that Orton's/Nexus's/Swagger's/etc credibility is destroyed, etc, etc. WWE can push whoever they want to realistically, and it confuses me as to why it seems like today we worry about something like a champion's "credibility"

I just don't remember ever thinking: "(Wrestler's Name) isn't ready yet, they should put him in a big feud for the (Random Midcard) Title." in the late 90s or even, I would say, early 2000s.

When Maven managed to eliminate the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble, or even beat him for the hardcore championship, I don't remember ever concerning myself with the thought of "Oh no, Taker's never going to see the main event again after losing to a sh*t like Maven!"

Given, that's a midcard title, but nonetheless I just feel like there was such an unpredictability about the WWE that even a guy like Maven could beat Taker if he got lucky. Even a guy viewed as a jobber could hang with the main eventers and seem, "credible" albeit with a .01% chance of winning a major title.

I definitely don't see it like this now and I'm not sure if it's an IWC invention, or if it's just overtly simplified booking or what...

Does anyone else feel the same way?

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I think wrestling ability & match quality makes credibility in my mind.

Fan reaction and charcter helps, but they aren't the top thing that I look for.

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IMO, the IWC/smark community has ruined wrestling and this is a symptom. People just think they know sooo much about wrestling and how shit should be booked that they believe what they think in their head is true and if they don't think a dude is "credible" and "championship material" they are never going to give him respect. Might have slightly gone off topic here, but I honestly feel that over the last 10 years, the IWC has ravaged the wrestling scene and made pretty much every fan a jaded "I could write this shit 1993838884756656463773xs better". I think that's half the reason WWE caters so heavily towards kids now a days, they more willing to accept wrestling at face value well the rest of us are sitting on our hands trying to figure out if we canh buy this dude making a title run.

Now, I have nothing against the IWC, I've been a memeber for many years and I used to be the staunchest of supporters, but looking back, I do beleive that the IWC has had a few pretty negative effects on the overall wrestling world in the bigger scheme.
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