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They Should Promote Bray Wyatt vs Hulk Hogan For Raw Monday Night

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be a good way to get ratings and just when the match was about to start all 3 wyatts beat Hogan down.

Would be a great way to get Bray heel heat and a ratings boast at the same time by teasing hogan's first match on raw in years.
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Wyatt's beat Hogan down? I doubt Hogan is taking any bumps.

Hogan is not back to wrestle.
beatdown wont be that bad plus cena would come out to make the save and he gets the worst of the beatdown giving the wyatts great heel heat.
Hogan competing on free television...

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no its a tease for a ratings bump the match never really gets started due to the wyatts ganging up on Hogan before Cena makes the save.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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