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I have just done the endings of the match, any response would be gr8

World Heavyweight Title No Disqualifications Match
Triple H (C) VS Batista

Batista wins after Triple H lays a pedigree on Batista and then goes outside to grab a chair, sets up the shot but Batista ducks and then boots Triple H in the mid-section and then Batista bombs him onto the chair to capture the title. After Flair comes out and shakes Batista's hand, Triple H sees this and starts going ape shit and screaming at Flair, as Flair is backed into the corner he pokes him in the eye, an Triple H turns around holding his eye only to walk into another Batista bomb! Wrestlemania ends with Flair holding Batista arm up with the World title.

Video package to the Wrestlemania theme tune shwoing Batista powerbombing Triple H through a table

Legend VS Legend Killer Match
Randy Orton VS The Undertaker

Taker lands a chokeslam and goes for the tombstone hitting it on Orton. Taker covers Orton but to everyone's shock Orton kicks out! Taker gets up in shock, and Orton sits up! Orton lands a clothesline on Taker but starts to hold his head as his concussion starts to aggravate again. He signals for the RKO anyway and goes for it but Taker throws his off and as Randy runs at him he gets grabbed by the throat! Taker hoists Randy up into the air but Orton twists in mid air and hits a RKO! Randy makes the cover but Taker kicks out again. Orton picks up Taker but Taker knees him and goes for Old School, as he gets to the top Orton crotches him, he then stands on the second rope and hits an RKO from the top and makes the pin and beats Taker!

Winner takes all
WWE & U.S. Title Match
John "Bradshaw" Layfield VS John Cena

JBL looks to have the match won after Orlando Jordan hits Cena with the belt, but Cena kicks out to JBL's shock, he picks Cena up and runs off the ropes but Cena ducks and JBL smashes into the turnbuckle and then Cena lifts JBL up onto his shoulders and hits a FU to win the match.

Video Package to highlight the fued

Kurt Angle VS Shawn Michaels

Kurt locks in the ankle lock but Shawn rolls up Angle for the near count, Angle picks up HBK again and goes for the Angle Slam but HBK jumps out of it and nearly hits Sweet Chin Music when Angle runs at HBk but he ducks and hits an Angle Slam for the pin
After the match Angle announces that this was his last match and for all of the people he could of faced he was glad he had his final match with Shawn Michaels, he then helps up HBK and shakes his hand and Shawn raises Angle's arm.

Video package of Angle attacking HBK at Royal Rumble and HBK challenging Kurt

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho VS Muhammed Hassan & Khowsrow Devari

Benoit looks to be defeated after Hassan hits the Flatliner and pins Benoit but Jericho breaks it up and double bulldogs Hassan & Davari, Jericho goes for the lionsault on Hassan but Devari pulls him away and Jericho accidently hits Benoit! Davari rolls Jericho up and grabs the ropes for the cheap win. Afterwards Jericho helps Benoit up but Benoit snaps and locks the crippler crossface on Jericho until he starts tapping.

A Video package highlights the fued between these two teams

Hall of Fame ceremony happens

Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero (C) VS Paul London

Chavo counters Londons moves with his quickness but walks into a dropsault and London calls for the shooting star press, he goes for it but Chavo rolls out of the way, he picks London up and goes for the Gory bomb but London goes behind and rolls Chavo up and grabs the ropes to gain the Cruiserweight title (ala NO WAY OUT).

Intercontinental Title Match
Shelton Benjamin (C) VS Gene Snitsky

Shelton goes for the T-bone but Snitsky is too big and Shelton doesn't get all of it, Snitsky kicks out and Shelton receives a big boot, Snitsky picks him up for his Pumphandle Slam, but Shelton rolls him up for the near fall, Shelton goes for the dragon whip but Snitsky grabs Shelton's leg the second time as well and throws him off, Shelton runs at Snitsky, but Snitsky picks Shelton up and hits the Pumphandle slam to gain the Intercontinental title.

Backstage Seg: Trips & Flair
Trips says Flair is becoming useless, and Flair's face drops and says to Triple H don't expect me to walk you to the ring tonight and Triple H says he doesn't need him

Heidenreich VS Booker T

Booker kicks Heidenreich's ass and nails a Scissors kick to win the match.

Backstage Seg: Randy Orton & Bob Orton
His dad wishes his best of luck and to watch his head later on with his match with Taker

Friendly Competition Match
Eddie Guerrero VS Rey Mysterio

The ref gets bumped while Eddie is doing the three amigo's. Eddie grabs one of the tag belts and hesistates for a second and throws it to the ground, he then gets back into the ring and stops and then goes back out and grabs a chair and then gets back into the ring and blast Rey with it twice, Eddie turns to the camera and does a sick smile, he climbs the top rope and does a frog splash. Eddie wins and he grabs the title belt and hits Rey with it as he is getting up! Afterwards Eddie takes both belts backstage with him.

Backstage Seg:JBL speaks to his cabinet
The jist of the segment is that Cena will never beat JBL because Cena is a nobody.

No 1 Contendership for World Title Match
Kane VS Christian VS Edge VS Ric Flair

By order of Triple H. Flair is only in this match to ensure that if Batista does win then it won't be long before Evolution (as Triple H keeps saying even though it is just Ric and Trips now, possible new member soon?) gets the title back. In the match Kane dominates hitting chokeslams on everyone except Edge because Edge low blows him, Edge sets Kane up for the spear but Kane moves and Edge hits Christian, Kane grabs Flair & Edge by the throat and hits double chokeslams on them and pins them both making him the new No1 contender!
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