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**note** I don't think my second show was all that great, but i'm gonna do better with this one i hope, enjoy

RAW opens with the lights dimming and the rock's music hitting.
The crowd boos as Rock makes his way out to the ring. He poses for a bit before grabbing a mic.
The Rock- Finally....The Rock has come back...to blah blah blah blah who cares? The Rock is here for one reason tonight, I'm here to call somebody out! this is the start of a new age for The Rock, so with that being said, Chris Benoit, the candian crippler toothless agression (Rock makes fun of Benoit) Tonight The Rock will electrify like only he knows how, so Chris Benoit. Get ready.
J.R. -- Well it looks like we've got a challenge here, hell, looks like we've got a match here.
Backstage Coach is talking to benoit who accepts The Rock's challenge and walks away into his dressing room
Match 1--
Kanyon vs. Tommy Dreamer
Dreamer hits the ring with the singapore cain and begins to crack Kanyon in the knee and back before the bell rings. Dreamer has the advantage hitting clotheslines and boots, but Kanyon turns the match around with a suplex reversal putting dreamer on the top rope and letting him drape there. Kanyon hits a clothesline to dreamer knocking him off of the apron, after Dreamer rolls back into the ring. He hits a few shots to Kanyon's stomach before reaching his feet, the two exchange hits before dreamer misses a clothesline and Kanyon hits the Flatline for the win
Winner- Kanyon (3:52)
Evolution with Paul Heyman sit in the back talking, HHH and Flood are in Gear
HHH- this is your chance, man. Remembering who you're with. You and I we gotta look good out there, but more especially YOU gotta look good out there.
Flood- don't worry about it, I can handle it out there
J.R.--Flood is in action, a little later tonight.
King-- But who's he facing? I guess we're gonna have to wait.
Match 2.
Rhyno vs. Mark Court (w/ paul heyman)
As court's music hits Paul Heyman comes out alone with a mic
Paul Heyman- I'm sorry to disappoint you, Rhyno, but unfortunately Mark couldn't make it to the ring just yet, but he sent someone to come talk to you...not me, but here he is
New music hits and Skinner o'donnal makes his way to the ring with a newer look (wearing trunks sort of like Test's but black with red writing on the back saying "skin")
He enters the ring and smiles at Rhyno before spitting in his eye and kicking him in the stomach. Skinner backs flood into the corner and begins kicking him in the side, he tries for an irish whip but gets caught into a sidewalk slam from Rhyno. He continues to beat on Skinner whipping him to the corner, skinner hits and falls to the mat. As he staggers back to his feet Rhyno tries for a gore, but gets thrown into the pole.
J.R.- Rhyno looks like he's been knocked out cold!
Paul Heyman walks in circles around Rhyno, he goes to kick his shoulder and Rhyno rolls up and gores Heyman right into the barrier. He makes his way back into the ring and Skinner goes running toward Rhyno and he throws Skinner into the corner chest first, as skinner turns around Rhyno hits the Gore and gets the win.
winner--Rhyno (6:03)
As Rhyno leaves the ring he walks over to Heyman and kicks his hand and laughs.
Shawn Michael's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.
HBK--I've done a lot since I've gotten into this business, some that I regret, but you gotta put the past behind you and sometimes you gotta go BACK to those ways, so I'm here to tell everyone that when it comes to guys like Chris Jericho and his lackeys i have got a big...big. surprise for each and everyone of you!
"The sky is falling" by QOTSA hits as Kevin Nash makes his way onto the ramp as the crowd goes crazy.
King- It's big sexy! He's back!
Nash and HBK do their classic pose as fireworks go back and forth on the ring
Nash- DAMN it's good to be here! Well I've been sitting around the house for a long time now, and I've seen a lot of people trying to get credit saying they've beaten everyone in the business. Well beat me, Y2J and all of you "bad asses" in the back, come see if you can get by me!
HBK- Well it looks like we got a challenge, I'm feelin' fine. Kev, you got your gear with you?
Nash- you bet your ass
HBK- and I got mine...so Jericho, I think will be ready oh say, tonight! what do you say?
Y2J'S music hits and he comes out
Y2J- You have GOT to be kidding, you two dinosaurs want to take me on? Well lemme get somebody, and we'll meet you in the ring
Backstage Y2J complains about the segment
Y2J- Those guys think they can talk to me like that?! alright well they'll see what i have for them!
Match 3-
Bill Demott vs. Test
Demott attacks Test from behind and begins working on his lower back he beats Test to the mat before going up to the top rope for a moonsault. Test rolls out of the way right in time and begins beating on Demott before catching the Boot to the face and getting the win
Winner- Test ( 2:47)
-Backstage Eric Bischoff and Stephanie Mcmahon sit at opposite ends of the office. Morley enters and sits at Bischoff's desk with him.
Bisch- I hope you got something planned tonight, Seems like my plans have been going a lot better than i thought.
Steph- Really? was it just me or did I see Rhyno Gore Paul Heyman and Skinner out of their clothes?
Bischoff stands to go to Stephanie's desk yelling before Morley gets between them.
Morley-okay both of you calm down. Let's just see what match she has, mr. Bischoff.
Steph- Thank you, Sean. (Morley starts to say his chief morley speech) Shut up, SEAN. Well, Eric Tonight in the main event we're going to have your prize pony and my ex- HHH taking on...Well you'll find out.
Steph leaves the office.
Flood makes his way to the ring with Ric Flair to Flair's music and takes a mic.
Flood- So I'd like to see what kind of competition I'm looking at here in the WWE. If anybody has what it takes to beat me. come on out!
The Undetaker makes his out to the ring and Flood looks like he has just gotten himself into a lot of trouble.
Match 4-
Undertaker vs. Flood
The Undertaker takes immediate control over the match. the tide of the match doesn't seem to take any turns until Batista makes his way out to the ring distracting UT letting Flood hit a drop kick to the undertaker's back. He land's on his feet on the outside clotheslining Batista and sliding back into the ring tossing Flood into the corner, punching him in the stomach. UT grabs Flood's hair and tosses him onto the mat, he runs for a leg drop but Flair grabs his ankle. Undertaker slides and chases flair into the back, and the ref counts the undertaker out.
Winner-Flood by Count out
After the match Batista slides into the ring and raises Flood's hand
J.R.- He's acting like he just one an academy award. this is cheap.
Match 5
Chris Benoit vs. The Rock
Benoit takes to the ring first, The Rock comes out standing at the ramp before running to the ring and spearing Benoit to the gound. Rock hits a few kicks on Benoit before standing on the turnbuckleand raising his hands up to the crowd. He turns around and gets clotheslined by Benoit who stays on Rock kicking him and elbowing him, he whips rock into the corner but the rock reverses the splash with an elbow and kicks Benoit in the stomach. The match goes back and forth for a while with Rock regaining the upper hand. After a rock bottom Rock goes for a cover but pulls Benoit up and locks in a sharpshooter in the center of the ring but as Benoit is going to tap Rock lets go and kicks Benoit in the back and locks in the move again. Benoit makes it to the ropes but Rock pulls him back into the center of the ring. Benoit refuses to tap until he almost passes out. Rock lets go of the hold and turns Benoit over for the cover, and Benoit kicks out. The Rock is now really frustrated and slides to the outside of the ring, grabbing the ring bell and clocking Benoit in the head with it getting himself disqualified. Rock continues to beat Benoit, Rock turns around but unknown to him Benoit has stood back up and when Rock turns he gets pulled into the Crossface and Benoit refuses to release the hold, then Batista and Flood run out to the ring and kick Benoit off of The Rock, the three men beat on Benoit until suddenly Stone Cold's music hits and he runs out with Booker T close behind. The Rock slides out of the ring and Batista gets a stunner from stone cold and Flood gets caught with a Book-end. The rock tries to slide into the ring with a chair, but benoit is up and grabs the chair taking rock's attention from stone cold who gives him a stunner and before he hits the ground gets caught with a Book-end.
Winner- Chris Benoit by DQ (7:13)
--before the commercial a split screen shows HBK and Kevin Nash walking out and Y2J walking out by himself.
Match 6-
HBK and Kevin Nash vs. Y2J and Scott Steiner !
Nash and Steiner start the match out by staring eachother down for close to a minute before Steiner slaps Nash in the face but Nash turns back with a slap of his own, then steiner and nash lock up and nash throws steiner to the ground. Before Nash can hit Steiner he tags in Jericho who looks terrified. Jericho tries to take nash down, but nash grabs Jericho by the throat and tosses him onto the mat and lands a big elbow on Jericho. Nash dominates the fight for a long time before he tags in HBK. Jerich runs to his corner tagging in Steiner who runs at HBK but gets caught with punches from HBK. The two fight back and forth with eachother and steiner gets the upper-hand with a knee to Michael's stomach. Steiner hits several belly to belly suplexes on HBK he then whips HBK into the turnbuckle as hard as he can, HBK is screaming and holding his back as steiner holds HBK just out Nash's reach, but HBK hits a low blow while the ref isn't looking and makes it to tag in Nash, but the ref missed the tag and forced Nash out of the ring, and steiner took back over. He tagged in Jericho who was psyched to get his hands on Michaels and immediately puts the walls of jericho on him, before HBK can tag out nash hits a boot to jericho, allowing him to tag in Nash and Steiner is tagged in. After going back and forth Nash hits the boot on Steiner and lands the jack knife on him to pick up the win.
Winners HBK and Kevin Nash (9:01)
after a preview for the next PPV Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring
Match 7-
HHH (w/ paul heyman, ric flair and Evolution) vs. Brock Lesnar
Lesnar immediatley goes after HHH and takes control of the match beating on HHH. Lesnar dominates the match he goes for a running boot but Mark Court grabs his leg and pulls him out. Suddenly Rhyno comes out from the crowd with out Court knowing and hits a gore on Court and Rhyno jumps back through the crowd with the crowd going crazy. Lesnar is dominated by HHH for a while before Lesnar knees HHH in the stomach and takes him down with a kick to the knee. Lesnar then goes to the tope rope and hits a shooting star press on HHH ! HHH kicks out of after 2. Lesnar then gets distracted by Flood and goes out of the ring to take care of other members of Evolution. Lesnar F-5's Flood, and Skinner then picks up Court and goes for an F-5 but Batista hits Lesnar's knee knocking him to the ground and throws him back to the ring, but Lesnar spears HHH and goes for a pin but Heyman has distracted the ref and Court rolls into the ring and drops a knee on Lesnar's head. Lesnar turns to go after Court but HHH turns him around and hits a Pedigree for the win.
Eric Bischoff sits smiling in his seat with Stephanie Mcmahon scowling at him. Then Stone Cold bursts through the door and Bischoff falls out of his seat as SCSA smiles fiercley at him and exits the room.
End Show

So to prevent any awful shows on my part, gimme some feed back on the show. Hope you liked it!:D

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You don`t have to make 100 threads!!!
Just put all your shows in one thread!
And about the show!
-I could`t understand anything!!!
-I don`t like NDM!
-U realy need to work on promos!
-You didnt try to make your show interesting,so thats why I`m giving you:
Grade F-
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