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This Years Wrestlemania's PPV Buy-Rate?

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What do you guys think this years Wrestlemania will do in terms of PPV-Buy-Rate? Last year did around 900,000 buys. But for some reason I think this years will reach 1m. What about you guys?

Can they do over 1m with the current predicted Wrestlemania Card? If not who do they need as a guest host to do so?


**It seems that The Rock is back! I am sure you guys will have a change in numbers
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Can't say exactly until I see the final card. But my guess would be 850,000 (450,000 domestic). Maybe less if they don't book a big money match (e.g HHH/Taker, Cena/Taker etc) and/or the guest host is disappointing. Can't imagine Cena/Miz attracting many casual fans.

Should get a boost from Mexico due to Del Rio challenging for the World title.
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