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Same Champions, Same superstars, not the same storylines, and l'll kick off Smackdown!


Pyro shoots into the sky

Tazz: Welcome to WWE's Smackdown! with Michael Cole and myself Tazz as your commentaters.

Cole: What a Smackdown we'll have for you!

Tazz: Yes, we will!

-Paul Heymans music hits, he appears on the stage and walks down the ramp into the ring he then gets a microphone-

Paul: Welcome to the ultimate Brand of them all..Paul Heymans Smackdown! and l will make this Smackdown the best Smackdown yet, because l Paul Heyman..

-Kurt Angles music begins to play, he then walks down the ramp into the ring, he then gets another microphone-

Kurt: Now l Kurt Angle want a shot at Eddies WWE Title!

Paul: But..Angle!


Paul: Okay Okay, Tonight it will be Big Show verses Kurt Angle..FOR THE U.S TITLE!

-Fans Cheer-

-Paul Heyman's music hits again and he leaves with Kurt to his office-

1st match: Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio For the WWE Cruiserweight title

Match starts off with a grapple, Billy throws Rey to the floor, Rey then rolls over and Billy runs to the ropes and jumps over Rey, Rey quickly gets back up and dropkicks Billy down, he covers Billy..1..2..kickout Billy then gets up and clotheslines Rey down, he then goes onto the apron and jumps onto the rope and hits a Springboard Dropkick, Billy Covers..1..2..kickout Rey then gets picked up by Kidman, only to be thrown hard to the turnbuckle, Kidman starts headbutting Rey in the midsection, he starts kicking the mid section as hard as he can, working on that Area Billy goes for a Pump Handle Slam, but Mysterio falls off behind Kidman and pushes him agaist the turnbuckle and runs towards the ropes and flys back with a flying clothesline, Mysterio covers..1..2..nearfall by Mysterio, Mysterio climbs the turnbuckle, Kidman joins him ontop of the turnbuckle, Kidman Suplexes Mysterio off, both men are down..the referee counts, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..Kidman then staggers to his feet and takes a shot at Mysterio in the stomach, he then hits a back body drop but Mysterio lands on his feet and pushes Kidman towards the ropes setting up for the 619 position, Mysterio kicks Kidman across the ring, all of a sudden Torrie Wilson comes running down and pulls Mysterio off the apron, Mysterio is arguing with Torrie and is wondering what the hell is going on, as Torrie sees Kidman running to the ropes she runs out of the way as Kidman hits a suicide dive on Rey, he then pulls Rey in and climbs the turnbuckle and hits Rey with a Shooting Star Press right into the mid-section..Billy then covers..1..2..3 DING DING DING
Winner: Billy Kidman via Pinfall

Aftermatch: Torrie Wilson runs over to Billy and starts tonguing him, they start kissing to the back

Tazz: What the hell is going on between Kidman and Wilson

Cole: Oh Love is in the air

-Paul Heyman is in his office with Big Show-


Paul: But..


-Show then kicks Heymans door down and leaves-

2nd Match: Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty vs The Bashem Brothers and Shaniqua for the WWE Tag Team Titles
Match starts with Scotty and Doug both men grapple but Doug pushes Scotty to the ropes and hits a clothesline, he then runs towards to the ropes again but Scotty gets back up and hits a shot to the face and Doug goes down, in comes Shaniqua only to get punched in the face by Scotty, same to Danny..Scotty makes a tag to Rikishi, Rikishi Superkicks Shaniqua down, same done to Doug and Danny, Rikishi covers Doug..1..2..kickout Shaniqua then runs back into the ring a clotheslines Rikishi down, Doug covers Rikishi..1..2..kickout..Doug makes a tag to Shaniqua and she starts pounding on Rikishi, as Rikishi gets up he only gets Big Booted by Shaniqua back down, she hits Scotty off the apron down and she gets Rikishi into a Powerbomb Position but on to get flipped over and getting squwished by Rikishes fat ass, Rikishi cover 1..2..Doug breaks up the cover and Scotty then gets back in a nails Doug down and then signals for the worm but Danny pushes Scotty over the ropes and down to the floor, Rikishi then is fighting Shaniqua, Doug and Danny at the same time, Rikishi floors Danny and superkicks Doug, he then hits a powerbomb to Shaniqua and covers..1..2..kickout, Shaniqua then Big Boots Rikishi down..Shaniqua then walks over to Danny and tags him in, he then starts pounding on the face on Rikishi he then gets Rikishi up into a powerslam, cover..1..2..kickout Danny then argues with the referee, costing too much time Rikishi makes a Tag to Scotty 2 Hotty, he charges in nailing both Bashem Brothers and Shaniqua he then throws Doug and Shaniqua over the ropes and does the worm to Danny Bashem, Scotty Covers..1..2..3 DING DING DING
Winners and Still the WWE Tag Team Champions: Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hitts via Pinfall

Tazz: What a match!

Cole: I totally agree!

-John Cena is in his lockeroom and suddenly Dawn Marie comes in smiling she then kisses Cena-

Dawn: Cena, wanna get together..well tonight?

Cena: Sure Babe, goto my apartment

-Cena hands her his Apartment keys-

Dawn: Meet you there..John

-Dawn then walks off-

3rd Match: Matt Morgan vs Shannon Moore
Match starts off with a grapple but Shannon just gets thrown down, Morgan starts choking Moore, he submits.
Winner: Matt Morgan via Submssion

Tazz: You know whats next?!

Cole: Yep, Big Show verses Kurt Angle for the United States title.

Tazz: What a match thats gonna be!

4th Match: Kurt Angle vs Big Show for the WWE U.S Title
Big show starts tossing Angle around the ring, Kurt fires back with a few punches followed by a Back Body Drop, and another and another..Kurt gets back up again and dropkicks Big Show, but Big Show grabs Kurts legs and picks him up over his head and throws him over the ropes, to the outside, Show then gets out of the ring and throws Angle into the steel post, he then throws him into the guard rail..Big Show then picks up Kurt Angle and sends him over the Guard rail onto a fan, Big Show goes over and throws Kurt back over the guard rail onto the concrete and then sends him back into the ring, he then signals for the Show Stopper, he gets him into the choke position but his getting elbowed off, Angle then fires back with some punches again wearing Show down, he then runs towards the ropes and clotheslines him down, he then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a high flying Moonsault he then covers show..1...2..nearfall Kurt angle then gets up and starts slapping Big Show, he then hits a hard looking suplex, he then covers..1..2..kickout Big show then gets up and Big Boots Kurt down, Show starts yelling at Kurt while he is on the ground, taking too much time, Big show gets into a Inside Cradle, 1..2..kickout Big show gets up and starts kicking Kurt he then is about to put a Show-Stopper on Angle but while Kurt is in the air he flys back over Show, Angle hits an Angle slam on The Big Show..he covers..1..2..thre KICKOUT! Angle is in belief, he then picks up Big Show and starts punching Show, he throws him to the ropes and Big Show comes back with a clothesline, he then hits a Show Stopper on Kurt and covers..1..2..KICKOUT!! Big Show is now shocked, he then goes for another Show Stopper but ends up in a DDT, Kurt Angle then lifts Big Show up with 3 Angle slams in a row, he then puts Big Show on the top rope and barely hits an Angle Slam off the top-rope..Kurt Angle covers..1..2..3 DING DING DING!!
Winner: Kurt Angle via Pinfall

-End Show-

Hope You liked it..Rate please.

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dont u have a raw i will give it an 8/10

also it was good to see lose big show lose that us belt i am sure angle wont treat it like ring attire

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Heres RAW

Washington D.C U.S.A

Fireworks shoot off into the sky

J.R: Welocome to Monday Night Raw!

King: With your hosts for Raw..Jim Ross and l Jerry 'The King' Lawler!

Mick Foleys music plays..Mick Foley appears on the stage, he walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring with a brief case in his hand, Lillian then hands the microphone over to Foley and then he speaks.

Mick: You know..there was a title that got thrown away by Mr Biscoff that made me MAD, it was one of my favourite titles..and since l am The Hardcore Legend!, l am bringing back The WWE HARDCORE TITLE!


Mick: I hope you really enjoyed that because our first match will be for this magnificent title..and it is between..

All of a sudden Eric Bischoffs music plays, he then has a smile on his face, he walks down the ramp..into the ring he then gets a microphone off Lillian and speaks

Eric: Mick..Mick..Mick l am happy that you brought the Hardcore title back..BUT l will decide who the contestents are for this title..and they are Tommy Dreamer and KANE!

Mick: Okay, l will make the match.

Eric: Uh, Excuse me you are not the GM Of RAW!

Mick: No, l'm not but l am the new CEO of the WWE!

Fans start to scream

Eric: WHAT?!

Mick: Thats right..l am the new CEO of the WWE now lets get this match..STARTED

Eric and Mick then leave the ring

1st Match: Hardcore Championship: Kane vs Tommy Dreamer
Dreamer looks worried, he immediantly gets out of the ring and throws a few Mops, Chairs, Trashcans and Trashcan lids while Kane rolls out of the ring on the other side and throws in Sledge Hammers, Tables, A Stop Sign and a Guitar, they both get into the ring and Tommy picks up a Trash Can and trys to him Kane with it but gets Big Booted right into the face of Tommy, Kane then sets up a Table and throws Tommy on it, Kane is about to Powerbomb Dreamer when all of a sudden Smackdowns Rhyno runs down and pushes Kane out of the ring and Gores Dreamer, Rhyno then sets up a Table in the corner and sets Dreamer up for a Gore through the Table but Kane grabs Rhynos legs and pulls him out of the ring and starts pounding on Rhyno, Kane then grabs the stop sign and nails Rhyno's Head causing it to bust open, and putting a dent into the Stop Sign, Kane then gets into the ring and Knees Dreamer into the Mid-Section, Kane then gets a chair and cracks it over Dreamers head, Kane then rolls out of the ring and lifts up the steal Steps and throws it into the ring, Kane then gets back into the ring and sets Dreamer in the chokeslam position and then nails a Chokelsam to Dreamer onto the Steel Steps, Rhyno then gets back into the ring and Gores Kane into the table and runs over to Dreamer and pins him..1..2..3 DING DING DING
Winner and NEW WWE Hardcore Champion: Rhyno via Pinfall

Mick Foley then appears on the Stage

Mick: Did l mention that the Hardcore title is for RAW and Smackdown? oh and at Wrestlemania it will be Smackdown's Rhyno defending the Hardcore title against RAW's Kane

Mick then leaves

J.R: Oh My GOD!

King: What an announcement by the new CEO of the WWE!

J.R: Oh l can't wait for Wrestlemania, its going to be a slobberknocker

2nd Match: Womens Championship: Molly Holly (c) vs Lita
Molly Holly starts off with a kick to Lita, Lita then fires back with a punch to Molly's face she goes down, Lita then starts stomping on Molly, Molly then staggers tom her feet only to get dropkicked back down..Lita then climbs up the top rope, and hits a Litacanrana on Molly, Lita pins 1..2..kickout Lita then waists no time and picks up Molly, but Molly rolls Lita up 1..2..kickout by Lita, Molly then suplexes Lita to the ground, Molly then climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a Molly-Go-Round but Lita moves and Molly misses, Lita then gets a powerbomb from Molly, Molly then covers 1..2..kickout Molly then starts arguing with the referee but Lita hits a roll-up on Molly 1..2..kickout as Molly gets up she gets kicked in the gut and then recives a Twist of Faite, Lita then runs up to the turnbucle and hits a Moonsault and then covers..1..2..3 DING DING DING
Winner and New WWE Womens Champion: Lita via Pinfall

Aftermatch: Lita celebrates her win then walks away to the lockeroom.

Chis Benoit is punching a Punching Bag then all of a sudden Stone Cold barges in his lockeroom

Stone Cold: Benoit you know you got your match against Randy Orton and Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title is coming up soon and l just wanted to wish you Good Luck.

Benoit then looks over to Stone Cold

Benoit: Thanks, l just wanna win that title..AGAIN!

Benoit then walks off

3rd Match: ??? vs Lance Storm
Lance is in the ring looking confident about his opponent then all of a sudden Dean Malenko appears on the stage and walks down to the ring, he rolls into the ring and the match starts.
Match starts off with a quick clothesline from Dean over to Lance he goes flying down he then rolls out of the ring trying to recover but Dean rolls out of the ring and hits Lance in the back of the head and then hits a suplex on the outside floor, Dean then throws Lance into the guard rail, Dean throws Lance into the ring and covers 1..2..kickout Dean then hits 3 suplexes followed by a Back body drop, Dean then climbs the turnbuckle but Lance throws Dean off and climbs up the turnbuckle and waits for Dean to get up, he does and then gets dropkicked back down by Lance Storm Lance then covers 1..2..kickout Lance then goes for a Superkick but Dean grabs his foot and gets it in the Malenko Lock, Lance then reverses it but Dean everses it back Lance then taps out.

------------------------------COMERCIAL BREAK----------------------

4th Match: Batista vs Spike Dudley
Match starts off with a grapple, Spike gets a knee in the stomach he then falls down to the ground, Spike then gets lifted upover Batistas head and gets thrown back down, Batista starts kicking Spike in the stomach until he bleeds, Spike starts coughing up blood, Spike then recives a Batista Bomb and Batista covers 1..2..3
Winner: Batista via Pinfall

Aftermatch: The rest of Evolution come down and beat on Spike until D-Von and Bubba run down to the ring and scare Evolution away.

5th Match: Intercontinental Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs Chris Jericho bvs Chris Benoit
As the three circle the ring Chris Jericho and Benoit immediantly go for the Champ Randy Orton by throwing punches at him, they both hit a suplex on Randy, then Jericho runs over to Benoit and clotheslines him down, Jericho then picks up Benoit and throws him and Benoit rebounds off the turnbucle and Jericho runs up and hits a Bulldog, Jericho Covers 1.2..Randy then breaks up the count, Randy then hits a clothesline on Jericho and starts pounding on him, Orton then hits a Back Body Drop on Jericho, waisting too much time on Jericho Benoit hits a low blow on Orton while the ref was checking on Jericho, Benoit then gets Orton in the Crippler Crossface, but Jericho pulls Benoit off Orton and hits a Lion Sault on Orton Jericho pins 1..2..Benoit breaks the cover this time and clotheslines Jericho out of the ring and as he moves across to Orton he lifts Orton up and hits 3 German Suplexes in a row, Benoit then uses another German Suplex to take out Orton, on the other hand Jericho rolls back into the ring and hits a roll up on Benoit 1..2..Benoit kicks out, Benoit then hits 3 German Suplexes on Jericho, Benoit then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a Flying Headbutt on Jericho, he then moves Ortons body near another turnbuckle and also hits a Flying Headbutt on Orton, Benoit then gets Jericho in the Crippler Crossface Jericho then taps out.
Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit via Submission

Aftermatch: Chris Benoit keeps the hold on Jericho until the referees seperate him, he then goes over to Randy Orton and locks the Crippler Crossface on him and doesn't let go until the Officals break him up, Benoit then celebrates with his new Intercontinental Championship and the Scene fades away.


Rate Plz

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U.S.A California

-Pyros fire off into thw air once again-

Tazz: Welcome to WWE's Smackdown!

Cole: What a Smackdown we have instored for you!

Tazz: We have just found out that we'll be having a Fatal Four Way U.S Title match with Kurt Angle, John Cena, Billy Gunn and Big Show!

-Paul Heymans music hits, he then appears on the Stage with the Hardcore Champion Rhyno-

Heyman: Well, as you all know, Last Monday on RAW we saw Rhyno appear in the Tommy Dreamer vs Kane match..you also saw Rhyno kick Tommy Dreamer and Kanes ass..but as that Stupid asshole Mick Foley said, Rhyno has to defend the Hardcore Championship against Kane..

-Heyman then passed the mic to Rhyno-

Rhyno: Yes, but l will defend my title tonight agains..

-Kane music hits, Kane then appears on the Stage and chokeslams Rhyno off the stage and then throws Paul Heyman off the stage-

1st Match: Hardcore Championship: Rhyno (c) vs Kane
Kane then hops off the stage a covers Rhyno, Brian Hebner then counts..1..2..3
Winner and NEW WWE Hardore Champion: Kane

Tazz: What the Hell?!

Cole: He just chokeslamed our GM off the stage!

-Dawn Marie then appears on the Stage-

Dawn: Since Heyman is unable to continue his General Managership, l will take his place tonight!

Fans Cheer

Dawn: And l am making a match, a Cruiserweight Title match..It will be Billy Kidman defending his cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio and Ultlimo Dragon..Enjoy.

-Dawn Marie then leaves-

2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship: Billy Kidman(c) w/ Torrie Wilson vs Rey Mysterio w/ Eddie Gurerro vs Ultimo Dragon
Match starts off with Mysterio and Dragon going straight for the Cruiserweight Champ by hitting a few punches until Kidman fights them off, he suplex's Ultimo onto Mysterio and Ultimo hits a Leg Scissors on Mysterio, he then picks up Kidman and hits a Juvi Driver manover, Ultimo Covers..1..2..Rey Mysterio then jumps off the ropes hitting a Leg Drop on both Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon, Mysterio then knocks Dragon out of the ring, Torrie Wilson and Eddie Gurerro then start hitting Ultimo while the referee is watching Mysterio pound on Kidman, Ultimo then fights off Eddie and Torrie by Ultimo punching Torrie off him and hitting a superkick to Eddie, While Ultimo is recovering Rey hits a 619 on Kidman, he then signals for a West Coast Pop, but Ultimo pulls Mysterio off the apron and Ultimo hits the West Coast Pop for Mysterio, Ultimo covers Kidman..1..2..3
Winner and NEW WWE Cruiserwight Champion: Ultimo Dragon via Pinfall

Cole: Mysterio is screwed AGAIN!

Tazz: Oh Well, atleast he tried.

-Dawn Marie is talking to someone on the phone-

Dawn: So, you'll be here next week?

???: ...

Dawn: Oh good, this will cheer Paul up.

???: ...

Dawn: Yeah ok, Thank you..Bye.

-Dawn then hangs up the phone with a smile on her face when all of a sudden Billy Kidman walks into the office with Torrie Wilson-

Kidman: I want a Cruiserweight Title shot at WM20!

Dawn: But..Billy

Torrie: Just give him the match..

-All of a sudden Mysterio walks in-

Mysterio: Dawn, What the hell!, give me the match, l have been screwed from winning that title TWICE!, once when TORRIE pulled me off the apron while l was about to West Coast Pop Kidman and TWICE Ultimo pulls me off the apron and hits his own West Coast Pop..

Dawn: Alright..Alright..Alright boys, you have got your match is a Cruiserweight Triple Thread ELIMINATION! Match at WM20..

-Mysterio, Kidman and Torrie then walk out of the GM office-

3rd Match: Shaniqua\w the Bashams vs Scotty 2 Hotty w/Rikishi
Match starts off with Scotty kicking Shaniqua down onto her knees, Scotty then pushes Shaniqua down face first and then he picks her up and is about to bulldog her when she reverses it into a Powerbomb, Shaniqua then covers..1..2..Kickout by Scotty, Shaniqua then argues with the referee and Scotty gets the roll uo pulling her tights seeing her ass 1..2..kickout Scotty then pulls off Shaniquas tights and leaving her with a thong on, Scotty then hits a Bulldog down, he then signals for the W.O.R.M!, Scotty hits the WORM on Shaniqua, Scotty then covers 1..2..Danny Basham then pulls the referee out of the ring while Doug Basham gets into the ring and hits a Piledriver on Scotty, all of a sudden Rikishi comes in and hits a Superkick on Doug and Shaniqua, the referee sees Riksishi superkick Shaniqua tand then the referee tells the ring announcer to ring the bell.
Winner: Shaniqua by DQ

Aftermatch: Rikishi then pulls the referee around and hits a superkick, he then drags him on the low turnbuckle and hits the Stinkface on him, followed by a Banzai Drop.

4th Match: Fatal Four Way for the WWE United States Championship: Kurt Angle(c) vs John Cena vs Big Show vs Billy Gunn
Match starts off with Cena, Gunn and Angle going straight for the Big Show, they all start punching him, but Big Show fights them off by throwing Billy over the ropes to the outside, a Big Boot to Cena out of the ring and a Clothesline to Angle inside the ring, Big Show starts choking on Angle, Cena then gets back up and pulls Show off Angle and goes for an F-U but flips behind him and hits a Back Body Drop, he then runs over to Angle and hits a Big Boot to the face, Big Show then covers Cena 1..2..kickout Billy Gunn then runs into the ring and hits a Fameasser to Show, Gunn Covers 1..2..Angle then breaks the pinfall and hits a Angle Slam to Billy Gunn and covers 1..2..Cena then breaks the pinfall and hits an F-U on Angle and covers 1..2..Big Show then breaks the pinfall and hits the Shwo Stopper on Cena and covers 1..2..Cena then kicks out, Big Show then steps on Cena and crushes him with his 500 pound body, Angle then hits a Angle Slam to show, he then gets him into a Ankle Lock, Billy Gunn then immediantly goes over to Angle and hits a Fameasser ans covers 1..2..NEARFALL!, Cena then Hits a F-U to Billy Gunn, he does the same to Big Show and Kurt Angle!, suddenly Randy Orton runs down to the ring and pulls the referee out of the ring and slams him into the ring post, Randy then gets into the ring and hits an RKO on Cena, Big Show, Billy Gunn and Kurt Angle, Randy then pulls Angle on top of Cena 1..2..3
Winner and STILL the WWE United States Champion: Kurt Angle

Aftermatch: Randy then starts firing punches on Cena, he then grabs the microphone.

Orton: I am still on RAW, but l have just proven that l am the hottest Superstar on both RAW and Smackdown, and Cena..l'll be seeing you at WrestleMania!

-Orton then leaves-

-Dawn Marie then appears on the stage-

Dawn: I have made a match at WrestleMania, it will be someone, versing Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title in a Cage match, Oh and Brock..Goodluck

-Dawn then leaves-


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You had a good raw,especially when the hardcore title came back

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WM Card so Far:

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs ???

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championship
Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi vs A.P.A vs The Bashams

World Tag Team Championship
Batista and Ric Flair vs The Dudley Boyz vs La Resistance

Randy Orton vs John Cena

WWE Hardcore Championship
Rhyno vs Kane

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman

Card WILL be updated

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looks good, I only just noticed this, good stories use of mid carders and cruiserweights, only thing I was dissapointed with is that Kidman lost a week after gaining it, but hey at least he's being used :D

oh yeah forgot to say, rating B+, 8/10

keep going dude

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7 outta 10 cuz the last few shows kinda sucked mysterio is a tough guy he doesnt whine about rematches

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Re: Rating

jdjgs2002 said in post #17 :
Kidman Sucks.
No my friend, you suck.

Oh and another thing, if he sucked would he be married to a fine, fiNE, FINE lady like Torrie Wilson, I think no, so why don't you take you Newbie ass and STFU! :angry:
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