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TheScore is the station that airs all WWE programming in Canada. They have a recap show called Aftermath and they have made up a tournament bracket to determine the greatest theme of all time. There are 63 themes along with one "wild card" in which anyone can email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, a theme that isn't already in the tournament.

The actual voting will go through the month of May but wont start until the Wild Card is revealed this Friday.

You can view the page at this link:

The tournament brackets can be viewed here:

Over the month of May, we will be holding a bracket style tournament to determine what theme reigns supreme. We have only selected 63 which means we need one more theme to complete the bracket. That is where you guys come in. We want YOU to determine the 64th theme to be included in our competition.

Here’s how to submit your theme for the Score 64.

If you think we missed a theme, email us at [email protected] and give us your vote for a theme. You can also nominate your favourite themes on our Facebook page or on Twitter by using #GreatestEntranceTheme.

Update: After a very hectic 24 hours, we have recieved votes for over 80 different entrance themes. Although it is still very close, here is our top 7 so far.

1. Jeff Hardy

2. Owen Hart

3. The Four Horsemen

4. Rick Rude

5. RVD (One of a kind)

6. NWO Wolfpack

7. The Miz

Remember, the criteria we used for our list was:

Would you listen to the song if it wasn’t a wrestling theme? (for example would you put it in your iPod, listen to it in the car)
How well does it fit the wrestler?
Longevity: did it stand the test of time?

We will have the voting go from today until Thursday, May 3rd and we will announce the winner of the wild card slot on Friday.
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