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The WWE Divas and their position in the WWE

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I feel like nowadays having an executive role of being shafted into the main event is a greater acomplishment than being a divas champion. I just feel Eve and AJ are worth more to the WWE than their divas champion Layla. They get three times as much airtime and exposure as her. I feel as though being the divas champion has been worthless ever since the Eve Torres/Zack Ryder/Kane/Cena angle.
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I don't know about Eve, but AJ is definitely worth a hell of a lot more to WWE than Layla. Layla is the divas champion because WWE feels they need to have one, not because of any importance. AJ is in main events, starts Raw, ends Raw, is an on air authority figure, and perhaps most importantly to the business aspect of it, is now being used extensively to promote the product on commercials, billboards, interviews.

So yeah. Layla is just kind of there.

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I think they are starting to bring the diva's back onto TV now, hopefully the 3hr format to Raw and at least give them a 15min segment to work with, we also have Eve and Kaitlyn story developing on Smackdown. I feel we'll have a title match at Summerslam most likely between Eve and Layla with Eve taking the belt

Now I'm just waiting for K2fans input to this thread :torres
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