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Things required:
-PS3 or PS4 or Xbox or Xbox One(next gen preferred)
-Wrestlingforum account and keyboard
-WWE 2K16

The Draft has 4 to 5 participants that play WWE 2K16 on their consoles. If they're friends, that's just better. You could also get acquainted with some users here playing this game. You each draft your own rosters, pick by pick and everyone makes everyone's roster in their games. My picked show/roster will be in your Universe Mode, yours in mine etc.

The whole WWE 2K16 roster is up for drafting, and of course if someone drafts Cactus Jack, you can't draft Mankind. Multiple versions of someone are counted as one person.

How it works:
-A draft order is decided
-People pick their drafts 1 by 1
-Shows are drafted first. Monday Night RAW, Friday Night Smackdown or another show(ECW, WCW, ROH..anything you want really) along with a day of the week you want it to happen on.
-Championships are drafted second, as you choose a World title design, then Minor title design, then Tag title design. The women's roster is too small to be in the draft but if you want to include CAWs like the Four Horsewomen and do it, go ahead. Make sure you announce which CAWs are up for drafting before the draft.
-Then superstars are drafted. Everyone gets 1 pick per round according to the draft order. (Remember to pick some young guns like Kevin Owens or Bray Wyatt too- don't just rush for the legends! You want your show to be well rounded, not WCW before it went under)

Ask me if you have any doubts, and if there's enough people ready to play we can do this. I'll either take part or watch from the rafters.
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