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Ok as one can probabley guess this is the much needed heel turn for Mr. "Thursday Night" Rob Van Dam.
It all starts this Thursday on Smackdown. R.V.D. and Rey Mysterio defeat Kenzo/Renee in a non Title Tag Match. Then next week it's a Triple Threat NO1. contenders match between R.V.D./Rey vs Jindrek/Reigns vs Bashems. The match ends however with Kenzo/Renee interfering. They come out with chairs and crap like that.

On Velocity the Dudleyz take on Renee/Kenzo. With The Dudleyz winning the match, by D/Q.

Next week on Smackdown when Mr. Long informes everyone that John Cena will be out of action for a while he goes back into his office, where he sees The Dudleyz,The Bashems, R.V.D./Rey Mysterio,
and Jindrek/Reigns. Kenzo/Renee come in and brag about how they have beaten all of these teams, and they could take them on any night of the week. Long goes ya no what playa ya cocky, and I dont like that. I'm making a Tag Team Turmoile match for the Tag Titles for tonight. The Dudleyz go on to win the Tag Titles last eliminating R.V.D./Rey Mysterio. During the match The Bashems get into an argument, and start fighting to the back, thus never getting eliminated.

On Velocity the Bashems get their match againist the Dudleyz and again get into a heated argument.
hus the Dudleyz retaining. Kenzo vs R.V.D. turned out to be a mess up. R.V.D. as well as Renee came out, and when Renee jumped on the apron to hold Van Dam, Rob moved out of the way and Kenzo hit Renee. After the match Kenzo/Renee start pushing each other and get into a fight.

On Smackdown that night it finally hapens the one-on-one encounter between Doug and Danny Bashem. Although there is no match even. As soon as Doug hits the ring his brother attacks him with a chair.

Also that night During a six man Tag Between R.V.D./Rey Mysterio/Chavo vs Spike/Dudleys Jindrek/Reigns hit the ring and attack both the Dudleyz and Rey Mysterio/R.V.D. doing the famous concharito, on Bubba. Long hits the ring and announces the folowing matches for Armagadeon. a T.L.C. Match between R.V.D./Rey Mysterio vs The Dudleyz vs Mark Jindrek/Lurther Reigns.

R.V.D./Rey Mysterio finally do the one thing they have wanted since Great Amercian Bash, win the W.W.E. Tag Titles. R.V.D. went up solo and got the Tag Titles by himself. As Rey Mysterio was put threw a Table on the Outside by the Dudleyz.

The following Thursday on Smackdown R.V.D. cuts a promo saying howse he's the greatest LAdder Match winner, and how the match should be called the R.V.D. speciality. Rey comes out and says we won them as a team, now just u alone. Ya no what Dude ur right. WE won them as a Team. End of promo.

Next week during their title defence againist the Dudleyz, Spike comes out and screws them outta the win. The Dudleyz then go to Long and ask for a Tag Title shot next week on Smackdown, Long says ok only 1 thing, Spike is barred from ringside.

The Dudleyz go onto lose the match, with R.V.D. getting the five star frogsplash on D-Von. Later on that night Paul Heyman goes into R.V.D.'s locker room and talks to him. He gives him a spot on his new Team which consists of Heindrich, The "Itialian Stallion" Little Guido, and the Dudleyz. Rey Mysterio comes in and says what the hell is he doing in here. R.V.D. says dude lighten up, he's just in here talking about the E.C.W. D.V.D., that came out.

The next week during Guido vs Mysterio R.V.D. comes out and does comentary. Rey wins the match, Heindriche comes out and R.V.D. goes in the ring with his chair, and does the Van Damninator. On John, he goes to do it to Guido but hits REY with the Van Terminator.

Later on that night the 2 r arguing, until Eddie Guerrero comes in and cooler heads prevail.

The next week is the Royal Rumble, and R.V.D. threw out Rey Mysterio and made a look like I dont give a shit. After a while R.V.D. gets thrown out. That week on Smackdown R.V.D. and REY Mysterio are at it again. Finally Teddy Long makes the match between them 2 for No Way Out.

R.V.D. wins the match at No Way Out and then joins Team Heyman. Then on Smackdown during the U.S. Title match betweeen the Champ Paul London and Challenger Mark Jindrek, R.V.D. shows up and says he wnats the match for the U.S. Title. Teddy Long comes out and says if u win a Triple Threat match tonight u getta shot at the U.S. Title. The match features Big Show, R.V.D. and Booker T.

R.V.D. wins and then has a match with Paul London for the next week. R.V.D. comes out to cut a promom and calls London to come out. He comes out all pissed and says where is my U.S. Title, R.V.D. says look up. He sees the U.S. Title being lowered down from a cabel. R.V.D. then says why not make it a ladder match seeing as I'm the best there ever was in Ladder Matches.

R.V.D. wins the LAdder Match, San Antino Texas. He cuts a victory speech, when all of a sudden

" Sexy Boy " hits as H.B.K. comes out. Now first Rob, no ur not the best person to ever be in the LAdder match, I am. I've defeated Razor Ramon, Goldust, and a whole bunch of others. and you will always be second best. They start a brawl and the police come out.

Next Monday on RAW during a Edge/Christian vs H.B.K./Beniot match when H.B.K.'s going for a superkick on Christian R.V.D. comes from out of nowhereand hits H.B.K. with his kick.

He says you are nothing. They keep tradeing back and forth until finally the Ladder Match of the century is made for w.M. 21, between R.V.D. and H.B.K. for the U.S. Title.
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