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Is it just me or did it seem like half of the matches ended in such a short amount of time?

Masters vs. Mcintrye
JTG vs. Kane
Gabriel vs. Kozlov

I thought Barrett vs. Mysterio was a pretty good match, though I didn't like the Gabriel interference for the victory. I really couldn't care less about Mysterio to tell the truth, thus the reason I don't really feel any heat towards Barrett. Though I actually got excited when Big Show showed up, and I detest Big Show...

Edge is always an easy one to support for me and I actually enjoyed this match for the most part. I didn't like the fact that Vicki saw Edge hit the second spear. That's going to lead to something stupid I think. It was weird though, I totally pictured this match ending with Edge finding some way to make Ziggler tap to the point that Vicki couldn't just ignore it and had to give Edge the win. I like Ziggler in ring though, I think he looks like he can hold his own even if he did tap out. Credit to a heel who may be getting his title opportunities unfairly, but puts up a good fight regardless.

What was the point of having Kane bury JTG?

I really liked Smackdown last week. This week though? I'm not so sure. If I actually had a legitimate belief (booking wise) that Masters could beat Mcintyre, and if they'd allow Masters to put up a decent fight as opposed to a few moves and then one big reversal into a finisher. That was MMA knockout-esque. If only I felt like I had a reason to like Mysterio...Especially after the Cody Rhodes comments. I mean for a face that just seemed like a d*ck thing to say.

I also really wish they'd make Santino into a legit competitor instead of a COMPLETE joke. He actually gets quite a pop. The fans want to see him win, isn't that what should be important when building a face?
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