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There is nonstop talk about who should get a wrestlemania. But in reality, there are only 14 viable locations:
There's a limited number of viable cities... I think there are a few criterias....
1. Location: Because of time zone issues, it can't be anywhere on the eastern hemisphere (no London, Australia, etc.) And let's be real, they're never going to hold it in Mexico or Central or South/ America. So basically, either USA or Canada.
2. At this point, they need large markets or popular tourist destinations. Any market smaller than Orlando, which is 19th, or not a popular travel destination (i.e. New Orleans, Las Vegas) is not realistic
3. Venue. Because of the crowd and time of the year, they need a viable venue. Since WrestleMania 22, every Wrestlemania has had at least 70,000 in attendance, so any venue that can't hold less than that for a Mania is not viable. Also, any venue either has to have a roof (retractable or permanent), or be somewhere in a weather climate that allows to have it open air that time of year (specifically California or Florida). The New York/ New Jersey market, being the largest market and the mecca of wrestling, gets an exception.

The simplify it, it must be a top 20 media market and/ or popular tourist destination, and it must either have a domed/ retractable roof NFL stadium, or be located in California or Florida.

There are 14 markets that can realistically host a wrestlemania, two of which are smaller markets but popular enough travel destinations (NOLA and San DIego), and one that gets an exception because it is the largest market (NY/ NJ)

New York/ New Jersey (MetLife Stadium)
Los Angeles (Rose Bowl or LA Colliseum)
Dallas/ Fort Worth (AT&T Stadium)
Bay Area (Levi's Stadium)
Atlanta (GeorgiaDome or new Falcons Stadium)
Houston (Reliant Field)
Detroit (Ford Field)
Phoenix (University of Phoenix Stadium)
Tampa Bay (Raymond James Stadium)
Minneapolis (once the new Vikings stadium is opened)
Miami (SunLife Stadium)
Orlando (Citrus Bowl)
San Diego (Qualcomm Stadium)
New Orleans (SuperDome)
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