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There already is a Nexus out there

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Just saw a commercial on tv for a Nexus Salon hair care. So the word Nexus isn't WWE's so there ripping off products. Vince think of something on your own.
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Nexus is also the main building from the Protoss on Starcraft. Should Blizzard sue them too?

I mean, who cares? It's just a word.
Yeah, um, the word nexus is used (from wiki):

Nexus (Latin for connection, center) may refer to:

Nexus, the final novel in The Rosy Crucifixion trilogy by Henry Miller, first published in 1960
Nexus (comics), a comic book by Mike Baron and Steve Rude
The Nexus (Charmed), a location in the TV series Charmed

Nexus (Argentine band), progressive rock band active since 1999
Nexus (Australian band), jazz band active from 1999-2003
Nexus (Estonian band), pop band active from 2003-2006
Nexus (Greek band), industrial rock band active from 1999–2005
Nexus (ensemble), a Toronto-based percussion ensemble
Nexus (Another Level album)
Nexus (Gene Harris album), recorded in 1975
Nexus, a 1974 album by Argent (band)
"Nexus", a song by Opshop from You Are Here (Opshop album)
"Nexus", a song by Bethlehem (German band)
"Nexus", a song by Dan Fogelberg

Nexus, the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive's trading name

Nexus (magazine), an alternative news magazine
Nexus (student magazine), the student magazine of the University of Waikato, New Zealand
Science and technology

Nexus (standard), a debugging connector for embedded systems
NEXUS (rocket), a heavy-lift booster concept designed by General Dynamics
Nexus (data format), a common data format for neutron, x-ray, and muon science
Nexus file, a common data format for phylogenetic trees or sequence alignments
2C-B or Nexus, a psychedelic entheogen drug
WorldWideWeb or Nexus, the first web browser
Gap junction or nexus, a specialized intercellular connection between a multitude of animal cell-types
Nexus (software), an oil and gas reservoir simulator
Nexus Recycling Management System (software), a software platform for recycling centers and scrap yards

NEXUS (frequent traveler program), a border clearance program between Canada and the United States
Nexus grammar, a system of analysing text
Nexus, an aspect of state income tax code in the United States
And you know whats really amazing, I don't think of any of those when I see the WWE's Nexus, because they have ABSOLUTELY NO RELATION to it.
Remember how they used to say the nWo was invading other sport teams\entertainment venues like the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yeah that's what the Nexus is doing. They've even invaded WoWcrfat :O
And theres a shaving gel called NXT. I'm sure it doesn't matter as long as they don't get sued. :p

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The next time you think about creating a thread like this, ESPNNYC1.... Don't.
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