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I was thinking about wot would be a great company but with none of the real big names like the cock so here it is

The name xwe = Xtreme wrestling Entertainment

Owner Paul e dangerously

The roster Mike awesome Shane douglas Rick steiner jerry lynn Vampiro Alex wright Scott hall simon diamond Sabu Marcus Bagwell Steve corino Chris Kanyon Sandman Ballz mahoney Lance storm C.w Anderson Big van vader Sean O'haire Jeff jarret Charlie Hass Crowbar Bam Bam bigelow rhyno

Cruiserweights Micky whipreck super crazy Pycosis Elix Skipper juventud gureora Mike Sanders Little Guido Yoshiro tajiri Jamie noble Shark boy le parka Disco Inferno essa rios

Tag tems Nova & Chetti-Danny Doring & road kill- Shane helms & Shannon moore- Sean O'haire & Chuck Palumbo- Steven richards & dreamer- The yung dragons

The Womens title Jazz Francine ivory dawn marie miss madness molly holly victoria

The Commisioner DDP

The champions

Extreme wrestling Championship The franchise Shane douglas
The Hadrcore wrestling title Lance Storm
Hardcore rules title C.w anderson
The Super cruiserweight title Mike sanders
Tag team title Nova & Chetti
Womens title Molly holly

so wot do u lot think?