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Hi everyone,

With all these early predictions for WrestleMania flooding in, me and a friend have thought of creating a game dubbed: “The WrestleForum WrestleMania Championship”.

Something that'll be fun and can make the WrestleMania watching experience more enjoyable for the masses here at Wrestling Forum. This will be different from the "WWE Forum Championship" because this will be a one-time deal.

Once the WrestleMania card has been fully established, hopefully another thread will have been made to host the championship game. We're thinking that contestants will PM through their full predictions- only the first PM will be accepted per person so make sure that the predictions are final.

What is the goal of the game?
The goal is to get as many of your predictions correct as possible.

How will each contestant be scored?
The scoring system is still in development. We want to try and make the game as simple as possible but also fair, any feedback would be appreciated!

Contestants will be scored for each prediction in three categories:

1. Winner of the match
• Correct guess: +1000 points
• Correct guess (from No-contest, DQ or countout finish): +750 points
• Wrong guess: +500 points

2. Finish of the match (Pinfall, Submission, DQ, Countout etc.)
• Correct guess: +750 points
• Wrong guess: +250 points

3. Length of the match
• +3000 points minus every second off from official time

What is the reward for winning the game?
A specially-made WrestleMania Championship signature image with your name (similar to the image shown on top of OP) & year-long bragging rights!
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