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This Years Wrestlemania's PPV Buy-Rate?

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What do you guys think this years Wrestlemania will do in terms of PPV-Buy-Rate? Last year did around 900,000 buys. But for some reason I think this years will reach 1m. What about you guys?

Can they do over 1m with the current predicted Wrestlemania Card? If not who do they need as a guest host to do so?


**It seems that The Rock is back! I am sure you guys will have a change in numbers
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I dunno if the average demographic of people who can actually buy PPV's would really be effected by that.

But either-way whatever the card happens to be in the end I doubt it will outsell last year. I'm definately excited about WrestleMania but as a fan I looked forward to HBK/Undertaker II alot more than the estimated card for this year.
Bieber fans will spend ANY amount of money to see him. Trust me. My sister's 13.

On topic, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say less than 800,000. I don't think there's anything that would attract casual fans.
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