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The WWE's plot holes in storylines are killing the ratings

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People can say John Cena. People can say the lack of people getting pushed. People can say Michael Cole and King. But it all comes down to the ratings being complete shit because of piss poor execution of these story lines.

I don't know how many people they have on Creative at WWE Headquarters. But they are not pulling their weight. You have storylines that start off very well put together, and then fizzles. That is due to many reasons. But the main reason why these joints fizzle, to me. Is the freaking left turns they take.

For example, you had the Ryder/Eve storyline where Ryder was in love with Eve but she ultimately plays him. Now, that is a great example of poor execution. There wasn't a good build up to her screwing him over. They played around with Ryder asking her out every week. Not really getting anywhere in the relationship. So she kisses John Cena. But then a week later, tries her best to have Zack forgive her. Then the following week, a random promo with her and the Bellas where she talks about manipulating everyone...

But lets not forget about the another big reason why the story lines fizzle. Too many players on the court. A good example of that is Punk vs. Johnny Ace. Which then they add in John Cena, Triple H, and Kevin Nash. WTF is going on??

I am saying all of this and bringing up these examples because they never know how to finish a storyline. Or keep one consistently going. That is the reason why the company is in the condition that it is currently in.