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This "Attitude Era vs PG Era" angle idea...

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it sounds like an awesome idea, but realistically who would even represent the Attitude Era?
I'd mark for an Austin return vs Punk, but can Steve even wrestle anymore?
And who would you put in the PG Era stable?
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Current Roster
Triple H
The Rock
Chris Jericho
Mark Henry
Big Show

Possible Returns
Stone Cold
Mick Foley
New Age Outlaws
Kevin Nash

The real question is who the hell could go up against them if something like this ever happened.

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I don't believe that it would work at all because WWE hasn't made any modern day mega stars outside of John Cena, maybe Punk and Bryan. I'd say Jeff Hardy because he really hit his stride in the "PG Era", but he's doing his thing in TNA now.

The mainstays and mega stars of the Attitude Era are all still able to compete: Taker, HHH, HBK, Austin, Rock, Foley, Angle.

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Like I said, what I would like to see happen is the Attitude Era come in, kick ass, win all the belts, bring back the Attitude Era belts and then eventually lose them to the New Era and try to perhaps loosen the PG image on the guys currently atm.

I'd love to see the New Age Outlaws win the tag titles, Jerico win the IC, Austin and Rock win the world titles. Bring back the hardcore!

Again, that's just my fantasy and the chagnes of that happening are... none to none.

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I'd like to see it, myself. I don't care gets buried, thats not my problem, I just want to be entertained so if Austin or Rock happen to lose to Punk or Cena and they have no problem with it, why should we? It's all about bettering the product and taking it to the next level and you can't do that by bringing guys from the past and have them go over your current stars all the time.

Not saying that every PG era guy should go over every AE guy but who needs the win more, Rock/Austin or Punk/Cena? Rock and Austin can't get to the next level, their at the highest level but they can help Punk, Cena and other guys reach that point and thats what it should be all about.

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Attitude Era megastars:

Current Era of same stature:

5 of AE stars are top 10
1 in current era is top 10

Tough,but if built properly it could be awesome

My opponents for AE stars
1.Austin-Orton or Punk.But I want Cena vs Austin with Cena turning heel

2.Rock-Should be Cena but I don't want Rock to return now.If Rock returns,it ll be too much star power and I need the biggest name of Pg era to face Taker

3.HHH-Batista and Orton in a three way.Teases a Evolution return at first,then it's turns into a full brawl.

Cena vs Austin-Turns heel
Cena vs Rock at WM 29
Cena vs Taker at WM 30

5.HBK-If he wants to come out of retirement-
Shawn Michaels vs Punk vs Bryan vs Jericho

6.Mick Foley-Foley vs Dolph Ziggler with a returning Flair managing Ziggler

7.Kofi/Truth vs Outlaws

Austin vs Cena
HHH vs Batista vs Orton
Hbk vs Bryan vs Punk vs Jericho
Ziggler vs Foley
Kofi/Truth vs Outlaws

I didn't choose Rock and Taker because it ain't a possible to have a ppv with Austin,Rock and Taker on ppv.Plus all of them(atleast Austin and rock)will want their opponent to be the biggest name-Cena.And anyone of them against Cena will be bigger than whoever they face
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