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The Adams Family (the -cut- Hand)
Alice in Wonderland (the glowing smile and the eyes)
Amadeus (the eyes in the back)
Amelie (the garden gnome)
Alien (the egg)
Avatar (the flying plants)
Back to the Future (the DeLorean)
Batman (the batman sign)
The Big Lebowski (the bowling ball)
The Birds (birds on the lamp)
Catch Me if You Can (the suit’s graffiti)
Cast Away (wilson the ball)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the golden ticket)
Clockwork Orange (the orange poster with an eye)
Crocodile Dundee (the hat)
The Dictator (Charlie Chaplin’s graffiti)
Dracula (the screaming head)
E.T. (the lit finger coming out of the car)
The Fifth Element (the embossed brick)
Fight Club (the soap)
Forrest Gump (the Bubba Gump poster)
Friday 13 (the mask)
Ghostbusters (the generator)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (the wanted poster)
The Goonies (the teeth)
Gremlins (Gizmo)
Harry Potter (the scarf)
Howard the Duck (the duck’s drawing)
Hook (the hook)
Inception (the spinning top)
Indiana Jones (the golden head statue)
Jurassic Park (the dinosaur)
Kill Bill (the yellow snicker)
Leon the Professional (the plant)
The Lion King (the lion’s cub drawing)
Mars Attack (the poster with an alien)
The Mask (the green mask)
Matrix (the sentinel)
Men in Black (the dog in a suit)
The Neverending Story (the medallion)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack’s face)
Ninja Turtles (the sewer drain)
O’ Brother (the hair gel)
A Perfect World (the ghost mask)
Pirates of the Caribbean (the pirate’s skull)
Predator (the three red dots)
Pulp Fiction (the man in leather)
Saw (the mask with red eyes)
Scream (the white screaming mask)
Snatch (the yellow hand)
Star Wars (R2D2)
Taxi Driver (the cab door)
Terminator (the metallic head with red eyes)
There’s Something About Mary (the dog in a cast)
Top Gun (the Maverick Cask)
Total Recall (the woman with three boobs)
Toy Story (the green alien with three eyes)
Twelve Monkeys (the monkey symbol)
V for Vendetta (the V symbol)
Wall-E (Wall-E!!)
Watchmen (the yellow smiley with blood)
Wayne’s World (the guitar)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (turpentine)
Willow (the stick)
Zombieland (the Twinkles)
Zorro (the Z on the barrel)
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