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Its not even entertaining. You know who is winning every match. You can tell when I guy is getting a push. Might as well use jobbers like in the 80's inb every match. Hmmmm, Daniel Bryan vs. Ezekiel Jackson.........Boy I wonder who is going to win. Despite Booker T's commentary the outcome is easily determined before the match even begins.

With sports its all about the "chance" the "chance" the Panthers may beat the Patriots or the "Chance" the Hornets may upset the Heat. You have to have upsets every now and then to keep it somewhat viewable. The roster shouldn't be 3-4 beasts vs 35 jobbers. It's boring. Allow Jinder Mahal to beat CM Punk, Allow Yoshi Tatsu to defeat Ziggler. I know it makes Punk and Ziggler look a bit weak but it also makes Mahal and Tatsu look stronger. Punk and Zigg can go on winning matches after that but now Tatsu and Mahal have a bit of credibility to build on. Do not push them to the point they win every match however.

Its either

This guy is getting pushed and is unstoppable or this guy is a jobber. No in between, thats a failing idea.

They are to forceful of PPV's for them to have any credibility. Cena fights Kane, and you know the next night someone is going to attack Cena while the Kane thing is forgot about. Rinse and repeat over and over and over.

Its become a disaster and WWE Creative should be shown the door
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