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The WHC reign was the reason why Bryan got over!

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I can't agree with the fans that say the WHC was worthless... Daniel started the YES chants in his WHC reign. The crowd got behind Bryan after his 18 seconds loss at WM. If that match was for the IC title, the effect wasn't gonna be the same.

Without the second world title a lot of guys will be screwed in the next 5-10 years. No matter how much you build the Intercontinental Championship it won't replace the big gold belt.
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No, his Yes chants was what got him over

As you've said, Bryan started doing his Yes chants during his world title reign. He did it the first time ever when he cashed in his MITB on Big Show for the WHC. Then he'd do ridiculous things like interrupting Big Show's matches by doing the Yes chants while hopping around the ring. The Yes chants were so silly that it was good

But I do think that if he would've held the IC belt and done the same thing, he would still be over

The belt is just a piece of metal but the gimmick/work rate is what makes the crowd love a wrestler
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