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This Years Wrestlemania's PPV Buy-Rate?

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What do you guys think this years Wrestlemania will do in terms of PPV-Buy-Rate? Last year did around 900,000 buys. But for some reason I think this years will reach 1m. What about you guys?

Can they do over 1m with the current predicted Wrestlemania Card? If not who do they need as a guest host to do so?


**It seems that The Rock is back! I am sure you guys will have a change in numbers
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With the predicted card they won't be getting anywhere near to last years. Probably around 800000 buys. With a Cena/Orton Title match (which I still hope for) the buyrate would be a lot better, it could very well be over a million buys.

Yep. The worst drawing Raw main event feud of 2009 is going to bring over a million buys at Wrestlemania. That has to be one of the dumbest things I've read on this forum.

Wrestlemania has gone over a million three times in history; the peak of Austin/Rock, and when Donald Trump and Mayweather got involved. The closest they ever got to hitting that number without any outside attention since WM17 was with Wrestlemania 21 (just 15,000 short). A Wrestlemania that was happening at the same time as a surge in domestic business thanks to Batista/Triple H and was aided by the Cena, HBK/Angle, MITB and Orton/Taker. A changing of the guard moment that happened perfectly, and has only ever happened once in history in such a manner.

Not to mention, the biggest factor against Wrestlemania: the domestic buys being on a decline with the domestic buyrate for the past two Wrestlemania shows some of the worst ever.

While Wrestlemania 21, 22, 23 and 24 were doing around 650 - 700,000+. Wrestlemania 25 and 26 did around 500,000.

And there's no Trump or Mayweather to help with the mainstream this year. Even with Cena/Orton, they'd bomb. If anything, it's a wiser choice to go Cena/Miz over that because it's a fresh option which if built right could generate buzz within the fanbase. With Cena/Orton...there's a set precedence of them flopping several PPV's in a row just a little while back.

It's amazing how many people think this shit match is some kind of draw.
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The crazy thing is, yes, he indeed would get WWE a lot of mainstream attention and potentially bring in a good amount of buys.
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