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I'll admit, this topic has probably been done before, but I haven't seen it in a while, so I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring, as it were, and try to start some cool discussion.

I'm just wondering who you think was most deserving of a WWE world title run, but for some reason, never got it. We'll try and go with guys who are past their chance. Let's talk about who they are, why they should've had a run with the gold, and why they never did.

Scott Hall
Let's go back a few years. Forget about current Scott Hall (I suppose he's more up than down now... and i'm still holding out for one more Wrestlemania match... c'mon Scott, we want to see you there one last time!), and go even before nWo Scott Hall. That's right, we're talking about "The Bad Guy", Razor Ramon!

When WWE first brought him in, I'll admit, I thought he was slightly interesting, but my overall impression at the time was "eh, another heel, we'll see." ...slowly though, I realized I wanted to watch this guy... the cocky mannerisms, the "I'm better than you" attitude, but most of all, the cool factor. He was just a guy you wanted to hate, yet couldn't help but cheer for. Remember now, this was a few years before the "Attitude Era", and the WWE product was still very 80s, still very over-the-top, and still very campy (like it is now, but not as boring--oh yeah, I went there), so it was a different twist on the heel persona at the time.

The defining moment for the Razor Ramon character, I think, was the ladder match for the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania X. This was not only the foray into the mainstream of a type of match which most audiences hadn't experienced much before, but also the building of two future stars: Shawn Michaels, and Scott Hall. They put on a simply amazing match--and for a midcard title, no less (oh, how I wish WWE would put such emphasis on their lower card titles now, as they did then)--that wowed me when I first saw it, and still does when I watch it again. The former went on to much fame in WWE, and the latter... well... what happened?

Scott Hall should've been a champion. Imagine him, and Kevin Nash feuding for the title in the mid 90s (we're talking main-event storyline here... anything else doesn't count)... throw HBK in there, and you've got not only the genesis of the nWo, but an early Degeneration X as well.

The Bad Guy. Your, WWE. champion. *throws toothpick*

Matt Hardy

You're going to hate me for two reasons here. First, probably for mentioning Matt Hardy as someone that should've held the WWE title, and second, going with the theme of this post, for saying that he's past the stage of being able to hold it (but oh, I'd love to be proven wrong here... they guy just seems to have something about him, and it's still there... go Matt!).

Let's go back to the Matt/Edge/Lita debacle. Ignoring all the buildup Matt (and Jeff, who did get title runs eventually... 5 years later than he should've, but still, better than nothing, otherwise I'd be throwing him into this post as well) had before that--and all the jobbing, but hey--, this would've been THE perfect time to let the guy run with the title. He was more over than Jeff (imagine that), and receiving pops comparable to the Rock, and Stone Cold.

So what happened? ...shall we blame Vince? ...maybe... but the whole "Matt fired from WWE" angle was a nice bit, and the recovery should've lead to a new anti-establishment character (no, not Stone Cold 2.0, this would've been a new spin on it, I think) that was completely killed with the whole "Matt accepts Vince's offer to return to WWE" skit. Perhaps Vince was just playing it safe, but if ever there was a better way to kill an angle (no Kurt jokes, please), and completely diffuse a storyline, I have yet to see it.

Matt Hardy. Your WWE Champion. V2.0

Ted Dibiase

No, not Ted Jr. Admittedly, his son is good, but he's just missing that something which Ted Sr. had.

Let's go back to the 80s (or let's go back to the 70s, and remember that Ted was one of Hulk Hogan's first real opponents in the WWE... when Hulk was still a heel) and think about just how much of a heel this guy was. Shoving hundred dollar bills in his opponents' mouths, promising kids 20 bucks to dribble a basketball 10 times, only to kick it out of their hands at the last minute, and getting a young Rob Van Dam to kiss his boot for 100 dollars (YouTube it, you know you want to), "The Million Dollar Man" was quite the heel.

Sadly, he was at his height when the WWE would push their infallible hero over any, and all obstacles (gee, sound familiar?), thus resulting in heel champion runs to be brief at best (remember Sgt. Slaughter? ...okay, maybe it's best that we all don't), but for the most part, entirely nonexistent.

On the bright side, at least there was the million dollar belt, and Virgil... he was cool at one point, remember? ...overall though, can you imagine what The Million Dollar Man could've done as a champion? I think the title of "most hated heel champion in WWE history" could've easily been his, had they just given him a chance to run with the belt.

...and speaking of the Million Dollar Belt, and Ted Jr... ugh, no, I just don't want to think about it... but it could be worse right? ...right?

Your WWE champion, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase!

I have more, but before this post becomes a wall of TL;DR (yeah, you in the back, it already has, I know, shush!), who do you think deserves to be in this list? ...Raven, DDP, Umaga, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Gregory Helms, Ken Anderson, Giant Bernard? (I'm kidding about one of those, guess which?) ...and by all means, please debate my three choices if you feel I'm wrong.
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