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Need to be brought back into relevency the other day I was watching some of the older wwf clips and its funny because both stone cole and the rock became their "main"event persona while holding the IC. These belts are great to bring up talents and see how they act as a champ not to mention spark a mid-card notable fued cuz the Hart dynasty not cuttin it. Hopefully Barret doesnt get the title too soon other wise he might be like sheamus or Swager,

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i do agree with the other stuff though i mean
see my dog in the pic <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
she was old and had a bad hip
my point being she could put
together a better championship
deffence than miz did with the
US championship at the begging of the
i was thinking the same thing my self
a few days ago i mean when Cena
was US Champ he made it seem really
important and it meant something
i remember John Cena VS Booker T
best out of 7 series it was epic
bring back stuff like that
and make the title seem alot more
important i also hate zigglers IC reign
his bland and boring and they think
randy orton = Blandy Boreton please
we need a name for Ziggler
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