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" This capacity crowd" phoned in lines from Vince

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Can anyone tell when Vince is shouting over the headset ? Last Monday on RAW I swear Cole said the line capacity crowd atleast 5 times during the broadcast and swear it had to be Vince saying it. Like I can't imagine anyone esle saying that line but him.

There was also a point where Cole said " that son of a bitch" but cut off before he said the bitch part.
Like that seems like something Vince would say.
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it is well known at this point that vince basically puppets Micheal cole. mick foley even left commentary because he couldnt stand being shouted by vince.

there is even audio out there of michael cole talking to vince thanking him for clarifying whatever the fuck he was going on about and calling him "sir" after each sentence.

vince basically runs commentary. He sits over the team and shouts shit at them during the broadcast.
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