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This Years Wrestlemania's PPV Buy-Rate?

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What do you guys think this years Wrestlemania will do in terms of PPV-Buy-Rate? Last year did around 900,000 buys. But for some reason I think this years will reach 1m. What about you guys?

Can they do over 1m with the current predicted Wrestlemania Card? If not who do they need as a guest host to do so?


**It seems that The Rock is back! I am sure you guys will have a change in numbers
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Well last years WrestleMania had the two biggest drawing stars since Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in John Cena and Batista going one on one for the WWE title in a hot feud as well as Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker in a Career vs Streak match that was a rematch of arguably the greatest WrestleMania match of all time. On top of that there was the break up of The Legacy with a match between Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase and Triple H/Sheamus at a time when Sheamus was a hot star, we also saw Edge/Jericho which had been built up for half a year and a great Money in the Bank match.

This year it looks like it will be Cena/Miz, Edge/Del Rio, Triple H/Sheamus again, The Undertaker and Wade Barrett, Mysterio/Rhodes, Money in the Bank and Orton/Punk and of all of those Triple H and Sheamus is the only hot feud and nothing makes me believe any of the others will get as hot as that one. That card just does not appeal to me that much and especially as a WrestleMania so i don't see the buyrates for this coming one being better than last year or even as good.
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