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As we all know, the US title means nothing any more.

But there was a time when the US Championship actually meant something.


From the tournament on Smackdown to determine the first champ under the WWE brand,

to MVP's almost year-long reign, which I consider to be the last great US title run:


What are some of WF's favourite US title moments?

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Guerrero Vs. Vacant - Vengeance 2003

Finlay Vs. Regal - The Great American Bash 2006

Hardy Vs. Porter - Backlash 2008

Kingston Vs. Miz - Breaking Point

Ziggler Vs. Ryder - TLC 2011

Cesaro Vs. Sheamus - Payback 2014

Cena Vs. Rollins - SummerSlam 2015

Del Rio Vs. Kalisto - Smackdown January 2016

Jericho Vs. Owens - Payback 2017

- Vic
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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