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I'm not adding a pole here cause i just want to know what you guys think of all rookies now that the show comes to it's end.Here's my point of view.

Titus O'Neil: I think we didn't have any time to see him but i would say that he made a good impression to me. I;m not saying that i wanted him to win NXT but i think it was unfair to watch him go first.

Eli Cottonwood: Hmm..although he was the 'monster' of all rookies for some reason i didn't like him.Maybe it was because he was not even close to good when he was holding the mic.

Lucky Cannon: At first i didn't know what to think about him. After some weeks i came to the conclusion that i didn't like him.I really can't explain why.

Percy Watson: He was the only rookie i didn't like from the start.Although he was athletic, i felt like he didn't belong there.I wanted him eliminated from the beginning.

Husky Harris: After a few weeks he became my favorite rookie and i admit i wanted him to win. His quote 'i think people are not ready for me' was priceless.

Michael McGillicutty: Although he was victorious almost every time i didn't see anything in him. I wouldn't miss him at all.

Kaval: He sure is different from all rookies. I'm not saying i don't like him.It's just that i have a problem when i watch matches such as Mysterio vs Kane and i wouldn't want to see Kaval in this position. On the other hand, with a good storyline maybe he could be interesting.

Alex Riley: I am a fan of people good with mic. so i like him a lot.
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